Now that nearly every part of the country is finally experiencing some form of chilly weather, it's time to start looking for winter jackets.  Nothing good comes from you walking outside on a frigid campus without a proper coat on; at the least you'll be miserable. In serious cases, however, you could end up getting pretty sick.  Depending on what kind of weather you're dealing with on a daily basis, there are several jacket options that will keep you just as toasty as the coffee you're probably running to get.

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1. Pea Coats

For the college student who always wants to look fashionable, a pea coat is the perfect option.  They're stylish, match practically every style, and function well in a majority of environments.

2. Quilted Jackets

Enlarge ASOS WHITE Grey Marl Quilted Jacket:

If you're in a chillier part of the country, gravitate towards puffer or quilted jackets.  The extra lining on the outside provides more insulation, keeping you warmer during single digit temperatures.  These are also often waterproof, so you don't have to worry about snow or ice ruining the exterior.

3. Fleece Pullovers

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Perhaps the comfiest option of all, pullovers are casual and warm alternatives to typical coats.  If you're in a hurry, a pullover can easily be thrown on or taken with you as an extra layer of warmth against the cold.What's your favorite type of winter jacket?

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Jan 11, 2016

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