Tips for Decorating & Organizing the Bathroom of Your Shared Suite


Tips for decorating bathroom

One of the best features of newer residence halls is a shared suite with bathroom. Instead of roughing it by sharing a bathroom with tons of other college students, you get the privacy and comfort of having your own space. While that seems amazing, it does come with a few downsides, especially in having to share the cleaning duties with your roommates or organizing all your bath supplies in a smaller area. That’s where we come in! With these 6 tips for decorating and organizing the bathroom of your shared suite, you can live it up in your new spa-like bath!

6 Tips for Decorating and Organizing the Bathroom of Your Shared Suite

1. Divide the Clutter

Whether you have 4 roommates or 10, a shared bathroom can become a mess real quick unless you come up with a quick and easy organizational system that works for everyone. One of our favorite ideas is purchasing an inexpensive storage organizer that has enough drawers for each person. Clearly label the drawer and allow each roommate a space to store whatever they may need — makeup, towels, hair supplies, and more. That way there is never an argument over the clutter.

2. Stockpile Smartly

The other challenge with shared bathrooms is most likely having to purchase your own bathroom supplies, including toiletries and cleaning items. Like your makeup and towels, all that can add up, especially if you buy in bulk. Instead of just keeping it in an unsightly and unsanitary pile, consider purchasing removable wall shelves that can keep rolls of toilet paper and cleaning kits out of sight. Shelves are also great for helping you know much of your supply is left so everyone is accountable for keeping the stock going. If installing shelves are out, purchase a door organizer with holders wide enough for toilet paper, shampoo, cleaning spray, and more. It’s inexpensive and adds loads of storage for your bathroom.

3. Buy Extras

Here’s a personal tip you must abide by: buy extra linens. But we’re not just talking about towels. Buying an additional shower curtain, shower rug, hand towels, and cleaning towels can ensure that when these things wear out (which they will do much quicker when shared frequently), you won’t have to make an emergency run to the store for replacements.

4. Bright Accents for Dingy Spaces

When it comes to decorating, keep the condition of your space in mind when deciding on accents or towel color schemes. While dark bathrooms may be in fashion, that looks works when there is natural light or a brighter tile. But dorm rooms are almost always on the more dungeon-esque side. Add a touch of color and happiness with yellow plastic flowers in clear jars, burnt red towels, or a rainbow colored shower curtain.

5. Water Colors

If your roommates are totally indecisive on color schemes, go with what works. Water filled rooms deserve water themed bathrooms. It’s crowd pleasing, gender neutral and low-frill. Turquoise is huge this year and can be combined with just about any counter style such as gold art deco lotion dispensers or funky motivational posters in white frames.

6. Keep it Simple

Having a bathroom to call your own is so adult and being able to decorate it is even better. However, when you’ve got roommates to please, sometimes it’s best to just keep it simple. Go low-key designs and functional uses over high fashion or strange concepts. Make sure it’s also durable as things easily break when many hands and feet use it. Focus on expanding organizing with individual peel-and-stick hooks for hand towels inside the shower and over the door organizers for robes and extra supplies. You’ll be more appreciative of simple when you’re living it!

Dorm Room Decorating – Creating a Balance Between Budget & Style


Dorm Room Decorating

Dorm Room Decorating – Creating a Balance Between Budget & Style

Making the transition from your bedroom to your dorm room is a big deal. That’s why it’s important to pick out a style that you like at an affordable price. No one knows more about this topic than College Dorm Designer Stephanie McDade. Stephanie made an appearance on Lifetime TV’s The Balancing Act, where she shared helpful tips about shopping for dorm room necessities.

This video is also shared in the OCM Press Room, a new feature found on our websitere you’ll find the latest news, videos and press releases that help convey what our brand is all about.

Black Hampton Plaid

Bedding in Black Hampton Plaid with Silver Armored Trunk

Leilani Kiwi

Leilani Comforter with Kiwi Sheet Set and Shag Carpet

A Home Away from Home

An integral part of college life, residence halls are where students spend a great deal of their time studying, socializing, and relaxing. Dorms are like a second home for students and should be decorated as such. Whether you’re an incoming freshman or transfer student, it’s crucial that you pick the right bedding, trunk, accessories, and whatever else you may need to create a comfortable living environment.

