#DORMGOALS 2016: The Best Dorms Out There



Here at OCM, we know a thing or two about dorm rooms. So when we put out a call to see what our fans and readers were doing to transform their dorms, we were blown away by what you sent in! The #dormgoals submissions that came in gave us loads of style inspiration.

But with a $500 first prize on the line and two $150 OCM gift card and care packages for our runners up, the competition was on. Our Facebook page fans chose, and we couldn’t agree more with these fashion-forward winners!


Runner Up #1

Name: Katy (Instagram)

College: California State University San Marcos

Major: Human Development

Describe Your Dorm Style in 3 Words: Cozy, Lofty + Minimalistic

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Your Room?: “My photos! I love how unique they are. Photos of friends from back home, adventures I’ve taken, or things I’m passionate about.”

What helped her win:

Soft and romantic, we absolutely love how snuggly and warm her bedding looks. She perfectly blends light colors with dark accents along with different textures in her throw blankets. We also love the hanging dream catchers juxtaposed over the DIY lighting headboard. Falling asleep there is literally a dream.

How you can create this look:

We call this the “hotel look.” Add a dark with a light in a minimalist pattern to keep things simple, and focus on comfort. The Total Transition Pak bedding in Deep Pink and Black Lattice is a great example of how to add a dark and light together. The black and white bedding with pink pillow and sheet accents livens the room up but also creates a calm, centering space to come home to.


Runner Up #2

Name: Ken’Nia

College: Southern Connecticut State University

Major: Nursing

Describe Your Dorm Style in 3 Words: Cute, Glamorous, Fun

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Your Room?: “My bedding.”

What helped her win:

Boho is IN! Her bedding is in the mandala style that everyone is looking for these days and the peachy orange is gorgeously fun. But what we especially love is how she continues the theme in her wall decor and pillows. Sassy, hippy-chic, and stylish? We’re loving this.

How you can create this look:

Did we mention that boho style is blowing up right now? OCM has loads of options for the the summer music festival fan or the yoga fanatic. For example, mandala tapestries in navy, orange, and red add a major focal point for over the desk or bed. Keep the colors going with this dream catcher inspirational poster to keep you motivated on difficult days.


Grand Prize Winner

Name: Joseph (Instagram)

College: San Jose State University

Major: Public Relations

Describe Your Dorm Style in 3 Words: Aesthetics, Peaceful, Pride

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Your Room?: “My favorite thing about my room happens to be my desk! I love having small little decorations on my desk that I get as gifts. It really helps make my room feel like home.”

What helped him win:

There is nothing more Americana than a frat-themed dorm room! Joseph’s room practically radiates pride for his organization, Gamma Epsilon, and his alma mater in every single nook and cranny. But this dedication doesn’t go overboard. He manages to balance it so that it looks tidy, professional, and adult while still having his personality shine through on his shelves.

How you can create this look:

Joseph is right — it’s all about the desk! He focuses in on small decor choices that do not look like much alone but add up when combined together. Metal signs, such as this ode to New York subway lines, are a great example of small, but memorable ways of bringing home to your work space. But don’t forget about your school pride! A vintage sports poster featuring your school of choice will give your dorm Joseph’s winning style.

15 Cozy Dorm Room Beds We’re Obsessed with


15 Cozy Dorm Room Bedding

When it comes to bedding style, one thing matters the most: comfort. But you don’t have to break the bank to get the fluffy pillows, relaxed colors, and luxurious textures of high-class bedding! Here are 15 ideas to get you that comfortable but cozy look of your dreams.

1. Extra Throw Pillows

This bed has amazing colors, but we’re especially drawn to the subtle, coordinated throw pillows that seem to scream, “LAY ON ME!”


2. Texture in White

White linens can make your bed look extra inviting. This bed sets off the plain color with a textured duvet cover, adding spark to its look.


3. Quilted Luxury

Winter bedding is all bout warmth — making quilted or knitted throw blankets a must. They’ll keep you toasty while making your bed look fantastic.


4. Lighting is Crucial

Create an inviting, homey space to relax in with string lighting! These bunk beds add some flair with some cloth draping.


