#GradFail: Putting Your Best Face Forward


“Oh, and before you leave, there’s one more lesson we forgot to teach you”, said the College Gods to this young man as he strutted across the stage and prepared himself for the ‘biggest exit of his life’. A valuable lesson indeed.

Aside from the most obvious lesson-why gymnasts don’t wear gowns- there may be another lesson to be taken from this comical, painful happening. There is something to be said for enjoying something like it is your last, but there is also a risk of putting too much stock in your “last act”. If you nervously overthink it, spending sleepless nights contemplating the “last this” and “last that” (as this student no doubt lay in bed revising his backflip approach), you’re missing the most exciting part-the future. College graduation is not the finale. Sure, as a senior you will “party like it’s the end of the world”, toast friends who you’ll never see again and cry because you’ll miss things, but it is not the finale.

On the bright side of the same coin, the guy in this video does not have to worry. He deserves some serious credit for doing something bold and hilarious, and even though he failed, brushed it off and kept going. Lesson learned. Fortunately, even this viral gaffe will be forgotten for the same reason it wasn’t really necessary in the first place. This is not his final act.

Enjoy every second, but don’t THINK for a second that those seconds stop once you get that diploma. No need for an interpretive dance routine, just take a breath and confidently walk across that stage towards a new horizon.

College is an irreplaceable experience, of course, but it is not your last, so don’t get wound up seeing it like that. Graduation is a new beginning. Accept that diploma and don’t even think about your “last act”. Just put a smile on your foot and put your best face forward…