How to Keep Your Room Summer-Y All Year Round


As the summer comes to a close and the cooler fall and winter months slowly creeping come in, it can be hard to hang onto those happy carefree summertime feelings. As the days get darker and colder, so can your spirits.

And, what’s the easiest way to keep yourself feeling bright and active as these hazy days drag on and on, you ask? By keeping your room the same way, of course. Here a few of our favorite ways to keep your room looking and feeling totally summer-y all year round.

TIP #1 – Lighting is Your New BFF

What’s the quickest way to make your room feel like you’re living the good summer life? Up your interior lighting game. Adding more or warmer lighting to your room can really open it up and give it that authentic summertime feel.

Rather than using that (horrible) overhead fluorescent lighting that your dorm more than likely has, look for a floor lamp or even a desk lamp that you can add to your room to warm it up a bit. After all, the brighter your room, the more inviting and open it seems.

TIP #2 – Go for the Brights

One of the quickest ways to add a little summer back to your room is by throwing in some bright, summery colors. Think about it – if your room is all hospital white and navy, you’re not going to be feeling too bright or happy. By dropping a few bright hints here and there, you can totally take your room (and style) up a notch.

Try adding in some vibrant blues, yellows, or oranges in various places and go from there. Little touches, such as a turquoise throw pillow or an electric blue desk lap, can really bring a little summery oomph back to your room. Just avoid overdoing it with the colors or you may start to feel a bit overwhelmed.

TIP #3 – Keep it Scent-Sual

Still not feeling the summertime vibes? Try adding some tasty summery smells to your room! Something as simple as a reed diffuser or a scented air spray in one of your favorite citrusy or tropical scents can really add some vibrancy back to your digs.

TIP #4 – Add a Little Pattern Play

If colors and lighting aren’t doing it for you, you can always add some cool summery patterns to your room to bring that carefree feeling back. Something as simple as adding a poster to your wall with a bold wave pattern or a playful black and white print on your bedding can really add some visual texture and vibe with the whole summertime feeling you’re working to create.

TIP #5 – Throw on Some Tunes

If you really want to liven up the mood, add in some music while you’re chilling in your room. Simply throwing on what you’d typically listen to in the summer can bring back those lifted feelings and have you kicking back. Just be sure to clear it with your roommate first – not everyone may be a fan of your – ahem – unique music tastes.

Remember, when you’re starting to feel the blues from the darker days and cooler temperatures, you can always turn your room into a summertime oasis. You can totally capture the carefree feelings of the summer all year long with the right lighting, bold colors and patterns, tropical scents, and the right tunes.

How to Add Splashes of Color to Your Bedding


dorm room styles with splashes of color

You don’t have to be an HGTV design star to transform your dorm room or bedroom. In fact, all it takes is a little creativity and a good eye for color — especially for accent colors. Accent colors are the shades that pop out against neutrals. They brighten the room and help tell a story. To help you get started with building an accent palette, we’ve compiled our favorite accent color combinations we know you’ll love.

OCM Pink and Black bedding set

Hot Pink and Black

Almost every girl we know has rocked this combination at least once in their life. It’s fun, it’s flirty, and it’s oh-so-easy to do. The trick to upgrading this look from your high school bedroom to adulthood is not going with any crazy pattern combinations. Toss out the zebra print and say goodbye to damask. Solid black with flashes of hot pink is the way to go.

Fire Engine Red and Cream

There’s something about red that reminds us of our favorite beach towel. It’s bright and bold, and it has that little bit of fun that makes it a great bet for your linens. We especially love it in stripes and chevrons. By not going with white as the base, it’s a tad more muted and perfect for a sunny day or a warm night.

OCM Blue and White bedding sets

Vintage Blue and White

Do you remember your grandmother’s teacups? More than likely, they use a shade of blue we could only call “vintage.” It’s a pale sky blue that makes us instantly relaxed. When used in throw pillows or a fluffy blanket, it’s practically inviting the best sleep ever.

Grassy Green and Beige

Get your nature on with grassy green that sings. Green’s not a color that you see around much, especially in the bedroom. But we promise this color is a hit. Go more emerald in accent pillows for a luxe look. Use it in pillowcases or flat sheets and feel like you’re sleeping in a fresh field.

