3 Looks To Wear for the Holidays



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It’s safe to say that the holidays bring out the stress in everyone.

Between decorating the tree, dashing to Target for last minute gifts, baking holiday treats, and Christmas shopping, it’s almost too tempting to reach for your oversized sweater and a pair of leggings as your holiday attire.

I get it. Holiday madness is a real thing.

But that’s no excuse for downplaying your holiday wardrobe. Which is why I wanted to share 3 looks that you can wear for Thanksgiving (tomorrow!), any holiday party, and New Year’s Eve.

Look #1: Thanksgiving


top // suede skirt // OTK boots // cape // earrings

Okay, stretchy pants. No jeans. Over sized top so no one judges you for that third slice of pumpkin pie. I know the rules.

But besides that new caramel apple pie in the corner of the dessert table, why not try something new? Opt for a cape and a soft turtleneck top underneath and finish with a pair of statement earrings that make for the perfect conversation starter.

Look #2: Holiday Party

WTWHolidayPartyblouse // midi skirt // booties // earrings // gift box clutch // lipstick

Just about anyone and everyone will show up in a sequin dress. Except you, that is. Opt for a satin red midi skirt with black and gold accessories. Try a teased high curled pony and finish with a bright red lip.

P.S. how cute is that gift box clutch?!

Look #3: New Year’s EveWTWNewYearsEvedress // glitter pumps // earrings // red bag // Essie polish // lipstick

Another NYE’s party, another reason to wear sequins.

I’m a sucker for a good sequin dress for New Year’s Eve festivities. This one from H&M has the right amount of sparkle to really make the glitter pumps POP. Not to mention, this Essie polish is a must for all those Instagram shots you’ll be taking all night!

I hope these looks inspire you to not only stress about what to wear for the holidays, but to also try a look you’ve never tried before. You don’t have to wait for a new year to change up your style.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thanks for reading!

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The Only Jewelry Pieces a Collegiate Gal Needs


As college students, we’re living in a period of our lives where we learn to minimize our possessions. Whether you’re in a dorm, apartment, or renting a room in a house, you’ve probably encountered the alarming prospect of deciding what you’ll be moving into your new domain.

Now, I’m a pack-rat by nature, and I discovered the hard way just how little of the things I brought were actually necessary. This time around, I’m cutting down my possessions by half and will be living much more minimally and happily!

One of the items I overpacked was my jewelry collection. I like accessorizing outfits and having options, but over the semester, I realized I was consistently reaching for only a few pieces. The rest sat in piles, hanging from their cute, Target designed jewelry holders, neglected.

Today I’m sharing the only jewelry pieces you’ll be needing as a college student to stay stylish.

1. Layerable Necklaces


Thin, metal strands of either gold or silver (or both if you’re bold!) are easy to throw on top of each other and make you appear stylish with little effort. When paired with a free-flowing dress or top, you’ll have an easy-breezy vibe to you without even trying.

2. A Statement Necklace


Invest in a bold statement necklace if you find one! You could be wearing the simplest t-shirt and jeans combo but look like a million bucks when you throw on a bold necklace.

3. A Bold Watch


Who likes constantly having their phone in their hand? I’m trying to break that habit and be more present in my surroundings, but a girl’s still gotta know what time it is while out and about! I present to you the solution – a watch. Try wearing a watch that matches your style (there are so many options out there – gold, chunky, thin, wood, etc.) and you’ll end up wearing it every single day.

4. Stud Earrings


While bold, dangly earrings are pretty and fun to play with, I find that my go-to for an everyday outfit was wearing my tiny, gold, triangle shaped earrings. Simple yet cute, they pair with a lot of my other jewelry and were a tiny perk to any outfit.

While you can certainly experiment with many other jewelry options (stacked bangles, rings, etc.), I find these can be a bit tedious and wearisome throughout a long day of classes. Stick to basics, wear what you want, and remember to have fun with it!

Do you wear any of these jewelry pieces? What are your go-to’s? Let us know!

Top 7 Shoe Trends for Summer 2015


Is your wardrobe in need of a seasonal upgrade? Change up your look with the item that brings your outfit together – the shoes! Summer 2015 footwear is ready to rock your world with throwback styles and a mix of playful and classic designs.

1.   Metallics

New Look

Metallic colors have been dominating runways for the last several years, and it’s not about to go away this summer. Gold on black, more than ever, is leading the way in special occasion, dressy heels. Copper colored sandals blends well with most colors. And silver still fairs well as an accent metallic, such as on straps or bedazzled jewels.

