5 Essential Linen Looks for the Dorm Room


In order to accommodate the many different kinds of students that reside within its walls, dorm rooms are usually void of personality.  Decked out in whites and creams, they are essentially blank slates for you to design and work with. Linens are the best way to swiftly add a bit of personality in such a space. However, some looks go out of fashion quickly. Check out these five essential linen looks to get some longevity—without sacrificing style.

1.   Comfy and Stylish Throws

THRW_CHEV_CASCDorm rooms can sometimes be chilly, especially when they are located in older residence halls. There isn’t much you can do to warm up other than to bury yourself in the dorm bedding. But this is where comfortable, warm, and decorative throw blankets come in. College students love to drape these across desk chairs or to huddle in while sitting on their futons. In addition to warmth, they provide bright bursts of colors that can be applied almost anywhere.

The most popular type of throw blankets are made up of warmer or more luxurious material. For example, fleece is a widely beloved, durable choice for the winter, while super soft, faux fur looks particularly decorative. Either way, make your linen selection based on the overall look, theme, or style of your room to coordinate it.

2.   Mixed Match Luxury Towels

TOW_COT_LLCWho said towel sets have to come in just one color? College should be the time where you throw out tradition and create a multicolored palette all of your own. Go bold with vibrant pinks and greens for a summer and spring feel or sophisticated with black body towels and white or cream hand towels.

When selecting towels, also take into consideration the material and design of the product. While cheap towels are easy to find and great on the wallet, they wear out easily and take forever to dry. Instead, find alternative that are made from ultra-plush cotton guaranteed to last past one semester of use. And don’t forget to bring along extras in your storage! Running out of clean towels can be a huge hassle when you need them the most.

3.   Pop of Color, Quality Sheets

XLSH_GFDTucked under your quilts and comforters is your dorm sheet set. These linens can gracefully accent your comforter and pillows to add a touch of intrigue to your bed. For example, if you have a black-and-white top layer of blankets, bright purple sheets will add a fun touch of levity.

The quality of your sheets will ensure you stay comfortable all night (and year) long. The higher the thread count, the more luxurious your bedding will feel. 300-500 is highly recommended. An alternative is to buying jersey material sheet sets if you prefer a more soft and downy feel.

4.   Traditional and Masculine Flannel

COM_COT_CGNot all bedding sets have to be frilly or overly designed. One of the classic looks by college students is a traditional flannel look.  This is a particularly great idea for guys who want to stay away from monochromatic, as the flannel evokes a more rustic feel without much need to design around it. Popular color ideas include green with brown, red and blue, or navy with white.

When designing around flannel, keep your accents to a minimal. Stay within earth tones or a coordinating color. For example, when using hunter green and brown flannel, select throw blankets in neutral tones such as white or a cream.

5.   School Spirit Accents

THRO_SCHO_NCHOf course, a college dorm room would not be complete without paying homage to your university! Finding linens in school colors, featuring the college’s name, or displaying the school’s logo can be a great way to incorporate school spirit in a tiny dorm room space. It is your choice on whether you would like to go obvious (perhaps a throw pillow with the mascot emblazoned on the front) or are more into the subtle (striped toss blanket with your school’s primary colors).

Some linen trends fade and others stick around for long periods. However, what all college students want out of their essential linens are comfort, durability, and a bit of style. Selecting the look that matches your design choices and your lifestyle can bring a whole bunch of fun to your dorm room.

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