You’ll Love these Graduation Cap DIYs & Designs


Diy-college-graduation-capsTrying on your cap and gown for graduation can be totally exciting — but, honestly, it can be a little bit boring, too. Being another cap in the crowd is totally acceptable, but if you want to go bold, help your family spot you from the bleachers, and share your love for your school or major, we’ve got a ton of ideas for you. This list of DIY graduation caps and designs can help you plan how you will wow the commencement ceremony.



The Ode to Student Loan Debt

Perfect for the student terrified for their first student loan bill, this Spongebob Squarepants throwback will have them cracking up at your realness.


The “Hire Me”

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Ariel wasn’t exactly talking about being employed by a firm or agency, but this twist is worth singing about.


The “Spot Me”

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We can guarantee you that at least one of your family members will complain that they couldn’t find you in the sea of black gowns. This brilliant cap takes care of that problem.



The Glitter Bomb

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We’re in the camp that believes glitter makes everything better. So not only is this cap hilarious, but it’s also gold and shiny — a winning combination.


The Bedazzler

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Rhinestones are so 1990’s, but that won’t stop us from rocking this gorgeous look that can be personalized, toned down, or really turned up!


The Garden Crown

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Sure, you could put the flowers on your hat or wear a flower crown for pictures, but why not combine the both? This is the perfect idea for those whose schools do not allow them to decorate their cap or worry about getting their deposit back.



The Therapist/Psychologist Major

It’s so simple, we wish we would have thought of this!


The Journalist/Writing/English Major

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Everyone’s obsessed with Hamilton, but this cap using the lyrics is perfect for the writers in the crowd.


The B.S. Majors

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Scientists, even students, get bad raps for being boring, but you can prove them wrong with this punny cap design.



The Journey

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College was just part one of our journey. The whole world is waiting for us now. Let’s celebrate how far we have to go.


The Dream Catcher

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This DIY is ingenious! Using dream catchers, mandalas, and peace symbols as decorations not only creates a gorgeous look, but it says a lot about where you want to be and where you are headed.


The Doctor Suess

If you haven’t already re-read “The Places You’ll Go,” now is the time. This cap is both beautiful, inspiring, and motivational.

The Perks of May Graduation


Can you feel it in the air? Spring is finally here! The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and your classes are finally wrapping up. And if you’re a senior, you probably have only one thing on your mind: GRADUATION! Having a commencement celebration this time of year is the best. Graduating in May is, hands down, one of the best times to put on your cap and gown. With so many opportunities to celebrate with friends and family as well as work on your future, you’ll be spending your summer on a graduation high.



  1. The Weather

No list about May graduation could be complete without first mentioning the best perk of graduating at the end of Spring — the warm, beautiful weather! For most campuses, this means outdoor celebrations and ceremonies. Instead of being cooped up inside a gym or indoor stadium, you get the fresh air, warm breezes, and thousands of extra smiling faces to join you at your ceremony.



  1. The Style

If you haven’t already, it’s time to go shopping for your graduation outfit! In fact, you might want two — one for under your gown and another to change into if your family and friends are throwing you an additional party. You’ll want something light, breezy, and colorful. Unlike winter grads who may have to graduate in snow boots and parkas, spring grads have much more style options to work with!


  1. The Jobs

Outside the actual graduation part, you’re probably also focused on landing your first job. While it may be discouraging to know that you’re one of many, that numbers game can actually help you. Major employers – especially in the business world – purposefully wait to hire in the late Spring through early Fall in anticipation of bright, driven graduates (like yourself) coming into the job market.


  1. The Vacation

If you’re still soul searching about that first job or your future path, don’t stress! Because you are graduating in the summer, you may be able to take the next few months off as a “vacation” from school — and all that pressure. Use it to go see the world, volunteer in your community, or take on an internship (believe it or not, they do exist for graduates). You may never know what a little vacation can do or inspire you.

  1. The Parties

Ending the undergraduate stage of your life can be a mixed bag of emotions. Sure, you’re excited to have accomplished something so big and amazing, but leaving the comfort of campus can be downright depressing. This is especially true if you’re saying goodbye to your best friends and classmates. A party is the perfect way to cap off your college career, and there’s no better time to have one then in May when you can take it to the beach, make it a BBQ, or set up a fire pit. Grab your summer themed foods and drinks and your best friends and make it a night to remember forever!