Hacks for Hosting Friendsgiving Dinner at College



Friendsgiving, or Thanksgiving for friends, is almost here, and we are already drooling over how awesome it’s going to be! All over, college students like us are taking on their own Thanksgiving celebrations and bringing them straight to the dorm. While it may seem impossible to do a full-on dinner party, you can make it happen with these 12 hacks for hosting thanksgiving dinner!


1. Get Lucky with Pot-Luck

One of the easiest ways to host a successful Friendsgiving in a dorm or small apartment is to make it pot-luck. Assemble a list of essential food items and have each of your guests select what they will bring or make.


2. Order It In

No cooks among you or limited access to fridges and ovens? Order in instead. Restaurants and catering companies offer Thanksgiving-to-go a few days in advance. Just pick up your pre-cooked turkey and sides and serve hot. Viola!


3. Reserve a Common Space

Your 200 square foot dorm is probably not going to cut it. But because it’s the holidays, you may be able to convince your RA to let you use (or rent) you a common area, such as a lounge or event space, instead. That provides you more seating and tables to spread out!


4. Rent Another Room

If you’ve decided that your dorm will have to do, ask another student if you can rent their room to store your big furniture (such as a bed, desk or storage container) while you host your party. You might have to slip them some money for it, but you’ll be thankful for the extra room.


5. Make It a Picnic

If you’re not able to get the seating you need, consider doing a Thanksgiving picnic. Spread out flannel or brown and gold blankets on the floor and host a simple meal like turkey sandwiches with cranberry jelly.


6. Don’t Forget Entertainment

We love DIY games like giant Jenga or watching Christmas movies such as Christmas Vacation. You can also play a game of Thanksgiving-themed BINGO or Minute to Win It.


7. Hold a DIY Decor Contest

Don’t spend a ton of cash on centerpieces when you can have your friends do it for you. Host a contest where everyone brings a DIY floral or non-floral centerpiece. Then, have guests places beads or pennies next to their favorites. The winner takes all.


8. Curtain Tablecloths

Covering up ugly folding tables is a must, but table cloths are pricey. Instead, go thrift store shopping for window curtains. Most are just the right height and length, and you won’t feel bad about throwing these away or donating them when done.


9. Colored Fiestaware

“Who’s glass is this?” No thanks. Get plastic Fiestaware in different colors for each guest. Then no one has to play the guessing game of where they left their drink or whose plate is in their seat.


10. Pre-Make Leftover Bags

You can find plastic takeout boxes at most dollar stores. Before serving your meal, fill each up with a second course and stash to the side. When your guests are ready to go, hand them a takeout box as a party favor!


11. Game Hens Over Turkeys

Turkeys are complicated, massive, and not exactly dorm-friendly. Instead of turkeys, go with cornish game hens. They are already individually sized to perfectly fit in mini-fridges and they take less time to cook.


12. Make It a Community Affair

Dream of a party with strangers and friends alike? More than likely, there’s someone on your campus who doesn’t have a family to go home to or may be from another country. Get the word out about your Friendsgiving and make it a party you’ll never forget by inviting both your friends and your fellow students to join in and share what they are thankful for.


Fall Favorites: What’s Back for Fall 2016



Whether it is a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks or maybe taking out those fuzzy UGGS or a long cardigan… welcome back Fall! Leaves are falling, the weather’s becoming colder — I’m not sure about you, but this is my favorite time of the year! Here are some of my fall favorites for this upcoming season.

My Favorite Trends & Things About the Fall Season

GIF via Giphy

Combat Boots: My favorite kind of boots. Wear them. Love them. They’re the perfect mix of functional and fashionable. They’re durable enough for your treks to class, and stylish enough to pair with a casual dress on a girls’ night. 

UGGS: These fuzzy and comfortable shoes are perfect for the fall. Wear them outdoors or indoors for casual comfort.

GIF via Giphy

Oversized Sweatpants & Sweatshirts: Who doesn’t love comfy sweaters that make you wanna cuddle up with your friends or even your dog!? Whether it’s a nice cashmere sweater, your boyfriend’s hoodie or a hand-me-down from a beloved family member, there’s nothing better than the comfort fall fashion offers.

Snag a pair of comfy sweatpants from Victoria Secret or rep a sweatshirt with your school’s name. They’re great to mix with both casual and class-appropriate wear. Wear them around your residence hall for comfort, or pair your sweatshirt with a nice pair of jeans when running errands.


Image via Quinnipiac University

Pumpkin Spice Lattes: Starbucks is back with our favorite drinks! Go out and get yourself this delicious drink you will not regret. If your campus doesn’t have a Starbucks, use the coffee machine in your dorm or the coffee and ingredients at your dining hall to whip up a fall drink. Buy simple ingredients like cinnamon or hot chocolate packets — these non-perishables will stay fresh in your dorm room through the winter!

Image via Giphy

High Knee Boots: If your knees get cold, you won’t regret buying these babies! They’re also perfect for a night out.

Fuzzy Socks: Perfect for those cold fall days, by the fireplace or in your room. No matter if they have a silly design or are just plain unstylish – comfort is the most important when you’re hanging out in your dorm.

Hot Chocolate: Buy it. Drink it. Love it. The BEST drink for fall and winter. Like I mentioned before, you can buy these packets to keep in your dorm room, and they won’t go bad.

31 Days of Halloween Movies: Freeform (the new name for ABC Family) is showing all your favorite Halloween hits.

Halloween: My all time favorite holiday. Who doesn’t love dressing up? I can’t imagine not celebrating this day.

