Top Beauty Trends that have Ruled Summer & How to Take Them into Fall


We’ve had an amazingly fun fashion and makeup filled summer this year, but now that it’s ending, it seems like all the enjoyment might fade with it. However, for all the fans of beauty and style, fall represents the perfect opportunity to put some new twists on the trends that we already love. Want to avoid the doom and gloom of the upcoming rainy season? Then let’s take our favorite bits and pieces of summer fashion and bring some of that brightness into the fall.


Bright plaid

Plaid shirts and coats are already a fall staple, though we usually go for the 90s grunge and keep all the colors dark. But we want our lighthearted mood and happiness to last well after the summer has passed, so now’s the time to keep it all bright and colorful. Teal, burnt orange, magenta, bright green, all of these are perfect colors for your new coat. And let’s face it, it’s fun to have a coat that isn’t brown or black for once, but something that stands out and draws all the eyes to you.


Gloomy florals

Have a favorite floral-patterned blouse or dress you’re going to miss? No need to put it in the back of your closet just yet. Muted, gloomy roses are going to make you look gorgeous and well-dressed for the season, while still keeping the look entirely fresh and romantic. Pair a mid-length dress with a pair of brown boots and throw on a simple cardigan and you’ll be rocking boho chic well into fall.  


Dark lips

Plum-toned makeup is the easiest trend to continue into the fall, especially if you find a good dark lipstick that will make you look vampy and sexy. Pair the dark plum with golden eyeshadow and you’ll practically be ready for a photo shoot.


Wild curls

Keep the summer in your hair by wearing it loose, and keeping your locks wild and voluminous. That 70s look is still very much in vogue, so keep that curling iron handy, or if you want something that is less damaging to your hair, try curling them with rags. Just leave the rags over night, untie them in the morning and spritz with some hairspray.


Light makeup

Isn’t it great how in summer you just slap on some mascara, a hint of blush and a lip balm and you’re out? Fall is the time for heavier makeup, but hold on before you grab that spackle and layer on sixteen layers of foundation. You still have that gorgeous bronzed glow from your vacation, why not show it off? A good BB or CC cream goes a long way because these babies even out your skin tone and hide small imperfections without feeling too heavy on your face. They’re especially useful if you have a tan and now your regular foundation no longer matches your skin. Natural-looking makeup will keep your face looking fresh and youthful, so there’s no reason not to stick to it for as long as you’d like.


Simplicity is often the most elegant thing you can wear, and in 2017 we had very basic, solid-color bikinis and one pieces that looked absolutely perfect. The trend moved on from clothing to makeup, and now it’s time to step up out eyeshadow game and keep things interesting with creative new looks. We’ve had this trend ever since the spring, but color-blocked makeup still seems to be all the rage, so take the vividness of spring and summer and paint it on your face.

No need for your good mood to end when the summer ends. Stick to these tips and stay cheerful even when the days get cold and rainy and you’ll have an excellent season.  

Our Favorite Summer YouTube Beauty Tutorials


Where would we be without Youtube? Obviously not looking as fabulous as we do! Our obsession with beauty Youtube channels is strong — so strong that we’re starting to stock up on DIY summer looks. Whether you’re an expert MUA or struggling to apply your lipstick correctly, these Youtube summer beauty video tutorials will get you looking your best for summer vacay.


  1. Sweatproof Summer Glam

Image via Tina Halada’s YouTube

As Tina Halada says at the beginning of her video, looking good in the hot season isn’t exactly easy. To be flawless all day long, you’ll need the right makeup and gear, along with some patience. This sweatproof makeup will make you through your afternoon without making you look like you are drowning or melting!


  1. Five-Minute Ease

Image via Jamie Genevieve’s YouTube

As much as we want to look well made up every single day, we realistically know that we’re also very lazy. When it comes to the summer routines, we would prefer to just roll out of bed and spend as little time as possible on our makeup. Jamie Genevieve gives a great how-to minimal style that anyone can do in the same time it will take you to warm up the pool.


  1. Bronze Goddess Glow

Image via Naomi Victoria’s YouTube


For those of us who burn instead of tanning, getting a little help from makeup is essential. Bronzey glows are exactly what we need, but they can be hard to make look natural. We’re using Naomi Victoria’s seven-minute video to practice looking like we’ve spent our day on a beach chair.


