How to Style a Purple Dorm Room


Reigning supreme in dorm room trends is the color purple! We have seen it everywhere lately, and we, quite honestly, can’t get enough of it. From pastel colors to deep royal shades, you can do a lot with this girly yet sophisticated color. Here are some tips on how to style a purple dorm room.

Pick a Specific Shade

Like its sister color pink, purple comes in many different shades, each evoking a different kind of mood or feel. Luckily, this means you’ve got a ton of options to work with!

Lilac or lavender purple is earthy, romantic, and soft. It pairs well with white, cream, tan, or beige and fits in perfectly with a Paris or earthy spring themed room. On the other hand, dark purples like eggplant, plum and royal are more for modern looks or as accent colors. Use them metallic, deep greens, and chocolate browns.


Know Your Ratios

Too much of a good thing is never ideal. This rule especially applies to purple, which can overwhelm your room if you go overboard.

For a more minimalist look, a good measurement to keep in mind when selecting your purple is the 80/20 rule of decorating. Twenty percent of your room’s colors should be in your brighter focal color while the other eighty should be in a neutral to offset it. While it doesn’t seem like it would be a lot, the twenty percent purple is highlighted and amplified by the rest.

You also want to be careful about matching purples with purples. A lot of the more boho, gypsy styles do it really well with a red-toned purple mixed with a royal, almost blue-purple. But, in most cases, purple on purple is a no-go unless you are really into the whole purposefully unmatched vibe.

Pick Your Purple Focal Points

Now comes the fun part — picking out your purple items! With the 80/20 rule in mind, select items that will either dominate or will serve as a pop of color. It’s always easier to start with the 20 percent versus the rest.

One great example of the pops of color is the Kiss Pleat White and Grape bedding and linen set. The white blanket is pulled back to reveal a vibrant, electric purple. It’s like transforming from laid back to party with just a fold over. For an even more modern look, try the Destin Dusty Purple set where there is more black and geometric shapes to bring attention to your bed.

If you want your purple to be more of a one item show, you’ve got loads of options! Drapes on your windows are usually one of the first things people notice about your dorm room besides your bed. There’s also purple shag rugs, large seating pillows, or even chairs and couch throws to pick from.


Find a Theme

Your final option is to pick a theme that incorporates purple. We have already talked about boho styles where purple is key in decor like tapestries, mandala paintings, and blankets. But you can also go the opposite direction and make it light and vintage with stark white and light, floral purple for the ultimate girly room.

Furthermore, a popular pick right now is to do it “royal style.” Add black damask with dark purple drapes hanging from the ceiling around your bed for a canopy. Keep your textiles silk or chenille for luxury. And play around with gold, silver, and bronze as your neutral base.

Just remember to keep it subtle. Purple’s a sophisticated color that deserves your attention to the details.

6 Ways a Wall Tapestry Transforms Your Dorm Room


We all know that dorm rooms can be pretty bland,  full of white or off-white space that isn’t much to look at. A boring space like that isn’t exactly inspiring, productive, or even homey. That’s why so many college students look for ways to make temporary focal points without having to paint or spend a ton of money on artwork. With a hanging tapestry, you can make your mark and transform your dorm space. Here’s how.



  1. Adds a Burst of Color

One of the biggest trends in dorm décor this year is vibrant, multi-colored mandalas. Mandala patterns are based off of Indian religious designs meant to center the mind or bring in energy. When in deep, rich colors like red, purple, blue, and green you can make a tapestry like this a huge focal point. And best of all, it doesn’t require potentially damaging painting, nailing, or drilling of holes!

  1. Sets a Theme

With the mandala print, you can easily create a whimsical, meditative space that brings in that boho chic flair. But there are other large wall tapestries that can help you set a theme. For example, create your own chevron, houndstooth, or polka dot tapestry for a cool preppy theme. Bring in French refinement with chandelier or damask prints. You can also purchase a flag tapestry to show your pride for your country, state, or city. With so many options, you can find one that is right for your look.


Red damask print

  1. Divides the Space

A thick tapestry can be an amazing way to divide space in your small dorm room. For example, use a brightly colored tapestry in place of your ugly or plain closet door. If you bunk your beds, hang the tapestry from the bottom bunk or ceiling to designate which beds belong to who. You can even create a curtain divider between you and your roommate’s space if need be.

  1. Creates a Canopy

One of our favorite ways to use a tapestry is to hang from the ceiling so that it creates a shelter over a bunked bed. When hanging, let the fabric dip a bit in the middle for a wave feel. You can even add pins to add dimension to the feel you’re going for. If you’re able, string fairy lights underneath a thinner fabric for a gorgeous and soft lighting feature everyone in your residence hall will be jealous of.


  1. Hides the Unwanted

Don’t stop at hiding a closet door! You can use a tapestry to cover large storage bins or even a ugly dorm dresser. Simply use fabric scissors to make holes in the tapestry similar to a shower curtain. Using shower curtain hooks, string on a line and hook to the sides of the item you’re hiding (or install a removable curtain rod). It’s an instant cover up that’s fashionable and functional!

  1. Brings in the Outdoors

Another tapestry trend we are loving are the oversized tapestries that depict a nature scene. College students are scooping up tapestries with pictures of forests, oceans, and night skies. They love them because they are a fantastic way to give a dorm room a peaceful, nature-centered space. Add a few dorm-friendly plants, brown and green accent pieces, and a great seating piece and you’ve got a room that will let you enjoy the elements from the comfort of your dorm room.

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