Recreate these Spring 2017 College Fashion Looks



Just because you’re a frugal shopper doesn’t mean you’re resigned to last season’s fashion leftovers. You can keep your wardrobe on point by recreating top spring 2017 college fashion looks for so much less. By shopping smart, putting in a leg work, and thinking outside the box, you can get runway looks for clearance prices. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

4 Looks from Style Bloggers to Copy this Spring

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Evangelie Smyrniotaki of StyleHeroine

Chunky stripes straight out of the ‘70s are back in in a big way. Fashion editorialist Evangelie Smyrniotaki masters the era’s laidback ease with this stunning, black and white dress/blouse combo.

Luckily, we found it for way less than the advertised $350 striped maxi dress and $205 matching blouse. At custom fashion maker site eShakti, you can take this black and white striped midi wrap dress and add longer sleeves and a maxi fit to give you the same vintage flair. At only $50, it’s a total steal!

Maria Helena Bordon @HelenaBordon 

Jean everything is in! Maria Helena Bordon totally rocks this street style that’s gotten us totally jealous… and hopeful! Instead of paying $300 for a pair of ripped up jeans and another $500 for glitter backless loafers, save your pennies and go low-key.

Start with shoes. Mule sliders are so in, especially in metallics or embellished patterns. Steve Madden has them in a silver that would go with just about any high fashion look. Then move up to the jeans where you can pick up a pair of distressed, ankle length jeans at Old Navy where a $20 price tag won’t make you feel awful about adding some holes. While there, pick up a black, relaxed neck t-shirt and denim jacket for all under $40.

Natalie Joos, Tales of Endearment


Here’s where the 70’s come back again in full force! We’re so digging these oversized shades and the gold, glimmering top. It’s the perfect spring transition with just enough color and detail to make it interesting.

To save, you can start by scoring vintage shades on Etsy. These inexpensive, one-of-a-kind sunglasses rivals the original look in shape and size, but you’ll be more in love with the fact you’ll be the only one on your campus sporting this pair!  As for the shirt, check out eBay where you can find EUC (excellent used condition) or NWT (new with tags) versions of the top. This low turtleneck top is going for $15!

Krystal Bick, This Time Tomorrow


Head to toe, this look is casual chic without being pretentious. The only problem is the amount of money you’ll drop on that exact top or those killer jeans. Bring on the discount shopping!

Nordstrom has this TopShop floral kimono top with red accents for under $35. At the same price, you can make a Target run for crop flare jeans in a dark wash. And while they’re not the $500 Manolo slingbacks, you can downgrade to these DSW flats for only $40. The suitcase inspired purse completes the outfit, but you won’t have to go to the ends of the earth to find a similar one when Etsy is full of similar, trunk-style handbags.


When planning out your spring wardrobe, don’t get beat up by high prices. Use what you have, the stores that you love, and bargain stores like eBay and Amazon to find the trends you crave!

Cute Ways to Wear a Plaid Button Down


Fall is officially here, and among the other exciting parts (Pumpkin spice lattes! Hayrides! Apple picking!) comes a change of wardrobe staples. It’s time to break out the plaid shirts! Whether you are a guy who lives in them all year long or a girl ready to bust out your favorite autumn fashions, plaid is the perfect pattern. But don’t just wear the button-down shirt – make a statement with it! These five ways to wear a plaid button-down will have you ready for the changing leaves and the colder temps.

1.   Dress it Up


Plaid is typically reserved for the lounge chair or a walk in the woods, but many work wear designers are starting to incorporate plaid into stylish, trendy pieces. Instead of the loose fitting, long shirt, you can now find plaid button-downs in body-hugging fitted styles perfect for wearing with a pair of brown pointe pants or a structured blazer.. Now you can head to an interview looking more chic than ever.

2.   Sassy Vintage


From the ’50s through the ‘70s, women wore plaid at home while they did housework or chores. They often combined the shirt with vintage length pants or jeans. Make this look your own by picking out the perfect pair of ankle-length jeans, a pair of color-coordinated flats or Mary Janes, and your hair up in a top bun. Add a boyfriend-style sweater and an earth-tone statement piece of jewelry for a perfect way to take this look from chores in to lunch out.

3.   Punk Rocker


Punk rockers of all types have favored the plaid shirt – from CBGBs to grunge garage musicians. To achieve this style you don’t have to look tattered or as if you rolled out of bed. It’s all about fabrics. Match your oversized plaid button-down with a short waist leather jacket full of zippers or metal accents. Add a dark pair of denim or even leather leggings for an extra bit of rebellion.

