6 Best Online Task Organizer Apps for College Students


When you’re in college, your to do list will likely spiral out of control. From managing classes and studying for tests to attending activities and applying for internships, there is simply too much to keep your mind focused. Luckily, free and paid online extension apps are the perfect and practical solution to managing your hectic life. Here are our favorite task organizer apps to keep you on the ball.

1.   Wunderlist


This free app for Mac or Windows (as well as all the major phone brands) is the perfect solution when you are looking to delegate work among classmates. It provides the ability to share lists and tasks to classmates, which makes completing group work or managing an activity or club a breeze. It’s easy grab-and-drop interface and the ability to send your upcoming jobs to your email means there is no excuse for being disorganized.

2.   Tomorrow.Do


If you’re looking for uncomplicatedness, look no further than Tomorrow, essentially a to do list for the procrastinators. Simply list what needs to be done and synchronize it with your phone or computer. Can’t (or don’t want to) get it done today? Tomorrow.Do’s main appeal is that it only lets you plan for two days in advance, helping you to focus on what needs to get done versus what you want to accomplish. Anything that doesn’t get finished can be moved to tomorrow’s list—over and over again.

3.   Habitica


When you can get the bare minimum, focusing on all the rest seems like too much to ask. But with Habatica, your life becomes a game in which you are rewarded when you complete a goal habit. For example, if your goal habit is to go to the gym every day for at least 10 minutes, when you complete that task, you receive “gold” towards an incentive. If you fail to accomplish your habits, your personalized character is punished in health and points.

4.   Google Tasks


If you’re already an avid Google calendar user, why not take the next step? Google Tasks is a simple to use, easy to synch baseline task manager. A special add on to your Google Chrome bar allows you to put in tasks as you think of them without leaving your webpage. For mobility purposes, you can view the lists anywhere from your email to your phone.

5.   Any.Do


If you’re big on organizing tasks into smaller lists, you will love Any.Do! With the ability to classify a task by due date or category, you can create a system that works for us. Plus, when you use the date function, you can further break it down to “Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming, or Someday” so you can easily prioritize your tasks without having to scroll through a calendar or try to remember specific dates.

6.   Momentum


Need a bit of inspiration as you go through your to do list? Check out slick and beautifully designed Momentum. You’ll get the same perks as any of the to do lists plus an inspiring motivational quote, an awe-inspiring picture, and a zen-like feel. It’ll lessen your anxiety and up your motivation.

Which “to do” apps do you love to use in college?

The Top 5 Apps on My Phone


Have you ever wondered what apps other people might be using? As someone who’s constantly on the lookout for new things, apps have been added to my list of “discover” items. From books, to music, to trends, to apps, I’ve always had a desire to be the person who finds cool things to share with others (I guess blogging is a good niche for me, huh?). The thing with apps is that there are so many, it’s overwhelming! So I always appreciate when someone does the work for me and lists off what’s been working for them.

 For today’s post, I decided to try something new and share 5 of my favorite apps! And I’m not talking about the basic ones (everyone knows about Instagram already, right?). I’m sharing the fun ones that you might not have heard about!

1. Afterlight (for the photographer)

If you ever want to know how I edit my photos on Instagram or Facebook, you can be sure it went through Afterlight. I often combine this with A Beautiful Mess, but this is my tried and true photo editing app. It’s easy to use, offers every option you could desire (crop, tilt, grain, contrast, you name it!), and has some awesome filters that aren’t overbearing!

2. Vurb (for the local explorer)


This is a recent find for me, but I’m already forming multiple “decks” of activities/cafes/places to do or check out. Vurb is an app that helps you find things to do in your area and keeps it all neatly stored. For example, I’ve found multiple cafes, bars, hiking trails, and places of interest around the city that I’ve been able to save and organize into “decks.” You build up your decks with Vurb cards containing information about whatever you’re looking into, and these include information gathered from other sources (such as Yelp reviews, Google Map directions, Rotten Tomato ratings, and so on). It’s super handy and I’m excited to continue using it for whenever I pass through a new location!

Oh, and bonus, it keeps you up to date with trending video clips, tv shows, and popular songs – such a cool feature.

