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rp_to-do-list-image-1024x764.jpgThe schedule of a student-athlete is a grueling yet rewarding test of independence, passion, and dedication. For many collegiate athletes, fundraising is just another part of the routine. The way a Division I athlete might have three scheduled workouts a day, student-athletes for smaller programs must combine these training sessions with fundraising efforts that make their sport possible.

OCM is honored to make an assist to the student athletes of the Ripon Red Hawks’ Women’s Basketball Team in Ripon, Wisconsin- a perfect example of a student group with a vision who earns much of their opportunity through fundraising.

“Fundraising is integral to our program experience,” says Lauren Johnson, Head Coach of the Red Hawks. “Our student athletes raise money for travel, game promotions, gear, and winter break trips. OCM has done a terrific job providing us with opportunities to create funds within our program.”

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To be able to reward hard-working student athletes with fun, hands-off fundraising programs is a job OCM truly enjoys. It is a special type of commitment seen in athletes like the Red Hawks, one that deserves admiration, recognition, and support.

The Red Hawks and OCM have teamed up to offer a suite of services to Ripon students and their families, all of which benefit the Women’s Basketball team. Ripon’s Residence Hall Linens Program provides families of first year students with a creative variety of XL-sheets, bedding, and décor for move-in.

For the times when students need that extra “home-court” advantage, the Red Hawks have their back with a care package program for nearly every milestone during the first year of college.

“Our program can reach out to non-basketball families and students and creates a better environment and experience for all students on campus,” said Johnson.

Ripon goes to Cali

This past year, we traveled to a tournament in Southern California. Some of our players experienced flying, visited a theme park and competed in a different region and state for the first time. Fundraising made that experience possible, one which will last as a lifetime memory for our student athletes.

In addition to OCM, The Red Hawks launch T-Shirt sales and sell raffles throughout the year as part of their fundraising campaign. Keep an eye out for these fundraisers, and other news about Red Hawk sports, on the Ripon College Athletics Facebook page, AND here in OCM in the future!

Coach Johnson concluded by saying, “I would highly recommend fundraising programs to other coaches and programs,” that a decision to help her student athletes earn opportunities to compete and enjoy all they can earn is an easy one. Thanks for sharing your story Red Hawks! We are proud to call ourselves your teammates.

Know another student group that deserves a boost? Think an OCM fundraiser can help your group? Let us know! Email me at with the Subject “Student Dedication from [your group] at institution name]” and I’ll do my best to get your cause out there!


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Gary Kehoe

Gary Kehoe

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