Rose Gold and Pink

We can’t have a post on accent colors without mentioning at least one metallic. Rose gold is the hot color of the year. And outside of your iPhone, it can certainly work in your diva-style bedroom. Go glittery with sequins like in an oversized pillow or add it to a bedside lamp. You’ll feel instantly more luxurious for it.

Burnt Orange and Purple

We’ve never been to India, but this color scheme puts us there. The pop of orange on purple is unexpected, and it takes careful attention to the right shades to work. You’ll want orange in smaller items like vases or desk accessories. Add orange silk sheets or a deeper orange toss blanket. Against the purple, it will surely make a statement.

OCM White and Yellow bedding sets

Sunny Yellow and White

Who doesn’t want to wake up with a smile on their face? A bright yellow room does just that! We love it when white is the only other color present. Think minimal. Then, add yellow in the big pieces — like a funky chair, a set of picture frames, or a lighting feature. This is a look you’ll love.

So there you have it! A list of a few of our favorite looks this year. Do you have another combo that you are looking to pull off or a favorite one from our list? Let us know!

Turning Your Dorm Room into Your Home


Being far from home can be intimidating. This is especially true when you’ve moved into a tiny, unfamiliar dorm room with a stranger for a roommate. However, with a few simple ideas, you can turn your cinder block residence hall into a home away from home. These tips will help you get started on creating a personal space you’ll love coming back to.


1. Take a Tip from Decorating Pros

Don’t you love walking into a home room and feeling instantly relaxed and at peace? It’s such a great feeling — one you can recreate easily in just about any space. The trick is to focus on light and luxurious. White comforters, sheets, towels, or hanging robe can seem so expensive and spa-like, but they are a great way to make your place feel more restful.

2. Use Your Old Home as a Color Pallette

You may not always love your mom’s style choices, but home is inevitably where your heart is. Ask a parent or sibling to take a couple of photos of your favorite room in the house. Use that photo on color pallette websites. They will take out the most dominant colors in the image and give you a color snapshot of what works in your old home. Then, go shopping! Bring your home color palette to select items like beddings, wall decor, rugs, and throw pillows.

3. Bring in Pictures and Frames

No one has the same photos and memories as you. So if a framed poster or canvas print simply won’t do, add photos of you and your sister at the beach or a photo of your old soccer team in action. Use vintage frames in bright or white colors to give it a more antique feel. And don’t be afraid to add even more artifacts like medals from your last 5K race or a piece of sheet music from your band concert.

4. Add Personal Touches

Like photos, it’s the little things that bring the most warmth and joy to the room. Add similar touches like that inspirational wall hanging your dad has in his office or a lucky wooden horse shoe that matches the one in your old bedroom. If you want something more unique that still ties in the space, go more subtle with a jewelry organizer in the shape of deer antlers that hang in your family’s den or a canvas or framed print of your favorite vacation spot.

5. Get Comfy

Home is where you lay your head, and no one wants a space that is uncomfortable or feels uninviting. Layer your base of blankets and bed pillows with throws that have personality but also purpose. This season, we’re loving anything flannel. It’s perfect for the woodsy, Americana type. If your ideal home is more zen-like, go with ombre teal blankets or black and white pillows spaced on top of a shared futon.

6. Show It Off

You probably have a ton of memories of your mom or dad throwing parties for holidays or celebrations. Why not throw your own welcome home party in your dorm room? Have friends bring a dish and lay out throw pillows to sit on as you share a meal together. Make it a regular get together and you’ll find some pride in your space in no time.


And if your space is getting praise, why not win some cash from it?! Enter in OCM’s Dorm Goals contest by sharing a picture of your new home. The top dorm space will win $1,000 in tuition credit!


Transform Your Dorm Room into a Home


Going to college is a huge adventure on its own. You’re separated from your family and you’re being thrown into a whole new world with hundreds of new people. Now, some people find it really hard to leave their home and have a new life for a few years. If you are one of those people, you can actually do something about this sadness, and that something is adjusting your dorm room to fit you a little bit better. And even though you’re going to leave it eventually, you have to make it “bearable”. Here is how to do this.

Untitled design (6)

Personalize it

You will spend up to 3-4 years there, that means it should look a little cozier than a hospital room, right?



There’s nothing like photos of your beloved ones that bring character and the feeling of home into any space. You can purchase an acrylic desk topper and put all of your photos underneath that layer. Next time you look down at your desk, you will definitely smile, plus, it will be one-of-a-kind desk for sure.


