Dorm Poster Picks for Incoming Freshmen


Let’s face it — your future dorm room isn’t going to be that dream paradise the day you move in. The truth is that most dorm rooms don’t come decked out like those cool design sites. Usually designed with function over appearance in mind, you’re going to have your work cut out for you in terms of designing a bedroom and workspace that fits your personality and style. Luckily, OCM offers plenty of options for posters and wall décor that will work well with just about any theme or dorm room. It’s hard to pick, but here’s our top 3 dorm poster ideas for freshman.




  1. World Map Scratch Map Poster

You’re a traveler at heart, and you plan on spending the next four years taking advantage of what your campus has to offer through international study abroads and maybe even going on solo trips to explore the world around you. That’s awesome! Plus, you may be too much of a wanderer to be confined to a dorm room, but you can always show off your adventurous spirit with a poster perfect for the backpacker or jet-setter.


The World Map Scratch Map poster is more than just a map — it’s interactive! Once you cross a destination off your to-see list, head over to your map and use a coin to literally cross off your conquest. The more places you visit, the faster you’ll see your map transform from a singular color to a full-color map. It’s not just motivating; it’s a piece of art you can truly say you created!

  1. Superhero Distressed Retro Vintage Tin Signs

If loving superheroes is wrong, then we don’t want to be right! With all these awesome superhero reboots in the works, it’s hard not to be nostalgic for our favorite comic book stars and movie legends. That’s why when we saw the Distressed Retro Vintage Tin Signs for Thor and Green Lantern, we knew we had to have them!


There’s a few reasons why we love this style in particular. First of all, superheroes look great on anybody’s dorm wall. The bright and bold colors make it great to accessorize with, and with so many awesome superhero themed DIY’s out there, you can’t go wrong. And finally, the distressed vintage look is still winning us over by being a trend that transcends the years. Putting it in tin gives it an extra flair.


  1. Motivational Posters

We’re so over those cheesy posters you probably saw a ton while you were in high school. You know the ones — they say something short and to the point like “Get the Job Done” and feature a picture of a pretty blue sky. Pass. If we’re going to have a poster motivate us, we want one that actually talks about our life like it is.


That’s why we want a poster like the Live Your Life version. Not only is it really well designed with super modern typography, it also speaks to us. It reminds us that life isn’t just one motivational quote — it’s a whole lot more than that! It’s remembering to smile or enjoy the little things to appreciate the bigger ones. This poster also complements another favorite, the Be Awesome poster, which together can add a pop of color to the walls while still inspiring. With these posters, we’re ready to conquer the world!


DIY Postcard Display for Dorm Rooms


Those of you that read my last post will know that I brought back many different things from my trip abroad. Because we would travel for fairly long periods at a time, it was really hard to bring back things that weren’t flat and didn’t take up much space in my bag.

With that in mind, I brought back a handful of postcards from places because they are flat and you don’t have to worry about them breaking. I don’t know if I can technically call this post a DIY because I didn’t really do much myself, but, we can definitely file this under room decor ideas!

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 10.04.53 PM

I have all these beautiful post cards and I don’t know what to do with them….I took a trip to Target, the first time I’ve been since coming home, and as always it proved to be a magical place. While there I happened to find floating glass frames, and I really liked them so I figured I could buy a couple. They were also under $5 a piece and you can’t beat that price.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 10.05.08 PM

Turns out, they were the perfect type of frame to put my postcards in to display. Though they are floating glass and my postcards are different shapes and sizes, they still fit! The only problem I had was the frames themselves were black. I don’t like black frames at all, I prefer white.

This is where the ‘DIY’ part comes in. Because I didn’t like the black, I went out and bought some white spray paint and went ahead and spray painted. I’ll admit my spray painting ability is not up to par, but they still turned out pretty good, and I can always retouch them if they get chipped.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 10.05.20 PM

The spray paint was only a couple bucks from the local home improvement store, and really you can pick any color you like. That’s the beautiful thing about DIY, if you don’t like a particular element about a piece you can always change it to better suit your style. I like white frames so I chose white.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 10.06.04 PM

All I did was spray the frames on both sides and let them dry overnight. Then popped them back on and I was in business. Overall I’m pretty happy with the way they turned out. I’m just glad I found a great way to showcase some more things from my travels in a simple, yet elegant way. I can’t wait to get these up on my walls.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 10.06.26 PM

And for more on my travels check out my personal blog, Just Meesh.


Summer DIY Decor Ideas to Bring to College


Who needs shopping trips for room décor when creating your own stylish, functional pieces are all the rage? With so much time left for projects big and small, summer is the perfect time to tackle some fun and fabulous do-it-yourself crafts. You can even bring these creations to your new dorm room in the fall! Get out your decoupage glue, mix up some paint colors, and stock up on glue guns! Here are our favorite summer DIY projects for any room:

Inspirational Quotes Canvas Wall Art


Get a motivational boost by making sure your wall speaks to you. Quotable wall art doesn’t have to be cheesy or cheap looking.  Instead, take your favorite saying and personalize it with just a few, simple steps. If you’re not feeling so inspired to do this DIY project yourself, we have a number of stylish wall art options!

