Parents Corner: The Best Care Packages For Freshmen



If there’s one thing that is universally true of college students, it’s that there’s nothing better than receiving a care package. Care packages, especially for freshmen going off to their first residence halls or apartments, are a great way to send a little love and support. These freshman-inspired gifts are the best way to show you’re thinking of them.


Welcome Package

A big milestone deserves an awesome gift to go along with it. The Welcome Package and Move-In Mug is just the right sentiment. The new dorm dweller will get a shiny new mug packed with favorite instant drinks (including hot cocoa) and enough snacks to be the envy of their roommates. From popcorn to Airheads, your package recipient will settle right in with a stocked pantry of goodies.


Fitness Fuel

With cafeteria food, takeout, and late night snacks in your focused student’s way, eating healthy can be a big issue. Start them off on the right foot with a care package full of healthy, delicious, and energizing treats. The Fitness Fuel package includes super popular Clif Bars made for an after-gym treat, gel shots for endurance athletes, PowerBar for protein packed nutrition, and muscle recovery teas for rest days. Whether your student is keeping up with their routine or wanting to avoid the Freshman 15, this package encourages them to be their best.


Hang In There

College isn’t all new friends and wild parties. Oftentimes, it’s a bad grade on a paper or a fight with a new roommate. If your student is getting discouraged, a little pick-me-up can really help to make him or her feel better. That’s where the adorable Hang In There package comes in. It’s a little bit of fun with the hanging monkey and package of animal crackers and it’s a lot of treats with Tootsie Rolls and chips.   




Healthy Soups and Teas

From changing weather to living side-by-side with other students, college is crawling with opportunities to get sick. But even if parents are far away and no one can make your student’s favorite comfort foods, a Sick Day care package can help get them back on their feet. Our Healthy Soups and Teas set is a blend of classic soups like split pea and minestrone, as well as comforting Yogi blend teas. While you can’t be there to pour the hot water for the mixes, this makes it a little easier for them to get better faster.


Homesick Helper

Being away from home for an extended period of time isn’t like summer camp or a summer vacation. It can be much harder to handle, especially with the added stress of school. You can pick up their spirits and send a reminder that you miss them just as much by sending the Homesick Helper. Along with a personalized note (which can be done for every package), your freshman will be surprised by an almost endless amount of sweets and favorite staples like M&Ms, Pop-Tarts, Lifesavers, Kraft Mac and Cheese, Act II Popcorn, and Cheerios (just to name a few).


Sending your freshman off to college can be emotional for both you and the student. But you can send love year round with packages meant to surprise, wow, and comfort them.

The Absolute Best Easter Candy: Our Top 9


The Absolute Best Easter Candy- Our Top 9

There are only a few weeks left until Easter, and we’re already ready to break out our baskets, tie on our bonnets, and hunt for some Easter eggs. Aside from Halloween, Easter is the best time of the year to gorge on chocolates and sweets. We love it so much so that we consider ourselves experts in Easter candy, and have taken time out to rank the top nine candy options we want the Easter bunny to bring this year.


1.   The Chocolate Bunny

The top rank, ultimate basket-buster is, of course, the chocolate bunny. But we’re not talking any store-bought bunny. We’re talking about the best brands in chocolate such as Hershey’s, Reese’s, Russell Stover, and Lindt. Don’t worry on splurging on the pricier versions. You deserve it.

2.   Reese’s Eggs

Reese’s peanut butter cups are our go-to for every just about holiday now. And their creamy, peanut butter-y egg version is just more proof that we’ll eat any shape they decide to make their candy in.

3.   Cadbury Creme Eggs*

While this may have the third spot on our list, there’s a big asterisk next to its name. In the last year, Cadbury has changed their recipe. Why mess with perfection, we have to ask? We’ll have to do a taste-test to see if it still holds up.

4.   Hershey’s Robins Eggs

Part candy, part chocolate, it’s like the hybrid of Easter candy. They’re quick to eat and super adorable too — a win all around.

