Must-Have Greek Gear for the Fall Season


Greek Gear

Rush season is over, and your houses are set. Now it’s time to settle into Greek life by enjoying the absolute best perk of sorority and fraternity membership: the unity! Whether you’re a Big Sister or a total House Newb, you’ll want to show your Greek pride with these eight must-have Greek gear items.


Sophisticated Dresswear

Heading out for an interview or an important networking event can be nerve-wracking, but having your best brothers and sisters near and dear to you can make it all easier. Select a button-down oxford, blouse, or polo with your letters. Then, pick out a coordinating blazer or jacket that really pops, and you’ll be all set to dominate!


DIY Mugs

If you’re looking for a surprise for your Little Sister or are just in the crafting mood, why not create your own fall gear by creating a mug with your letters! It’s simple, and all you’ll need is a porcelain mug, oil-based sharpies, and your logo or design. Trace onto the mug with the sharpies and then place the mug in the oven at 30 minutes at 350°F. Voilà!


Screen Printed Glasses

Tailgating or spending time out on the lawn doesn’t mean you can go without your colors. We’re totally digging on themed sunglasses, such as these aviators, with your letters printed on them. For ladies, there are tons of retro shade options to fit your style and color choices.


Custom Scarves

‘Tis the season to bundle up in style, so we have our eyes on these awesome sorority and fraternity knit scarfs with sewn-on letters from GreekU! They make awesome holiday gifts as well, so be sure to add them to your wishlist!

And don’t worry, fellas: if scarves aren’t your thing, you can wear your cold weather gear with a custom fraternity hat from online shops such as One Greek Store. It’s all about the cozy knits and the chunky fabrics for this fall.


Branded Rings

Up your accessories game with stackable sterling silver rings with sorority printed. It’s subtle but still high fashion enough that you can wear it just about anytime, anywhere. You can take it one step further and include your family tree by getting three custom rings — for your big sister, your little sister, and you!


Throw-Back T-Shirts

There’s nothing cuter and more in right now than t-shirts and long sleeves that are a bit retro. Take 90’s inspired boomboxes with “Loud and Proud” written all over it or retro skate tops perfect for events out with the girls.


Boots, Shoes, Flipflops, and More!

Okay, so you’re focused on your top, but what about way down to the bottom? Don’t neglect your feet by investing in a rad pair of these sorority Brooklyn Boots with monogrammed letters. Not for you? Go laid back with customizable Converse sneakers by using your sorority or fraternities colors as inspiration.


Zippered Patch Hoodies

With the temperatures dropping, we are certainly living in our favorite sweatshirts and hoodies. Guys who represent are going to need this black, zip-up hoodie with a patch. It’s perfect to wear around campus on chilly mornings or out for late night meetings.


ΚΔ, ΓΦΒ, ΔΓ, ΔΦΕ…7 Sorority Recruitment Tips!


Sorority Rushing College

College Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior…No matter what sorority, no matter what semester — you’re officially signed up for recruitment of this upcoming school year! You have just signed yourself up for the best decision of your life.

“I know I am not going to enjoy it! Why do you want me so badly to join one?” This right here was a quote from my roommate telling me why she didn’t want to go out for recruitment.  Three days later she told me “Thank you, Ariel. That was the best decision I ever made.”  If you want some advice for getting into the sorority of your choice, keep on reading for some helpful tips you won’t want to miss.

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1. Be yourself:

  • Think of talking to all the sisters as if it was speed dating. Don’t be nervous and just be yourself. They want to hear all about your interests, likes, dislikes and

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2. The 4 B’s:

  • Boys– Sororities are all about sisterhood – no future sister of yours needs to know your relationship status. 
  • Brands-  Don’t mention what Michael Kors bag you have, Steve Madden shoes you want, Coach wallet or Kate Spade Phone case you just threw out in the trash.
  • Barack (Obama/President)- NO POLITICS! Politics is a big no! Keep your views about the president or the presidential election to yourself!

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  • Bucks– They do not care if you have $50 in your wallet or $5 in your wallet. No talking about how big your house is back at home

Image via Giphy

3. Look Presentable:

  • These next few days or weeks are not the time to wear yoga pants, sweat pants or baggy shirts. You want to look your best. As people say, “dress to the best”. You want to have a great first impression on all the girls! Get out those nice summer dresses, some cute wedges and show them who’s boss!