4.   The Woodsman Style


If plaid makes you long for a hike outdoors or a ride on your bike through fields and forests, you’re not alone. Most fashionistas still turn to plaid when they’re ready to explore mother nature. Match your button-down with a great pair of leather or suede booties. Need an extra layer? Puffer jacket vests are back in style, and we love it because these vests are made out of warm, comfortable material.

5.   Twist and Flair


Because most plaid shirts are made out of 100% cotton, you can DIY your own look with little effort. Transform your plaid button-down into a vest by cutting off the arms. Take an over-sized men’s plaid shirt and make it into a sundress for fall events. Your imagination is your limit!

Creating your fall style with a plaid button-down doesn’t just mean sticking to the same jeans routine. With a little creativity and an eye for color, you can make plaid work for just about any occasion. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and if you have the skills, give a little DIY a try. You never know what you can do with great ideas.

Campus Trend Alert: How to Wear Jogger Pants


One of the best parts of being a college student is getting to wear anything you want to class! But when you need to look put together, wearing loose-fitting jogger pants to class may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Luckily, there are several ways to make your outfit look comfortable and chic without much effort. Here are few tips on how to pull off this look.

All Eyes on the Top

If one-half of your outfit is made up of comfy, stretchable jogger pants, you need to put effort into the top. This means beat up t-shirts and ill-fitting tank tops are out. Instead, focus on wearing a shirt with a different texture or design. For example, stay away from matching patterns and materials at the risk of looking costume-like. The color should also be contrasting (but complementary) as a way to draw the eyes.

One of the best ways to dress up a pair of jogging pants is to keep it simple with a black or white long shirt. Tuck in your top layer as well if you want a slim fitted, vintage appeal. If that is too boring, you can add interest by making your neutral shirt in a button up or a crop cut.


Pick a Heel

Want to avoid looking like you just came from the gym? Wear a heel or a wedge. Tennis shoes work if you’re walking from your dorm room to the cafeteria, but if you want to look like you made an effort, your shoes should reflect that. Heels will serve two purposes. First, they will add a more stylish flare. Secondly, they will elongate your legs, which is helpful when most jogger pants tend to shorten the wearer.

If you don’t wear heels, switch it up with detailed sandals. Gladiator or sling backs in flashy colors will stand out. Metallics and strappy sandals are in, so gravitate towards golds and bronzes for an elegant look.


Layer, layer, layer

Never underestimate the power of a zip up sweater or a fitted cardigan. Because jogger pants can look unstructured, you will need to pick pieces that show off your bodylines and curves. A great jacket (such as leather) can break up your body, while a dress jacket or blazer can look interview-ready.


Don’t Forget to Experiment

Jogger pants are all the rage for good reason: they comfortable, cute, flirty, and a great contrast to last year’s skinny jeans. But like all clothing, not everything will match your body type or personal style. Before you buy a dozen pairs, take yourself to a department store to try on a couple of pairs in neutral colors.

If you want a more professional style, avoid pants that hang too loose around your thighs. In addition, stay away from visible drawstrings…you don’t want to look like you’re wearing pajama pants! Pick materials such as leather, satin, or cotton.


Back to Campus Essentials for Collegiate Fashionistas


Since I was young, I loved back to school shopping! Being a senior in college this year, I have a pretty good grasp on how people should and should not dress on campus. This can vary from school to school, but generally class attire is pretty laid back. I compiled a list of essentials that could work in any collegiate’s wardrobe. These will fit in on any campus, no matter where you are! 

Go-To Sneaker

Nothing says “new year” like a fresh pair of kicks! We all have our gym shoes/trainers, but you don’t have to wear those to class. Instead, make a (comfortable) statement with a pair of fashion sneakers you can throw on to go with any outfit. For me it’s a pair of converse high tops. They are cute, light weight and choosing a neutral color goes with anything. Pick the shoe that speaks to you whether it be Converse, Keds or Vans!



The All-Inclusive Book Bag

Getting a new book bag each year is like a right of passage. The whole idea of back to school just isn’t complete until you have that brand new bag to put all your stuff in. Since being in college I’ve found it harder to pick just one bag to use all year…I tend to switch back and forth between a couple of different options depending on what I’m carrying to class. The perfect bag for me it something that can fit all my tech gadgets in. Just pick one (or a few) you will get good use out of and is, most importantly, comfortable!

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 8.45.06 PMScreen Shot 2015-08-12 at 8.46.24 PM

Classic Blue Jeans

You can’t start school without that perfect pair of new blue jeans. It is super important that the fit is just right. Right now, I’m loving the boyfriend style because they exude comfort and a laid back feeling. They are perfect to throw on for class because you’ll look cute but still be comfortable. Pair them with a plain white tee and you’ll be good to go, check out how I recently wore mine here. With so many different styles, cuts and fit for jeans, you must try a bunch on to find the pair that’s right for you!