5.   Jelly Belly Jellybeans

For those who don’t love chocolate, we can’t forget to include everyone’s favorite guessing game in a bag. Jellybeans, especially the Jelly Belly brand, are must haves to line a basket, add a topping to a dessert, or to fill an Easter egg up.

6.   Roda Candy Company’s Peeps

The Peep explosion has gone crazy over the years. From new shapes and colors, Oreo cookie versions, and competitions featuring these marshmallow and sugar cuties, you can’t go anywhere this holiday and not see them. They’re lucky they taste like pure sugar or we’d be more annoyed.

7.   Russell Stover Coconut Nests

Russell Stover gets points for cuteness, but the taste can be hit or miss. If you’re a coco-nut, you may dig the coconut and jelly bean infusion. But if you’re not, you’ll probably want to stay away. For an Easter candy, it’s pretty polarizing.

8.   Mars Easter Pastel M&M’s

These aren’t the most original idea — they’re just M&Ms in green, yellow, and pink pastels. That said, they’re still M&Ms, which means they’re going to melt in your mouth no matter what.

9.   Jordan Almonds

This IS your mother’s Easter candy. Part traditional, part somewhat tasty, Jordan Almonds in their bright colors and egg shape blend every candy must-have together … except for that whole being decadently delicious requirement.


Who says you have to pick just one of these candies? That’s the great part of having a holiday devoted to filling up an Easter basket with sweets — you can go for them all. For college students and their families, when distance is an issue, a good alternative is to send a student an Easter care package. Full of their favorites, both traditional and unique, you’ll wow them with how sweet the holiday can be.

5 Times Every Student Could Really Use a Care Package



Whether you’re a right down the block or a thousand miles away from your college student, it can be hard to come up with the perfect way to say that you are here and that you care. One of the easiest ways to send that message is to do it with a special delivery. Care packages come in all shapes and sizes with different purposes and meanings. If you’re looking for an excuse to send one, we’ve come up with the five times every college student can really use a care package.


1. The College Cold

There is nothing worse than being sick in college. Not only is your mom not around to make our favorite soup or bring us that extra blanket, we have to spend our recovery stuck in a drafty, sometimes boring dorm room with just our Netflix account to keep us company.

The Perfect Package: Any care package with soup, tea, or comfort foods will do our sick bodies some good and warm our hearts.


2. The Rejection Depression

Image via Buzzfeed

It happens to every college kid. It may be not landing a part in the theater performance, being turned away from a club, or just not getting the accolades from a professor we thought we deserved. Either way, we could use some extra support.

The Perfect Package: A care package that motivates us with a happy card about how proud you are of us for trying and maybe some extra sugar for a little pep in our step.


3. The Holiday Build-Up

You think you’re excited for us to be home? No way! We’re PUMPED! We packed our bags a month ago and have been crossing the days off our wall calendar. We just need the focus to get through the last few weeks….

The Perfect Package: Dorm room and apartment life doesn’t make it easy for us to stay in the spirit. Get festive with holiday themed packages. Even Valentine’s day could use a special shoutout.


4. The Exam Week Chaos

We don’t want to fail! We need this test to pass! We’re going to go mad if we spend any more time in the library! SEND HELP!

The Perfect Package: We need a little help chilling out and focusing (can you tell?). Gift us a package that is full of healthy, nutritious brain food and take-along snacks for study sessions.


5. The ‘We Miss You Too’

It’s hard to be so far away, even if we don’t say it (or tell you it isn’t true when you ask). Even seniors get homesick from time to time, and all that will make us feel better is to hear you say that you miss us as much as we miss you too.

The Perfect Package: Send it out of the blue on a random day. Add a note from the dog or pick a favorite food we enjoyed together. It’s the little things that show us that you care as much as we do.


Check out OCM’s wide selection of Care Packages, to cover every occasion from Halloween and Finals Week to Valentines Day!

The Best Halloween Care Packages


Halloween Care Packages

Halloween is here, and most college students are excited for one of the most fun nights of the year. But even though they’re long past the age to go trick or treating, that doesn’t mean you can’t provide them with a little fun this holiday! With a little help from OCM’s awesome line of themed care packages, you can treat your college student to a bit of ghoulish delight! Here are just a few of our top picks.

