Saturday Game Day Attire: Michigan State


As East Lansing fall weather sets in, Spartans might be hoping for another week or two of pleasant weather. For girls this could mean extra time to piece together a different and cute football game day look before the only few options are parka jackets, gloves, and winter boots. Check out some various outfits below that you can sport in the student section.

Scoop Neck Dress: Sporting the Spartan logo in a charming way could be an option for many looking to mix up their game day apparel. Add a denim jacket if necessary, and a pair of flats to complete the look.



Spartan Rugby Long Sleeve: This pullover can really come in handy on occasions other than game day. The look is unisex and can be paired with denim jeans and boots for girls, or jeans and shoes that match your green spirit for guys.



University T-shirt: Having a simple MSU logo tee will most likely be necessary on a day that nothing else seems to work. Grab yourself a couple of these comfortable cotton T-shirts to pair with your Spartan hat and favorite jeans.



Cardigan: Throwing on the jersey of a Spartan player is a look thousands of fans sport every weekend. Include a university cardigan with the outfit to display an academic and modern look, while keeping warm if needed.


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