  1. Inexpensive MUA Style

Image via Carli Bybel’s YouTube

We hate to admit it, but we really don’t have the money to go to Sephora for our extensive makeup collection. Instead, we’re hitting up the drugstore for makeup that won’t make us break out, but will still give us the carefree look we want. Carli Bybel’s tutorial, in particular, has saved us massive money and given us so much inspiration.


  1. WOW Eyes

Image via Nikkie Tutorials’ YouTube

We’re not that adventurous with our makeup, but sometimes we want a look that we can take out to a party or festival that will turn heads. Our favorite eye look is Nikkie Tutorials’ Summer Sunset Eyes. It’s colorful, popping, and totally fun!


  1. Lipstick Fun

Image via Sammy Robinson’s YouTube

We love how changing up your lipstick can transform your look. It can take your makeup from night to day, work to party, and beach to a private event. Sammy Robinson’s base makeup design is beautiful enough. Add her three options for lipstick and you’ve got our favorite go-to look to play around with.


  1. Beach Appropriate Makeup

Image via Domenica Calarco’s YouTube

If given a chance, we’d spend our entire summer laying around in the sand. But between the salt water, the sand and grime, and the hot sun, we usually come out looking worse than when we got there! Domenica Calarco has mastered how to stay glam for all beach conditions. We can’t get over how great we feel rocking this look even when our hair is a knotted mess and our body is covered in sand and suntan lotion.

Spring College Beauty and Fashion Guide


Have you noticed that the days are getting warmer and warmer? Yes, the flowers are blooming, the grass is greener, and even the sky seems a tad bluer. It is finally time to take off your winter coat and leave it stashed somewhere until the end of the year. Spring is here, and it brings an array of new trends and the need to shake up your wardrobe a bit. Spring is, by far, the most inspirational season when it comes to fashion. It allows you to experiment with colors and patterns and to layer several different pieces of clothes. Here are some fashion tips for this season that all fraternity boys and sorority girls should know.

Go Green(ery)


Pantone’s color of the year has quickly found its way into the fashion world as a bold statement. Since it symbolizes nature, optimism, and renewal, it is the best shade to be wearing this spring.

Girls: Depending on whether you are a scaredy-cat or a green queen in terms of style, you should wear this shade in accents or go all the way. For subtle flashes of greenery, opt for neutral clothing combinations paired up with green jewelry, handbag, wrist watch or shoes. For more out-there outfits, wear an all-green long sleeved t-shirt with jeans, flared jersey skirt with black, brown or other neutral shade tees.

Boys: Don’t let this bright shade intimidate you, boys. You can easily incorporate it into your spring style by wearing a trendy patch bomber on top of a casual outfit or eye-catching green pants. If you want a more subtle touch, wear green-framed wayfarers or trainers.

When it comes to skincare, although we all tend to spend more and more time outside, it is crucial not to forget to protect ourselves from the damaging UV radiation by using quality sun protection cream.

Make a Statement


Fashion is more than clothes; it is a means of communication. With this idea, fashion designers have taken printed messages on t-shirts to a more serious level with political statements and important sayings. Now, you can wear your attitude wherever you go.

Girls: One of the most notable pieces on spring fashion shows was Dior’s t-shirt with the sign “We should all be feminists”. What a must-have for a college girl’s wardrobe, right? Wear this, or any other t-shirt with a message that makes you feel comfortable, together with jeans and sneakers or long flared skirt. To make a completely striking look, put sam bold matte lipstick on.

Boys: Don’t think that boys have nothing to say on this matter. We could see Comme des Garçons Plus’s “The King is Naked” tee, MSGM “What do you feel?” question and many other. When paired with denim or plaid pants, tees like these are winners.

Although sunny, springs can be windy, so do not forget to put some lip balm for protection.

Smart Casual


College style is basically freestyle. It is a time when you’re still searching for yourself, so you can go with whatever feels good. However, there will be some occasions (special classes, guest lecturers, faculty events, etc.) when you will have to add just a bit more elegance to your casual college style.

Girls: A lightweight blouse, pair of jeans and stiletto heels are just as appropriate for a class as they are for a meeting with the dean. Top it with a classic blazer, and you’re good to go. On the other hand, you can always go with long sleeved dresses and heels or ankle boots. After you’re done with the more formal occasion, put a leather jacket over your combination, put your mascara on and you can go to a college party.