5. Tapestries Are IN!

When paired with the right bed sheets or comforters, woven tapestries like this one can complete a space and give it that boho vibe we all love.


6. Amp Up the Mattress


Make sure your bed matches the feel it’s giving off by adding OCM’s top-rated Deluxe Gel Memory Foam Topper.


7. DIY Canopy

To steal this look, all you need are hooks that can go into the wall and a few yards of thin white fabric. Line up the hooks with the corners of the bed, then string the canopy fabric through. That’s instant luxury!


8. Go Dark

Add a bit of masculinity by switching out white for gray and black, like with OCM’s Gray Hampton Plaid set.


9. Create a Headboard

Start by measuring the front of your bed, then cut a piece of thin plywood in the shape you desire. Add padding and fabric with a staple gun, and attach with zip ties or hardware (if possible).


10. Go Natural

Image via Huffington Post

Place your bed so it gets ample exposure to open windows whenever possible. The closer you are to natural lighting, the better you’ll feel.


11. Reduce the Clutter

Image via Her Campus

Invest in storage solutions like bedside organizers to add space and keep your cozy feel going.


12. Loft It!

Keep your space your own and maximize privacy by lofting or bunking your bed.


13. Add Touches from Home

Image via Uncle Bob’s

Don’t be afraid to get personal with your bedding by bringing in something meaningful — your favorite pillow, your grandma’s quilt, or a stuffed animal.


14. Cover It Up

Bedskirts make your bed look more inviting and can hide ugly, cold floors. Coordinate with your cozy linens for a super-impressive look.


15. Snuggle Up

Not all bed linens are the same, especially when it comes to breathability. Instead of just jumping in, read up on warmth quality or lightness, and buy the right bedding for your sleep style.

Cardinal Rules for Dorm Decorating


Dorm Decorating Rules

When it comes to making your dorm room your new home, the best thing you can do is make it your own. By adding thoughtful, unique touches to your décor, you can create a space that is a welcoming reflection of who you are. Need a little help getting started? Here is a list of the top five cardinal rules for dorm decorating.

Monotone is Boring

When you walk into an empty dorm room, you’re probably surprised at how sterile it feels. All-white or all-cream walls with outdated tile floors and fake wood furniture make it that much worse. That’s why color is incredibly important when designing your dorm room aesthetic.

The bigger problem is using too much of one color to compensate. While you may have a favorite color that you love to work with, too much of a good thing looks just as boring as all-white. Instead, pick coordinating color schemes that play into the base. For example, add dark browns with hunter green base for a natural look. Mix pink in with purple for a stylish girly look. Combine red and black for a darker affair.

Don’t Neglect Your Windows

It can be easy to forget about your windows, especially since your college most likely provides you with some necessary cover. But like the white walls, your blinds are probably not the most attractive look you can imagine.

If your window allows, purchase a drape pole (or even use shower pole) that adjusts to the size of your window. Then, add fabric in a pop of color that ties you and your roommate’s looks together. If you’re stuck, you really can’t go wrong with a translucent white with a little bit of texture (such as lace). Add string lights and tie off using velcro and ribbon for a classic, homey feel.

Ugly Lighting Must Go

Today, fashionable dorm room décor involves starting with something a little bit fancier than the usual discount store lamps. Sure, you should have some essential bed lighting by your side for late night study session in bed, but that doesn’t mean all of your lighting has to look bland.

What we love is the vintage look. You can make any lamp look updated with a little spray paint. Take the ugliest lamp you can find and paint it a neon pink or scrub off ugly gold for a sleeker silver. Re-do the lampshade with decoupage glue and paper. When dove right, the sky’s the limit!

Focus in on Creating Space

It’s so easy to go overboard with your accessorizing. But let’s be honest — your dorm room isn’t the place for a ton of knickknacks and trophies from high school. Limit what you take when you first move in. You can always go back (or ship back) more.

Instead of loading your room up with all this needless stuff, look to create spaces your guests will love. Lay out rugs under a lofted bed and use giant throw pillows for floor seating. Use small folding leaf tables for dining and study areas. And add lighting or a change of color specific to the area to designate usage.

