Summer Adventures: End of Summer Bucket List


End of Summer Break

The clock is ticking on the remaining time left in Summer 2016. The year to come will bring new classes, new challenges and new responsibilities, but it will also bring new adventures, fun and happiness. That said, make sure you’re tackling your end-of-summer bucket list to start the year off strong, motivated, and ready! Here’s my advice for finishing off the summer right.

Make One Last Trip

Be it the beach, amusement park, cabin or local garden, make sure to visit your favorite summer spot one last time.

Summer Break Beach

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Have One “Last Supper”

Does your mom make the best mac & cheese? Or maybe you have an absolute favorite restaurant that’s only in your hometown. Be sure to treat yourself to your favorite meal before returning to dining hall food until Thanksgiving.

Selena Gomez Eating

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Get Together with Friends

While we know they’re just one call away during the semester, be sure to get some face-to-face time during one last summer hurrah.

Friends Saying Goodbye

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Don’t Forget About Extended & Immediate Family!

Be sure to say goodbye to your siblings, grandparents, and anyone else you might not see until the holidays.

Saying Goodbye to Family

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I hope you all enjoy these last few days of summer! Squeeze every last bit of joy out of it, and you’ll return back to school fully energized and ready to take on the year!

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Claire Cavanaugh

Claire Cavanaugh

Claire is a rising junior at St. Michael's College, a small liberal arts school in Colchester, Vermont, where she studies Media Studies, Journalism, and Digital Arts. You can find her frequenting Smuggler's Notch Ski Resort and blogging for the St. Michael's College Founders Society. Back home in Newbury, Massachusetts, Claire is a lifegaurd at a local YWCA. She loves writing, photography, skiing, and exploring new places. Check out her St. Michael's blog ( as well as her Instagram (@claire_cavanaugh) to keep up on her college experience in Vermont!