Fun and Quick Hairstyles


Ally’s hairstyle can be done with long or short hair and the side swept mini braid just adds something a little extra special. Start with a curling rod. Take small pieces of hair and wrap around the curling rod 2-3 times at the middle of each strand (depends on length of your hair) so there’s not too much volume near the roots or at the ends. Use a sea salt spray to finish and give your hair some extra bounce and texture. The final steps are to take a small section by your part, make a tiny braid (or a thicker one if you have more hair!), and sweep some extra front pieces and your braid with a secured bobby pin.


Wearing: Old Navy Denim Jacket, Paige Coated Denim, Trouve Tee, J.Crew Necklace & Flats (in Fresh Strawberry), Foley & Corinna Bag, Chan Luu Bracelet, Ray-Ban Mirrored Aviators.


Ashley’s hairstyle is her #1 go-to, all the time; it’s that easy.  This style has been worn with shorter and longer hair (than pictured).  Start with hair washed the night before (especially for fine and/or straight hair).  Use a 1 and 1/2 inch curling iron.  Take medium to large sections of hair and curl each section 3 times, away from the face.  Clamp the iron halfway down and curl in, clamp the iron 3/4 of the way down and curl in, clamp the iron at the end of the section and curl all the way in.  This ensures that the hair is not only curled at the bottom and that it does not fall.  Flip your head over and spray all over with hairspray (L’Oreal Elnett or Garnier Fructis are preferred) and shake; this loosens the curls.  Flip back up, use your fingers to tame and comb your hair, and voila!  This style is long-lasting and easy to retouch.


Wearing: Laundry Dress via Nordstrom Rack, J.Crew Bracelet, Coach Tote Bag, Nine West Sandals, Ray-Ban Aviators, Clinique Lipstick (in Bamboo Pink)