4. Don’t bad mouth any other sorority:

  • No matter how much you might love one sorority (or house) over another, do not talk bad about the other. It looks bad on your behalf and you can potentially get kicked out.

Image via Giphy

5. Act like you want to be there:

  • Even if you are not the biggest fan of that specific sorority, put on a happy face and act like you are interested in being there. It looks good and you are able to meet new girls. And who knows – if you go into it with a positive attitude, maybe you’ll change your mind.

6. Stay hydrated:

  • You might not think of bringing a water bottle… but depending on how many sororities your school has, you will be most likely talking to each group of girls for 50 minutes. Bring water!!! Plastic or Swell, does not matter!

7. You will end up where you are supposed to be:

  • Do not stress if you don’t get your number one choice! Everyone is supposed to end up where they are supposed to be. Don’t freak out if you are upset you did not get one that you wanted… go into all the other houses or parties with an open mind. You never know, you might end up liking one of the other ones!


Don’t forget, “Everything happens for a reason.”

Have a great fall recruitment ladies and enjoy every minute! 



8 Reasons You’ll be Glad You Joined a Sorority in College



Joining a sorority is a huge decision that can change your life from pledge week on. The sisterhood you make, the people you will meet, the journey you will take will make you not only a stronger college student but also help you discover who you really are. There are so many joys that come with being a sorority sister that it was hard to get it down to just the top eight. But here are what we think are the best reasons why you’ll be glad you joined a sorority.

1.   Mentors and Friends

Even if you’re new to the whole sorority thing, you most likely have heard of big and littles. It’s the bond between an older sister and a new recruit that eventually branches out to grand-bigs and great-grand-littles. These senior ladies take their pledges under their wings, give them special treats, and make them feel welcome. They’re also a shoulder to cry on, someone to vent to, and a person to look up to.

2.   Alumni Connections

Speaking of people to look up to, you can’t forget that your sorority is like a badge of honor you’ll wear well after you graduate. You’ll find sisters from other chapters and graduating years that you can network with by just mentioning your affiliation. That’s a huge plus if you’re looking to go into fields such as business, politics, or media.

3.   Unique Experiences

You are probably excited to be part of the pledge parties with their outings and socials. But just wait! Life in a sorority means plenty of opportunity to experience life as a sister. There’s formals, spring break trips, joint events with brother frats, and so much more! And having built-in friends means you’ll never have to go it alone.

4.   Leadership Opportunities

While it may seem years away, being a part of a sorority can mean huge bonuses for your resume if you plan on getting more involved. Presidents of sororities are known as being strong, bold leaders able to wrangle up a team. Secretaries are organized and valuable. Event leaders are coordinated and creative. Having these positions on your resume can show that you didn’t just spend the last four years attending classes and laying around your dorm.

5.   Sisterhood for Life

It goes without saying that the number one reason to join a sorority are the friendships. But it goes beyond new BFFs. It’s that these sisters last a lifetime. You’ll forever be bonded by your years together, and you’ll find many of your sisters present at major life events such as weddings and new job celebrations.

6.   Academic Support

Even if your sorority is purely social, you can find academic support from the built-in network. Struggling to pass Calculus? Call up the math major alumni. Need help reviewing Civil War dates? Ask a sister to read through your study cards together. While it’s tough to manage both worlds, sororities push each member to do their best.

7.   Nonprofit Work

We love sororities because they are committed to not only making their lives more amazing, but they also bring that spirit to their community. Most sororities focus on a particular cause or event, and fundraise or do actual work on a regular basis. This should be a huge deciding factor when picking which to pledge.

8.   Memories for a Lifetime

Finally, this all leads to those scrapbooks, photo frames, hand-painted letters, tickets from events, and tons of other mementos that you’ll walk away with. Your sorority is more than just outings and social calendars, but also about making your college experience that much more memorable.

What You Need to Know About Rushing a Fraternity



You’ve probably seen them around campus or watched them in movies. Maybe your father or brother was a member, and you’re tossing around the idea of being a “legacy.” Whatever your association with fraternities, the decision to rush is one many college students will make this year. But before you sign on as a pledge, here’s what you need to know about the typical fraternity rush process.

1.   You Have Options

One of the most common mistakes is thinking you’ll have to join that “typical” fraternity you probably associate most with the label. The truth is that there is a wide variety of fraternities that will give you the type of brotherhood you want! These even include themed fraternities that are academic, volunteerism, non-residential, etc. based groups that will give you the perks of rushing a fraternity and having membership without putting you through a process you may not want to be part of.