Boys: Jeans, t-shirt and a sports blazer are the staples of casual menswear. If you want to take it to the next level, you can pair up corduroy pants, button-down shirt and chinos. If you are into beards, that are eternal beauty statement, do not skip to give it adequate grooming treatment.

To the Beach Everyone!


One more reason why we love spring so much is because it’s so close to summer. And you know what summer means, don’t you? Hitting the beach with your best friends of course. Summon this season the best way you can – with fashion.

Girls: One of the biggest hits of the season comes straight out of beach umbrellas, Nantucket awnings, and lounge chairs: seaside stripes. How to wear them? Pants, shirts, skirts, shorts, dresses, t-shirts… there is really no end to this.


Boys: On the boys’ side, we have the return of marine accents, such as embroidered anchors, and navy blue and red accents. Beach means an urge to have a good looking and healthy body, so it is a perfect timing to start visiting your gym. Intensive workout means that you have to work on a healthy diet. Besides healthy foods, you can find some quality supplements online, just to make sure that your body is getting everything it needs. That way you can be sure that you will meet the summer full of self-esteem.


Follow these few tips, but don’t forget to add something of your own to your outfits. Remember what we said – college style is freestyle.

6 Essential Winter Skin Care Tips for College Students


Dry, cracking skin can get anyone down and feeling self-conscious. But going through the winter months dealing with uncomfortable or ugly skin doesn’t have to be an option. Increasing your moisturizer, taking care of your body, and trying some innovative ideas are just a few starters. These 6 tips can be the key to making sure you’re feeling and looking great in your skin all year round.


  1. Moisturize With Oil

For anyone with a basic knowledge of skin care, it’s no how important moisturizer is for our skin, especially when the air is dry and the wind blows harsh. But, not just any moisturizer is going to do when the temperatures drop. Instead of soapy moisturizer that may dehydrates your skin, look for one with an oil base. One good way to know if you are getting an oil-based moisturizer is to look for a label that says “night treatment” or “ointment.”

  1. Banish Wet Clothing

Trudging through snow or hiking to class in a pair of flats is one of the easiest ways to damage your skin. The dry and cold air mixes with the standing water resting directly against your skin, causing ugly blisters or peeling red skin if left on for too long. And, if you have sensitive skin or are prone to eczema outbreaks, it’s even more essential that you keep yourself and your clothing dry.




  1. Lower the Temperature

Who doesn’t love hot, steamy showers, especially after a long day at class? Well, your skin, for one! As much as we crave it, avoid the hot bath or shower. While it feels great for a few minutes, as soon as you walk out, you’ll be itching or reaching for moisturizers. Instead, save yourself the pain and go for a cooler temperature setting.

  1. Cut Out the Skin Treatments

You may not know this, but skin treatments and even makeup can do more damage than they are worth. Alcohol based cleansers and masks are the first to go as the alcohol can dry out your skin faster than anything else on the shelf. The same goes with clay-based treatments like face masks. Look, instead, for the label “hydrating” or cleanse your face with plain water.



Sunscreen – protection from the snowy winter Sun


  1. Protect and Preserve

You need sunscreen. It should be one of the first things you put on your exposed skin in the morning and reapplied regularly throughout the day. While you may not be hanging out at the beach, the sun is still damaging come wintertime. Add the white snow creating a glare, the sun can do more harm than good. While you’re protecting your skin, don’t forget sunglasses. They’re not just fashion statements in the winter!

  1. Humidify Your Room

Old, dusty dorm rooms will only make your winter skin worse. If you are allowed, purchase a small room humidifier with a timer. Even setting it for a few hours per night can help your skin get the moisture it needs to refresh itself. It’s also great for your skin to recover after illnesses like flus or colds when your skin dries out or gets irritated easily. If you are not able to bring in a humidifier, try making your own. Take a large sponge (the biggest possible) and soak it in hot water. Then, strain it and place it into a gallon sized zip bag. Punch some holes into it to let the steam out, and you’ve created your own humidifier that can rest by your bed or window.

