Perfect Winter Outfits for College



The old adage “dress smart, look smart” couldn’t be truer when you’re looking for an outfit that’s both college-appropriate and winter-proof. From walking through mounds of snow to peeling off layers in class, finding the right look can seem next to impossible.

However, these style bloggers have figured out how to thread that needle between fashionable and practical! These are six perfect winter outfits for college you should try out yourself.


Classic Coat

Source: Trendy Crew


Finding the perfect winter coat is essential when you make college walkways your runways. Investing in a coat that can be combined with multiple looks, both casual and chill, is a great way to put it to work. We suggest picking a striking color, such as a lipstick red or indigo blue, so that you could wear it anywhere it looks like a part of your style.


Matching Knits



Tis the season for sweater weather! We are loving old school chunky cable knits and far out designs like this mix of rainbow polka dots and stripes. It adds a much-needed touch of color without being overwhelming or falling into the dreaded “ugly sweater” category. But what really makes this outfit perfect for hanging out with friends on a quad is the matching knit hat as the perfect accessory.


Unexpected Plaids



We all have that comfy plaid button-down we break out on lazy days or for when we’re running late to class. But plaid doesn’t have to be for last resorts or when you know you’re not going to be seen. Plaid is the perfect winter weather fabric for pieces like skirts, leggings, and coats. We especially love how vintage dressy it looks here when added to a cute sweater and pair of black tights.


California Sunshine



That boho, west coast style doesn’t just disappear when the summer concert season is over. You can pull this chic, laid back look off no matter where you’re located. The trick is to find muted colors like creams or pale pinks and then add a 70’s twist. Here, this sweater is rocking the bell sleeve look that is taking over our style feeds.


The Right Accessories



Winter outfits live and die on what you add to them. For this look, it’s all about the extra long, thick sweater in a pop of color the turns heads. She adds another element by utilizing leather gloves and leather moccasins — both practical and a contrasting texture. Finally, there’s the purse. It totally hits the vintage, Parisian theme while also still staying in the natural pastel color scheme of the rest of her outfit.


Extra Layers, Thicker Pants



While fashion is important, warmth is absolutely essential. This style blogger gets it down with the multiple layers of a flannel base, sweater top, and comfy flannel jacket. Where it really wins is actually in the pants. It’s easy to stick to skinny leggings or jeans when fitting in boots, but when you need to kick it up a notch for a more formal look, thicker fabrics in a flare or a wide leg is much more winter approved. Have at least one well-tailored pair in your closet for interviews, date nights, and presentations.


New Trend Alert: Tribal Prints


You’ve seen it in shop windows, on television, and at the mall. It’s on celebrities in the tabloids when you are checking out at the grocery store, and now it’s in local stores, available to you! This newest trend in the market has made its way to clothes, bedding, home décor, and down just about every avenue possible. These prints are reminiscent of patterns you may associate with the Aztecs or American Indians, but are updated with a modern twist in color or pattern. If you take a look at clothing retailers like Forever 21 or Free People, you’ll see just what tribal is all about.


These patterns include a lot of triangles, diamonds, arrows, stripes, and zig-zags which make them visually busy patterns, but when worn simply, they are flawless. From swimsuits to tank tops to skinny jeans to oversized sweaters, you can find practically any item of clothing you want in a print that is distinctly tribal. Tribal is a style that is extremely popular at summer music festivals all over the country like Sasquatch and Coachella, where celebs flock, laid-back style is key, and just about everyone is rocking a vintage tee from their favorite band.


To wear tribal prints successfully, pair them with something simple- make sure not to overdo it with other added patterns as this can end up looking like you got dressed in the dark. You can’t go wrong pairing a plain color and statement jewelry with your print. Simplicity is key with tribal, just as it is with any pattern.


 Tribal prints also make great wall art, accent pillows, or rugs. Each piece and pattern really has its own personality and has the ability to pull an eclectic room together. If you are going to mix-and-match patterns in your home decor, make sure that they have the same color scheme so they complement each other and don’t look like they clash with the rest of the décor. Black and White is a classy, easy color scheme to mix patterns of the same style in.


If you are afraid to dive in with a bold choice in clothing, try tribal statement jewelry or a tribal purse first. Once you figure out your own style, rock it! Don’t be afraid to jump in on this new trend and incorporate your own ideas now that you know how to wear it!