Sheet Set

Assorted Sheet Sets

The Centerpiece

In every dorm you will find a plain mattress. With bedding from OCM, you can turn that plain mattress into a comfortable and stylish bed. Every year, Stephanie works with designers from New York to come up with the latest and greatest trends, such as the kaleidoscope pattern. Printed on soft, channel stitched comforters, these patterns will make the centerpiece of your room pop! Add in a few accent pillows and a throw blanket for extra comfort and style!


Assorted Rhino, Armored and Cube Storage Trunks


As you know, staying organized is a constant battle. That’s why we offer a number of products to keep your dorm clutter-free. Stephanie mentions one of these products, but let’s take closer look. The storage chest, more commonly known as a storage trunk, is a great place to keep shoes and other items out of the way. Plus, it doubles as a table! A flat surface is a valuable piece of real-estate in the close quarters of a dorm.

The storage chest is just one of the many dorm room organization products we offer. Take for example our line of storage bins or our under the bed collection. We also have desk organizers and closet storage products. All of these products will keep you organized and allow you to make the most of your space!

Wardrobe Trunk

Armored Urban Wardrobe Storage Trunk


So you’ve made the big transition from your bedroom to your dorm room, but you still feel like something’s missing. Adding a personal touch to your dorm will make you feel right at home. At OCM, we have a huge collection of wall art that varies from original posters to beautifully designed tapestries. If you’re looking to add something functional, check out our accent rugs and pillows! As Stephanie pointed out, a soft rug on a wooden floor makes all the difference on those brisk mornings!

Value Pak

OCM Value Pak

Shopping Made Simple

With so many great products and designs, it may be hard to pick out each item individually. Stephanie has a quick fix for that: Value Paks. Simply put, a Value Pak is a product bundle that saves you money and time otherwise spent coordinating separates, while meeting your dorm room needs. These Paks range in size and price, but consistently provide students with quality bedding, towels, and other bath and personal supplies. With over 50 style combinations to choose from, you are sure to find a Value Pak that works for you!

ON_Campus_257411_01_2016_#17346 PROOF ONLY

Catalina Coral Sheet Set and Kaleidoscope Comforter

Find a Balance

Whether you’re looking to deck out your room or go with a basic look, it’s all about finding a balance between style and price. At OCM, you can mix and match products or keep things simple by choosing from one of our Value Paks.  With so many great styles and affordable products, you’ll be able to find what you need!

Why “Cameron Burgundy” is the Perfect Dorm Pattern for Guys


Cameron Burgundy

Finding the right look for a men’s dorm room is not very easy. For some, minimal lines and patterns are best. For others, design, feel, and theme are all important aspects of creating the vibe they want. That’s where OCM can help! Cameron burgundy, one of our popular lines of dorm bedding, is designed for the guy who wants it all — minimal yet stylish. Here’s why guys agree that the Cameron Burgundy print is the perfect dorm room pattern.

Why Cameron Burgundy is the Perfect Dorm Pattern for Guys

Burgundy Red Has Never Looked Cooler

We have no idea why, but when it comes to a man’s color palettes, it’s often neglecting red. Maybe because girls love it for nail polish and lipstick or because it bucks the trend of blues and greens, but red is certainly coming back huge in men’s fashion, including bedding.
We love red because it’s a color that is strong and masculine. It makes us think of the banners ancient royalty carried around and a darker version of the red carpet our favorite movie stars walk on. It’s even popping up on runways as an accent color in trousers and fitted blazers. And because of all that, burgundy remains the easiest way to draw attention to your room in an easy, ultra-cool, and thoughtful way.

