Planners to Keep Your School Year Organized


I am that person who is obsessed with planners. I swear I don’t know how I would live my everyday life without mine, especially when it comes to organizing homework assignments and test dates. My professor hands me the syllabus, it goes immediately into my planner, and I instantly feel prepared for the upcoming semester. If you are looking for a great way to organize your schedule, check out my favorite planner picks!

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 2.26.34 PM

1) adjendas– If you are looking for a spacious planner with fun weekend activity suggestions, cute compliments, lists of national holidays (the important ones, like national donut day), and even stickers, then this is the planner for you. I personally have not one (pictured above stating ‘I am very busy’), but two agendas and absolutely love them! I found the “I am very busy” agenda to be a bit small, because a) I am incapable of writing at a normal size and b) I write my entire life into my planner and that requires a lot of room, so I purchased their large floral agenda as well. 

2) Kate Spade Agendas– Also pictured above is my Kate Spade large gold dot agenda! I used this all last year and found it perfect for organizing my classes. Each week had more than enough room to write in assignments, and each month provides you with a Kate Spade approved saying. Although it lacks stickers and written in compliments, it is exceptionally chic and easily organizable.

3) The Happiness Planner– College can be overwhelming, and The Happiness Planner is here to help. It provides room for to do lists and test dates, as well as acting as your own personal life coach. Unlike most planners, it has everything from spaces to write in positive aspects of your day, what goals you would like to achieve, even what you ate, and what you bought in order for you to reflect on what makes you the happiest. This is a great planner to keep your school year organized because it lets you keep track of everything, and has you feeling great all at the same time!

5) May Designs– This is a great planner because not only is it cost effective, but it is also totally customizable! May Designs provides  you with a crazy amount of prints for the cover of your planner, and even lets you add a monogram which you can also completely customize. And don’t worry, the inside is just as great as the outside! They are also the perfect size to fit into your backpack (only 5×8!) so you don’t feel like it’s just one extra thing to lug around with your books. Believe me, my aching back knows the struggle.

I hope this post has been helpful if you are looking to keep your school year organized! I know for a fact that I would have failed out of school without mine. Another great tip is to make sure you’re not just writing in your assignments and then never checking back to see what you wrote for that day! I also make sure that my planner is something I enjoy writing in by doing plenty of decorating! Definitely find a way to make your planner your own and have fun coming up with your own personal ways to organize and decorate.

Have any great tips on some of your favorite planners, or ways that you organize or decorate yours? Feel free to comment and let us know!

Getting Ready for a New Year in High School


Hi, my name is Katie and I blog over at Chic in Carolina! This is my first time guest posting here at Our Campus Media so I wanted to share with y’all a little bit about myself before diving into my post!

  • I am a high school junior
  • As you can probably guess from my blog name, I am a proud resident of North Carolina and I love living in the South
  • I would definitely define my personal style as preppy and classy. My favorite places to shop are Lilly Pulitzer, J. Crew, Tory Burch, the Gap, Vineyard Vines, and Loft
  • When I’m not blogging, you can probably find me hanging out with my friends and family, baking, shopping, at school, or catching up on my favorites with Netflix!

On another note, I can’t believe that it is already mid-August. August is kind of a sad month for me because it marks the end of the summer. Not to mention there is so much to do to get ready for the upcoming school year (my first day is next Wednesday- which I kind of don’t want to believe!) Today, I am going to share with y’all my tips for taking advantage of the last few days of summer and getting ready for the upcoming school year!

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 6.33.12 PM.png

Shop for School Supplies

Slightly obvious, but very necessary. A lot of stores by me run out of supplies quickly so buying them earlier allows you to get exactly what you need for the new school year!

Finish Summer Reading (or other Summer Work)

This summer, I had to read three separate books for my English class and I know that once I return to school, they will be apart of my first few assignments! Do yourself a favor and start off on a good foot for the new year by finishing all of your summer work!

Buy your Textbooks

Another thing that the saying “the sooner the better” applies to! Textbook prices typically go up as school starts so buy your books ASAP (and so you have them on the first day of class!)

Enjoy some “Me” Time

The school year tends to get pretty busy, so I will be sure to make time with chilling out by myself (watching Netflix, doing my nails, baking, etc.) before I have to deal with a hectic schedule! I find having some “me” time helps with stress as well!

Sort through your Fall Clothes

I store my clothes by season (my summer clothes are currently in my closet while my winter clothes are in storage bins) and during transitions seasons, I try on all of my clothes for the next season. Doing this helps realize what is too short, too stretched out, too small, too large. By doing this, you can optimize your closet space! This way you’ll take inventory and save up for what essentials you need!

Organize your Room

I don’t know about y’all but I need my room to be neat and organized to be productive. During the school year, it can get so busy that my room becomes a mess of laundry and school work. Cleaning your room ensures your room will be organized at least for the first bit of the school year! I also try to clean out my desks and bookshelves so they are ready to roll during the year!

Enjoy the Last Few Days of Summer

Last but not least, enjoy the last few days of summer vacation. Head to the pool, local ice cream place, or your favorite summer spot to take advantage of these last few days of summer! Or, enjoy the last few days of sleeping in every day!

What are your tips for getting ready for a new school year? Let me know in the comments!