Don’t Forget About You

Cardinal rules are great and all, but there is something even more important when you design your room — putting a little you in it. If you’re a music major, add some framed sheet music to your wall. Love a sports team? Hang school pendants or scarves from the clubs you support. And if you’re missing home, you can turn your bedroom into an ode to your favorite city with posters and color schemes.


And don’t forget: if you’re in love with your dorm room design, OCM wants to see it! Read more about how you can win big with our #DormGoals decorating contest.

Move in Day Madness! 11 Things you need to bring to college


Dorm Room Packing

Congrats newest freshman! You made it to your first day of college! Welcome to move in day! This might have consisted of crying to your parents about how much you’re going to miss them, or spending 8 hours making your room just the way you want it. Well, I have a few tips on what things you won’t regret bringing from home. How do you envision your ideal dorm room for this upcoming fall? Christmas lights and tapestries hung up? Sofas and canvas wall hangings? Let’s take a look at what I used for my room and what things were really needed.

Dorm Room

My room at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut.

What important things to bring from home: 

1. Mini Fridge

  • Leftover pizza, midnight snacks and your daily dose of Arizona Iced Tea. Buying a fridge is the perfect idea for an on the go breakfast or keeping your water bottle cold. My roommate bought one before we moved in and it definitely was worth the money! Go out and buy yourself a mini fridge!

2. Dorm Space saver!

  • Even though you think you have enough space no matter how big your dorm is, you will not regret buying this! A Dorm Space Saver (be it a trunk or under the bed storage) will keep all of your personal belongings in an organized space.

3. iHome

  • Don’t forget about your alarm clock for those 8 am classes! It definitely helps me when I need to wake up early for those 9AMs. An iHome will become your best friend. It has a charger for your phone, AM/FM stations, Bluetooth and so much more.

4. Fan, Fan, Fan!

  • Depending on which school you go to, most freshman dorm rooms don’t supply air conditioning. Definitely bring those fans with you because it gets very hot! Large or small, it does not matter!

5. Trunk

  •  A trunk is another great way to store anything you don’t need immediate access to — think winter blankets or clothing that’s out of season. You can also use this as a way to liven up your space. Slap on a bunch of bumper stickers and band stickers for an indie look, or spray paint it in your favorite colors.

6.  Plastic Storage bins

  • For all of you who complain to your mom how you don’t have enough space around the room, buying these bins was worth every penny! I know that I couldn’t fit all my stuff in that small closet they give us so buying these bins made my life so much easier! It helped me organize them from underwear to sweaters I will not be using now, towels, sheets and gym clothes!

7. Command Hooks

  • The easiest, cheapest and best way to hang up your picture frames, tapestries and a DIY canvas. You can pretty much find these anywhere – and you’ll be glad you bought them. Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 2.39.08 PM

8. Hangers

  • For all of those clothes us ladies bring, you must must must bring over 50 hangers… I know it seems like a bit much but you will not regret it! I brought so many hangers and it kept my closet organized from dresses, pants, skirts and shorts.

9. Light Up Make Up Mirror

  • Do you really want to put on a full face of makeup on in the dark for an 8 am? Invest in a mirror with a light, specifically one that gifts off natural, daylight hues.

10. Coffee Machine

  • Espresso, chai teas and much more! Who doesn’t love their early morning coffee? I know I can’t live without my daily dose of tea!

11. Batteries

  • You might be thinking right now why would I need to bring a pack of batteries? When I say trust me, trust me because I needed so many batteries setting up my dorm room, for things like remotes and lights!

Top 5 Picks in Dorm Bedding for Guys


Dorm Bedding for Guys

When we think of guys’ dorm rooms, we usually think monochromatic, plain, and drab. It’s not that boys don’t want style and design, but it’s more that guys don’t have the choices girls do when picking out the most important part of their room — their dorm bedding. However, OCM is totally changing that by offering trendy and guy-approved bedding patterns. These top picks in dorm bedding for guys has something for everyone — from ultra modern to folksy Americana.

