The Cutest Agendas to Stay Organized


My agenda really holds my life together. It is so useful for keeping track of test dates, assignment dead line, meetings, volunteering, babysit, events with friends, birthdays, trips, the list goes on and on! I have no clue how I would function during the school year but if you haven’t bought an agenda yet I have found the cutest agendas that will definitely help keep your life organized!


Lilly Pulitzer

I have been using a Lilly Pulitzer agenda for the past three years and I LOVE them! They are so pretty and each month has a different Lilly print on the pages! Not to mention, it comes with stickers which makes writing down homework a bit more fun!

Simplified Planner

These planners by Emily Ley are too cute! I would highly suggest following Emily on Instagram- she posts tons of organization pictures plus pictures of her adorable kids! The Simplified Planners are pretty simple (but still pretty) and has space for your daily schedule, to do list, notes, plus a spot for dinner! The only draw back is they are bit pricer but they are so cute!

Kate Spade

Kate Spade’s agendas are always so chic and pretty! Each month has a different quote plus lots of space to write!Β They come with lots of space to write plus built in to do lists!