Neat and Clean Design

Guys have always been big on keeping it simple, and the Cameron pattern follows suit. With intersecting lines similar to plaid and tartan patterns, the comforter draws in base colors of white and brown in a way that is similar to your favorite shirt. The sheets and pillowcase keep it light and airy to contrast with the red by moving the burgundy to the thin, geometric lines on a white background.
With those coordinating earth tones in mind, you can complete your bedding set without much effort. The OCM complete set already does the work for you by selecting high quality chocolate brown bath linens along with a light tan cotton blanket for warmer months. It creates a woodsy look with a higher impact and a potential to go from summer to winter without changing anything over.

Add Your Own Touches

On the flip side, some guys want to customize and expand upon the basic look to create their own personal design. The Cameron Burgundy gives them the option to go with a variety of modern and classic themes. Of course, we already mentioned that woodsy design. Resembling flannel, the outdoors lover will dig dressing up his room with vintage lanterns and chocolate and tan rugs and throw pillows.
Guys who like what’s in along with a having a great sense of humor will take the more man-ish aspects of the prints and really go for it. Mustache accent pillows, old school boxing posters from the 1920s and ‘30s, storage trunks with travel bumper stickers, and wooden picture frames painted red are just a few started ideas. With Cameron Burgundy as your pattern, your options are about as endless as they get!


Dorm Room Lighting Options You’re Guaranteed to Love


Dorm Room Lighting

Is there anything worse than living with ugly, unflattering, migraine-inducing industrial lighting in your dorm room? While we love living in residence halls, it’s the one thing we cannot stand. Luckily, there are tons of lighting options that will bring back a calm, homey feel to your space without costing a fortune or requiring an electrician to do the work. These are just 8 dorm lighting options you’re guaranteed to love.

8 Dorm Lighting Options You’re Guaranteed to Love

1. DIY Canopy Lighting

One of our favorite lighting trends in the past few years is the DIY canopy featuring string lighting. Simply hang the string lighting in diagonal lines over your bed, and then cover with lightweight fabric (like materials made of muslin) that lets the light shines through. It’s romantic and dreamy but still leaves enough light for late night reading.

2. Feminine Fairy Lights

Speaking of dreamy: fairy lights are always popular with dorm rooms. These are those twinkling strands of lights you see during the holidays, but you can jazz them up to make them all-seasons. For one, use clothespins to hang photos from them, use fabric scraps to decorate them like a long wreath, or purchase a set with accents like jewels and butterflies.

3. Rope Lighting Writing

Want to really wow your guests? Use rope lighting to spell out words, initials, or even your sorority letters on a main wall. It takes a little creativity and some patience, but it’s such a huge focal point that really lights everything up.

4. Marquee Signs

If you’re not patient enough to DIY your writing, spend a little bit more and purchase large sized marquee letters and then hang throughout your rooms. Many are battery operated so they take up less outlets, and you can get them in a variety of phrases, letters, or symbols. We love the ampersand for shared dorm rooms!

5. Clip-On Lamps

The clip-on lamp is a must-pack item when you move in this year. It’s classic, simple, and won’t keep your roommate up. And if nothing else, it will keep you from having to turn on the lights to find your missing phone or safely get down your bed’s ladder.

6. Paper Ball Lanterns

Paper ball lanterns are super-cheap, but they are also super-stylish! Grab a ton of them in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and colors and bunch together in the center of the room for a chandelier look or hang over your bed for a more personal feel. To add lighting, use string lights or Edison lights (the larger-bulb varieties), and space the lanterns out so that they cover a bulb.

7. Art Deco Desk Uplighting

The number one desk trend this year is the art deco look. We’re talking golds and bronze with clean white and tan shades. Add geometric lines and decorations to the lamp and you’ve got lighting that is both functional and a work of art.

8. Color Changing Light Strips

Techies will absolutely love light strips that can be placed almost anywhere in a dorm. Stick them under your desk and bed, inside a shelf, or above a window. Then, set them at different colors or program them to switch throughout the night. Some of the more advanced ones even sync to your music! It’s like having a lighting show in your own bedroom.