No, they are not just for the preppy folks! If you have monogrammed pillowcases, notebooks, toiletry bags etc. in your dorm room, it will make the whole space feel more like it’s yours. It’s just that they add a special dose of familiarity, even in a brand new room.


Untitled design (7)

Yes, you’re an adult now. But come on, you definitely still keep that favorite Barbie doll, or that teddy bear you slept with somewhere in your home. If you haven’t brought your toys with you, contact your mom to send them to you, or pick them up when you go home for holidays, and place them on a shelf or wherever you held them when you were home. You won’t regret it.

Add some fun to it

If you really want to revive your dorm room, make sure that you throw in as many colors as possible. Even though you may be a minimalistic type, you have to go wild sometimes, right? I’m talking neon pillow cases, fire red blankets, ridiculous prints etc. Have fun while you’re young.

Refresh your space


The air in dorm rooms can be pretty smelly and stuffy, in other words – nothing like home. This is why you should invest in a commercial air purifier which will eliminate the dust, bacteria, smell of mold and smoke as well. Also, consider putting in some potted plants, or a plant terrarium in your dorm room as well.

Point out your creativity

If you have a hidden artist in you, bring them out and do some DIY projects.

Washi tape your posters

Untitled design (5)

If you are a fan of posters, there’s nothing cooler than framing them with washi tape. Just tape it around the outlines of your posters.

Masking Tape Deco

This colored paper tape is a perfect and also a cheap way to give some life to your dorm room. It’s also great because it’s easy to remove, so when you get bored of it, you can make something else. Get as many colors as you can and release your inner Picasso!

And let there be light!


You can use Christmas lights to make custom marquee signs, or some shapes – whatever you want.

Make it fluffy

It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl – fluffy things give the sense of comfort, which is exactly how home feels like.



Usually, the floors in dorm rooms are cold and really gross. The best way to fix this is definitely a rug. Not only it will make your room look much nicer, but it will also be a great soft place for your feet.


They add color, as well as warmth to your bed and there’s definitely no better feeling than jumping into an ocean of pillows after a long and hard day of lectures and studying.

Fuzzy blankets

Untitled design (8)

Another great addition to your bed are definitely fuzzy blankets, a bunch of them. They’re nice to look at and feel great when you snuggle up in them – since they can keep you warm like nothing else.

That would be it. How do you like these ideas? Are you going to use them? Let me know in the comments.

P.S. Have fun decorating!



#DORMGOALS 2016: The Best Dorms Out There



Here at OCM, we know a thing or two about dorm rooms. So when we put out a call to see what our fans and readers were doing to transform their dorms, we were blown away by what you sent in! The #dormgoals submissions that came in gave us loads of style inspiration.

But with a $500 first prize on the line and two $150 OCM gift card and care packages for our runners up, the competition was on. Our Facebook page fans chose, and we couldn’t agree more with these fashion-forward winners!


Runner Up #1

Name: Katy (Instagram)

College: California State University San Marcos

Major: Human Development

Describe Your Dorm Style in 3 Words: Cozy, Lofty + Minimalistic

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Your Room?: “My photos! I love how unique they are. Photos of friends from back home, adventures I’ve taken, or things I’m passionate about.”

What helped her win:

Soft and romantic, we absolutely love how snuggly and warm her bedding looks. She perfectly blends light colors with dark accents along with different textures in her throw blankets. We also love the hanging dream catchers juxtaposed over the DIY lighting headboard. Falling asleep there is literally a dream.

How you can create this look:

We call this the “hotel look.” Add a dark with a light in a minimalist pattern to keep things simple, and focus on comfort. The Total Transition Pak bedding in Deep Pink and Black Lattice is a great example of how to add a dark and light together. The black and white bedding with pink pillow and sheet accents livens the room up but also creates a calm, centering space to come home to.


Runner Up #2

Name: Ken’Nia

College: Southern Connecticut State University

Major: Nursing

Describe Your Dorm Style in 3 Words: Cute, Glamorous, Fun

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Your Room?: “My bedding.”

What helped her win:

Boho is IN! Her bedding is in the mandala style that everyone is looking for these days and the peachy orange is gorgeously fun. But what we especially love is how she continues the theme in her wall decor and pillows. Sassy, hippy-chic, and stylish? We’re loving this.

