We Love These 10 Easter Egg Decorations!



Egg dye? Food coloring? Who needs it? With Pinterest and Youtube, we’re finding a million different ways to decorate eggs. And none of them include the old-school white crayon on dipped eggs. If you’re on campus for Easter, get together a group of your friends for an easter egg dyeing competition. Or better yet, use this time to prep your eggs for an Easter Egg Hunt around school! Flex your creativity and show off your skills by trying one of these ten Easter Egg decorations!


10 Unique & Interesting Easter Egg Decoration Methods

1.   Gold Leaf Eggs

We’re in college now! We don’t want our eggs to be cutesy or cheap looking. We want luxury! And nothing says luxury more than a shimmering gold leaf accent. This DIY may take some practice, but the completed project is so worth the time and effort.


2.   Nail Polish Marble Easter Eggs

If you’re like us, you’ve more or less bought stock in cheap nail polish and have attempted to marble just about everything. Don’t stop with your nails and some artwork. Create marbled eggs that show off your favorite new trend. All you’ll need is nail polish, water, a toothpick and some patience.


3.   Galaxy Easter Eggs

When we first saw the picture of these starburst Easter eggs, all we could say was, “Woah! Impressive!” But it turns out it doesn’t take too much know-how to recreate this stellar look on dyed black or store-bought black colored eggs.

4.   Glitter-Dipped Easter Eggs

While we admittedly hate the mess this option makes, we know these Easter eggs are so going to impress when sitting in our Easter baskets. Best thing is that it only takes a few minutes (plus drying time) to do!


5.   Mosaic Easter Eggs

Those with an artsy eye or who love to go the extra mile with their Easter eggs will totally dig the mosaic tile version. And while the completed project looks complicated, it’s as easy as gluing a broken egg shell onto an egg.

6.   Napkin Decoupage Easter Eggs

Have you ever looked at your paper napkins and thought, “Hmm… that’s actually kind of cute?” Well rejoice, decoupagers, because you can take those pressed in paper designs and translate them onto your egg using decoupage glue and a good eye for design. Even Martha Stewart is into this one!



7.   Tie Dye Easter Eggs

For the hippie or free-spirit in your life, you’re gonna want to roll up your sleeves and break out the old-school tie dye techniques. I know we said no dye, but this technique produces amazingly vibrant and cool results. We’ll let it slide for this colorful creation.

8.   Emoji Easter Eggs

Does your linguistic skill include tons of emojis? Then you’re going to want to see these expressive Easter eggs. Using bright yellow eggs and some paint or sharpies, you can spell out exactly how you feel about the holiday. We’re huge fans of the heart-eyed version.

9.   Flower Pot Easter Eggs

If you love Easter egg decorations but aren’t too keen on eating them, you can still have fun with your basket. These super adorable Easter eggs filled with mini carnations are the perfect centerpiece or basket topper. And to top it off, they’re pretty easy to recreate if you’ve got a green thumb.

10. Natural Easter Eggs

If you’re digging the minimalist style this year, there are no shortages of egg decorating ideas out there for you. Our favorite is using plants, leaves, and flowers to leave nature-inspired imprints on your eggs. Use natural dyes such as beet juice to make them environmentally safe and give it an earthier look.

The Absolute Best Easter Candy: Our Top 9


The Absolute Best Easter Candy- Our Top 9

There are only a few weeks left until Easter, and we’re already ready to break out our baskets, tie on our bonnets, and hunt for some Easter eggs. Aside from Halloween, Easter is the best time of the year to gorge on chocolates and sweets. We love it so much so that we consider ourselves experts in Easter candy, and have taken time out to rank the top nine candy options we want the Easter bunny to bring this year.


1.   The Chocolate Bunny

The top rank, ultimate basket-buster is, of course, the chocolate bunny. But we’re not talking any store-bought bunny. We’re talking about the best brands in chocolate such as Hershey’s, Reese’s, Russell Stover, and Lindt. Don’t worry on splurging on the pricier versions. You deserve it.

2.   Reese’s Eggs

Reese’s peanut butter cups are our go-to for every just about holiday now. And their creamy, peanut butter-y egg version is just more proof that we’ll eat any shape they decide to make their candy in.

3.   Cadbury Creme Eggs*

While this may have the third spot on our list, there’s a big asterisk next to its name. In the last year, Cadbury has changed their recipe. Why mess with perfection, we have to ask? We’ll have to do a taste-test to see if it still holds up.

4.   Hershey’s Robins Eggs

Part candy, part chocolate, it’s like the hybrid of Easter candy. They’re quick to eat and super adorable too — a win all around.

5.   Jelly Belly Jellybeans

For those who don’t love chocolate, we can’t forget to include everyone’s favorite guessing game in a bag. Jellybeans, especially the Jelly Belly brand, are must haves to line a basket, add a topping to a dessert, or to fill an Easter egg up.

6.   Roda Candy Company’s Peeps

The Peep explosion has gone crazy over the years. From new shapes and colors, Oreo cookie versions, and competitions featuring these marshmallow and sugar cuties, you can’t go anywhere this holiday and not see them. They’re lucky they taste like pure sugar or we’d be more annoyed.

7.   Russell Stover Coconut Nests

Russell Stover gets points for cuteness, but the taste can be hit or miss. If you’re a coco-nut, you may dig the coconut and jelly bean infusion. But if you’re not, you’ll probably want to stay away. For an Easter candy, it’s pretty polarizing.