How to Use the Kaleidoscope Aqua Pattern in Your Dorm

Kaleidoscope Aqua
Looking for a style that conveys cool while still being as unique and as fresh as possible? You’ll love OCM’s Kaleidoscope Aqua print. A steely blue color on a white base with a mandala-esque pattern, you’ll absolutely love how versatile this look can be. Ready to unleash the kaleidoscope on your bed or dorm room? Here’s our top tips on how to decorate and coordinate with our new favorite print.


How to Use the Kaleidoscope Aqua Pattern to Decorate Your Dorm Room


1. The Color Scheme

If you are big on keeping the colors all in line, the kaleidoscope gives you tons to work with. Of course, there’s the base color of aqua. Unlike the trend of going more green with the shade, this one is very squarely blue at heart. Think clear blue ocean with the sky’s reflection. The second base color is the more vibrant aquamarine that does cover the green scale. It’s also outlined in a deep navy for emphasis.
Picking any of these colors is a great starting point on coordinating the rest of your room. For example, go with the aqua for window dressings, table lamps, and poster colors. You can also mix it up with a variety of each for a more diverse, less-focused look.


2. Hippy-Chic

When we first saw this pattern, our minds instantly floated to the summer boho styles we are loving this year. Aqua and aquamarine are making huge comebacks, especially in boho jewelry. You can get equally as funky with your accents by going for items that speak to your laid-back vibes. We especially love motivational posters or throw pillows with beading and tassels.
You can also add ample pillow-style seating options to your room, such as bean bag chairs or even mats. The room’s natural, earth toned colors center the room and make it a space for thinking and dreaming. Creating an area, such as a reading nook out of hanging drapes, low lighting, and extra blankets can bring a little peace and tranquility into your life without sacrificing style.


3. A New Kind of Minimal

On the other hand, a bold pattern such as the kaleidoscope can also need pieces and accessories that detract rather than draw attention. With your bedding being the main focal piece here, go for white and other earth tone shades (such as lighter browns, tans, and creams). They will keep your guest’s eyes where they need to be.
We love the look of white furniture with the aqua. But if you’re not allowed to bring in your own pieces, go for white dry erase or memo boards, white area rugs, and white desk accessories. Tan window dressings and bath linens also coordinate well for a look that will having you saying “ahhh” whenever you walk through the door.


4. Sunny Accents

Finally, the kaleidoscope aqua should also give you courage to be a bit bold with your choices! A bright yellow, distressed gold, or even a glittering silver can all work when you consider your dorm room must-haves. You can DIY a side table using a lavender spray paint and bronze drawer pulls or choose a storage solution in a transparent rainbow color. It all works!
With the kaleidoscope aqua, you have the freedom to decorate and create a room that is totally an expression of your taste and style. Whether it be minimal or loud and proud, this is a look you won’t want to miss out on this fall.


The Most Common Items to Coordinate with Your Dorm Bedding

The Most Common Items to Coordinate with Your Dorm Bedding
When you’re planning out next year’s dorm room (or your first space away from your parents), it can be hard to think through all that you need. That’s why we recommend that you start with finding the perfect bedding. It’s your main focal point in a small space, and with most bedding choices featuring a bold color or pattern, you’ll want to be conscious of how you mix and match the rest of your decor with it. That’s why we came up with a must-have list of all the most common items you’ll need to coordinate with your bedding. Shopping has never been this easy!

10 Most Common Items to Coordinate with Your Dorm Bedding

1. Rug

Outside your bedding, your floor is the next major space you can spruce up. Having a rug on a cement floor is not only important for keeping your space warm and cozy, but also for showing off your design talents. We recommend going with a vice versa policy when matching with bedding. When your bedding is bright or dark, pair with a neutral colored rug; if it’s solid, find a rug with a pattern.

2. Window Coverings

Then there are windows. They can make a huge difference in how your look comes together. You may want to consider buying two different versions depending on your needs. For example, while we love the look of an ethereal, translucent white window drape on almost every dorm design, you may want to consider a solid colored light blocking version if you’re more concerned about sleep style.

3. Towels and Linens

Do towels and linens have to match your bedding? Oh no! But if you plan on having them out on display (for example on a towel rack), you may want to consider keeping it all in the same color scheme. Don’t forget to buy multiples though — you’ll need an extra set every once in a while.