How you can create this look:

Did we mention that boho style is blowing up right now? OCM has loads of options for the the summer music festival fan or the yoga fanatic. For example, mandala tapestries in navy, orange, and red add a major focal point for over the desk or bed. Keep the colors going with this dream catcher inspirational poster to keep you motivated on difficult days.


Grand Prize Winner

Name: Joseph (Instagram)

College: San Jose State University

Major: Public Relations

Describe Your Dorm Style in 3 Words: Aesthetics, Peaceful, Pride

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Your Room?: “My favorite thing about my room happens to be my desk! I love having small little decorations on my desk that I get as gifts. It really helps make my room feel like home.”

What helped him win:

There is nothing more Americana than a frat-themed dorm room! Joseph’s room practically radiates pride for his organization, Gamma Epsilon, and his alma mater in every single nook and cranny. But this dedication doesn’t go overboard. He manages to balance it so that it looks tidy, professional, and adult while still having his personality shine through on his shelves.

How you can create this look:

Joseph is right — it’s all about the desk! He focuses in on small decor choices that do not look like much alone but add up when combined together. Metal signs, such as this ode to New York subway lines, are a great example of small, but memorable ways of bringing home to your work space. But don’t forget about your school pride! A vintage sports poster featuring your school of choice will give your dorm Joseph’s winning style.

#DormGoals – OCM’s Dorm Decorating Contest 2016


OCM dorm room contest

We’re excited to announce the launch our Dorm Goals challenge! After spending the summer shopping for your dorm decor, conquering a hectic move-in day, and getting into the swing of the semester, you are probably well on your way to settling into your new dorm. You likely put a lot of thought into how you wanted to decorate it — whether it’s shabby-chic, preppy, or has a beachy, west coast vibe. The sheer fact that you’re reading our blog shows that you find dorm style important! So now that you’ve achieved the dorm vibe you were going for, you deserve to show it off.

That’s why we set up our Dorm Goals 2016 Challenge. Post your stylish dorm room photo to social media, use #dormgoals and tag @OCMdotCOM, and fill out our form to submit your entry — it’s as simple as that.  Not only do you get to show off your interior design skills, but you have the chance to win some awesome prizes.

The Details

It’s simple to enter! First, fill out the form to let us know a little more about you. Then post your dorm room photo on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Don’t forget to tag @OCMdotCOM and use the #dormgoals hashtag. The contest will officially close on Friday, November 11, 2016.

At that point, we’ll share all of the photos entered in an album on the OCM Facebook Page. Users will have one week to ‘like’ their favorite dorm pic. The dorm photo with the most likes wins, and we’ll make the announcement on Friday, November 18, 2016!

What’s in it for me, you ask? One Grand Prize Winner will be awarded a $500 Visa Giftcard to spend however they please! Two Runner Ups will each receive a $150 Giftcard to the OCM store. This means they’ll get to add any finishing touches to their dorm rooms. Plus, each runner up will receive a novelty care package from our OCM, filled with plenty of goodies.

Who Should Enter?

All ladies and gents that are currently enrolled in a university in the United States and living in student housing are welcome to enter. Also, note that all photos must be your own and reflect the room you currently live in — we want to see your dorm decor skills.

Tips for Transforming Your Space into a Winning Dorm Room

Are you still working on your dorm room style? Don’t worry, with these tips we’ll get your room in #dormgoals shape before the close of the contest.


Sometimes, it’s hard to even know where to start with decorating when you have so many different items in such a small space. We believe that the focal point of most dorms is the bed, so we always recommend starting there. This is partly because it’s typically the largest thing in your dorm, and partly because it’s where you’ll spend so much time — from sleeping to studying and watching TV.

So if you chose the right bedding, everything else should fall into place. Whether you love ombre or if geometrics are more of your thing, the right bedding is so important to create the style and energy you’re looking for. However, if you’re stuck with the same bedding you used last year or decided to go the minimal route with neutrals, that doesn’t mean you can’t spice it up. Throw on a few colorful or textured throw pillows or blankets to take your bedding up a notch.

Finding Your Personal Aesthetic

Indie, boho, grunge, you name it. Your dorm room is a great way to express your personal style. However, sometimes that’s hard to identify. Maybe you have a lot of mismatched hand-me-downs or erred on the side of caution by buying all of your room supplies in the same neutral color. But neither of these situations are reasons not to own the dorm style you really want.