Signature Halloween Cupcakes

Cupcakes are totally in this season, which means your favorite student will love receiving a collection of Halloween cupcakes in their mail. Four jumbo-sized cupcakes means they can even share with a roommate or friend, and the flavors are packed with fall fun. They’ll love the Pumpkin Spiced Jack O’Lantern, Candy Corn, Spider Chocolate, and Cobweb Confetti!

Power Workout Potion

If your student’s ideal costume is 80’s workout leotards or a muscle man suit, they’re probably less concerned about sweets and more focused on getting their reps in. With the Power Workout Potion package, you’ll keep them on the right track by fueling their run or lifting session. Complete with Gel Shots, Clif Bars, and Yogi Tea, there’s something for every top or aspiring athlete in or out of their costume.

Power Workout Potion

Scare Package

One of our three more traditional care gifts, the Scare Package is perfect for a surprise that won’t shock the budget. Full of favorite treats from their trick or treating days, your college student will enjoy digging into bite-sized chocolate bars, M&Ms, Oreos, and more! Topped off with a spooky Pez dispenser and candy corn, they’ll be hyped up for the holiday! Want more or less, check out the Trick or Treater and the Ghoulish Goodies for even more options.

Scare Package

Haunted House Halloween Gift Tower

Looking to cast a spell on your student? The perfect package to impress is hands down the Haunted House Halloween Gift Tower. Decorated like their favorite haunted house, the boxes are filled to the brim with enough candy to last them until the holidays. The bottom layer is additionally packed with colorful candy and caramel popcorn for an extra treat they’ll really love.

Hobgoblin Healthy Blend

If your college student more terrified of gaining the freshman 15 or is focused on fitting into their favorite costume, the Hobgoblin Healthy Blend is the perfect selection. We’ve cut out the candy and honed in on the good stuff — granolas, fruit leathers, fall favorite soups, corn chips, raw apple chips, tea, and more! For a gluten free option, you can select the Gluten Free Halloween, and vegans will enjoy the Vanishing Vegan.

Hobgoblin Healthy Care Package

Love From Home Plan

You don’t have to stop at just gifting for Halloween! Care packages make every holiday special by providing your student with a little love and care straight from home. The Love From Home Plan is just one of several options that ensures your college student receives packages year round. The Love From Home features the Trick or Treater, the Valentine Surprise, the Out of the Blue Package, the Fall Finals Support Package, the Shamrock Surprise, the Easter Care Package, and the Energy Pack.

Parent’s Corner: 6 Reasons to Send Your Student a Care Package


Parents Care Package

With your kid going off to school, you may be missing those little moments you’ve spent together or the times you’ve spoiled them with a little extra attention. With them not at home or near by, it can be difficult to think of ways to show that same kind of love and attention all year round. That’s why we love the convenience and fun of sending care packages throughout the year. Whether to celebrate or to make the transition easier, there are so many reasons to send your student a care package today. Here’s our six top reasons to send a care package.

1.   To Celebrate

Are you a mom who still sends Valentines or decorates the house in green for St. Patrick’s Day? Or are you a dad who hates missing out on birthdays or reasons to say “awesome job!” on a test or award? With care packages, you can be sure that no special occasion is missed. With holiday themed packages, you can send sweetheart messages  – while birthday packages come with balloons and party hats.

2.   To Stock Their Snacks

A sweet tooth should never be ignored! But with college cafeterias charging a premium for indulgences like chocolate and chips, your student may be going without. Be sure their dorm room pantry is as loaded up with options as it was at your house with one of our many snack filled baskets. From comfort foods like cookies and brownies to essential pig out food such as microwave popcorn and chocolate, there are so many options to get them through the year!

