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The Geek crowd is a very loving tribe, but our tribe can have body and self-esteem issues. This program is designed to combat those issues and settle the score once and for all what it means to be beautiful and celebrated. And it’s the easiest program to put on because of one simple factÔÇöeveryone loves to get their picture taken .
Geeks will get their portrait taken with one object (“totem”) ┬áthat represents or has a deep meaning to them (mine would be my replica of the Green Lantern power battery). Find a student who has a great camera and create a geeky background for the portraits.

Program: Using the Power of Light to Fight the Darkness

Have the geeks sign up and have a flyer ready to explain what they need to bring (a totem, maybe a geeky shirt). Students can make them funny or do close ups, having their “totem” in view. Get these portraits printed and displayed (but make sure they do not get defaced). You can add passive information about what the geeks love, a small bio or how photos can change the world (like help-portrait).

Using social media such as instagram, you can also have students take their own portraits or funny pictures with the hashtag #geekportrait and then add those to the collective as well. You can create books with instragram photos using a service like

When you want the display to be over, have a program where you give the photos back (and maybe have people sign the back or write something encouraging on the back for them!)

I have found this program to be transformational, having geeks proudly display what they love and have the response not be shame, but joy. This concludes our Geek programming installment. If you have any other ideas for geek programming and what works, please let us know in the comments.

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Geeks have a secret power once they know each other; once Geeks know they can connect, their influence goes exponential. And that power can be harnessed for social justice and charity! And Geeks can use their powers for good!

Program: Fundraise with Geek Power!

This program is the Geek Power Readathon! Geeks shall read from either Lord of the Rings or the Harry Potter books and at the same time raise money for charity. This charity could be worldwide like charity:water or Kiva. Maybe you want to do something local for literacy in your area or donating books to a women’s shelter so the kids there have plenty to read. So how do you do this kind of fundraiser?

Geeks will read from selected geeky read until they raise enough money or time has run out. For example students read from Lord of the Rings for 24 hour straight or until they raise X amount of money. Now the geeks must beware for the forces of darkness are against them. More on that below!

You need a podium, a place on campus to speak in front of a lot of people with high traffic, and have someone at a table with signage and two LARGE jars labeled “GOOD” and “EVIL”! People must read aloud until amount of money is raised in the GOOD jar, like $2,500. If someone puts money in the EVIL jar, it counts against the total. So for example, if there is $250 in the GOOD jar, and then some goblin puts $20 in the EVIL jar, there is only $230 towards the goal (but $270 total!!) Keep reading my geek brethren until you reach your goal. And make sure you have someone guarding both jars and tracking what gets put in what! (I’d update it every day and have the totals so people can rise up if EVIL is taking over!)

You’ll need a sign in sheet for students to decide what hours to sign up for. Other than signage and other marketing (college radio, etc.) that publicizes it, that’s all you need.

I’d get your English or Literature department on board and ask them to even read!

You can set up “guilds”, groups of students that fundraise and some can be for good (elves) and other not so much (Slytherin). The good guilds would fundraise for the GOOD jar and the evil guilds would attempt to sabotage, forcing the readers to be up there LONGER!

Have fun with it and show the world that geeks are a force for good and positive change!

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Last week we talked about Geek Trivia and now let’s dig a little deeper with a program called: WHAT ARE YOU INTO?!

This is a Geek Open Mic Night where Geeks get up, talk about what they are passionate about and share with the Geek community. This program is designed to give some public speaking experience while receiving the support of the community.

Program: Geek Open Mic Night: WHAT ARE YOU INTO?!

This open mic night is designed to get geeks talking about what they love! You’ll have a room full of geeks talking, sharing great stories and communicating their passion!

To advertise create posters with an outline of a person with arrows sticking out pointing to Geek Culture icons. “WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR STORY!”

Reserve a room with a standing microphone. Seating for about 30-50. Have people sign up with times. You need to set a limit of 5 minutes. This is imperative so people not to go on and on about Voltron- trust me on this, my nerdlings. If people are looking for inspiration on what their story should sound like, have people listen to This American Hour or The Moth Podcast. If you do not have enough people attending, that’s ok. Reserve some spots for people who inspired by the event! Have someone in the front row who can give a 1 minute warning that they are close to the end.

Get a great MC to introduce each speaker and have each person tell the story of what they are into and why. Did their father introduce them to Star Trek? Did their brother introduce them to Firefly? Listen as each geek tells why being a geek is important to them. Be warned, there may be some pain there. Nearly every geek I know has a bully story so there might be some tears; you might want to have tissue ready.

Have a great time and I’d record this stories! After the program highlight what other geek programs you have coming up! They will be hungry for more.

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I have some awesome news; there are awesome Geeks on your campus. But I have some bad news; they may not attending your programs. As a geek in college, I was always reluctant to put out a board game or card game so I wouldn’t get harassed. I was embarrassed by Green Lantern comic books and my incredibly awesome Buffy the Vampire Slayer collection.

I was always waiting for programs to have geeks involved: an Anime movie, a discussion about Firefly or a Pokemon DS get together, but they never happened.
But when I put on programs for geeks as a Resident Director, they all came out for them. Our numbers were incredible!

So for the next four weeks I’ll offer you easy Geek programs to get the Geeks out of their gadget filled rooms at to your incredible programs.

Program #1: Geek Trivia Masters.

Get your advertisements made: “WHO IS THE GREATEST GEEK!?” “YOUR GEEK CRED IS ON THE LINE!” “IS YOUR GEEK MOJO STRONG?!” Make the writing bold and strong like a comic book cover!

Get 3 or 4 Geeks together to write the questions “Jeopardy” style with topics such as: Current Movies, Superheroes, Joss Whedon is my Spirit Animal, Video Games, etc. Make sure the questions are right and put them on index cards with the points on the front and the question and answer on the back. Come up with 5 questions per topic ranging in difficulty.

Build the board: Set up the board just like on Jeopardy. Topics on top, questions on the bottom, easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Team sign ups: Offer teams from 2-5 to sign up and come up with a GEEKY NAME! (You can pick the size of the teams!)

Pick prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize. Also, for every participant maybe give them a geeky door decor for their door or a 20-sided die! Geeks love to get stuff that is exclusive and just for them.

Have someone ready to MC (and maybe they could be a Pokemon character or a Star Trek officer!), and give each team the chance to pick a question. If a team gets the question wrong, someone gets the chance to steal!

Have a great time asking questions and seeing the geeks rise up and attain their crown (or scepter, or sonic screwdriver, or . .. you get the idea.) Take team photos and put them all over social media outlets and invite them to the next program!