For any guys out there looking for a little guidance, check out our post on the 12 dorm essentials for guys. From basics like hampers to fun stuff like entertainment centers, there’s a lot to consider when putting together a cohesive, stylish dorm room that really is a reflection of your aesthetic. For the girls inspired by Mindy Kaling or wondering how to design a perfectly preppy dorm, we’ve also got you covered.

While we recommend using your bedding as a focal point, there’s one other way to really identify the style you want to go for. Look around your dorm and identify your favorite piece. Is it the acoustic guitar you were gifted at high school graduation? Or maybe it’s something as small as the stack of neon, fun-shaped post-it notes on your desk. If you use these items as your inspiration, you’ll know the direction you want to take your room — from indie to bright and loud.

Adding Simple Touches Can Make All The Difference

We know the struggle of the small dorm room, and sometimes it can feel very limiting when it comes to dorm decor. That’s why we love this small spaces video from Urban Outfitters. Dorm rooms are often so small that it’s almost a rite of passage to live in cramped quarters — but this video proves that if you go into it with a strategy, you can make even the smallest of spaces work!

Because you’re in cramped quarters, doesn’t mean that you can’t add simple decor touches. From lighting to wall art, you have tons of options to give your space that extra oomph it needs. We think lighting is great, because it can add intrigue and cancel out the often-dreary industrial lights most dorms have. Posters and other art are great touches because you can work with the vertical space in your room (i.e. your walls) to add flair. You can support artists by getting your art from Etsy, or DIY some vintage frames with a fresh, bright coat of spraypaint. At the end of the day, you’ll want to come home to a room that really meshes with you – so curate pieces thoughtfully and you’ll be sure to have a #dormgoals-worthy dorm in no time!

The Dorm Goals 2016 contest is now closed – thank you to everyone who entered! 

How to Design a Perfectly Preppy Dorm Room


Gibson Preppy Bedding for Dorms

A few years ago, the word “preppy” was totally out when it came to style and design. But now the clean-cut, ultra-smart look is coming back with an updated twist. Whether you’re a boy or girl — and whether you like plaid or polka-dots —  designing a dorm that fits the college prep style is easier than ever. These four ideas can get you started on the essentials for designing a perfectly preppy dorm room.

4 Ways to Design a Perfectly Preppy Dorm Room

1. Banish the Bland Bedding

While it may be easy for guys to just slap on a no-fuss comforter, the single-shade does nothing for the look of your room. Instead, upgrade to Gibson Plaid. You’ll get the easy going style you love and want but with pops of color (light blue, gray, or navy) that makes it look like you put the time and effort into designing something more complex.

Girls, take a cue from the guys. Bright pink or yellow comforters are great, but they only do so much. Liven it up with a fun, light feeling pattern such as a chevron or diamond. Prep is all about geometrics so feel free to accent with polkadots or stripes in coordinating sheets and pillowcases.

2. Pay Attention to the Walls

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when going preppy is going too simple. It’s deceptive, but preppy isn’t minimalist. In fact, it’s all about making design choices that all seem to fit with some coordinating element. That may be color, theme, pattern, etc.

When picking your wall designs, don’t just stick with your standard photo frames or movie poster. Go with items that emphasize your design. For example, if you’re a guy who is looking for a country prep look, hang your guitar (or a painted, stickered-up version) using no-screw hooks along with navy or dark wood framed music posters and record covers. Ladies can go with a sorority prep by hanging glittered sorority letters and pink and white photo frames in an infinity sign design.

3. Make It Comfy

Another huge design point to remember is that prep is supposed to be comfortable. Unlike more stylized versions of preppy, it isn’t supposed to be staunch or high collared. It’s supposed to be relaxed and, when it comes to dorms, that starts with your rugs. Rugs are must-haves in older, drafty dorms. By going with shag solid colors that match or emphasize the bedding, you can easily create a functional part of your dorm.

A second idea is to create a reading area that is the envy of all others. Preppy dorm seating includes navy, hunter green, or yellow bean bag chairs, throw blankets with flannel patterns, or folding lounge chairs. Add fairy hanging lights or create a canopy to make a DIY reading nook.

4. Go Vintage

If you’ve read the other points, you may have noticed a pattern in the decor choices. Almost all of them is based on a classic vintage look from the 1940s through the ‘70s. This means you cannot go wrong with a shop at your favorite antique shop or thrift store!

