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May 4, 2020
Dorm Decor

Dorm rooms can be very dull looking with the boring cement walls and the drab and simple tiled floors. One thing that many college students are excited about when moving into a dorm is the option to decorate it to their liking. While this all depends on the student and where their interests lie, decorating a dorm room is something fun that many college students look forward to before starting their classes.

One thing to consider when moving into a dorm room is if you should or should not purchase a rug, which is something we recommend doing! With the bland tiled floors in a dorm room, you want something to gently lay your feet on when you get out of bed in the morning instead of the cold tile. Are you having trouble picking out the right rug for you? Have no fear, we are here to help you make this decision!

Let’s Start With a Simple Shag Rug With a Neutral Color

Even though it may seem basic, it is easy to match with the rest of your dorm decor!

One of the most basic rugs to get is a shag rug, but why? Well, most times, shag rugs come in many colors and even designs, yet they are all made out of the same material. Made with many microfibers, shag rugs are able to provide comfort and a touch of warmth to your dorm room with its softness providing a cozy feel, which is why you should consider purchasing the Carmela solid area rug for all of your comfort needs when it comes to buying a rug for your dorm. 

OCM’s Carmela solid area rug is the perfect rug with it’s microfiber and shag material, along with its neutral color to add to the dorm decorations that you already have. Image courtesy of OCM.

These rugs come in two different colors, gray and ivory, and it helps to complement any preexisting dorm room decor that you already have in your room. The Carmela shag rug also can add warmth to your dorm room with its simple touch and it is even easy to clean. Its short and twisted fibers help to minimize the amount of dirt and stains that get on it, and it even helps to not leave footprint marks. This is one of the best rugs to buy for your dorm because of its comfortability and its effect of enhancing your preexisting dorm decor, all with just adding a simple shag rug to your room.

Purchase a Bohemian Style Rug to Further Add to Your Chill Bohemian Room Decor

Want to constantly feel at ease with your bohemian style dorm room? Well, why not add a rug that ties into the room decor as well?

Bohemian style originates from bohemians, or people that have a strong interest in the arts. Whether it’s music, drawing, writing, or anything else that you’re into, consider expressing this style in your dorm room as well! The bohemian style can add a chill and relaxed vibe to your dorm room to help you stay relaxed and even inspired. It’s important to enjoy and have many hobbies alongside your school work to keep yourself from getting stressed out and overwhelmed. This is why we recommend buying the boho area rug, for your dorm room if you love the bohemian lifestyle!

Do you like the beautiful vibe that the bohemian style gives off? What better way to add to your bohemian style dorm room than adding a distressed multicolored boho area rug! Image courtesy of OCM

This particular rug features a beautiful distressed design with large mandala in the middle, and many other ones surrounding it. There are two colors to choose from, which are gray with a pop of color here and there, or the gray and black one. Even though this rug features many abstract colors along with its abstract design, it is sure to stand out in your dorm room. This rug is made of luxe polypropylene, which is very easy to maintain and keep clean by just using a vacuum or by spot cleaning it. The boho area rug is also stain and fade resistant if you enjoy keeping your windows open, so you never have to worry about losing the beautiful coloring on your rug. 

Do You Have Your Own Bathroom in Your Dorm? Then Don’t Forget to Add a Bathroom Rug!

Not all dorms, but some have bathrooms in it for you and your roommate to share instead of going to a communal bathroom. Rugs are essential, so make sure to get one if you have a bathroom!

Even though most dorms are known for only having communal showers where you have to share a bathroom with many other students, there are some dorms that offer a bathroom alongside your actual bedroom for you and your roommate to share together. If your dorm has a bathroom, it is recommended to buy a rug to place right outside of your shower to avoid slipping once you get out of the shower and also to prevent future slips from water being on the floor. If you are one of the lucky ones to have a bathroom in your dorm, then we recommend that you purchase the Melbourne bath rug

If you have a bathroom in your dorm room, don’t forget to buy a rug for it! Consider buying the Melbourne bath rug with it’s 100% cotton shag and a choice of many different colors to choose from to add as a simple touch to your bathroom. Image courtesy of OCM.

With its super fluffy material, the Melbourne bath rug is the perfect rug to place right outside of your shower. This is a simple, shaggy rug that is made out of 100% cotton and even has a non-skid back to prevent slipping even when you step on the rug. This is one of the softest rugs just by the look of it, and super absorbent as well to prevent any slippage. The one awesome thing about the Melbourne bath rug is that it comes in many different colors too, such as aqua, stone, light blue, sage, silver, and white. It even comes in an ivory color with a slightly different design as well. All in all, you can’t go wrong with a bathroom rug, especially if you have a bathroom in your dorm, so give the Melbourne bath rug a try! 

Interested in a More Modern Feel for Your Dorm Room? Buy a Rug That Matches this Vibe!

Modern decor is what is in for your dorm room, so why not continue to add to your room with a rug that matches the aesthetic?

The definition of the modern style is relating to the present over the past. There are so many current trends that pop up everyday that will eventually fade off until something better comes along. Whether it's the newest technology that is out there, or current designs that are popular, modern styles are in right now especially when it comes to interior design. If you’re interested in this style for decorating your dorm room, we recommend that you buy the Trina turk tanja area rug for your dorm!

Modern decor is what is in as of today, and if it’s your style too, consider buying the Trina turk tranja area rug to further add a modern feel to your dorm room! Image courtesy of OCM

Coming in three select sizes, this is the perfect rug that can cover a lot of the dull tile floor in your apartment to add a pop of red and gray color to really make it stand out. With the abstract coloring of this rug, it also features a geometric and abstract design that is made out of durable polypropylene. With this material, this rug is able to provide color fastness and prevent fading for many years. The Trina turk tanja area rug is also stain resistant, which makes it easier to take care of and maintain. With all these great reasons to purchase the Trina turk tanja area rug, consider buying it to add to your modern decor style in your dorm room!

Are You Just Looking for a Simple Rug with a Simple Pattern? Buy a Rug with a Criss-Cross Pattern with Neutral Colors!

We know that shopping for the perfect rug can be hard depending on your style choices, but you can never go wrong with a simple rug with a simple pattern!

Trying to find the perfect rug for your dorm room can sometimes be a challenge. Whether this is because your style can be a mix of many different styles, or you’re just having trouble picking the right one to match the color scheme in your room, we have the solution to help you with this issue. Consider buying the Carmela pattern area rug for its simplicity and elegant design that can blend right into any style that you like!

Rugs can be hard to pick out when you like a combination of different styles. If you’re struggling to find the perfect one, we recommend the simple, yet elegant Carmela pattern area rug! Image courtesy of OCM

The Carmela pattern area rug features a simple navy criss-cross pattern with an ivory background, along with many other color choices to choose from. It is a shag rug that is able to complement any style that you are going for while decorating your dorm room. Being made of microfiber, this rug is able to provide comfort and warmth to the room and it is easy to keep clean too. The rug’s short, twisted fibers are able to minimize the effects of dirt, stains, and even footprints from stepping on it a lot. If you’re struggling to find the perfect rug for your room, but don’t know what will fit your style, consider the Carmela pattern area rug!

We know how difficult it can be to pick out the right rug for your dorm room. With so many designs, shapes, colors, and patterns, it can be a challenge to pick out the one that is right for you and your style. We hope that we were able to help you pick out the best one with the choices listed above! Is there a rug that you really like that either has an awesome pattern, or it is made out of the softest material that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below!

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