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 8.48.21 PM

Cheers to the best first day of school outfit yet!

My Favorite Outfit for Going Out


Its 8:30 on Friday night and all of your friends are ready to go out on the town and blow off some steam after a stressful week of Chem labs and essays except you’re still sitting on your bed with 4 or 5 outfits laid out in front of you. Decisions, Decisions.

In order to give you some inspiration, a few of our student writers let us pick their mind and shared a few of the essentials they NEED to have when going out.

Joanna, Suffolk University

When getting ready for a night on the town, I like to be both stylish and comfortable. My go-to outfit usually consists of black skinny jeans, a white loose-fitting blouse, and a fitted leather moto-jacket. While my taste in clothing can be described as minimalistic, I like to make my shoes the statement piece of the outfit. Whether its chunky black combat boots, retro NIKE’s, or chic flats, I prefer my shoes to be both bold and sensible (high heels are not my forte). For a handbag, I always stick with a black side satchel for easy, hands-free convenience. Of course, no outfit is complete without hair and makeup to match. Depending on my mood, I will either leave my hair down with long, loose curls, or slick it back in a straight ponytail. As someone who loves experimenting with makeup, I usually like to pair my ensemble with a bold red lip and dramatic cat-eye. I finish it off with a few spritzes of my favorite perfume, and it’s out the door I go!

Monique, University of Central Florida


Choosing what to wear out for me is always a question of what setting am I going to be in and who’ll be there? Typically, if it’s a nicer setting and I’m going with my best friends, I will definitely be putting on a pair of heels with a skirt and cute top. I am, however, particular about my heels ÔÇô they have to be something that wonÔÇÖt kill my feet after being on them for several hours and also ones that wonÔÇÖt get ruined with drinks spilled on them. So, suede is a no for the bars! If itÔÇÖs a less formal setting, IÔÇÖll usually opt for a pair of jeans, a tank top and maybe wedges or flats. ItÔÇÖs all about getting the right mix of comfort and style!

Rachel, Drexel University


I’ll be the first to admit that I have at least dozen blazers in my closet. They are a style essential for interviews and, when you sport this style with ornate detailing or bold hues, they’re perfect for nightlife. I have an affinity for black’s ability to naturally make me look slender, and would be lost without my black skinny jeans and my many “LBDs.” In order to not have my outfit be humdrum, I like to add a dash of red or pink to give femininely energetic dynamic to my outfit (check OCM’s blog post about combining black-and-white with color). This can be done through jewelry, lip color, pumps and, of course, a blazer.

How to Decorate with Polka Dots- OCM Style!


It all began when photographs of Miss America of 1926, Norma Smallwood, showed the beauty posing joyfully in a polka-dot swimsuit.  After that, Walt Disney introduced the stylish animated mouse, Minnie, dressed in a polka dot red dress with matching hair bow, designer Christian Dior created collections around the print, and singers like Frank Sinatra and Bryan Hyland released hit songs about women wearing polka dots.  In 1940, the Los Angelos Times stated, “You can sign your fashion life away on the polka-dotted line, and you’ll never regret it.”  Even then, the fashion world knew that this playful and feminine pattern would be a constant force in seasonal trends—and, boy, were they right!

Since its first arrival on the scene in the late 1920’s, polka dots have undergone some slight modernization, but its youthful, energetic legacy is still intact.  Today, polka dots can be seen on the runways of high fashion shows, printed on cellphone and laptop cases, and in room and home décor.  Of course, the latter being our favorite category, below are some ways in which you can use polka dots to decorate your room.

In the Bathroom

Mimicking the shape of bubbles, the bathroom is a great place to incorporate polka dots.  While some people might prefer using the pattern as an accent detail, we think there is no reason to skimp on dots when it comes to the bathroom.  Just make sure each item you choose has the same color scheme to avoid making the room like a clown’s changing room. Some of our favorite bath items include this polka dot shower curtain and bath rug (which goes perfect with this Chrome Doodle trash can).



Why not make your bed the focal point in the room by covering it in polka dots?  Gone are the days where a bed simply consisted of one sheet, one comforter, and a pillow.  Now, a bed cannot be complete without some embellished throw pillows and decorative blankets, like this Hello Kitty blanket.  One take we recommend is for your bedding pieces to have a color scheme where two colors alternate between dot color and background color.  For instance, your pillows could have a scheme of white dots against black background, while your sheets could consist of black dots against a white background, and so on.