3.   To Take the Pressure Off

Midterms, end of the semester finals, big papers, auditions, presentations, internship applications — even during your student’s freshman year, the stress can add up quickly. With care packages meant to send both boosts of energy and morale, you can say “go get ‘em” without being there. With customizable messages, you can even write out your favorite inspiring quotes or show them that you believe in them.

4.   To Welcome Them

Moving into the dorms can be scary for both you and your student, especially if they’ve never been far from home before. Just as you would a friend moving into a new home, shower them with a special gift to welcome them to their new home. Picking up that package at their new door may even relieve some major homesickness issues.

5.   To Improve Their Health

Care packages aren’t limited to snacks, comfort foods, and chocolates. There are several care packages that are designed for healthy eaters or those with food allergies. From gluten free packs to granolas and fresh fruits, you’re not limited. There are even care packages to be sent when your student is feeling under the weather, that’s full of tasty soups and teas. Finally, if food isn’t what they need to stay at their peak, send a care package full of toiletries like soap, shampoo, and facial cleansers.

6.   To Just Say “Hello”

Care packages don’t have to have a rhyme or reason. You can send yours just because you feel like it or because you think your student could use a little random show of love. That’s what college care packages are for — to make life just a little brighter with a special message from its sender!

Our Favorite Care Packages for Students Going Off to College


Care packages

Saying goodbye, whether for a week or an entire semester, can be hard on any parent or loved one of a college student. There just aren’t enough ways to say that you care or to wish them luck. One idea is to send them off with a care package perfect for their new dorm room and fast paced, independent lifestyle. These four are our favorite “Off to College” packages made with any college student in mind.

1.   Homesick Helper

Sure, you may be empty nesting, but your college student may be having an equally hard time adjusting to being away from home. Homesickness is particularly powerful for new college students and dorm-dwellers. Freshman, in particular, can feel very lonely or isolated during the first semester.

That’s why the Homesick Helper is one of our favorite packages out there. Made with love and your college student in mind, the package is loaded with their favorite snacks. From childhood favorites like Bazooka Gum to essentials like Kellogg’s granola bars, they’ll be covered with any comfort food and snack craving they may have.

2.   Welcome Package and Move In Mug

Moving in can be a difficult and emotional process. It takes a ton out of you, and in the end, you’re left with a space to fill with new memories. Care packages like the Welcome Package and Move In Mug is a great way to make the move in process a little easier and the space a bit more homier.

In the care package, you’ll get a mini package full of not only favorite treats (popcorn, Oreos, Pop-Tarts), but also drink mixes, all in a cute “move-in” bag. The mug crosses off one of their ‘must-have’ items off of their packing list, and they come to associate it this special day where they’re surrounded and supported by the ones they love the most.

3.   Grooming Personal Care Collection

Care packages don’t have to be all about food and drinks or cute toys and cards. Sometimes, your college student needs and wants the practical, essential supplies to round out their new home. The two Grooming Personal Care Collections are about as much “care” as you can get when it comes to move in packages.

The Nitty Gritty is made for the guys with a mixture of Axe and Dove men products. As an added bonus, you’ll get a shower tool with detailer, deep clean facial scrub, and Schick Hydro 5 razors for a clean shave when they need to impress. Ladies have their own version called the Primp it Pretty with Dove, St. Ives, Schick, and Simple products. Girls will love facial wipes for makeup, oatmeal scrub face masks, and Colgate Optic White products for a memorable smile.

4.   Year Full of Love Care Package Plan

Maybe you can’t decide what package to get. Maybe you think one package is just not enough. Maybe you feel like your student will need encouragement all year round. There’s a package that will wow and surprise them well past move in day — the Year Full of Love Care Package Plan.

Not just one, two, or three, this plan has our top rated, most popular packages for almost every occasion throughout the year. For the Fall semester alone, you’ll be sending a package for move in day, Halloween, finals, and a “just because” version. For the spring semester, your plan includes a package for Valentine’s Day and spring finals. Each comes with a personalized card where you can leave a message tailored to the student and the occasion.

