Guys: Don’t Forget These 5 Things for College



As a guy, you probably think less is more. Pack a few outfits, grab your laptop, pick up your textbooks, and you’re set for your first year of college.

Not so fast! Outfitting your first dorm room is a bit more tricky than that. Don’t get caught without the essentials. Here’s what all guys need to remember to bring for freshman year of college.


  1. Your Wardrobe

College isn’t a formal affair. Most of the time, you can get away with wearing pajama pants to class if you really want to. However, there will be times where you will want to dress up. Whether a frat formal, an interview for your dream internship, or a date with a crush, you’ll need a well-fitting suit, tie, shirt, and dress shoes ready to go.

In addition, be sure you have enough college fan gear to get you through a season’s worth of tailgating, rallies, big games, etc. For those joining frats, you’ll want to outfit yourself with your letters as well.


   2. Dorm Decor

Your dorm room will likely be a bland little cement block with some drab furniture in it. If you lay down your blanket and a rug, you won’t be doing much to create the space that feels like home. That’s why it’s essential to pick up some “extra touches.”

Need help? Here’s how you can make a dorm look and feel good: pick a theme that fits your personality. Rustic and love flannel — go with an Americana vintage look. Love sports and the outdoors — natural colors (greens and browns) with wood frames and sports posters.





   3. Techie Add-Ons

Your tech checklist should include more than just your computer and maybe a TV. For one, you’ll want to consider bringing along a Roku, Chromecast, or AppleTV. It will allow you and your roommate(s) to Netflix binge or catch up to your parent’s subscription of HBO. You may also want to consider bringing your game console, if you play. Video gaming is a great way to make new friends and unwind, even for casual players.

With all those plugins, you’ll need a surge protector worthy of your usage. Get one that is secure, safe, and won’t fail when you need it the most.


4. Safe Security

Dorm rooms aren’t immune to petty crimes. And while you may feel safe enough to leave your door open all day, every day, you should still take precautions. One good idea is to always have a lock for your laptop. This way, if you need to step away, you’ll feel confident your most expensive item will be there when you get back. The same idea goes for bike locks or car break-in prevention items.

You’ll also want to consider some storage that can be locked. While you should never bring things to your dorm that you will hate to lose, having a safe area to stash extra cash, your tech, or something more valuable while you’re away or when you have guests over is always smart. A trunk with the ability to add a padlock is a great start, but you can also consider a fireproof safe for smaller items.




   5. Shower Gear and Supplies

Getting ready in college is a totally different game. While you can be relaxed with what you wear, you want to look and smell your best at all times. First impressions mean a lot! Given that, you’ll need to be prepared with a grooming kit that includes a razor set, upgraded cologne (ask opinions before you buy), subtle body gel or soap, ample supplies of deodorant, and some lotion for dry skin.

You’ll need a way to carry all of this, so we recommend a shower caddy with extra room to transport from dorm to bath and back. Match with your towels or robe and you’re set to go.

12 Dorm Room Essentials For Guys


dorm rooms for guys

Shopping for your first dorm room isn’t easy, especially if you’re a guy who isn’t into spending a day at the store. With this list of 12 must-have dorm room essentials for guys, you’ll be able to breeze through the aisles and get everything you need as painlessly as possible.

1.  Stylish Bedding

Your bed is the focal point of your dorm room. You’ll need extra-long sheets, a comforter, and pillows, but if you’re all about comfort, you should add on a mattress pad and some throw blankets. The Black Hampton Plaid Starter Pak gets you all you need in one bag.

2.  Towel Sets and Robe

You’ll need at least two sets of towels (more if you don’t plan on doing laundry once a week), and you’ll also want a robe to get you from the communal bathroom back to your dorm. We recommend picking towels that are easy to wash but also feel a bit luxurious. No reason you can’t splurge!

3.  Shower Essentials and Caddy

Your shower supplies like shampoo and conditioner. There are also loofahs, face wash, toothpaste, and brushes. Having two of everything will save you a trip to the store when you run out. You will also need something to carry all that stuff from the dorm to bathroom. That’s why waterproof caddies and carriers are best.

4.  Kitchen and Dining Gear

Check your dorm rules on if you can bring a microwave, coffee maker, rice cooker, mini-fridge etc. But you’ll probably want the fridge to keep leftovers from the cafeteria. You’ll also want at least 2 sets of dishware, flatware, and glasses.

5.  Area Rug

Dorm rooms are notoriously drafty. An area rug to match your bedding that’s also easy to upkeep can keep your feet warm and bring your dorm room look together.

6.  Comfy Seating

Fitting a full-size couch is probably not going to happen when your dorm is the size of a closet. But you can go with seating cubes and ottomans that don’t take up much space and look great.

7.  Favorite Tech

Do you love video games? Bring along your system and collection! All about tech integration? Don’t forget Bluetooth speakers or a Smart TV! Printers are optional, but you’ll definitely want a laptop, USB, extra chargers, or portable battery packs. You should also have a few pairs of headphones on hand too. Another consider, however, is having some sort of way to gaurd your expensive tech — think a digital safe or a discreet place under the bed to store away your goods.

8.   Bedside Organizers

You’ll most likely spend most of your time in your dorm in your bed. Might as well keep that space clutter free. Grab a bedside organizer that holds your books, phone, noise-canceling headphones, and other bedtime necessities.

9.  Desk and Study Supplies

Organization doesn’t stop at the bed. Keep your desk a productive space with supplies like a stapler, rubber bands, paper clips, and pens. Unlike in high school, you can’t borrow these from your teacher.

10. Lighting Options

Dorm rooms can be as dark as a cave. Having the right lighting is a must. Standing lamps, bedside/desk clip lights, and reading light attachments for textbooks are a good start. You may want to spruce up your room with hanging lights for an extra touch.

11. Hampers and Laundry Essentials

You’ll need to get your laundry done by yourself. Grab yourself a large laundry bag or standing hamper and stock it up with detergent, dryer sheets, and stain spray. If you like your clothes neat and tidy, an iron and mini-sized ironing board should be on your list.

12. Extra Storage

You’re probably wondering where you’re going to put all this stuff – no worries! With under the bed and closet storage, you can keep everything out of the way. Or, go with a trunk where you can store your items while still looking like it belongs in your dorm.