Polka dots are the perfect pattern to help turn mundane room accessories into stylish attention grabbers.  Here at OCM, we have tons of polka dotted accessories to help organize the clutter in your room, and look great doing it. One of our favorites are these black and blue polka dot hangers.   A must-have is our Dry Erase Dots Wall Decals—write upcoming assignments or your favorite quotes and plop on the walls around your room. Either way, they’re the perfect way to complete your polka dot decorated room


Incorporating polka dots into your dorm room will create a playful, feminine, and stylish atmosphere.  Since there is no real rule-of-thumb when it comes to how much polka dots is too many polka dots, you can use your discretion.  If you decide you want your room in floor to ceiling dots, just make sure they are the same color scheme and patterns range from cluttered dots, to more spread out.  And of course, always have fun when choosing to decorate your room with polka dots, since that is what the print exudes!


Brand New Items on!


Finding the right items to make your dorm room a home is a task all in itself. You know we want to make your move-in process as simple as possible, and that’s why we offer you everything you need right under one browser. And, as always, we offer shipping directly to your home or campus so you don’t have to bug your parents to haul your new items up to you at school.

During the last few weeks, we’ve added a bunch of new and exciting products for both home and residence hall use. From brand new fans, security safes, alarm clocks, hampers, adorable and festive seating solutions, to new decorative pillows and beyond, we’ve refreshed our entire selection to bring you the very best! If you’re interested in taking a look of some of these new popular items, keep reading – we’re going down the list of the top 5 most popular parent and student favorites!

1) Majestic Seating Solutions and Pillows – Who doesn’t love a seating solution covered in the season’s hottest prints? Chevron, floral, Victorian damask and more – these reading pillows, cubes, loungers and poofs make for stylish AND comfortable room decor. And, they’re multi-functional. Use the poufs as a nightstand, extra seat, or even laptop desk. The lounger can be doubled as extra seating or a comfy place for your friends to relax and study or take a snooze. The reading pillows? They come in handy for those long nights of studying to prevent an achy neck and back. We just love the prints they come in – take a look for yourself, here!

2) Yogibo – There’s nothing quite as fun and comfortable as the Yogibo items. Filled with lightweight materials and available in a variety of bright colors, the Yogibo products are made with comfort in mind. These items come in neck-rolls, large lounge pillows for 1+ people, study trays, neck supports, and more! Yogibo products make for great dorm room furniture because they’re easy to move and store against any wall or in any corner. They also provide a comfortable solution for extra seating for movie nights and study sessions. These items are BRAND NEW to and are already a popular pick. What’s YOUR perfect Yogibo?

3) Decorative Pillows– We had such a great response from our decorative pillows last fall that we made it our goal to bring more of them on board for this school year. And – we’ve got a larger selection that both males and females will enjoy! Color coordinate by your favorite colors or simply by your dorm room decor – either way, there’s plenty to go around! We’ve really tapped into this year’s trends: Owls, sparkles, texture, and mustaches galore! And, for those students too-cool-for-school, we’ve even got some cool shades to rock on your bed! Top off your room with great style, and start by what’s on your bed! Shop the new decorative pillow line here.

4) Room Safes – For the most part, dorm rooms are fairly safe and usually monitored and observed by your awesome residence hall staff. Occasionally though, some students forget to lock their dorm room doors when leaving for class or a friend’s room and notice things missing when they get back. Besides remembering to lock your door when you step out, it’s a great idea to have another step of security in the place in case you forget once or twice. We’ve brought aboard a brand new selection of room safes to help keep your items in YOUR room – and not someone else’s! Lock your valuables in your safe when you leave, and rest assured knowing that they’re safe and secure for when you return. Available in multiple sizes and shapes, we’ve got safes for days! Shop the new line of dorm room safes here.
5) Healthy Care Packages – We know, you love all the fun sweets and treats that come in our seasonal Care Packages. BUT, what if we told you that you could have the same Care Packages you love so much that are both healthy AND delicious? Our masterminds here at OCM have put together student favorite snacks and treats that both amp up energy and sustain a hungry tummy. From workout packages to gluten free selections, we’ve cut the refined sugars and extra carbs to bring you delicious, health motivating care packages that have popular items such as Cliff Bars, Granola and even MiO water enhancer. Who said eating healthy couldn’t taste delicious and be convenient, too! Check out our new selection of healthy Care Packages here!┬á
Love these new products? The fun doesn’t stop here – we’ve got an even LARGER selection of brand new items up for you to enjoy! And, now’s the time to get any last minute dorm essentials in.. we’re hosting a 60% sale on some of our dorm room essentials! Ready to decorate?!