2.   Read Up and Research

Not all fraternities are alike. For example, many fraternities require nonprofit work for members. You may find you support one charity over another and that can be much more appealing than the social calendar of another. Others may be full of athletes while another is for those of a certain major. Some are old and historic while others are looking to change what a frat can do in an ever-changing society. A little research on the history, mission, and past members can give you an idea of each fraternity you’ll meet during pledge week.

3.   Know What You Want

Before you rush, think about what you want from your fraternity. Do you want to be a member of a more prestigious organization that will help you later in life? How about one that will get you tons of social time by living in one of the residences? These are important questions to discuss with your family, friends, and most importantly, yourself.

You should also be conscious to set limits. While many schools have restrictions about what is and isn’t allowed during the rushing of fraternities, some organizations may push these boundaries. If you’re uncomfortable, be sure to talk to past members so you know what you’re getting into before you invest too much time, money, and effort.

4.   You’ll Have to Pay

Before you even think about going out for a fraternity membership, you’ll also need to understand that it isn’t free. Membership dues are required for the majority of non-academic frats, and they can be pricey! Add swag you’ll need to purchase, event tickets, travel, living in residence… it can add up quick! You may want to consider saving up for a year if your eye is on a particular fraternity.

5.   Show Enthusiasm

Rushing can be intimidating, especially if you’re a freshman or transfer student new to campus. Many fraternities recognize that this process can be stressful on you, but you should make the effort back to show that you’re in it to win it. Show them that you’ve researched and really studied their group. Get geared up and excited for pledge events and traditions. And even if you’re just making the round to potential fraternities during pledge week, you should keep an open mind for the organizations you’re not a fan of. Who knows? That fraternity may be full of your new best friends.

6.   Clear Your Calendar

Rushing takes time. Lots of time. While all pledge weeks and events, along with rush requirements, are different, you’ll want to commit a semester, if not a year, to the process. This means planning on attending major events, helping around with charity process, and getting to know your new brothers. (This doesn’t mean giving up on your academics. Fraternities usually have policies in place about GPA and academic standings in regard to who can hold active membership.)

7.   Be Yourself

What fraternities want are people like you — excited, ready to go, and well-informed! Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Expensive suits and talk about your great uncle being a member just doesn’t play well. In fact, it may  turn off a lot of current members during rush. If you’re meant to be a brother, it will happen because you impressed them yourself!

9 Unique Fundraising Ideas for Your Sorority


One of the most rewarding aspects of being a part of a sorority is the community service requirement. Working with your sisters to make a difference can change your whole perception on life. However, raising funds for your big plans or for a worthy cause can be difficult when you’re in college. But with some creativity, drive, and passion, you can take these great ideas to the next level!


1.   Dance Marathon

Hosting a dance, social, or ball has always been a sorority must-do. But what if the party never stopped? And what if the attendees didn’t just show up, but they were sponsored to? Hosting a dance marathon takes loads of advanced pay-off and outside assistance, but it can raise huge amounts when the campus gets involved.

2.   Campus 5K

Races and fun-runs aren’t just popular with college students, but this is a great way to attract attention from a community already familiar with charity giving: runners! Promote your race around the neighborhood or on popular race sites for even more participation and entry fees.

3.   Bailout a Sister

Have a free weekend? Build a makeshift jail near the student union or cafeteria and place a couple of popular sisters (or even brothers) inside for the day. To get out, their “bail” must be paid. Get creative by adding signs of their crimes or making the jailed person annoying enough to grab attention (jail-themed music, cries for freedom, etc.).

4.   Panhellenic Olympics

Raising funds shouldn’t be done alone. Your other Greek friends can play a big role with a fun round of Panhellenic Olympics. Each sorority or frat pays to participate in fun competitions such as bed races, powderpuff football, or miniature golf.

5.   Business Partnership

While not terribly exciting, partnering with businesses is still the most effective way of bringing in quick cash. You can add a bit of a twist by hosting a BINGO night at a local bar or have your girl’s guest waitress for the night.

6.   Silent Date Auction

Silent date auctions are a blast when done right. To make them fun and safe for all involved, don’t offer the girls at a free-for-all style auction on stage. Instead, make sure you set ground rules regarding the date (auction the actual date when possible, such as a gift card to a restaurant when paired with sorority sister). Most of all, don’t pressure any girl to participate who doesn’t want to – a random date can be very intimidating!