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Nail Polish Colors for Fall 2015


If you’re bogged down with studying and writing papers, it is important to take a break and focus on what makes you feel good! There’s nothing better than a cute new manicure to freshen up your look and put you in a great mindset. If your normal shade is getting too predictable, don’t just settle for what worked in the past. Stay up to date with the new colors for the season and be ready to impress with these fall 2015 nail polish hues.

1.   Gold and Bronze


Metallics are the defining colors for the fall. Not only do they blend in with the browns and golds of nature, but they also add a pop of sophistication. They are perfect for dressing up a look without going with a standard red.

2.   Sleek Gray


Speaking of neutral, gray is frequently passed over when it comes to nail polish. Most likely, this is because it tends to look ashy on certain skin types. To pull off a sleek, industrial gray, make sure your hands are well lotioned and not cracked or dry. Then, pick a gray that is lighter for fair skin and darker for tan or brown skin.

3.   Off-White


Pearl, cream, beige and other off-white shades are all the rage – especially with dual color French tip manicures. Pair a pearl with a black or match eggshell with a brown. You can DIY this at home using hole protector stickers to make the perfect half-moon shape.

4.   Burnt Reds


Red is a classic polish cover, perfect for an elegant evening out or visiting more conservative, less trendy friends and family. To keep it autumn, go with a burnt red. These more brown or metallic reds may not have as much luster as a cherry shade, but they work with just about every outfit and they make fingers look slim and attractive no matter the skin shade or type.

5.   Vertical Color Stripes


Remember that for fall 2015, minimalism is in, especially for nails. One of the more futuristic looks is using one of the above trendy colors to create a vertical stripe rather than painting the entire nail. It’ll take practice to get this one right if you plan to DIY, but it pays off big to result in a fashionable style!

 What nail colors are you rocking for fall 2015? Did we miss any good shades? Let us know! 

9 Dos and Don’ts of Sharing Personal Products


One of the benefits of living with roommates is the opportunity to cut costs by sharing utilities (if you have to pay them!), groceries, entertainment systems, and more. However, splitting personal products like lotions, toothpaste, and makeup can actually be harmful when not done properly. Do you know how to be sure you share your favorite products safely? We break down the dos and don’ts of sharing personal products.



1.    Use Disposable Brushes or Sponges

If you’re going to share, share with care. Use disposable brushes, sponges, q-tips, or towels. This is especially important with makeup or other toiletries that are in direct contact with the lips and eyes.

2.    Don’t Touch the Application Tip

Think of your makeup or toiletries like a water bottle — you don’t want to put your lips around the opening. And when it comes to toiletries, that means not touching the part of the bottle, applicator, etc. where the item is stored. If you have to, make sure your hands or face are properly washed and dried first. If you’re sampling lipstick or gloss, have the owner put some on a plate and then use a cotton swab to apply it to your lips.

3.    Sanitize and Clean

If you’re open to sharing, great! But be sure you know how to clean your brushes, towels, and toiletries before you hand them out to others. Makeup brushes and hair products should be cleaned after every use. Razors should be disposed after 10 uses. Makeup should be replaced regularly based on the product. This will keep you and your friends safe.

4.    Know Your Body

Is your skin sensitive? Do you have issues handling infections like colds? If so, you may want to cut back on sharing. Only you can say no to lending or borrowing, so be sure to know what will be the best for your health.  



1.    Share Things that Touch the Skin Directly

The rule of thumb is that if the item touches the skin, it shouldn’t be shared. That’s why deodorant that isn’t sprayed is always a no. Bars of soap are the same, even if they haven’t touched the body in a while or that are dried up. Bars of soap can hold on to bacteria for an extended period of time.

2.    Lend a Friend a Towel

If the person in the shower next to you is in need of a towel, you might think it neighborly to slip him or her your extra. But what you’re really doing is sharing a host of germs and diseases from athlete’s foot to staph infections. This is even more possible if you are not keeping up good towel maintenance such as switching out your towels every wash or not fully washing them at least once a week.

3.    Borrow a Hairbrush

Have you ever noticed that hairdressers keep their combs and brushes in a liquid filled jar? That liquid actually disinfects the combs and brush bristles between clients, keeping your scalp safe from extremely contagious and irritating lice or scabies. Unless you can be sure that your friend’s brush has been sanitized between use, avoid it. The same goes for other items that run through the hair such as barrettes, headbands, or headscarves.