Parent’s Corner: Top 4 St. Patrick’s Day Care Packages


Every college student needs a little luck and love in their lives! That’s why some of our favorite care and gift packages are sent out right around the St Patrick’s Day holiday! With green and gold lifting spirits during midterms and paper due dates, there is no better time than to say “I’m thinking of you” than the 17th of March. If you want to send some love to your college student but can’t do it in person, try these four favorite St Patrick’s Day themed care packages.




  1. Leapin’ Leprechaun

Want to make your student’s friends green with envy? The Leapin’ Leprechaun package is the way to go! It’s stuffed with uniquely themed candies, such as Elfkins from Keebler, gold chocolates, and Double Mint gum. Then, there are favorite study snacks to help them make their own luck such as Sun Chips and Skittles. So whether they have a sweet or a salty tooth, the package’s got you covered. But for extra fun, the Leprechauns also added a personal touch with a green bead necklace and a pair of shamrock glasses so they’re not at risk of being pinched on the day of.


  1. Blarney Charm

What’s “blarney” you ask? Blarney comes from the legend that if you kiss the Blarney stone in Ireland, you’re sure to be granted the “gift of gab” (or great talking skills). That’s why the Blarney Charm care package is made for your college student and their many presentations and oral reports! But instead of kissing a stone thousands of miles away, they can just chow down on their favorite, gold standard candies and treats! From cookies like Oreos and Chips Ahoy to chips such as Pringles and Doritos, your favorite college student won’t be more thankful to “luck into” such an awesome package!


  1. St. Pat’s and More

Okay, St. Patrick’s Day is just one holiday, and it comes and goes so quickly. If you’re dedicated to giving your college student a thrill of a surprise on not just the 17th, why not go the extra mile and plan out the rest of the semester? With the St. Pat’s and More package, you’re not just getting a green filled box of goodies, but you’re also pre-ordering our favorite Easter and Spring Energy packages too!

Each one has some of your student’s most favorite snacks. For example, St. Patrick’s Day contains Charms Blow Pops, Chips Ahoy cookies, and a cute “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” button! Easter is filled to the brim with chocolate and Cadbury eggs, gummy carrots, and classic Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. And, just when they need it the most, they’ll receive a package made to boost spirits and lower study-related hunger pains with Smarties, Teddy Grahams, popcorn, and Nutella spread.


  1. Mrs. Fields St. Patrick’s Day Forested Basket

But what if candy and chips aren’t your student’s thing? What if you want to surprise more than one student, such as a roommate or a study group? St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t just have to be about solo gifts! With the Mrs. Fields St. Patrick’s Day Frosted Basket, you can send everyone’s favorite themed cookies right to your student’s door. Good enough for 12, you can feed an entire village of Leprechauns!


Our 6 Favorite Fall Finals Care Package Gifts


No one wants to talk about it, but finals are coming up quickly! If you have a child, friend, or partner studying hard to make it to the finish line, you may want to encourage or reward them for all their work this semester. One of the best ways to treat them is by sending a care package that will power them through their long study sessions and note cramming, while reminding them that they are in your thoughts. Here’s a few of our favorite Fall final exams themed care packages that will make your favorite student say wow:

1.   The Survival Kits

For many college students, but in particular freshmen, surviving the final exam period is all about powering through it. On top of the time commitment it takes to study up on everything learned over a course of the semester, there’s the added pressure of needing a great grade. That’s a lot for students who may not be used to tests mattering so much for their future.


For parents and friends watching from afar, you can ensure that their study sessions are jam-packed with the treats and drinks they need. If you really want to impress, check out the Final Exams Survival Barrel. It’s a fun twist on the care package!

2.   The Warm-Up

We can’t forget that it’s also the middle of winter when students are taking their exams. And going back and forth from lecture hall, to dorm room, to library can get chilly. With hot food options limited and students constantly catching weather related illnesses like colds and flus, you may want to find a package that does double duty!


The Healthy Hot Soups and Teas collection is the perfect winter blend. The soups are easy to make for practically any college students. And tea lovers will enjoy the different blends such as Spice Yogi Tea and Honey Lavender Yogi Tea.

