Radiant Orchid – Color of 2014



It’s 2014, also known as the year of Radiant Orchid!  Or at least it is according to Pantone which has recently revealed this purple-pink color as their color for 2014.  Never heard of Pantone color of the year?  Well Pantone Inc., which is considered the “authority on color” has been selecting one lucky color every year that soon tends to appear everywhere from fashion, to household items, to even automobiles.  From celebrities on the red carpet and models on the runway, to paint swatches in your local hardware store, this color is everywhere.  You know the mint and emerald green that has been seen everywhere this past year? Well that is thanks to Pantones Color of the Year 2013, Emerald.

How does the color make the cut?

So how does one decide what color everyone will be wearing or what color will be the most popular decorative pillow color for this year?  A super-secret meeting in Europe of course!  No really, that is how they decide.  First they interview top designers, and professionals in every type of industry.  Then based on their feedback Pantone meets in a capital in Europe that changes every year and pick the color.  They decide this an entire year in advance so even though they’ve introduce Radiant Orchid recently, they’re already deciding what you will be wearing next year.

Color swatches

Get your hands on Radiant Orchid!

There are plenty of ways to start sporting this color.  Beginning in 2012 Sephora has been creating Sephora Pantone Universe Collection starting in 2012 with the Tangerine Tango color.  The makeup line makes this color wearable for eyes, to nails and everywhere in between and it’s the perfect accessory to any look especially in the coming summer months.  This color also can be used to add that perfect pop of color to any wall or sofa.  Adding it to any room will give the room an inviting and embracing appeal and the perfect girlish touch.  If you want to add some flare to your morning brew, Keurig has now added this color coffee maker to their lineup.

Keep your eyes peeled through the coming months and you’ll see just how prevalent this color will be!


Need some ideas how to dress up your room with Radiant Orchid for 2014?  Here are some perfect decorative pillows and wall art that feature this color!

Radiant Orchid Peacock Pillow         Radiant Orchid Floral Wall Art       Radiant Orchid Owl Pillow

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Announcing the New 2014 Spring Linen Collection


With every new season comes trends, color and an opportunity to refresh your space and wardrobe. At OCM, our main goal is to provide families with all of the dorm livin’ essentials they need to make their home away from home as comfortable as possible. With that being said, we’re keen on staying in-trend, bringing onboard only the finest of prints, colors and fabrics to turn your residence hall into your canvas. From floor to walls, we’re always working on keeping your space as modern and cozy as possible. You saw last year’s roundup of bright neons, a wide selection of wall canvases and art, the coziest of carpets to keep things comfortable and your favorite Value Paks in a multitude of colors and prints. Now, we’re pleased (and super excited) to bring you this year’s preview of the 2014 lineup. Inspired by your feedback from previous years and a lot of stalking of celebrity style, we’re confident you’ll fall in love with this year’s new line just as fast as we did.

1) First up to bat, the perfect print for someone who loves to match patterns and really make a statement: Blue Lennox (even the name sounds awesome, amiright?)

Blue Lennox - OCM.com

Blue Lennox – OCM.com

Take it from Halle Berry… blue chevron looks amazing both in your closet and on your bed. The mix and match of patterns in this set creates depth and personality while the vibrant blue hues cool your space and add a vibe of freshness. Pair it with your favorite navy accessories and don’t be afraid to accessorize with beachy decor.

2) Guys, this next one has you written all over it. Robert Pattinson rocks the grey and black color palette that adds just the perfect pinch of suave sophistication to your room. The Black Easton Stripe print sets the tone for laid back style. Available in separate pieces or in a Value Pak bundle, this set is ready to order and ship to your new man-cave on campus.


The best part about this set is you can pair it with any color you want or mix and match with your wall art and canvases. A black rhino trunk goes with just about every room and is 100% a college student’s rite of passage. Use it as a storage unit, bedside table, extra seat and more; it’s up to you. Girls, you can even rock this print too – just pair it with a bright neon colored sheet set and your favorite accessories. It’s your canvas, get creative!

3) Grape Melange: right in season and always on trend.


Angie Harmon looks adorable in this radiant purple peplum dress. The Y shape stitching and detailing on this dress adds the perfect touch of style without overdoing it. The Grape Melange room reciprocates this, adding comfort and on-trend style to your room, apartment or residence hall. Radiant orchid hues are going to be making a big splash this summer on the red carpet and in home decorating – get above the curve!