GIF via Giphy

Thanksgiving: The best day to eat and feast like a pig, play football and spending time with family.

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Hope everyone is enjoying this amazing fall just like my friends and I are!


Dorm Hall Decorating Ideas: Halloween Edition


Halloween Dorm Decorating

To quote one of our favorite movies, “This is Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!” Can you tell we’re thrilled it’s finally here? And it’s not just because we love the extra candy and the DIY costume ideas floating around our newsfeeds. We’re also excited to get decorating! From dorm building hallways, shared common spaces, and personal bedrooms, these dorm hall decorating ideas are the perfect mixture of funky and spooky.


The Scary Hands Door

One of our worst nightmares is that movie scene where a hand pops out of nowhere and grabs us from behind. You can give your dorm room door this terrifying treatment by attaching painted hands to your dorm door using removable hooks or tack. Find them at the dollar store, give them a gray or green tint and paint the nails black. If they can hold weight, place apples, candy, spiders, or other creepy and fun things in their hands.


Sassy Pumpkins

You can’t leave a real carved pumpkin sitting outside your dorm door (unless your roommates are totally cool with bugs or rotting vegetables), but you can make your custom pumpkin look. Purchase plastic pumpkins from craft stores and spray paint them white or black. Then, use stick-on letters to write funny or sarcastic phrases. Spray paint again and then peel the letters off for an awesome pumpkin that’s totally you.


Ghost String Lights

Lighting is essential for the right Halloween theme. If your lights allow, add a bit of a fun twist by using lightweight, white fabric to tie around the top of the light for the head and let the rest hang down for the body. Add eyes with permanent markers and you’ve got ghost string lights that are totally adorable!


Harry Potter Candles

Speaking of lighting, if you’re a big fan of the Harry Potter series, you may be like us and totally jealous of Hogwart’s floating candles. But you don’t need magic to pull this Halloween decoration off. What you do need are tons of electronic candles and toilet rolls decorated to look like candles (with the e-lights turned on inside). String clear fishing wire or twine through the roll and make small punches into the side and hang from your dorm hall ceiling. Add witches hats, brooms, bats, and wands if you want less of a Harry Potter look.


The Custom Silhouette

Shadows in the dark can be just as terrifying as what’s making them. But with the lights on in your shared hallway, you need to add a bit of creative fright. Have your roommates or dorm mates model for their own silhouette. Have them pose in capes or costumes while you trace around their body. Then, paint black and stick to the walls outside their doors. It’s a simple DIY that gets everyone involved and shows off their Halloween spirit.


Framed Haunted Relatives

Picture frames are essential for all dorm rooms, so why not get them into the Halloween action? Purchase ornate frames from vintage shops or crafting stores and spray paint them black. Add fake dust or cobwebs, and then add in creepy vintage photos. Our suggestion: Google “Vintage Halloween Pictures” for some absolutely crazy and real old-timey Halloween costumes that will keep your guests talking long after their visit is through.

5 Transitions into Fall Fun


Fall Activites

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (Christmas aside)!! The leaves are starting to change, the air has a slight crispness to it, and the faint aromas of apples and cinnamon seem to hang in the air. That’s right…Fall is here! And there are so many different ways to celebrate.

1.) Go apple picking!

Wizard of Oz

Image via Giphy

Grab a few girlfriends and go apple picking!

2.) Bundle up!


Image via Giphy

Seriously, it can go from nice 75° one day to a breezy 60° the next.

3.) Visit a local farmer’s market!


Image via Giphy

This is the best way to support local organic farmers, and makes for a fun outing with your friends or family!

4.) Make some seasonal goodies!

Pie Animated

Image via Giphy

Make all the pies and fall-themed goodies imaginable. Yum.

5.) Stay in with a fall movie!

charlie brown pumpkin

Image via Giphy

If it’s too chilly to head outside, why not bundle up on a couch and watch a fall classic?


What is your favorite time of year?

What are some ways that you are looking forward to celebrating fall?


My Favorite Ways to Fall into Fall!


It seems like just yesterday we were relaxing poolside soaking up the summer sun and now the cooler weather is on it’s way. Just because the weather is cooling down doesn’t mean you have to put your social life on hold and lock yourself in your dorm. There are a ton of fun things to do to celebrate fall. Because let’s be honest…it is the best season by far! Today, I’m sharing my favorite things to do on and around campus during fall.


I had never been apple picking before I came to college and now we go every year! It’s the thing to do with your friends during this season. Even if you don’t have a car, there are tons of clubs on campus that make trips to the orchard throughout the fall, so you can easily hitch a ride with them. It so much fun to just go out and wander through all the apple trees and try to find the best apples. And because you are buying them straight from the source, they tend to be cheaper too!

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 9.14.45 PM


It’s seems to be impossible to not carve a pumpkin during the fall. The best part is you can pick up a pumpkin just about anywhere, so they should have them at an on campus grocery store. And with Pinterest there are literally so many different ways to decorate and carve them. The options are endless! Plus you can then bake the seeds if you have access to an oven, which is my favorite part.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 9.14.13 PM


Pretty much every college girl I know loves a pumpkin spice latte during fall, so what’s better than grabbing your best friends and stopping at the local coffee shop in between classes? It’s a great way to take a little time out from the craziness of classes and just relax and unwind. Sometimes all you need is your girlfriends and a pumpkin spice latte to get your mind off things.

Happy October!