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Last week we talked about Geek Trivia and now let’s dig a little deeper with a program called: WHAT ARE YOU INTO?!

This is a Geek Open Mic Night where Geeks get up, talk about what they are passionate about and share with the Geek community. This program is designed to give some public speaking experience while receiving the support of the community.

Program: Geek Open Mic Night: WHAT ARE YOU INTO?!

This open mic night is designed to get geeks talking about what they love! You’ll have a room full of geeks talking, sharing great stories and communicating their passion!

To advertise create posters with an outline of a person with arrows sticking out pointing to Geek Culture icons. “WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR STORY!”

Reserve a room with a standing microphone. Seating for about 30-50. Have people sign up with times. You need to set a limit of 5 minutes. This is imperative so people not to go on and on about Voltron- trust me on this, my nerdlings. If people are looking for inspiration on what their story should sound like, have people listen to This American Hour or The Moth Podcast. If you do not have enough people attending, that’s ok. Reserve some spots for people who inspired by the event! Have someone in the front row who can give a 1 minute warning that they are close to the end.

Get a great MC to introduce each speaker and have each person tell the story of what they are into and why. Did their father introduce them to Star Trek? Did their brother introduce them to Firefly? Listen as each geek tells why being a geek is important to them. Be warned, there may be some pain there. Nearly every geek I know has a bully story so there might be some tears; you might want to have tissue ready.

Have a great time and I’d record this stories! After the program highlight what other geek programs you have coming up! They will be hungry for more.

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