4) Black white and chic: Black Lennox


We don’t even need to get into how perfect Selena Gomez always looks. She kills the black, white and red look in this shoot for Glamour magazine and we love her dress made from clashing patterns! The Black Lennox print is stylish, timeless and overall glamorous when tied together with the perfect red accents. Pair it with one of our red Majestic Home Goods seating solutions to add style and functionality all at once! Just like the Blue Lennox print, this mix and match of chevron and diamond patterns gives you a little taste of everything all in one adorable solution. Guys, this one’s not just for girls! Pair it with your favorite City Prints wall decor and add a grey, black or red rhino trunk to tie it all together.

5) Maison Leaf Print:


Blake Lively shows us that even the most floral of accents can look amazing when paired with the right accessories. Her blue floral bodycon dress is perfect with her subtle makeup and pop of a bright pink lip. Not to mention, the simplicity of her hair and jewelry puts the focal point right on her outfit. Love her look? Steal it with the Maison Leaf print available for the 2014 season. The simplicity of the complimentary toned leaves add a dainty and floraly feel without overwhelming the room. The cool blue hues pair perfectly with a dark floor covering or white shaggy carpet. Pair this one with your favorite beachy wall canvases and any rustic wood compliments you have laying around (like the owl touches shown here). And of course, don’t forget to add a trunk to store all of your valuables when not in use. Love this print? So do we!

6) Victorian Damask and Kiwi:


Not an oldie, but still a goodie. Kate Beckinsale steps out in a lime green pinch-waist dress that accentuates her accessories with the contrast of the bright neon hue. Steal her style and make your space exciting and inviting with the Victorian Damask set and a pop of your favorite color sheet. Play it up for the Spring and Summer with a bright blue, purple or green sheet set and tone it down in the winter by changing the sheets out for a dark red, purple or deep pink. Don’t forget to switch up your accessories to keep things fun and interesting! And if you’re wondering, yes that white shag rug is glorious on your feet stumbling out of bed for 8 am classes!

Looking for more fabulous looks and new items added to OCM for Spring 2014? Head here and browse for everything you need (or want) for back to school season!

Image Credits:

Selena Gomez, Kate Beckinsale, Blake Lively, Rob. Pattinson, Halle Berry, Angie Harmon.


Emerald to Kiwi: Trends are ‘Going Green’


Green showcases yellow’s sunniness and thoughtfulness with blue’s cool mellowness to create green, the soothing color we associate with nature, vitality and friendliness. This hue has been receiving recognition in recent years with specific shades like emerald and mint being trumpeted as hottest trends. If worn properly, it can add a refreshing touch to your look; if you find the right shade, it can actually detract from your overall appearance. Keep reading for practical tips!

Find the right green for your skin

Because green has both warm and cool undertones, almost anyone can pull off a shade of green. The trick is to find the right tint specifically for you. While this may come down to trial and error, be aware that most people look better in tones that lean towards blue rather than yellow. The latter runs the risk of making the wearer come across as jaundice and is often associated with illness.

Use it to spice up your features

Green eye shadow will make brown irises pop and, when mixed with warm metallic, will bring out the flecks of gold in green eyes. While floral crowns or green hair pins will look lovely in blond and brunette tresses, redheads will dazzle when they contrast their warmly colored curls against emerald accents. Of course, green can add a fun dash of color to any outfit with a green nail art.

Have fun with accessories


greentrends3Whether it is with pumps, statement-making necklaces, purses or belts, green can be both elegant and playful. For a feminine daytime look, pair it with blues, lilacs and off-whites. For a sharp nighttime attire, contrast it with blacks, corals and plums. Softer versions can be stylishly featured alongside silver, while gold will add attractive warmth to deeply rich shades.

Go for the unexpected

You can absolutely wear a green shirt, but why not be attention-grabbing by featuring it in somewhat unique ways? A green blazer will add an uplifting touch to a professional look; green skirts paired with a naturally colored blouse is a lesser seen look; or couple it with a bold pattern like leopard or zebra.