4. Lighting

There are so many options when it comes to lighting up your dorm room. We love simplicity, such as lighting that clips onto the side of the bed or desk. These little lights are a perfect extension to your bedding style, so be sure to pick one that compliments your bed design.

5. Desk Supplies

We’re not for matching everything, but you can keep a look flowing with little elements, such as floral bedding accentuated by a floral patterned pin board above your desk, or a few supplies holders in red or pink. It’s a simple way of tying it all together without going too overboard.

6. Pillows and Throws

You’ll almost certainly have guests over at some point. But where will they sit? Extra seating made by a few throw pillows for the floor, a dorm-sized sofa, or a throw blanket to curl up under can extend your sitting space from the bed to wherever needed. That’s why we pick pillows and throws that compliment a style or theme, such as Southwestern inspired pillows with Southwestern inspired bedding.

7. Clocks and Wall Hangings

Finally, when space is limited (like it always is in a dorm or small apartment), you must look up, over and around for ideas. Wall art can be anything from Art Deco clocks, horseshoes from home, or a favorite movie poster print. Get creative in how you display your items, such as hanging pictures above your favorite bedding on a clothes wire or creating a canopy of funky fabrics from your ceiling.

Dorm Accessories to Pair with “Catalina Coral” Pattern


Catalina Coral

The “it” color of 2016 is coral. It’s bright and fun but still an earth-tone at heart. We especially love it when it’s in the Catalina mandala pattern found in our popular bedding paks. If you’re digging this boho style, we’ve got plenty ideas on what to match it up with. Here are our 7 favorite accessories to pair with Catalina Coral!

1. Shag Rugs

Coral pink-orange isn’t the first color you might think of when you picture the ‘60s and ‘70s, but when put in the mandala theme, you’ve got an updated look perfect for dorm rooms. Why not pair it with another throwback favorite, the shag rug? It’s an added texture that, when done in a subtle color like white or tan, adds a new focal piece to the room.

2. Nautical Touches

Coral wouldn’t be coral without the sea-themed name. And while we usually think nautical in blue, white, and red, you can still add your love of the beach with sand jars, bookends shaped as starfish, and wall decor that looks like it came straight from the boat.

3. Funky Accent Pillows

The mandala is already funky so why not take it over the top? Looking at the mandala pattern, you can see a ton of colors to work with including navy, teal, yellow, and orange. Scatter pillows in various patterns within this color scheme around your room to highlight your more adventurous design side.

4. Blue and Brown Wall Art

We love how navy looks when it’s paired with dainty coral. Create your own inspirational posters or prints of nautical images with navy and white. Add it to a brown, old school style frame and you’ve got a look that is straight out of a magazine.

5. Vintage or Upcycled Mirrors

Keep the “old school” theme going with vintage mirrors. You can DIY this by reusing an unused frame (or one found at a garage sale). Spray paint it in the colors we’ve already mentioned and then add a mirror to complete. Multiple mirrors around the room brighten the space up so don’t hold back on just one!

6. Gold Desk Supplies

It seems like coral should clash with gold and mandala patterns. However, the sophisticated jewel tone actually blends in well with the softened look. We recommend an art deco style gold lamp with a white lampshade or gold-toned supply holders. You can make your own by using a glass or a jar, taping a pattern, and then spray painting it in gold.

7. Neutral and Modern Pairings

If you’re not a fan of bold and loud, Catalina Coral is still for you! The trick is to pair it with neutrals instead of bold tones. Go for linen curtains or white accent furniture. Add in touches of gray, such as in your storage solutions (under the bed, hanging in your closet, or even in crates). Simple items like cream colored hand towels or a clean and crisp white board all make the room feel bigger, brighter, and more centered. Who would have known you could do so much with the Catalina Coral pattern!

To shop for twin XL bedding supplies in Catalina Coral and other brand new patterns exclusive to OCM, visit our website!

