#Senioritis: How to End Your Last Semester on a High Point



Hey seniors: Are you counting down the weeks till graduation? We certainly are! With just about a month to go, there’s always the temptations to slack off, skip class, or avoid that huge pre-graduation to-do list. Don’t fall for it. While everything may be winding down, it’s time to ramp up and conquer your last semester. Here’s how to make it the best, most productive semester yet.

6 Ways to Beat Senioritis & Prepare to Transition into the “Real World”

1.   Update EVERYTHING

We’re talking social media profiles, resumes, email signatures, online portfolios, and more. With graduation in the bag, you’re absolutely encouraged to change your status from “college student” to “college graduate.” Doing an incognito search for your name can help you track down your profiles on sites you do not use frequently.


2.   Contact Your Network

If you haven’t landed the dream job yet, don’t fret. You’ve got time to go from graduated to hired. It’s said today that a majority of millennials find their jobs via networking. This doesn’t mean going to mixers or pro conferences (though it helps!). Instead, it could be sending your great-aunt Sally a graduation announcement or emailing your old internship director a copy of your updated resume. You never know who someone else may know!


3.   Ace Those Finals

We’ve talked a lot about your graduation status, but you may not make it there if you take the next few weeks off. If your grades are on the edge, you’ll need your A-game to pass through finals weeks, essays, group projects, and more. We recommend ordering yourself (or a senior friend) a finals exam care package full of enough sugar and healthy snacks to get you through.


4.   Prepare for the Big Day

Get out your calendars because graduation can be a super busy and stressful time. Be sure you’ve marked down any deadlines and add notes on what you may need. For example, graduation day will, most likely, require cap and gown AND a fresh new outfit or dress. Don’t forget about making reservations to celebrate. Places in college towns book fast. And for the day after, you’ll want to display your diplomas in a specially made, customized frame.


5.   Say Your Goodbyes

How could we forget that being a senior isn’t always happiness and excitement? Leaving behind four years of college can be scary, especially if you’ve made a great group of friends or are part of a community. Say your goodbyes with a senior send-off celebrating yours and other’s milestones. Reserve a table at your favorite restaurant, host a frugal party in your dorm, or take a day off (just one!) to head to the beach for a picnic. It’ll be a day you’ll never forget.


6.   Get Packing

You’ll still have to handle the whole move-out-of-the-dorms-or-apartment situation while managing everything above. Save yourself some time and start the planning now. Gather your family or support system so they know when you’ll need it. If you have the cash, consider hiring a moving company to do the lifting (and even packing). This is especially helpful if you’re not sure where you’ll end up post-graduation.

Seniors: Don’t Forget These 7 Things Before You Graduate!



We can’t believe it either, but May is a month away — which means the countdown to graduation has officially begun for seniors across the US! While we’re totally thrilled to walk across that stage with cap and gown on, there’s just so much we need to get done before we get that diploma. To keep you on track, here are the seven things you simply can’t forget to do before graduation day.


7 Things on your To-Do List Before May Graduation

1.   Prep for Finals

The last few months before graduation aren’t all sunshine and rainbows. There’s one big hurdle in your way: finals week. Luckily, there are ways to make it so much easier on your nerves and your stomach. Ordering a finals week care package for you, a friend, or your favorite senior can help ease the stress of those last-test jitters.

2.   Check-In With Your Advisor

Most colleges have some specific requirements when it comes to graduation. You may need to apply to be considered or have an advisor sign off on it. If you’re unsure what you need to do make it official (or you may be on the cusp of not completing a requirement for your program), the sooner you make a meeting with your advisor, the better off you will be.

3.   Order Your Required Graduation Gear

Caps and gowns are not something that just pop up the day of graduation! Be on the lookout for emails or mailers about how you will go about ordering your graduation regalia. If you’re part of any honor societies, you may have extra steps to get your tassels or pins. And finally, don’t forget to pick out your outfit for underneath. Since it’s a summer graduation, you will want something light and airy that will look great — even if it’s slightly wrinkled.

4.   RSVP to the Parties

From new alumni parties to your BFF’s family celebration, you’ll be rolling in invitations from all over. Don’t be rude and show up unexpected (or miss out on an awesome free event hosted by your college). Instead, RSVP early and keep your calendar updated with all the festivities.

5.   Update Your Resume

Speaking of “update,” have you checked on your resume yet? You can change that “anticipated graduation date” soon (if you haven’t already). As soon as you’ve gotten word you’ll be graduating, change that date and send out to your prospects. It’s never too early to get a jumpstart on the job search.

6.   Purchase Commencement Frames

Of course, you will want to show off your hard work when it’s all said and done. A graduation frame is an awesome gift to bring with you to your first apartment or a new office. Add a little personalization by picking a frame custom to your college.

7.   Send Out Thank You Cards

It’s an old-fashioned idea, but handwritten thank you cards make a huge impression on the important people in your life. Take a day and write out a heartfelt note to those who got you through the last four plus years. It may be your mom and dad or it may be your favorite professors. Either way, they shouldn’t be forgotten on this special day.

The Perks of May Graduation


Can you feel it in the air? Spring is finally here! The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and your classes are finally wrapping up. And if you’re a senior, you probably have only one thing on your mind: GRADUATION! Having a commencement celebration this time of year is the best. Graduating in May is, hands down, one of the best times to put on your cap and gown. With so many opportunities to celebrate with friends and family as well as work on your future, you’ll be spending your summer on a graduation high.



  1. The Weather

No list about May graduation could be complete without first mentioning the best perk of graduating at the end of Spring — the warm, beautiful weather! For most campuses, this means outdoor celebrations and ceremonies. Instead of being cooped up inside a gym or indoor stadium, you get the fresh air, warm breezes, and thousands of extra smiling faces to join you at your ceremony.



  1. The Style

If you haven’t already, it’s time to go shopping for your graduation outfit! In fact, you might want two — one for under your gown and another to change into if your family and friends are throwing you an additional party. You’ll want something light, breezy, and colorful. Unlike winter grads who may have to graduate in snow boots and parkas, spring grads have much more style options to work with!


  1. The Jobs

Outside the actual graduation part, you’re probably also focused on landing your first job. While it may be discouraging to know that you’re one of many, that numbers game can actually help you. Major employers – especially in the business world – purposefully wait to hire in the late Spring through early Fall in anticipation of bright, driven graduates (like yourself) coming into the job market.


  1. The Vacation

If you’re still soul searching about that first job or your future path, don’t stress! Because you are graduating in the summer, you may be able to take the next few months off as a “vacation” from school — and all that pressure. Use it to go see the world, volunteer in your community, or take on an internship (believe it or not, they do exist for graduates). You may never know what a little vacation can do or inspire you.

  1. The Parties

Ending the undergraduate stage of your life can be a mixed bag of emotions. Sure, you’re excited to have accomplished something so big and amazing, but leaving the comfort of campus can be downright depressing. This is especially true if you’re saying goodbye to your best friends and classmates. A party is the perfect way to cap off your college career, and there’s no better time to have one then in May when you can take it to the beach, make it a BBQ, or set up a fire pit. Grab your summer themed foods and drinks and your best friends and make it a night to remember forever!