1. Black Easton

Black-and-white doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, with the right pattern, it can transform a blank canvas of a dorm room into a space full of easy and laid back style. Black Easton is the perfect pick for guys who like it sleek or who want to incorporate tons of color into other dorm decor. For example, if you love hanging records or tons of music and movie posters, Black Easton puts the focus on your walls instead of on your bed while complimenting artwork.

2. Red and Varsity Stripe

This year, the top looks for guys’ dorms is the vintage, rustic look. Red and Varsity Stripe bedding is perfect if you’re a southern boy at heart, a huge fan of country music, or just a guy who wants a bit of traditional color in his room. Accent it with dark wood pieces such as a hanging guitar or framed pictures of your friends and family. Add distressed storage units like an old trunk or suitcases for even easier style choices.

3. Hunter and Hampton Hunter

Hunter green and college dorm bedding goes together like peanut butter and jelly. The Hunter and Hampton Hunter bedding does a double take on this favorite color scheme. Using a design that resembles your favorite sleeping bag for camping, you’ll love how comfortable this bedding looks and feels. Plus, you can add in tons of clever outdoorsy touches to emphasize the theme. For example, use camping style lighting like an old lantern  for a look that impresses without trying too hard.

4. Gray Hampton Plaid

For modern minimalism, check out the Gray Hampton Plaid. You’ll get a plaid pattern that is uber popular with guys while the gray and black color pattern gives the bedding a glossy look without drawing too much attention. This bedding would also go great with an old-school gamer theme given the strong lines and geometric shapes. Add a pop of color in your choice of fleece or a throw blanket, such as a kiwi green or deep red to evoke the theme of Pac-Man or Space Invaders. Dress it up with hanging video game controllers and posters.

5. Light Blue and Gibson Plaid

We’ve talked a ton about black, gray, red, and green, but there is one color that still reigns supreme with boy’s bedding: classic blue. While dark navy has been winning as of late, we think it’s time to go to the light side with the Light Blue and Gibson Plaid design. It’s perfect for a laid back guy who prefers to spend his time lounging around at the beach or around the quad. Add tans and sand colors, such as a shag rug or draping, to complete a natural theme that goes from fall, to winter, and back to spring without much need to change it up.

How to Hang Wall Art in Your Dorm Room – Without Getting in Trouble!


hanging art on dorm walls

We all want the best-decorated dorm room in the building — which often means hanging posters and decor from the walls and ceiling. But this gets tricky when we need to follow strict rules on how and what we hang on our walls. Luckily, there are some easy ways to hang wall art in your dorm without getting in trouble. Here’s how to do it without costing a fortune or creating damage.

Learn the rules first!

Before you buy anything, wall art included, it’s important to read through your dorm room rules. While most will let you hang just about anything, others have restrictions for items made out of flammable cloth or even string lights that could start a fire. Heavy items, such as wood pieces, may be out as well as dorms try to keep you from nailing large holes into their walls.

Secondly, learn the rules on the use of hanging materials. Many hardware stores have practically invisible hangers that make as little as a pinpoint in walls, but even those can be a big no-no if the school has a strict no damage rule. And with some dorms doing inspections or being strict on returning security deposits, you’ll want to avoid the risk as much as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to just ask. RAs who live in the dorms must be versed in the rules, but they probably also have tips and tricks to share.

How to Hang Wall Art Without Damage

Mounting Putty

The quick way is to do it with mounting putty. The putty is meant to hang only light weight items such as unframed posters, maps, and pictures. But on the bright side, it is mess free and easy to remove. The only thing you should know before you go with putty is that it may cause damage to the actual wall art when you try to remove it. Only use it to hang items you’d be okay if it rips or that can be easily replaced. Also, do not hang on wood or uneven surfaces as it can be a pain to get out of the nooks and crannies.

Double Sided Tape

Like putty, double sided tape is perfect for lighter items that you won’t mind damaging during take down. What makes double sided tape a better option is that manufacturers have made it even stronger and more durable. For example, heavy duty tape can hold up roughly a pound for plastic framed items or message boards. Avoid hanging on wood or plaster as tape can sometimes take paint with it.

