Summer Fashion Trends for Guys

Summer Fashion Trends for Guys (2)
When it comes to style, girls usually have their eyes on the what’s new and fresh. But staying up-to-date on fashion isn’t just essential for girls, it’s also a must for guys who want to look and feel their best. Summer break is the perfect time to update an old wardrobe or to refresh your seasonal outfits. We’ve picked out our top eight trends you won’t want to leave out of your beach, dress, and relaxed wear.


8 Summer Fashion Trends for Guys

1. Multi-Colored Collar

This is a total throwback to the ‘80s and early ‘90s — but a multi-colored, wide opening, or “Cuban” collar is killing it this year. It’s casual, edgy, and totally fun to play around with. Rock red-with-black, white-and-gold, or tan-on-brown for color combos that echo back to a riskier style period.


2. Geometric Patterns

In the summer, lazy solids are usually the go-to look, but we’re seeing a huge push for geometrically inspired prints on everything from t-shirts and pant designs to outerwear. It’s especially popular in a video game color scheme such as red, yellow, and blue or white, gray and black.


3. Emerald and Earth

Speaking of color, you’ll want to be sure you’re stocked up on all shades green. We’re talking both tops, bottoms, and accessories. Green is killing it on the runway because it’s both vibrant and bold, making it a good match with earthy pairings such as tans and browns.


4. Distressed Everything

Denim will most likely never go away, especially in American fashion. But we’re sick of clean cut, work appropriate-only looks. Take the scissors and go to town on your pair of old jeans. Beat them up, while you’re at it! Distressed looks are an easy way to mellow-out your style while still staying in the know.


5. Worker’s Hats

In terms of head wear, vintage was all the rage last year. You’ll now want to keep those at home while heading to the beach or commuting to your summer job. Instead, grab a hat that has a wider, less angled head piece. Think construction worker hat (without being shiny and hard) meets the classic baseball cap.


6. Leather Strap Sandals

You may love those sporty sandals you can take to the pool, but they won’t score you any fashion points. What’s hot in footwear for males has to be the leather strap sandals. Black, brown, gray, or tan, you can pair just about any look with the variety of sandals out there. And the higher quality the leather is, the dressier it can get. For the super fashion forward, don’t be afraid to wear some socks with it. Socks and sandals are here to stay for another season.


7. Light Rain Jackets

Who wants to deal with heavy or tight-fitting coats when it’s a monsoon outside? We recommend picking up a light fabric, low-key rain jacket. White or even translucent is really making the rounds, and we especially love a more oversized, anorak look.


8. East Asian Designs

Call this another flashback to the ‘80s: East Asian street wear is coming around again. Dragons, gold, flowers, and lace patterns make huge hits, especially on bomber jackets or silk pajama pants. You’ll need confidence to pull it off, but it’s so worth it for the head turning effect.
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