Items you should be looking out for include gold lamps (ones you can repaint or add a new lampshade to), interesting wall hangings (like funky clothes hooks), and organizational items such as metal pencil cases or leather bookbags. Don’t worry about condition. A fresh paint of vibrant or jewel toned paint can freshen it up and match your bedding or other items.

6 Reasons Why We Love Leilani


Leilani Bedding

Pretty much everybody would love to have the best-decorated dorm room in the residence hall. But when it comes to defining your college style, you shouldn’t let yourself be limited by a vibe or color scheme. That’s why we are totally digging OCM’s newest bedding pattern, Leilani. A mixture of masculine and feminine, it’s perfect for those stylish college students who want options. In fact, we love Leilani so much, we came up with 6 reasons why you will too!

Leilani Bedding Black

1.   Black and White are In

For the last few years, it’s been all about neon colors. We’re talking loud and bold. But for those who love more understated fashion, overwhelming, overly abundant colors are just not hitting the mark. Today, black and white are making a huge comeback, with the Leilani pattern leading the way. The intricate design of dark lines, triangles, and diamonds in black sets this apart, making black and white the new stand out colors for this year’s dorm room designs.

2.   Season-Proof Boho

While we totally love rocking our favorite boho looks all summer long at the beach and our favorite music festivals, that style grows old after fall sets in. Leilani is perfect for a change of pace. Its effortless chic with floaty designs incorporate some of what we love about boho, but the black and white versus tans and browns lets it go beyond the summer season and into the winter and fall. It’s a comforter and sheet set you’ll love year round.

3.   Color Coordinated

We’ve already talked about loving the black and white patterns, but when you purchase Leilani in one of OCM’s student starter paks, you’ll have options for coordinating color packages right away. Currently, you can match Leilani with sheets and towel sets in black, deep pink, grape purple, kiwi, and aqua. But why stop there? Leilani would stand out with just about any color such as a daring ruby red or a lighter and understated sky blue.

4.   Beach Themed Perfection

Matching Leilani with colors opens up your dorm room for so many theme options. But the one we love the most is the beach. Who doesn’t want to bring the ocean into their room? With Leilani and aqua sets, you can add white desk accents, tie-dye blue tapestries, tan shag rugs, and metallic colored wall art to give your dorm room the look of a beach towel laid out on the sand.

5.   Mixed and Matched

So maybe you’re not that fashionable or have a hard time picking out which patterns go with what. Don’t worry because it’s really not as easy as style guides make it sound. But with Leilani, you don’t have to worry about texture and color schemes. It’s already there inside the bag giving you the appearance that you got this whole effortless chicness down to an art.

6.   Easily Accented

White lamps, bright curtains, funky wall designs — it all looks great with Leilani! We especially love white, thick framed photos, vintage art deco lighting, tan or burlap message pin boards, and daring throw pillows or blankets. The sky is the limit with what you can match up with your Leilani room. And that’s the best part! The point of Leilani is to experiment and have fun while creating a space that’s totally yours.

Leilani Bedding Aqua

How to Use the Kaleidoscope Aqua Pattern in Your Dorm

Kaleidoscope Aqua
Looking for a style that conveys cool while still being as unique and as fresh as possible? You’ll love OCM’s Kaleidoscope Aqua print. A steely blue color on a white base with a mandala-esque pattern, you’ll absolutely love how versatile this look can be. Ready to unleash the kaleidoscope on your bed or dorm room? Here’s our top tips on how to decorate and coordinate with our new favorite print.


How to Use the Kaleidoscope Aqua Pattern to Decorate Your Dorm Room


1. The Color Scheme

If you are big on keeping the colors all in line, the kaleidoscope gives you tons to work with. Of course, there’s the base color of aqua. Unlike the trend of going more green with the shade, this one is very squarely blue at heart. Think clear blue ocean with the sky’s reflection. The second base color is the more vibrant aquamarine that does cover the green scale. It’s also outlined in a deep navy for emphasis.
Picking any of these colors is a great starting point on coordinating the rest of your room. For example, go with the aqua for window dressings, table lamps, and poster colors. You can also mix it up with a variety of each for a more diverse, less-focused look.