Hanging Strips and Hooks

One of the most popular ways to hang these days is the latest versions of hanging strips and hanging hooks. These were practically made with college students in mind with it’s easy to install directions, ability to take down with just a pull tab, and its durability. You can even buy heavy duty hooks for larger wall items such as decorated letters, wood pictures, or oversized clocks.

Press and Hook

If small holes are allowed, search your hardware or decor store for press and hook wire hangers. These kits don’t require any tools, can be removed quickly and efficiently, and create just the smallest hole in the wall. Just press into the drywall, hang, and you’re done. They are best for awkward sized or shaped items or for ceiling hangings. In fact, some of those hooks hold as much 150 pounds!

Dorm Room Finds for Those Who Love Geometrics


Geometric Maya Bedding


For the last couple of years, style has completely been dominated by mandalas, boho, and wavy loops and circles prints. While super cute and fun, for those of us who just want a little organization in our lives, seeing so many ‘nonconformity’ patterns can throw us off. Fans of geometric shapes and patterns, however, can rejoice because the age of the defined shape is back — especially in dorm room style. We picked out our top 4 dorm room finds for those who love geometrics to help you get started.

1.   Maya Bedding

Let’s talk about the most important place in your dorm room: your bed. If you want to create visual interest in the bedroom, it starts and ends here. This is where you can get funky and create a theme, a place where you can play around with your color and line palette. That’s why we dig this year’s Maya bedding line. It comes in either grape, black or gray versions to give you options, and is paired with all you need to make your bedding complete.

What we especially love is the design itself. The comforter features geometric patterns in alternating lines. And like the more funkier looks style guides are still crushing over, it’s not done in a rigid way. In fact, it’s almost boho without being too obscure. This is certainly a first impression-making bedding set that you won’t want to say no to.

2.   Art Deco Lamps

When we think of geometrics, we think of art deco. Art deco was a design style popular in the early 1910’s and ‘20s. It came back slightly in the ‘80s, refashioned in neon colors and leopard print textures. In both cases, the look centers around clean, bold lines.

Where art deco really works is in vintage style lighting. Think Tiffany lighting with gold, tall base and a metal or glass cover. These mini lights make perfect additions to your desk or study area. We also like re-imagined versions in more bright or farm house colors such as aqua, teal, and coral where the lines are still clean, but the color is more vivid. If color isn’t your thing, go with a clear base and white or black shade for an ultra-cool look you won’t find in most dorms.

3.   Ceiling Hangings

Some dorm rooms are pretty relaxed on what you hang from the walls and ceiling as long as you don’t make holes or mess around with the sprinkler system. This gives you a ton of opportunity to make your mark from the top down! We especially love to use this space to hang our favorite art pieces for display.

One popular and really cheap option is to purchase round, paper Chinese lanterns in a variety of sizes. Another is to find lightweight metal diamonds, triangles, and squares to paint a jewel tone. We also love DIY chandeliers of circle, square, and triangle cutouts hanging from the center of a room or even over a bed. The larger you make it, the more impressive it is!

4.   Mirror Displays

Mirrors are great picks for geometric fans. More than likely, you can find a ton of shapes and sizes that will make your wall shine. We love, for example, using a long, rectangular mirror on its side and throwing in smaller round mirrors near the side. You can also take square mirrors and stack them together to create one long, wardrobe mirror for dressing.

If you want to add a bit of extra style, find mirrors in vintage frames. While they may take away from the geometric side, it adds a bit of interest to the piece. Add coordinating paint and you can mix and match until your fashionable self’s content!

Tips for Creating an Indie-Inspired Dorm Room



Indie Calypso

Looking for the perfect mix of vintage, bohemian, and modern? Meet the indie style! Inspired by funky patterns, muted colors, and antique touches, the style combines your favorite trends in one killer arrangement. Designing an indie dorm room is easier than it sounds, and with these tips, you can pull it off in even the smallest space.