What You Need:

  • Canvas
  • Stick on letters
  • Ruler
  • At least two acrylic paint colors that are complementary or decoupage glue and paper

How to Make:

  1. Paint your canvas a base color. This color will be your letter base. Do not be afraid to use multiple colors or to decoupage design paper to the canvas instead of paint.
  2. Place letter stickers on the canvas using a ruler to ensure the letters are straight and aligned.
  3. Paint or decoupage the second layer over the letters.
  4. Remove the stickers to reveal your message.
  5. Hang on the wall for inspiration anytime!

Repurposed Lamp and Shade


Repurposing old furniture and room décor is a great way to add flair to any space. Fortunately, these DIY projects do not have to be costly or take too much time. Revamping a simple lamp shade is a unique idea that will not break the bank or require more than a few supplies.

What You Need:

  • Old or cheap lamp and shade
  • Bottle of spray paint and spray paint supplies
  • Paper or fabric for the shade
  • Decoupage glue

How to Make:

  1. Remove the light bulb and shade from the lamp and clean the lamp base to remove dirt, dust, and grime.
  2. Spray paint the base several layers of your favorite color. Add a finish or special design touch.
  3. Cover the lampshade by decoupaging fabric or paper on the lampshade.
  4. Light it up!

Mason Jar Accessories Organizers


Mason jars are the quintessential modern DIY component. Made famous by Pinterest, these multifunctional glass jars are used in shabby chic designs. Perfect for holding accessories like hairpins, sunglasses, makeup brushes, and q-tips, recreate this project in a few easy steps.

What You Need:

  • Four (or more) larger sized mason jars with lids
  • Plumbers hose clamps that fit around mouth of jars and matching screws
  • Repurposed piece of wood with paint and paint supplies
  • Drill

How to Make:

  1. Paint or stain the wood to your desired color and allow to dry.
  2. Use the holes on the plumbers hose clamps to mark on the wood where you plan on placing the jars. Be sure to place the holes high enough so that the jars are fully backed by the wood.
  3. Drill a hole and screw in the plumbers clamps.
  4. Insert the mason jars in the clamps, securing around the mouth. Tighten to secure.
  5. Add accessories and lids
  6. Hang on a wall using picture backing, additional screws, or strong clips.
  7. Happy organizing!

What are some fun DIY projects you can bring to college? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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DIY Dorm Decor Part 2


There’s probably no need to tell you that your college dorm room is the perfect place to display your personality and creativity.  While we all know funds are limited during this point in life, that still doesn’t mean you can create a domain that looks straight out of your favorite magazine.  Since shopping at big name home furnishing retailers is a limited luxury, this means you have to get a little crafty with your décor. With a little bit of ingenuity and artistic flair, you can let your imagination run wild with some of the suggestions outlined below!

Make sure you check out our first DIY Dorm Décor article!


Tape Picture Frames

Since most dorm buildings do not allow you to hammer nails in the wall, you need to get a little resourceful with hanging materials.  One idea we love is to use duck tape as your picture frames.  Choose either a silver gold, or patterned duct tape; make one-inch strips; and border them around your favorite pictures or posters.  An easy, fun, and cheap way to give your wall hangings some extra flair!



Most dorm beds do not have a bed frame with a headboard.  So, why not use it as an opportunity to create your own?  Since the average headboard can run you upwards of $100, we suggest using a drape hung behind the bed to give the illusion of one.  Choose a drape that is on the sheer side so that you can hang tree lights behind them to give a whimsical, chic, and lively look. Don’t forget to coordinate it with your college bedding and decorative dorm pillows, or else the entire aesthetic may visually clash.


Lamp Shade

Lamps are great pieces to DIY.  Of course, the easiest way is to swap out the shade for a more glamorous option, but we like to take it one step further.  A girly and fashionable way to give your lighting fixture a DIY makeover is to add some ruffles or gems to the shade.  Not only will this give off a cool color when the beams shine through, but it makes a great statement piece for your desk or night stand.


Jewelry Hanger

Since there is limited storage space in your dorm when it comes to your storing your prized possessions, a great option is to showcase them on your walls as add decoration.  A perfect example is a jewelry hanger.  There are many ways that you can accomplish this project, on being with a corkboard! Use tacks to hang your favorite necklaces, earrings, and bracelets against a cork


The best way to put a personal stamp on your dorm is by hanging your and your roommate’s initials on the wall! Much like on a theater marquee, your initials let everyone know just what kind of stars live in your room.  Get the look by using an exact-o knife to cut out your first name initials out of a piece of cardboard.  Then—the fun part—use glitter, newspaper, a map or ribbon to decorate your letter.

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