6 Ways to Coordinate Your Suite with Your Suitemates


coordinate suite with suitemates

Getting the perfect dorm suite style down isn’t always as easy as it looks. There are tons of options, logistics, and organization issues to think through. But a bigger roadblock may be the people who are living with you. Coordinating styles or themes with people you may or may not know may take a bit of legwork and patience. However, by following these few tips, you can have a dorm suite that works for everyone.

1.   Brainstorm in Advance

If you are an incoming freshman, one of the most important letters you’ll get from your housing office will be your roommate assignments. Living with a stranger can be a mixture of scary and exciting, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating!

If you get the contact info for your new roommates, don’t be afraid to find them on social media or send a quick intro email. From there, start to discuss ideas for the room. Though you have all summer to shop, the earlier you begin to brainstorm about colors, DIY projects, wall décor, and other features for the room, the more time you’ll have to coordinate.

2.   Go Online

For roommates living miles, states, or even oceans apart, technology and online shopping make it easy to build wish and shopping lists perfect for collaboration. There are even design software programs out there that let you try on colors, artwork, and furniture design schemes.

If you and your new roommate would like to split who is buying what (so you don’t both show up with two huge TVs or mini fridges), then assigning who brings what is the most fair way to do it. Items you should consider divvying up include an area rug, television, seating, refrigerator, cookware, full-room lighting, etc. Basically, anything that can or will be shared should be purchased evenly.

3.   Shop at the Same Store

If you’re looking to build a fashionable, coordinating style, consider shopping at the same store. Many dorm residents come to their move-in day with just the essentials (bedding, bath, and clothing). This gives them plenty of time and opportunity to shop around with their new roommate instead of relying on guesswork on what the other will like.

If it’s not possible to shop at the same store together, stick to online shops like OCM where so many items are already coordinated. For example, purchase a kit that has every essential you can think of, like our bedding value paks that can include everything from comforters to storage trunks. Your roommate can pick a similar kit that pairs well with the style of your selection!

4.   Allow for Some Flexibility

Going to college means you’ll meet many people with diverse backgrounds and interests that differ from your own. This includes potentially not being able to afford some of the items on your dream suite list. If your roommate isn’t able to pick up the tab or wants to stick with their more homey items, don’t be bummed or frustrated. Instead, be flexible.

A roommate who wants to use an old quilt from home may get a kick out of doing a vintage, rustic theme. For someone with a hand-me-down lamp, suggest going to the hardware store and picking up a fun color of paint for a DIY upcycle. And never turn down the opportunity to hang pictures and nicknacks throughout your suite — they are an important reminder of who you are and where you come from.

With a little flexibility, technology, and organization, you can create a suite that fits everyone’s styles and needs!

5 Tips on Saving Space in Your Dorm Room


Oh, dorm rooms, we have a love-hate relationship with you. On one hand, we’re super excited to get to live on campus, make new and likely lifelong friends, and have a place to call our own. On the other hand, we’d do anything to blow out a wall and double the size of that space.


Dorm rooms are often so small that it’s almost a rite of passage to live in cramped quarters. But these 5 tips on saving space almost instantly make your dorm room feel much bigger and less cluttered through creative organizing.



  1. Cut Back on Off-Season Gear

One of the biggest mistakes freshman and new dorm-dwellers make is over packing for their first move-in day. Sure, you want to have every creature comfort you can think of. But ask yourself, do you really need that winter parka and heavy scarf in southern California? If you plan on traveling back home at least once per year, try this trick: Bring with you all of your past season clothes, shoes, and accessories. Then, when you’re ready to go back home, empty your suitcase and re-fill it with the next season’s items .You’ll save on closet and shoe space while also only having the items you really need.

  1. Take It Under the Bed

If you’re searching for an inconspicuous and often forgotten storage area, all you need to do is look down! The space under your bed can be the best place to store things. While you can probably fit a suitcase underneath your mattress, you might want to consider lofting your bed high enough so that you can add extra cabinets using storage cubes and containers. If you can’t loft, don’t worry. There are plenty of thin storage systems, like our Oversized Underbed Organizer, which are designed to fit neatly under a low bed.


Our Underbed Storage units work perfectly to keep clutter at a minimum.

