OCM Announces the Launch of a Brand New Fan Shop!


Fan Shop OCM

We all deserve a little makeover once and awhile! While you might be going a darker hair shade to match the cooler weather, or considering your new fall layering options, OCM wanted to get in on a fresh look as well. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of OCM’s new Fan Shop. “The OCM Fan Shop is stylin’ after its recent makeover!” Says OCM’s Third Party Relationship Manager, Cora Baker. “We gave it a whole new look with new photography and new navigation features to make a better shopping experience for you.  We’re also rolling out more new and exciting products every day.”


OCM Launches Their New Fan Shop

Cora continued, “I spent this past weekend at my alma mater, Penn State.  As I walked around campus, I saw many college students displaying the Penn State logo in many different ways – their clothing, their backpacks, their rain ponchos, their purses.  Collegiate logo merchandise is as intertwined in campus life as care packages, dorm room furnishings and tech accessories.  As the premier provider of all things college, OCM is a natural to provide college students and their families with their logo merchandise.”

OCM’s Fan Shop is one-stop shopping for all your college logo gear. Whether it’s a logo sweater or a hat branded with your college’s mascot, we’ve got your all of school-spirit needs covered. So if you’ve got a big football game or pep rally coming up, the Fan Shop has what you need to represent your college.

OCM Fan Shop Apparel

New Merchandise for the New Season!

With the new Fan Shop comes a ton of new brands and merchandise you’ll be sure to love. Cora Baker and the entire OCM team are very pleased to have the following officially licensed partners on board:

  • Gear for Sports, offering Champion and Under Armour t-shirts and sweatshirts
  • Art.com and Northwest, offering a variety of throw blankets and other items for the dorm room and home
  • Vantage Apparel, offering polo shirts, pullovers and jackets
  • Victory Tailgate and Made Loyal, offering tailgate games, t-shirts and college wall art
  • Zephyr, offering all types of hats

These new items are not only a good excuse to dispose of your old, hand-me-down college gear. Since they’re fresh on the OCM Fan Shop – you’ll be a trendsetter by rocking one of these new items your friends will be sure to envy.

One step better, Cora explains, is free shipping: “Free shipping is offered on selected t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatshirt throws, and hat and t-shirt bundles!” So be sure to take advantage of free shipping when getting your tailgating apparel needs!

Cora’s new favorite items are the giant tumble towers, the ¼ zip performance pullovers and the college wall art. What will your new favorite Fan Shop item be!?

College Swag

When’s A Good Time for College Apparel and Items, You Ask?

There are ample opportunities to rock your college swag outside of the classroom or resident hall. Here are a few great events and occasions where stylish college gear is a must:

  • Sports games: This is a given! Show support for your school’s team at the next home or away game with a team hat. Want to be the hero of the tailgate? Bring a BBQ set or cornhole game, branded with your school’s logo, that everyone can enjoy.
  • On- and Off-Campus Events: Rock college gear on off-campus events to show unity and stand in solidarity with your school. It’s also a great way to network with others that go to your school, or are alumni. Wearing a T-shirt or sweatshirt with your school’s name could elicit a “Hey, I also went to XYZ school, what are you studying?” which could even lead to a “Actually, my company is looking for an intern in your field! Are you interested in applying?”
  • As Gifts: Your parents are probably supporting your college venture, and are proud of you. Gift them with some college apparel that they’ll be proud to wear.


You don’t want to wait till the morning of the pep rally or football game to find some school swag to wear. So head over to the OCM Fan Shop and check out all the new swag to show your school spirit.