4 Tips for Creating an Indie-Inspired Dorm Room

1.   Start With a Neutral

Before you start going design-crazy, you’ll need to pick a starting color palette. Whether you go with a ton of coordinating colors or keep it simple at just two, you should always have one foundation color to ground the room. For many dorm dwellers, white is a perfect pick given that white walls is standard.

However, with our Calypso bedding set, you may be falling in love with gray above all else. Gray is 2016’s “it” shade; almost everyone is falling for it. Gray goes well with everything, and lighter shades let more daring colors pop against it. The bohemian pattern in the lighter gray makes it feel like a lighter, less serious design.



2.   Add Vibrancy

With gray as your bottom layer, you’re free to add in your perfect shade of color. Royal purple, aqua blue, turquoise green, and even shiny metallics all stand out. If you like a more hippie style, try earth tones like grassy greens or sunny oranges. If you would rather go more minimum, plums and maroon can give a romantic, dreamy style.

You can also add focal points to your room by utilizing different textures. Shag rugs, burlap cloth pin boards, and distressed furniture all create a space that looks like you put in a ton of thought into each and every piece in the room.


3.   Go Cozy

Seating is an important part of your indie bedroom, but living in a dorm means you have a serious issues finding enough space. One of the easiest ways to add seating options is to bring in accent pillows that can double as floor seating. It’s comfortable, practical, and functional, and it goes with that bohemian vibe.

Speaking of cozy, consider sectioning off your space so that each area serves a purpose. Create a canopy with light fabrics and string lights for your bed. Bunk your desk so that you have a study nook, and hide your linens and clothing in a closet draped in light muslin or drapes.


4.   Bring in Lighting

Lighting is an important part of an indie-inspired dorm room. Our calypso bedding gives you tons of options for the direction you take, but we think it looks best with French modern. With fleur-de-lis like designs inside a mandala, you can find desk and side table lamps that have twists and curves over last year’s art deco lines.

If you’re going for the more laid-back dorm style, choose a softer look. We are huge fans of oversized fairy lights or vintage inspired marquee letters as primary lighting. Hang these on the wall or over the bed for a dorm your guests to ooh and ahh over. With the indie style, there are just so many options that work for what you want.

Using Bold Patterns when Decorating Your Dorm


Bold Patterns

If you’re going to be a color, you might as well be bright and bold! That’s why this summer is all about being brave with your color and pattern choices. We’re talking hippie tie-dye, feather print pastels, neon zig-zags, and more! If you’re wanting to bring in the fashion and energy to your dorm room with an unconventional pattern choice, there are a few things you should know.

Using Bold Patterns to Decorate Your Dorm Room

Loud and Proud

There’s a thin but very important line between being obnoxious and loud or unique and well-designed. For those who want bold patterns, you’ll need to make the individual decision on what amount works for you. However, we suggest that you should “go big or go home.”

The most obvious choice to incorporate bold patterns is in your bedding. In a dorm room, your bed takes up almost 25% of the space in most cases. Covering your bed in a striking comforter or pillowcase set is the easiest decor idea. However, if the bed is not ideal, go for a patterned rug, window drapings, or throw blankets over a seating area.

Pattern on Pattern

Mixing patterns isn’t for the meek, but when it works, it really works — especially when using louder patterns. It’s high fashion that wows and impresses guests. And while you need a good eye for getting it just right, there are a few keys to remember when combining patterns: colors, size, and accent.

Start with a color scheme by keeping it in the same wheelhouse. For example, earth tones with earthtones (brown and blue, white and cream, pink and red, etc.). Then look at the pattern itself and the print size. Small patterns go with other small patterns, mediums go best with small, and large with large. In this case, small polkadots, for instance, mix with thin stripes. Finally, your bold pattern needs to actually pop. Lay the combo together and if your favorite doesn’t stand out, it’s not a good pair. Think compliment over camouflage.

Take it to the Wall

Tapestries are making a steady comeback for dorm decor, and it’s an awesome way of showing off your favorite pattern. We especially love the boho inspired, faux hippy look that goes from festival picnic blanket to wall decor. And with it easily hung and changed, you don’t have to keep the same look for the entire year! We especially love it placed over the bed with string lights uplighting it from behind for an ethereal look.

