Your Biggest College Dilemma: Finding Sheets that Fit


Moving out for your first time and moving in to college can be an amazingly exciting and nerve-wracking experience. You’re so excited to move out on your own and meet new people but on the same token, you’re scared and a bit apprehensive about what will soon ensue. Firstly, don’t be scared! You’re going to have an amazing time at college and you’ll meet new people that will really help shape you as a person. Embrace the opportunity with open arms. You’re going to learn so much about yourself while you’re gone, and really gain that independence you’ve heard oh-so-much about.

With all of these things running through your brain; moving out, being independent, managing finances, packing for school, etc, the last thing you want to worry about is getting to your dorm and realizing your bedding doesn’t fit appropriately. Finding the correct sized sheets for your unique college bed can be a task all on its own if you don’t have the proper resources. To fit your bed, you’ll need XL twin sheets to cover your mattress from head-to-toe. But, that’s not all. You’ll also need an XL mattress pad, cover and comforter to match! If you’re worried about it, there’s also bed bug protectors that you can purchase to make sure the creepy crawlies stay out of your sleep-sanctuary. Confused about what these items look like or where to get them? Don’t worry, we’re here to make your move-in that much easier.


1) You’ll need some super cute/cool XL sheets to show a peep of personality underneath that statement comforter!

2) Eco Smart Quilted Twin XL Mattress Pad to cover that bare mattress!

3) College Classic Twin XL Memory Foam Mattress Topper for that extra few inches of comfort

4) Twin XL comforter to cuddle up in after a long day of classes! Pick one that really shows off your personality, like this Black Vines comforter (Matching sheets, too!)

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What Does Your Residence Hall Decor Say About You?


Going off to college is the first exciting experience of your youth that allows you to live on your own and express your creativity. At home, your parents usually take care of the decorating and get to choose which laundry detergent you use. Heck, most the time, your parents are even still washing your clothes for you. You haven’t yet been introduced to Ramen Noodles, but don’t worry you soon will. You will become the Chef Ramsey of residence hall cooking, using only Ramen noodles, Cheetos and water.

You have so many ideas of how you want to decorate your new space and have picked out the perfect shower shoes to match your bathroom tote. You’ve got it all figured out from the type of shampoo you want to buy down to the very last fluffy knit of your throw carpet. As you shop around for residence hall linens and apparel, you notice that there’s so many colors and patterns that you love! Maybe decorating your room was a bit harder than you thought.

If you’re having trouble deciding how you want your residence hall to look, here are a few questions you can ask yourself before going shopping.

1)What colors do I want my room to have?- Maybe you love hot pink and black mixed with animal print. Maybe you’re more of a subtle decorator and want pale greens or deep blues. Perhaps you want to cover your side of the wall in posters of your favorite bands and brands. Whatever the case may be, make sure you pick a color scheme. This way, it’ll be much easier for you to find pieces and accessories that match those colors.

2) What do I want my room to say about me?- Am I trying to pull off a sophisticated look with blacks and greys? Do I want to be super feminine with purples, pinks and lace? Do I want to cover my walls in beautiful wall art of the New York Skyline? Maybe I want to show off the interior designer aspect of my personality and create an outside look, inside. Finding out what message about yourself you want to send out will help you start the shopping process.

3) What’s comfortable?- Is your residence hall always particularly chilly or breezy? Maybe you need to invest in linen with a heavier thread count to dive under after your hard day of classes. Do you prefer to sleep with thinner sheets and lots of throw pillows? Maybe buy a thinner bed spread and cover your bed in throw pillows with different messages and images. Find what makes you relaxed, and go with that.

4) Accessorize, accessorize!- Surrounding yourself with things that remind you of home or that make you happy is a great way to ease any anxiety you have about being on your own. Load up on wall decals, picture frames, and fluffy rugs and throw blankets. Give your bed that extra sense of comfort with an egg crate mattress topper to put under your sheets. This is your first place of your own, go wild!

After you’ve picked your items and you’re ready to move in, remember that you’re going to be sharing your new space with another person (unless you have a single residence hall room to yourself). Be courteous of their decorating desires as well, and don’t take up the whole room before they get there. Putting posters on your side of the wall is fine, hanging your wall art and moving your items over to their side of the room is pushing it.

You have every right to be excited and ready to decorate your new residence hall, but keep in mind that your new roommate may not have the same opinions or likes that you do. So before you start hanging hot pink drapes over your windows wait it out until your roomie gets there and decorate together. Who knows, maybe the mix of both of your items together will make for an interesting and unique living space. Decorating together could be a fantastic first bonding experience that can set your relationship off on the right start.

Spice Up your Dorm Room


Decorative throw pillows are a must for your dorm room. Pillows are a great way to spice up your living space and add a pop of bright color. They’re also a necessity on movie nights when you’ve got 7 friends crammed into your itsy-bitsy college room. So whether you’re tossing them on the futon, or jazzing up your bedding, here are a few fabulous options for your residence hall.

Mardi Gras Pillows:

Bring the party with you! Our chic Mardi Gras throw pillows are soft and cuddly. They’re perfect to relax on while you study for your exam or update your Facebook status.

Shagalicious Pillows:

Soft and fluffy our Shagalicious throw pillows are perfect for afternoon naps and late-night movie get-togethers. Available in a variety of bright colors, it’s easy to find the pillow that will look good with your dorm decor.

Pillow Images:

Create a sophisticated and comfortable place to relax in your dorm with classic images and designs that everyone will love. Check out our collection, which includes images of Marilyn Monroe, New York City, Paris, and more.

Expressive Pillows:

Make a statement with a witty or sentimental expression that will brighten your dorm and make your roommate smile. The simple designs and bright colors make these pillows the perfect accessory for any bedding set.

Poodle Pillows:

This soft, textured pillow looks great on your extra-long twin bed or futon. It’s smooth on one side and textured on the other, making it the perfect pillow to rest your head on after an all-night cram session.

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