Your Biggest College Dilemma: Finding Sheets that Fit


Moving out for your first time and moving in to college can be an amazingly exciting and nerve-wracking experience. You’re so excited to move out on your own and meet new people but on the same token, you’re scared and a bit apprehensive about what will soon ensue. Firstly, don’t be scared! You’re going to have an amazing time at college and you’ll meet new people that will really help shape you as a person. Embrace the opportunity with open arms. You’re going to learn so much about yourself while you’re gone, and really gain that independence you’ve heard oh-so-much about.

With all of these things running through your brain; moving out, being independent, managing finances, packing for school, etc, the last thing you want to worry about is getting to your dorm and realizing your bedding doesn’t fit appropriately. Finding the correct sized sheets for your unique college bed can be a task all on its own if you don’t have the proper resources. To fit your bed, you’ll need XL twin sheets to cover your mattress from head-to-toe. But, that’s not all. You’ll also need an XL mattress pad, cover and comforter to match! If you’re worried about it, there’s also bed bug protectors that you can purchase to make sure the creepy crawlies stay out of your sleep-sanctuary. Confused about what these items look like or where to get them? Don’t worry, we’re here to make your move-in that much easier.


1) You’ll need some super cute/cool XL sheets to show a peep of personality underneath that statement comforter!

2) Eco Smart Quilted Twin XL Mattress Pad to cover that bare mattress!

3) College Classic Twin XL Memory Foam Mattress Topper for that extra few inches of comfort

4) Twin XL comforter to cuddle up in after a long day of classes! Pick one that really shows off your personality, like this Black Vines comforter (Matching sheets, too!)

Black and White Vine #Comforter Set. Just can't keep this one around, keeps flying off the shelves!    Comforter- $39.95 #college #dorm #dormlinens #dormroom

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– Floral Vines

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-Black/Grey Blocks

Who says guys don’t have style? We love the casual laid back theme of this room. Check out the unique dangling lights and the humorous poster on the wall. It’s easy to add your personality to your room. Shop Now!

Grape Chevron

In this room, we’ve blended this season’s most popular colors to create a comfortable living space. Japanese lanterns are a fun, affordable way to add vertical interest to any dorm room! Shop Now!

-Zebra Deep Pink

Bold, adventurous, fascinating so many different words describe this room and likely the girl who lives in it. We love to pair our Zebra print with bright, vibrant colors that attract the eye. Shop Now!

-Vintage Blue Lace

Vintage is in, and this room is a great way to show off your style. We’ve added a bit of sparkle with the chandelier and the Audrey Hepburn poster. But the nature stills and square canvases also contribute a feeling of peace and tranquility. Shop Now!

-Navy Arcade

We’ve courageously combined stripes and dots to create this stylish statement, and we love it. The artwork and accessories add a soothing and relaxed feel to the room, inviting you to kick of your shoes and settle in. Shop Now!


Get in touch with nature with this peaceful, country-style dorm. Check out the amazing flea market finds: the old birdcage, trellis, and metal bucket for towels. Shop Now!

-Grape Lace

The iconic New York Skyline on the wall decal, the Audrey Hepburn poster, and the ruffled lamp are the perfect foils for this vintage lace bedding. We’ve added a few pops of color with each pillow! Shop Now!

-Navy Blue Chevron

An array of different colors are casually blended together in this room. Make it your own by highlighting your favorite color or a variety of different hues. Shop Now!

-Floral Vines with Aqua

Bright colors look amazing when their mixed with black and white. If you love aqua than this room is perfect for you. Shop Now!

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