DIY for Less

The other option to tapestries is to put the pattern as small accents throughout your wall. Purchase oversized picture frames and cover the back in a bold pattern wrapping paper. Then insert the pictures in the center of the frame. Keep the pattern the same or get creative with the size and combination of designs. Recycle leftover wrapping paper patterns to decoupage cardboard letters (even sorority letters!) or tack on the backing of a desk for an extra pop. It’s a DIY project that works for just about every room!

Dorm Room Decorating – Creating a Balance Between Budget & Style


Dorm Room Decorating

Dorm Room Decorating – Creating a Balance Between Budget & Style

Making the transition from your bedroom to your dorm room is a big deal. That’s why it’s important to pick out a style that you like at an affordable price. No one knows more about this topic than College Dorm Designer Stephanie McDade. Stephanie made an appearance on Lifetime TV’s The Balancing Act, where she shared helpful tips about shopping for dorm room necessities.

This video is also shared in the OCM Press Room, a new feature found on our websitere you’ll find the latest news, videos and press releases that help convey what our brand is all about.

Black Hampton Plaid

Bedding in Black Hampton Plaid with Silver Armored Trunk

Leilani Kiwi

Leilani Comforter with Kiwi Sheet Set and Shag Carpet

A Home Away from Home

An integral part of college life, residence halls are where students spend a great deal of their time studying, socializing, and relaxing. Dorms are like a second home for students and should be decorated as such. Whether you’re an incoming freshman or transfer student, it’s crucial that you pick the right bedding, trunk, accessories, and whatever else you may need to create a comfortable living environment.

Sheet Set

Assorted Sheet Sets

The Centerpiece

In every dorm you will find a plain mattress. With bedding from OCM, you can turn that plain mattress into a comfortable and stylish bed. Every year, Stephanie works with designers from New York to come up with the latest and greatest trends, such as the kaleidoscope pattern. Printed on soft, channel stitched comforters, these patterns will make the centerpiece of your room pop! Add in a few accent pillows and a throw blanket for extra comfort and style!


Assorted Rhino, Armored and Cube Storage Trunks


As you know, staying organized is a constant battle. That’s why we offer a number of products to keep your dorm clutter-free. Stephanie mentions one of these products, but let’s take closer look. The storage chest, more commonly known as a storage trunk, is a great place to keep shoes and other items out of the way. Plus, it doubles as a table! A flat surface is a valuable piece of real-estate in the close quarters of a dorm.

The storage chest is just one of the many dorm room organization products we offer. Take for example our line of storage bins or our under the bed collection. We also have desk organizers and closet storage products. All of these products will keep you organized and allow you to make the most of your space!

Wardrobe Trunk

Armored Urban Wardrobe Storage Trunk


So you’ve made the big transition from your bedroom to your dorm room, but you still feel like something’s missing. Adding a personal touch to your dorm will make you feel right at home. At OCM, we have a huge collection of wall art that varies from original posters to beautifully designed tapestries. If you’re looking to add something functional, check out our accent rugs and pillows! As Stephanie pointed out, a soft rug on a wooden floor makes all the difference on those brisk mornings!

Value Pak

OCM Value Pak

Shopping Made Simple

With so many great products and designs, it may be hard to pick out each item individually. Stephanie has a quick fix for that: Value Paks. Simply put, a Value Pak is a product bundle that saves you money and time otherwise spent coordinating separates, while meeting your dorm room needs. These Paks range in size and price, but consistently provide students with quality bedding, towels, and other bath and personal supplies. With over 50 style combinations to choose from, you are sure to find a Value Pak that works for you!

ON_Campus_257411_01_2016_#17346 PROOF ONLY

Catalina Coral Sheet Set and Kaleidoscope Comforter

Find a Balance

Whether you’re looking to deck out your room or go with a basic look, it’s all about finding a balance between style and price. At OCM, you can mix and match products or keep things simple by choosing from one of our Value Paks.  With so many great styles and affordable products, you’ll be able to find what you need!