  1. DIY Your Paper Clutter

We love personalizing a dorm space using favorite pictures, concert tickets, posters, and artwork. But those important or stylish pieces of paper can sure add up fast and end up everywhere (or, worse, ruined). A creative way to organize without the hassle of framing is to create a photo display similar to a clothes line. Hang a sturdy string or wire or two the length of your wall and then use painted clothespins to attach the photo of you and your BFF or your first college paper. Best part is that when you get tired of one thing, you can easily take it down and replace it with a new favorite!

  1. Stack and Stack

We’ve already talked about getting under the bed, but what about above it? Stacking is just part of dorm life, especially when square footage is at a premium. Lofting your bed is just one of the ways you can add extra sitting areas or floor space to your dorm. You can also try stacking storage cubes and organizers or place lighter items on top of sturdy pieces such as a refrigerator. The less on the floor, the better the space looks!

  1. Build Secret Compartments

You don’t have to be James Bond or a villain with a fake bookshelf to hide items you don’t want to be seen! There are tons of great DIY projects out there that transform storage items, such as our Rhino Armor Trunk, into fashionable seating areas or bedside tables. And with hanging a Delux Bedside Caddy that tucks under your bedding, you can be sure that you’ll never lose your phone charger or have people staring at your bedtime items while visiting.


Form and function unite for a practical way to store your stuff

Take the time to use some of these tips for your dorm. No matter if you’ve got close quarters, or space to really spread out, anyone can use more space for their belonging.


Dorm Poster Picks for Incoming Freshmen


Let’s face it — your future dorm room isn’t going to be that dream paradise the day you move in. The truth is that most dorm rooms don’t come decked out like those cool design sites. Usually designed with function over appearance in mind, you’re going to have your work cut out for you in terms of designing a bedroom and workspace that fits your personality and style. Luckily, OCM offers plenty of options for posters and wall décor that will work well with just about any theme or dorm room. It’s hard to pick, but here’s our top 3 dorm poster ideas for freshman.




  1. World Map Scratch Map Poster

You’re a traveler at heart, and you plan on spending the next four years taking advantage of what your campus has to offer through international study abroads and maybe even going on solo trips to explore the world around you. That’s awesome! Plus, you may be too much of a wanderer to be confined to a dorm room, but you can always show off your adventurous spirit with a poster perfect for the backpacker or jet-setter.


The World Map Scratch Map poster is more than just a map — it’s interactive! Once you cross a destination off your to-see list, head over to your map and use a coin to literally cross off your conquest. The more places you visit, the faster you’ll see your map transform from a singular color to a full-color map. It’s not just motivating; it’s a piece of art you can truly say you created!

  1. Superhero Distressed Retro Vintage Tin Signs

If loving superheroes is wrong, then we don’t want to be right! With all these awesome superhero reboots in the works, it’s hard not to be nostalgic for our favorite comic book stars and movie legends. That’s why when we saw the Distressed Retro Vintage Tin Signs for Thor and Green Lantern, we knew we had to have them!


There’s a few reasons why we love this style in particular. First of all, superheroes look great on anybody’s dorm wall. The bright and bold colors make it great to accessorize with, and with so many awesome superhero themed DIY’s out there, you can’t go wrong. And finally, the distressed vintage look is still winning us over by being a trend that transcends the years. Putting it in tin gives it an extra flair.


  1. Motivational Posters

We’re so over those cheesy posters you probably saw a ton while you were in high school. You know the ones — they say something short and to the point like “Get the Job Done” and feature a picture of a pretty blue sky. Pass. If we’re going to have a poster motivate us, we want one that actually talks about our life like it is.


That’s why we want a poster like the Live Your Life version. Not only is it really well designed with super modern typography, it also speaks to us. It reminds us that life isn’t just one motivational quote — it’s a whole lot more than that! It’s remembering to smile or enjoy the little things to appreciate the bigger ones. This poster also complements another favorite, the Be Awesome poster, which together can add a pop of color to the walls while still inspiring. With these posters, we’re ready to conquer the world!