2.   Chunky Heels


Goodbye, stilettos! See you later, wedges! This summer, chunky heels are all the rage. Inspired by the 1960s, this funky, comfortable look, adds a sturdy feel to the shoe, especially a peep- or open-toe. Look for styles that have heels called sleeper or block when shopping around.

3.   Woven


With natural texture being the choice of material for summer shoes, designers can do a ton to add a visual appeal to the shoes. One favorite is adding a woven look. For business casual shoes, style your flats with a silk weave. Sandals look great with a twisted or braided leather strap.

4.   Mules


Another ‘60s and ‘70s favorite is making an appearance this season. Mule-style shoes with a higher heel are a flirty footwear piece that becomes this summer’s must-have. Stylish girls will love the open back and heel exposure. But those who really love to experiment with fashion won’t just stick with a peep-toe mule sandal; they will also play around with the traditional, closed-toe version paired with a skirt or pair of skinny pants.

5.   Patriotic Colors in Patterns


Casual shoes demand a traditional color palette – red, white, and blue are the top choices for this season. Stripes and chevrons are always an easy choice, while polka dot is a bit more playful and feminine. These colors and patterns work best when they are in the espadrille or boat shoe style.

6.   Patent Leather


Speaking of boat shoe, this look is long due for a facelift. With leather taking over summer, it’s no wonder why so many designers are putting out patent leather boat shoes and moccasins. It’s a mix of serious and casual that make this design so much fun. This unexpected style choice can pair well with jeans or shorts.

7.   Ankle Moccasins


Ankle boots are so 2014. Ankle moccasins, however, are ready to take over your shoe collection. The difference between the two is subtle—it’s mainly in the fabric. Ankle moccasins are made out of that iconic brown suede or a looser leather (such as moose hide) compared to boots in a thicker or patent leather. Ankle moccasins are great for hitting a music festival in or being the accessory highlight of a boho outfit. Find a pair with fringe or beading for an extra 2015-style bonus.

Which shoe style have you been rocking this summer? Let us know!

Four Ways to Rock a Romper This Summer


Move those crop tops and midriff bearing outfits out of the way! Fashionistas everywhere are clamoring to stock their summer wardrobes with one quintessential look: the romper. Adorable, comfortable, and stylish, this single-piece outfit is all the rage from outdoor music festivals to al fresco dining. What makes the romper essential is how versatile it is! Unsure of all you can do with this trend? We break down four different romper looks that will have you turning heads.

1.   The Slinky Beach Romper

57c46f36a0a4b8e1934a53ca08e72598Rompers and the beach go hand-in-hand; they’re easy to slip on and off making them fabulous cover-ups for your bikini or one-piece suit. The best beach-appropriate romper matches the location and occasion. Look for little spaghetti straps, plunging necklines, or exposed backs. Shorter legs, too, will allow you to grab as much sun as possible if a tan is what you are after. Don’t forget your oversized sunnies and a floppy brim beach hat for an effortless beach-day style.



2.   The Boho Festival Romper

2015-06-01_1346Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Sasquatch—your summer music festival schedule will guarantee long days and nights out in the elements, dancing and jamming to your favorite bands. This is no time to stick to jeans and a t-shirt. Rompers make a better choice in terms of durability, comfort, and trend setting. Lace, leather, fringe, and earth colors are all what makes the festival look so unique. Grab a cross shoulder purse, flower crowns, and a pair of gladiator sandals, and you’ll be ready to dance the night away with your music loving friends.


3.   The Night Out Romper

1117050_174906Sporting a romper to a great restaurant or a late night party may still be ahead of its time, but you can make your mark in your social circle by embracing the night out romper now before it goes global. For the greatest impact, think glam. Sequined material in black, gold, or silver adds a vintage, disco flavor. Long sleeves with flowy details make it dance floor approved, while a plunging, V-neck allows you to add a statement piece of jewelry for that extra wow-factor.



4.   The Delicate Romper

Raeford Romper (Navy)While rocker and dance hall rompers might bring a saucy flavor to your summer style, a more delicate feminine romper is ideal for dressier occasions like first dates or church. Of course, it’s important to do it right: darker colors are out unless they are monochromatic (such as a white background with red roses), while small pattern florals are also a no, as they look dated and may end up resembling your grandma’s curtains. Instead, select rompers in bright shades like pinks and yellows with larger or fewer floral prints. This will guarantee your romper looks breezier and less vintage-gone-bad.


Be bold, stylish, and airy this summer by choosing a romper look that locks in your summer look. Sure to be a hit this season, sport your romper to the beach or out on a date, your versatile romper look will be a hit this season. What are some of your summer essentials when it comes to outfits? Do you love rompers or hate them?

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