3. My Fitness Pal (for the dieter)


Now when I say “diet”, I mean it in it’s most basic definition. Whatever you’re putting into your body is your diet. I’ve never been one of those girls who monitored her calories so strictly and did a water-and-air diet. No, I’m a sturdy girl who relied on high school sports to keep me in shape. However, high school is long over, and I’m not longer running 2 hour long basketball practices five days a week… I’ve managed to stay fairly active while in college, yet my diet has faltered since moving out of my parents house. No longer do I have a Filipino mother to fill my belly with mouth watering delicious and healthy foods (insert tears here).

However, since downloading My Fitness Pal, I’ve been able to keep better track of what I’m ingesting, and it’s so easy to use! You can even add in your exercise for the day and it will calculate how many calories you’ve burned. It’s basically the app version of a food journal, which is a helpful method in staying aware of what you’re eating.

4. Handpick (for the broke college cook)

If you’re a college student who’s lucky enough to have access to a kitchen, then you should really learn to stay in and cook your own meals! But how many of you have played that game where you go into the kitchen, open the fridge door, and stare into the sparse interior and think “I have one apple, a half eaten container of yogurt, and a molding head of lettuce…what am I going to make with that?”

I’m not a natural cook and always have to look up recipes for ideas. Handpick is an app where you can search for whatever food item you have in your fridge and it will pull up recipes with those ingredients. It searches through thousands of threads that involves everything from Instagram, to food blogs, to recipe sites! So you’re sure to find something you like, because Handpick not only shows you the latest food trends, it will start to personalize what recipes are highlighted for you based on your preferences!

5. Weather Whiskers (for…everyone)

If you’re an animal lover, just go download this app. Because who doesn’t love a cat in a bow and tutu? No one. Absolutely no one. Oh, and the pictures and cats change based on the weather.

You’re welcome.

What did you think of this post? Any apps that have been super handy for you? Let us know in the comments below!

The Best Apps for Incoming Freshman


Your cell phone and tablet are already glued to your side—and with college about to begin, you’ll need them more than ever. That’s why it’s important to load up with the latest apps to keep you connected and organized. In addition to software programs on your laptop that back up important files, utilize the technology at your fingertips. Before you head off to your new dorm, be sure to download the best apps for underclassman.

1.   Friendsy


Made by college students for college students, Friendsy wants you to connect with your fellow classmates in ways you never imagined. The app encourages you to bust out of your social circle, helping you meet others for friendship and (perhaps) romance. What makes it different from other similar apps is that it requires you to register with an “.edu” address, which means it is monitored closely for abuse. This kind of added security makes Friendsy a must-have for college students looking to find like-minded peers.

2.   Dropbox


Your computer’s memory fills up fast with important college documents quickly. But you don’t want to just junk all those essays and projects—they may come in handy when you interview for internships, jobs, and grad school. With the Dropbox app, you can save all your old documents on a secure cloud network. For the last five years, Dropbox has led the way in free and paid storage services. It’s perfect for hosting private pictures of your last awesome party or simply storing away your final project notes for the end of the semester. Plus, you can access Dropbox with your phone, computer, or tablet for even easier service!

3.   Evernote


Productivity is essential when you’re a college student. But managing your to-do list and having a space to take notes is not as easy as it seems. This incredibly popular application provides a digital workspace right at your fingertips, allowing you to write, collect, and compose everything from building spreadsheets to saving interesting research articles. Plus, it’s social: you can share and communicate with other Evernote users, making it a must-have for managing a dreaded group project or working with a remote study group.

4.   Skype


Phone calls and texting are great, but if homesickness really strikes, you’re going to want to see your parents, your friends, and even your pets. Skype may be a little older than its competitors (like Apple FaceTime and Google Hangouts), but its longtime reliability has allowed it to survive and thrive in an increasingly crowded marketplace. In fact, Skype is the most-used video chat app in the world! It’s perfect for keeping in touch with out-of-town (or out-of-country) friends and family.

5.   iTunes U and Khan Academy


Learning applications like iTunes U and Kahn Academy bring the college experience to your device without the pricey textbooks and outrageous tuition costs. With these apps, you can take “courses” in everything from ancient civilizations to modern television shows. But the best part is that these applications can also help you be better at your current courses. Khan Academy in particular offers a plethora of enrichment courses that provide tutorials in math, science, and even test preparations.

Don’t waste your time filling up your device with useless social media apps or games. Make your phone or tablet a space that ensures your college experience is productive, entertaining, and connected. With these five applications, you’ll be ready to download the best first year of college possible. Do you plan on downloading any special apps for your first year at school? Let us know!

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