Bring green from the closet to the dorm room

Shop the look: www.ocm.com

Shop the look: www.ocm.com

Green will look equally appealingly in your dorm room as it will on you. OCM has plenty of dorm bedding options that incorporate green detailing, as well as floor area rugs that offer variations in tints and interesting patterns. Because of its naturally pleasing, relaxing nature, you can use it in large quantities without overpowering the senses, and it will pacify your nerves before stressful happenings like tests, interviews or more.

Image Credit: Polyvore

Accessories Image: www.LadyofStyle.com

Collage: www.ocm.com

Theme Your Room, Series 1: Great Gatsby


GB Inspiration Board

If you haven’t thought about adding a little Great Gatsby inspiration to your dorm room, it’s time to join the party and embrace this hot aesthetic! The novel is set in New York City during a time of opulence and roaring jazz; rich hues like gold, purple navy and jade will emanate old fashioned glamor, while bold patterns will capture the “big personality”of the era. Many narrative highlights of the tale take place in Jay Gatsby’s out-of-this-world parties, so pay homage to the nighttime and its infinite possibilities with this moon wall clock or a glitzy poster of the New York Skyline. However, your walls aren’t the only way you can honor this great American story. Accent pieces like our dorm room decorative pillows are an easy way to add art deco designs to your environment. Reflective materials from silk to brass will further spruce up your dorm room and can be featured in a variety of different ways, from your curtains to the knick knacks on your desk.

Get the look with our Gatsby-inspired products so you can start living the extravagant life of luxury, without the extravagant price tags.


Wait, This Is MY Room?


College is an exciting experience that opens your mind and views to a lot of different things. You have a chance to start fresh and be whoever you want to be. In some cases, students go off to college and come back with new mindsets, style, etc. This isn’t a bad thing, it just means that you’ve experienced more in your life and have lived on your own away from home.

You may have met new friends that changed your way of thinking or your personality. You also may have gotten into a new style of clothing or dyed your hair. This is all normal and part of finding out who you are and who you want to be while away at school.

When you come back home to live for the summer, you may walk in to your old room with an eery feeling. Was this really you who painted the walls pepto-bismol pink and pasted the ponies all over it? What’s up with that old pillowcase and de-fuzzed fleece throw? It may be time for a tune-up to match the new you. If you feel like a stranger in your own room, that may be because what you like has changed – even if it’s just temporarily.

If you want to make your room more ‘you’ when you come home to live for the summer, here’s a few ways to spruce up your space to make it more up to date.

1) Move your furniture around – If you’re on a budget and don’t feel like buying new items for your room, moving your furniture around is a great alternate choice. Maybe the stuff you have in your room is already great, you just need a little change. Try moving your bed to an opposite wall (ask someone for help – don’t hurt yourself!) and move your TV to a different location. Maybe add a few updated pictures to your frames – a fresh you needs a fresh start!

2) Arts & Crafts = Win – No matter how old I get, I will always have at least one hand-painted and generously sprinkled sparkle frame in my room somewhere. Sure, buying stuff for your room is convenient and great, but there’s nothing like a personalized, homemade touch to brighten up your home! I used the square mountable shelves found at Target and placed them on my wall, leveled off. I then went to Michael’s (you can go to any craft store) and picked up two very basic, unfinished photo frames. I just used my favorite wood-durable paints and painted them bright colors. Then, I topped them off with sparkly sticker letters and other items to match what the photo was about. They may be a little cheesy- but I wouldn’t trade them in for anything. They make great gifts, too!

3) Re-purposing-There’s 10,000.5 tutorials on Pinterest now a days with excellent ideas on how to use old, broken items and turn them into functional and amazing decor. If you’re trying to create an edgy yet modern approach, head to your nearest thrift store or garage sale and find an old vintage mirror. Cover the glass with plastic and tape off the edges with painter’s tape. Then you can either give the mirror’s outer edges a rustic, worn appeal with sand paper and stain, or spray paint the entire outside with neon spray paint! For a nifty headboard, try taking some old shutters (you can find these at any junk-yard, just be careful when searching) and sanding them down. Paint a few coats of stain on them and let them dry. Then you can hang them up either vertically or horizontally behind your bed as a rustic and modern headboard. Old lamps, stained dressers, etc – the list goes on! And they’re fun to do, too. Just make sure that you’re in a well ventilated area so you can get some fresh air.

Have any other ideas on how to spruce up an old room? Share your budget friendly tips!

Image from here. Check out her awesome rustic headboard tutorial!