Theme Your Room, Series 1: Great Gatsby


GB Inspiration Board

If you haven’t thought about adding a little Great Gatsby inspiration to your dorm room, it’s time to join the party and embrace this hot aesthetic! The novel is set in New York City during a time of opulence and roaring jazz; rich hues like gold, purple navy and jade will emanate old fashioned glamor, while bold patterns will capture the “big personality”of the era. Many narrative highlights of the tale take place in Jay Gatsby’s out-of-this-world parties, so pay homage to the nighttime and its infinite possibilities with this moon wall clock or a glitzy poster of the New York Skyline. However, your walls aren’t the only way you can honor this great American story. Accent pieces like our dorm room decorative pillows are an easy way to add art deco designs to your environment. Reflective materials from silk to brass will further spruce up your dorm room and can be featured in a variety of different ways, from your curtains to the knick knacks on your desk.

Get the look with our Gatsby-inspired products so you can start living the extravagant life of luxury, without the extravagant price tags.