Summer Adventures: Kitchen Concoctions


Hello all! I hope you’re all enjoying the beginning of your summer vacation, wherever you are and however you’ve spent it so far! As this is my last summer before graduating, I’m excited to knock a few to-dos off my summer bucket list! I’ll also share my favorite guacamole recipe — it’s super simple, and makes for the perfect summer snack.

As college students, we all know that summer vacations are precious time. And for this particular college student, this summer is my last before I graduate next spring! I had a brief moment of shock today going through the next few months in my head, realizing I already had so many weekends booked up and so many things planned. It’s my last college summer, and perhaps the last summer that I’ll have this much freedom to run around adventuring. Naturally, I wanted to make sure I’ll be able to conquer my bucket list of adventures! I have plans to go camping, attend a surprise family wedding, see the Zac Brown Band live at Fenway Park, and possibly visit a lake house for a weekend!

So over the next few months, I’ll be taking you all through the adventures of my last college summer! On this Tuesday’s Summer Adventures, I’ll be discussing one of my favorite parts of being home for the summer:Β food! With a kitchen finally in arm’s reach, it’s time at last to leave behind all that dining hall food.

I’ve actually been very into cooking lately. Once you learn different techniques and develop different tastes, the kitchen becomes a world of experimentation and an opportunity to try new things!

Today, I’ll be taking you through my favorite guacamole recipe! (Ok, so this isn’t technically cooking. But it’s a classic summer snack that I couldn’t help sharing my go-to version of!)

Whether you just spent a full day at your summer job, or you need a substantial pre-dinner pick-me-up after a day spent in the sun, this guacamole recipe is a sure way to put you in the summer mood!

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2 large avocados (3 for a larger group)

1/2 of a small red onion, chopped finely

Handful of cilantro, chopped

Juice of 1 lime (In my opinion, you can never have too much lime juice. Go crazy.)

Salt and black pepper to taste (A tip in advance: you’ll need plenty of both, but taste along the way to make sure it’s to your liking.)


Combine all ingredients by mashing with a large fork. Mash and mix to your desired consistency, but if you ask me, a little chunky is the way to go!

Enjoy your summer snack! What are some of your favorite summer recipes?

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Claire Cavanaugh

Claire Cavanaugh

Claire is a rising junior at St. Michael's College, a small liberal arts school in Colchester, Vermont, where she studies Media Studies, Journalism, and Digital Arts. You can find her frequenting Smuggler's Notch Ski Resort and blogging for the St. Michael's College Founders Society. Back home in Newbury, Massachusetts, Claire is a lifegaurd at a local YWCA. She loves writing, photography, skiing, and exploring new places. Check out her St. Michael's blog ( as well as her Instagram (@claire_cavanaugh) to keep up on her college experience in Vermont!