8.   Mars Easter Pastel M&M’s

These aren’t the most original idea — they’re just M&Ms in green, yellow, and pink pastels. That said, they’re still M&Ms, which means they’re going to melt in your mouth no matter what.

9.   Jordan Almonds

This IS your mother’s Easter candy. Part traditional, part somewhat tasty, Jordan Almonds in their bright colors and egg shape blend every candy must-have together … except for that whole being decadently delicious requirement.


Who says you have to pick just one of these candies? That’s the great part of having a holiday devoted to filling up an Easter basket with sweets — you can go for them all. For college students and their families, when distance is an issue, a good alternative is to send a student an Easter care package. Full of their favorites, both traditional and unique, you’ll wow them with how sweet the holiday can be.

9 Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter on Campus



Break out the pastels and egg dye — Easter is around the corner! No matter how you celebrate, make this holiday a memorable one for you and your friends. If you can’t make it home to spend Easter with your family, then this list of nine ideas will get you in the spirit of the season.


  1. Egg Hunt

Searching for dyed Easter eggs isn’t just for kids! Now that you’re an adult, you can really up the challenge and make it interesting for participants. Select a wide space on campus and hide your eggs in extra tricky places. Add a scavenger hunt and clue component or have them pass “challenges” to receive their eggs.


  1. Egg Dyeing Party

While we’re talking eggs, let’s talk decorating! Egg dyeing is so much better now that Pinterest has given us a million ideas. Have each invitee bring a new way to dye eggs, along with the supplies, and take turns showing each other how it’s done. All you’ll need is an old blanket or newspapers, a place for the eggs to dry, and creative friends.


  1. Easter-Inspired Manicures

We’re suckers for a good manicure, especially when it’s perfectly timed to the season. Our favorite Easter look is the DIY marbled style. Use white and a pastel color to perfect the look. Here’s a how-to if you need a quick tutorial on marbling nails.

  1. Send Some Easter Love

Easter is usually a “forgotten” holiday on campus — meaning many of your friends won’t be going home to celebrate with family. Send them some love, even from afar, with an Easter Care Package. The old school bunny and peeps will have them feeling like they’re back at home.


  1. Plan an Easter Potluck Brunch

If you’re the one stuck on campus for the holiday, you can still come together with your campus community. Throw a potluck-style brunch for those living in your dormitory or floor. Borrow tables from residence life and use pink and blue table cloths to decorate. Have everyone bring a breakfast snack or hot food.


  1. Give Back

The real meaning behind Easter isn’t the candy or the eggs. It’s the spirit of self-sacrifice. Use this downtime to volunteer in your community. Take on a service project or create Easter baskets for a pediatric hospital or senior center. You’ll love how great you’ll feel afterward.


  1. Pig Out

Easter is a pretty awesome excuse to stop counting carbs for a day. Indulge on a little chocolate therapy with cookies and brownies like from the Mrs. Fields Happy Easter Tin. You don’t have to share. We won’t tell.


  1. Do Some Spring Cleaning

Easter’s usually a symbol of decluttering what you don’t need to bring in what you do. Take some time to focus in on your dorm room. Bring together your friends to help you minimize an overstuffed closet of old clothes you don’t wear. Break out the vacuum and hit spots you don’t normally get. Or, if you’re not a laundry fan, catch up on that pile we know you have stuffed under your bed.


  1. Experiment With Your Easter Look

We love a good Easter bonnet! So thank goodness hats are totally in this spring. Hit up thrift stores to find some already spring-ified looks. Floral is always in for your Easter hat. That will set the theme for the rest of your Easter look. Stock up on cute, patterned sundresses, open-toe or heeled shoes, and chunky sunglasses. What more could you need from your Easter holiday?

Easter On Campus


Happy Late – Easter everyone!

Easter is that wonderful time of year when Peeps fill the shelves at Walmart and large amounts of eggs are dyed festive colors. However, for some of us, going home isn’t a feasible option. For example, at the University of Northern Colorado we have a large number of students from Hawaii, California and Texas. So, going home for one day during the weekend isn’t something these students are able to do.

However, there are some great ways to celebrate Easter while remaining on-campus. These are some great ideas for RAs or just a student looking to have a good weekend full of Easter festivities:

Host a floor egg-decorating contest. This is a great way for residents to bond with each other while celebrating Easter. The winners can win a giant chocolate bunny or even a basket of candy, depending on what the host/RA wants to do. You can also provide crayons and Easter coloring pages so residents can color if they’re not too confident in their egg-dying capabilities.

Have an Easter egg hunt on the floor or in the entire hall! Plastic Easter eggs are pretty inexpensive and there are always massive bags of candy that can be bought at most retail locations. Advertise on your floor or throughout your hall and have a massive Easter egg hunt! Residents can bring their own bags (unless baskets can be afforded) and they can see who can find the most eggs! Make sure to list how many eggs will be hidden, so you can make sure they have all been found at the end. Another way to carry out the hunt is to only allow people to grab a certain number of eggs, such as 5 or 10, so that everyone can walk away with a sizable amount of candy.

Have an Easter brunch. Our dining halls at UNC have brunch instead of breakfast and lunch on weekends. This is a great time to grab some friends or, if you’re an RA, your floor and take everyone to the dining hall to have a brunch with each other. This is a great chance to chat with friends and celebrate Easter.

If you like these, feel free to use them next year when Easter rolls around, or set up one tonight before it’s officially April 1st!