3.   The Healthy Choice

Speaking of healthy hot soups, how about a care package that takes into consideration special diets or dietary restrictions?


There’s the Simply Vegan that cuts out animal byproducts. The All Natural gives the best in organic treats you know any health nut will appreciate. And Hold the Gluten takes out the guessing game in what gluten intolerant students cannot have.

4.   The Get Up and Go

If your student is looking to avoid packing the Freshman 15, you’ll want to consider this while planning their fall finals gift options. After all, nothing’s worse than spoiling a great workout with bad-for-you treats. For those looking to stay true to their diet, check out the Holy Granola which contains enough healthy treats to get them through a power hour of studying.


Granola is a great morning snack, perfect for exam day. But for those who want something fresher, try gifts such as the Fruit Pack or the Fruit Pack and Cup of Inspiration. Your exam taker will be wowed by the breakfast of apples, oranges, and cereal. And they will love to celebrate their victory with some more indulging treats like Kit Kats and Nutella spread.

5.   The Good Luck Spirit

For all of the care packages, you can personalize a note that tells the receiver how much you are rooting for them. But much of the time, we think these gifts speak for themselves. For example the Spirit Pack combines all of the awesomeness of our favorite packages plus a box that is beautifully designed with an inspiring message. The Support Pack, Hang in There, and Right on Track are even more favorites that puts a whole lot of fun and encouragement in such a cute box.


With the right care package sent directly to your college student, you can show them just how proud they make you every day. And you can give them a bit of encouragement and support from afar. With so many options, there’s one for just about every fall exam-taker!

Parent’s Corner: Our Favorite Fall Care Packages


Care packages are the perfect gift for those experiencing a hard time transitioning into college life. They’re a thoughtful way of saying you miss your child or loved one (without being too overbearing!) These OCM care packages can be a great way to connect and show that you’re thinking of them. Now that Fall is officially here and college is quickly ramping up, we’ve picked out our favorite seasonal care packages any university student is bound to love.

1.   Trick or Treater


Who says college students are too old to enjoy the spooky holiday? Candy is universal! Luckily, there are several amazing Halloween packages both big and small to choose from. The Trick or Treater seems to hit all the favorites from chips and chocolate to candy corn and sweets.

2.   Gluten Free Halloween


If your loved one has a food allergy or intolerance, or if they’re just trying to change their diet, check out the Halloween packages that take into consideration special dietary requirements. The gluten-free, vanishing vegan and hobgoblin healthy blend are great alternatives.

3.   Hocus Pocus Healthy Tea and Soup Mix


The Fall also means the returns of allergies, colds, and even flus. Becoming sick in college is a huge pain and hassle, especially if it is challenging to pick up the essential illness fighting comfort foods and drinks. If your college student isn’t feeling well or you want to plan in advance, send them teas and soups to warm up their bodies and give their immune systems a boost. This package will bring an extra big smile to their face with a spooky Halloween theme!

4.   Nitty Gritty Grooming or Primp it Pretty


Who says that Fall care packages have to be just food? Send some luxury by picking a personal care package perfect for your child. The Nitty Gritty includes college favorite AXE body products along with a Schick razor and Colgate tooth care products. The Primp it Pretty will have the lady feeling fresh all day long with care products including Simple towelettes and Vaseline lotion to moisturize from the new chilly weather!

5.   Out of the Blue


Living in a dorm, far away from the comforts of home and family, isn’t the easiest place to be for some students. When you’re missing home, you can feel more alone than ever. Helping freshmen settle in can be done by surprising them with a gift that shows you care. The Out of the Blue nails it with favorites like pretzels and animal crackers.

6.   Love from Home Package Plan


The Fall doesn’t have to be the only reason why you send a care package. However, it can be hard to remember the holidays or the special events when our own busy lives come in the way. The Love from Home Package Plan automates the gifts (and thinking!) for you. Everything from Valentine’s Day to final exams comes into consideration and is delivered in a timely fashion. And with a way to personalize your message, you can give more than treats — you can give words of advice or support that may make all the difference.