2. Hippy-Chic

When we first saw this pattern, our minds instantly floated to the summer boho styles we are loving this year. Aqua and aquamarine are making huge comebacks, especially in boho jewelry. You can get equally as funky with your accents by going for items that speak to your laid-back vibes. We especially love motivational posters or throw pillows with beading and tassels.
You can also add ample pillow-style seating options to your room, such as bean bag chairs or even mats. The room’s natural, earth toned colors center the room and make it a space for thinking and dreaming. Creating an area, such as a reading nook out of hanging drapes, low lighting, and extra blankets can bring a little peace and tranquility into your life without sacrificing style.


3. A New Kind of Minimal

On the other hand, a bold pattern such as the kaleidoscope can also need pieces and accessories that detract rather than draw attention. With your bedding being the main focal piece here, go for white and other earth tone shades (such as lighter browns, tans, and creams). They will keep your guest’s eyes where they need to be.
We love the look of white furniture with the aqua. But if you’re not allowed to bring in your own pieces, go for white dry erase or memo boards, white area rugs, and white desk accessories. Tan window dressings and bath linens also coordinate well for a look that will having you saying “ahhh” whenever you walk through the door.


4. Sunny Accents

Finally, the kaleidoscope aqua should also give you courage to be a bit bold with your choices! A bright yellow, distressed gold, or even a glittering silver can all work when you consider your dorm room must-haves. You can DIY a side table using a lavender spray paint and bronze drawer pulls or choose a storage solution in a transparent rainbow color. It all works!
With the kaleidoscope aqua, you have the freedom to decorate and create a room that is totally an expression of your taste and style. Whether it be minimal or loud and proud, this is a look you won’t want to miss out on this fall.


The Most Common Items to Coordinate with Your Dorm Bedding

The Most Common Items to Coordinate with Your Dorm Bedding
When you’re planning out next year’s dorm room (or your first space away from your parents), it can be hard to think through all that you need. That’s why we recommend that you start with finding the perfect bedding. It’s your main focal point in a small space, and with most bedding choices featuring a bold color or pattern, you’ll want to be conscious of how you mix and match the rest of your decor with it. That’s why we came up with a must-have list of all the most common items you’ll need to coordinate with your bedding. Shopping has never been this easy!

10 Most Common Items to Coordinate with Your Dorm Bedding

1. Rug

Outside your bedding, your floor is the next major space you can spruce up. Having a rug on a cement floor is not only important for keeping your space warm and cozy, but also for showing off your design talents. We recommend going with a vice versa policy when matching with bedding. When your bedding is bright or dark, pair with a neutral colored rug; if it’s solid, find a rug with a pattern.

2. Window Coverings

Then there are windows. They can make a huge difference in how your look comes together. You may want to consider buying two different versions depending on your needs. For example, while we love the look of an ethereal, translucent white window drape on almost every dorm design, you may want to consider a solid colored light blocking version if you’re more concerned about sleep style.

3. Towels and Linens

Do towels and linens have to match your bedding? Oh no! But if you plan on having them out on display (for example on a towel rack), you may want to consider keeping it all in the same color scheme. Don’t forget to buy multiples though — you’ll need an extra set every once in a while.

4. Lighting

There are so many options when it comes to lighting up your dorm room. We love simplicity, such as lighting that clips onto the side of the bed or desk. These little lights are a perfect extension to your bedding style, so be sure to pick one that compliments your bed design.

5. Desk Supplies

We’re not for matching everything, but you can keep a look flowing with little elements, such as floral bedding accentuated by a floral patterned pin board above your desk, or a few supplies holders in red or pink. It’s a simple way of tying it all together without going too overboard.

6. Pillows and Throws

You’ll almost certainly have guests over at some point. But where will they sit? Extra seating made by a few throw pillows for the floor, a dorm-sized sofa, or a throw blanket to curl up under can extend your sitting space from the bed to wherever needed. That’s why we pick pillows and throws that compliment a style or theme, such as Southwestern inspired pillows with Southwestern inspired bedding.

7. Clocks and Wall Hangings

Finally, when space is limited (like it always is in a dorm or small apartment), you must look up, over and around for ideas. Wall art can be anything from Art Deco clocks, horseshoes from home, or a favorite movie poster print. Get creative in how you display your items, such as hanging pictures above your favorite bedding on a clothes wire or creating a canopy of funky fabrics from your ceiling.