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Jan 25, 2019
College Life

So you’ve finally done it – you’ve graduated!  You turned in your last paper, took your last exam, sold off your last textbook.

What to do With Your Diploma After Graduation

You finally did it!  You have your diploma in hand and you’re ready to take on the world.But – have you thought about what you’re going to do with your diploma now that you finally have it?  Rather than throwing it in a drawer somewhere or boxing it away in your attic, here are some of our favorite ways to display your diploma after graduation.



This is more a step one than anything else – always get your diploma framed!  This is the best way to preserve its appearance and keep it looking just as crisp and fresh as the day you received it for many, many years to comeIf you’re not sure where to start looking for the perfect diploma frame, try checking out the collections at OCM.  Whether you’re looking for a classic wooden frame or a larger one with an artistic image of your school, OCM will have exactly what you’re looking for in their amazing selection.



Hanging your diploma in your office is always a great way to show off your accomplishments and keep yourself focused and dedicated.  By keeping it on display where you spend the majority of your time, you’ll be constantly reminded of the countless hours you put in to achieve that goal and the many hardships you had to endure to reach your eventual success.Before you decide to display your diploma at work, always make sure that it is acceptable to do so.  After all, you don’t want to get written up for hammering a nail into a wall to hang it up when it could have been avoided by resting a frame on your desk!



Don’t want to hang your diploma at the office?  Why not display it proudly at home?  Whether you’re adding it to the wall in your home office or resting it on the side table in your living room, hanging your diploma at home is a great way to keep your recent educational accomplishments at the front of your mind and remind yourself of how far you’ve come.Be sure to pick the perfect frame to match the rest of your décor at home – if you’re not sure where to start, try OCM!  OCM has a fantastic selection of frames in a variety of styles, woods, and finishes, some even with included artwork of your school!



If you’re not the type to boast about your accomplishments or you simply are afraid that you’ll misplace it, you can always send your diploma home to your parents or family!  While you may not want to hang it on the wall for all to see, they may want to in their home as an ode to your educational accomplishments.Before you send it home, be sure to pick out the perfect frame for it and make sure it is safely added.  Or, better yet, have your parents pick out a frame from the stylish OCM collections that match their décor and have it safely shipped direct to their door!Receiving your college diploma is one of the greatest achievements in your life. In order to protect this very expensive piece of paper, you should strongly consider getting it framed! Many choose to hang their diploma, but if you choose otherwise, you still have several options!

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