4.    Shave Used

Razors are expensive – but that doesn’t mean you should cut corners and use a friend’s. Because razors shave so closely to the skin, they can pick up a lot of nasty bacteria. And because a lot of razors go uncovered or are not washed between use, you just up your chances of an infection when using someone else’s. If you do need to desperately use a friend’s razor, make sure it is relatively new (used less than 5 times) and that it is soaked in hot water and soap first.

5.    Use Old Makeup

A friend is giving you a great deal – all her old makeup for FREE! But honestly, you should politely decline. Old makeup, especially if it has been stored in bathrooms, can spread bacteria from your friend to you. And old makeup that is past its prime can cause skin irritations or breakouts, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Long, Longer, Longest Lashes



Lashes needing an extra boost and normal mascara just isn’t cutting it?  Some makeup looks require more buxom lashes, or sometimes you want something to add a little flare to your makeup routine for a night out.  Doing more than simple mascara is a perfect way to solve this problem, but it can also be intimidating if you’ve never dabbled in fake lashes.  Here are three ways you can achieve an extra lash blast; applying fake lashes, using an eyelash extension system, or a trick that can be done at home with products you most likely already have.

1. Baby Powder Eyelashes

I wanted to start with this one because I believe that it’s the least threatening and requires products that I’m sure are at your disposal already. All you need for this is your everyday mascara, baby powder, a Q-tip and if you have one an eyelash curler.

To start curl your lashes from the base and hold your curler there for 20-25 seconds.  Next coat your lashes with your favorite mascara (right now my favorite is Voluminous Butterfly Mascara by Loreal).  Do two full coats from the base to tip wiggling the mascara brush at the base of the lashes and then pulling up.  I would wait for the first coat to dry before the second to avoid getting clumps.


Coat lashes from base to tip in mascara

Now for the fun part.  Dip your Q-tip in the baby powder and run the powder all over your top and bottom lashes so they are completely covered in white baby powder. After, take your mascara and put another layer over top the baby powder.  The baby powder acts as a volumizing primer to give extra body to your lashes.

2. Lash Extension using Synthetic Fibers

toofacedLash extensions might sound intimidating but it’s a very simple three step system!  This is the same principle used for the baby powder eyelashes above, but it provide much more volume and  length then at home methods.  Instead of at home products, you are using synthetic fibers purchased at a makeup store. It’s a good alternative to false lashes so you don’t have to deal with any sticky glue. There are a bunch of different brands that have started creating synthetic lash systems so there are a few to choose from.

The brand that I use (and is my favorite!) is Too Faced Better Then False Lashes, a 3-step system, which will set you back $35.  And it’s worth it for the price. There are two mascara tubes that come with it.  One a standard thickening mascara, and the other, a smaller bottle of synthetic fibers.

lash fibers

Nylon fibers that look like cotton pieces.

To use you coat your lashes in the normal black mascara how you normally would.  Then while the mascara is still wet, you apply the synthetic lashes and the white fibers thickly coat your lashes from root to tip.  Lastly, you coat the white fibers with the original black mascara sealing in the fibers.  You can repeat the second and third steps to get even thicker lashes, but the original result is so dramatic that I’ve never had to put on a second coat!

 3. Good Old False Lashes


And then there are falsies.  Traditional false lashes will always be the best choice to deliver the longest and most dramatic appearance.  You can get a natural look with them by using individual lashes on the outer corner of your eyes, you can cut the lashes in half and place on the outer corner to get a little but more volume, or use the full set of lashes to get the thickest, longest, and darkest lashes that you can imagine.  And it’s all up to you what type of lash you choose.

duoFalse lashes can be scary when you actually having to glue something to your eye.  This was the video I watched when I first started using false lashes, and she gives a step by step tutorial that I find very helpful to see actually how to apply them.  The biggest tip that she states, which I swear by is using Duo Lash Glue instead of the glue that normally comes with false lashes.

False lashes give you a look that I believe no other lash techniques can give you, and it’s definitely worth trying sometime if you’ve never done it!

One of these three ways will be perfect way to satisfy your lash fix. So try one or try them all to get the final touch on a perfect makeup look!


Images: 1, 2, 3, 4