9 Ways to Spring Into Spring Fashion



Now that the weather is warming up, the flowers are in bloom, and the sun is shining longer, it’s time to take a look at your wardrobe. For many of us, spring cleaning is the perfect time to get your style updated to the season by springing into brighter fashion trends. You’ve already hopped into our Easter style picks, and now you can check out our top spring looks and accessories you have to try for the rest of the season!

  1. ‘70s Prints

Summer and spring music fests like Coachella and Lollapalooza have given us tons of fashion inspiration, but none so much as bringing back the classic hippy look. However, for this spring, the trend has moved away from the 60’s and more towards the 1970s. Think shift dresses in brown, gold, and tans with loud patterns with tassels, beading, and flowing sleeves.

70s inspired flower print

Loud prints and good vibes – the 70’s are in again!

  1. Off the Shoulders

Another vintage throwback is the off the shoulder dress or top. We’re seeing them everywhere this year, but one look that catches our eye is the “cold shoulder.” A cold shoulder is a top or dress that has a cut out at the shoulder leaving a small strap and then a longer sleeve. It is the perfect transition from winter to spring to summer.



  1. Clean and Crisp

On the opposite end of the fashion spectrum is the white top look. This is a must-have if you plan on working an internship or going out for a new job. Pick a structured top with lines along the bust and shoulders. Pair it with a great dark washed denim or dress it up with skinny black trousers for a business casual look that goes from day to night.


  1. Ruffles and Pleats

Ruffles and pleats are the absolute rage. You’ll find them in knee-length (or longer) skirts, cotton blouses, and even in accessories like purses. Just don’t go overboard. To make a ruffle or pleat work for you, make sure the eye catches the pleat but doesn’t linger there.

  1. Wrapped Up

Ladies — get excited! Wrap dresses are back! These comfortable daytime and date time dresses are some of our favorites as they look great on just about any body shape and they can be dressed down with a cardigan or up with a pair of heels. Red wrap dresses with prints are in as well as large floral prints, so you can make a statement no matter what doorway you enter.


  1. Statement Ears

We’ve been neglecting our ears for far too long, but big and bold jewelry is here to stay this season. But, don’t just stick to hoops or studs. Get something that is oversized, in a funky shape, or that has a great pop of color. The bigger, the better (as long as they’re comfortable)!


  1. Sunny Season

Yellow isn’t just for your next Easter look, so keep these sunny shades in your wardrobe and pair them with earth tones or a monotone outfit for that perfect pop. In particular, we love the sunny look with gladiator sandals or boxy purses.

Close up yellow Chrysanthemum

  1. Laced-Up Foot Fashion

Speaking of gladiators, shoes with laces up the ankle are not just for outdoor concerts anymore. So many shoemakers have designed their Spring collection with laces whether they are styled more like a ballerina with delicate ties or structured in leather.


  1. Comfort Kicks

And don’t forget comfort when you’re shoe shopping! After Malia Obama stepped out in Cuba wearing white sneakers paired with a light floral dress, we’ve been longing for a pair of understated sneakers or low heels. Trade in your stiletto for a chunky wedge, or go vintage with a 1-1 ½ inch platform. With Spring in full bloom, your wardrobe should be all about how your style shakes off the winter!


8 Easter Inspired Fashion Finds


Easter is upon us, and one of our favorite parts of the holiday is seeing all of the fresh spring fashion finds. With bright, fun colors dominating and everyone wearing their Sunday best, there’s a lot of style inspiration to be found. We picked out our 8 favorite Easter-inspired fashion finds anyone can recreate!




  1. Rose Quartz Dresses

After Pantone named it one of the colors of the year, everyone is dying to get their hand on rose quartz-shaded fashion. Its blush pink shade makes it perfect for a formal look, or ideal for fun in the spring sun. This muted pink can be reworn as a professional look when paired with a white, structured blazer or dressed down with a pair of nude flats or sandals as well.

  1. Pastel Gator Sandals

Gator-styled sandals are usually found in colors like natural or bronze, but this spring, everyone needs to get their hands on a pastel pair. In pink, yellow, or green, these sandals make quite a statement, especially when paired with capri skinnies or a knee-high A-line skirt.

  1. White Vintage Sunglasses

Vintage sunglasses have long since taken over the runway, but the colors have been pretty laid back or traditional. This spring, white is going to make a comeback in a huge way, especially in eyewear! It’s a pop that stands out on sunkissed skin while also looking rich and chic. Match it with a great pair of vibrant earrings, and you’ve got on-point accessories for the season.



Channel a little bit of Audrey Hepburn with a wide-brimmed hat!


  1. Wide-Brimmed Structured Hats

Fascinators, panama, straw, cocktail… hats are not just for summer anymore. But the trick is to pick a hat that is more formal than it is beachwear. Go with a hat that is more structured (less floppy). Match it with your outfit (black on black or white on white) for an off-the-runway look that gives you the feeling of effortless glamor.

  1. Bunny Preppy

Easter is the time for the rabbit, and that means it’s time to spring for cute sweaters and tops with bunny details! This holiday is a great excuse for that oxford sweater with the bunny ears design or the cardigan with the bunny print. To keep it from being too outrageous or childish, keep the rest of your outfit low-key and understated. For example, wear that sweater with a pair of Keds and lighter makeup.

  1. Sunny Totes

Baskets are not exactly fashion-friendly, but adorable tote bags are! This spring, we are loving bright yellow and green leather tote purses. Designers like Kate Spade have already taken over this trend and have tons of great color-popping options in satchel and saddle bags. You’ll feel a bit brighter and lighter just carrying one around.

  1. Gold Accents

One of the cooler trends is gold and bronze in your Easter basket. Now, you can take it up a notch by taking the gold to your outfit. One of the best places to incorporate gold (outside jewelry) is in your footwear. Gold shoes are still one of the most popular trends, especially for more casual looks where it really stands out. Look for a pair of ballet flats or strappy heels for inspiration.

  1. Pleated Florals

Nothing says Easter dressing better than a great floral print dress for the ladies. It’s feminine, delicate, and perfect for celebrating the new season. When done in a slick pleated skirt or bodice, you can incorporate a style that has really made an impact in the fashion world. When going for your floral, go lighter shades and bigger blooms. Stay away from smaller patterns that looks more polka-dot than garden.

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