7.   Holiday Sales

There is an endless amount of ways you can use the holidays to raise funds. For example, host international students for a Thanksgiving at the house, have a caroling-on-demand troop or pass out Valentines and roses.

8.   Tailgate Cook-Off

You’re already at the games and tailgating with food and games, why not let others join in for a few bucks! Make and publicize a themed tailgate and sell your food, memorabilia and bake goods to sell to hungry football fans. It’s a touchdown for everyone!

9.   Lip Sync Night

Lip sync contests are tons of fun. Giving college kids the chance to show off their own skills can help your charity get the attention it needs. Add in costumes and dances, or throw in twists such as a spin-the-wheel song for finalists.

Getting involved with a great cause is a wonderful thing for your sorority. With these ideas, you can attract not only funds but love to your charity of choice!

Help! My Parents Don’t Want Me to Rush


Making the decision to rush a sorority is not one to take lightly. You will likely need the support (emotionally and financially) from your parents. If your parents don’t agree with your decision to join, you may be facing an even bigger obstacle. However, there are a few easy steps you can take to get your parents on your side and excited for your rush.


1.   Figure Out Their Fears

If your parents don’t want you to join a sorority, it’s most likely because they have a misunderstanding of what it is like to be a sister or brother. That’s why it’s important to get to the bottom of why they dislike the plan. Knowing their personal reasons why will help you get through the next steps.

2.   Give Them the Details

Sororities and fraternities won’t just let you in without disclosing their expectations and requirements. For some, you may have to maintain a certain GPA. Others require that you pay a certain fee or live in a house. Before you bust out with, “Hey mom, I’m rushing!” make sure you are prepared with all the information you can get your hands on. If you can erase their fears by demonstrating that the sorority provides a study group and tutors or that the house allow you to live on campus instead of in a home, you’re more likely to get them on your side.

3.   Introduce Them to an Alumni

Alumni play a very important role in the rushing process. Usually, former sisters and brothers attend recruitment and rush events as a way to show off their success after college. If you have an organization you really love, don’t be afraid to ask them to help you out by having them send your parents an email or to even call them.

4.   Promise to be Upfront

Unfortunately, news stories about pledges going through initiation hazing have many parents on edge about their own children rushing. In many cases, the parents of the victims had no idea what was going on because their children didn’t tell them they were even pledging. Guarantee them that you know how to protect yourself in case you get into a bad situation, and be open to their personal opinions on the situation. Promise to check in every week or more and to email them if you have an important event or party with the details.

5.   Make an Activity Schedule

If your parents are focused on your maintaining your grades once you pledge, you’ll need to show them you can handle the extra load. Create a sample calendar with all of your classes, study times, tutoring sessions, sororityy meetings, and volunteer requirements. Then, go through each item and explain how they can fit in well together. After all, the point of rushing a sorority or fraternity is to not only make friends, but to enhance your college experience. By showing your parents how the organization will work for you, you can assuage their fears and get them on your side.

4 Lies You’ve Been Told About Sorority Life



Recruitment season is back in full swing, and you may be wondering whether it’s something you want to participate in or not. Before you make your final decision, it’s time to clear the air. Everything you’ve heard is not true. If you’ve ever been told you’re not the type, it’s a huge time commitment, it’s an easy way to make friends, or that you’re buying them, it’s a lie.

4. You’re not the type At most schools, there is a place for everyone. Step outside of the stereotypical sorority personality you have conjured up in your head. Not everyone is like that. In fact, most of us aren’t. Don’t let the more cookie cutter houses you visit during recruitment make you believe that that stereotypical sorority girl stigma is true.

3. It’s a huge time commitment It is what you make of it. You’ll have to go to weekly chapter gatherings and meet the semester expectations, but those are fairly limited in most cases. You are in no way required to attend every social event or be on time to everything. If you have soccer, a large class load, or student council, there are always excuse forms for you to fill out. Greeks want you to be a well-rounded person!

2. Joining a sorority is an easy way to make friends If you’re shy, joining a sorority isn’t going to automatically make you super outgoing. Joining a sorority doesn’t also guarantee you friends; it’s no different than college life in general. You need be active, participate, and be open to new friendships. You still have to put in effort.

1. You’re buying your friends Going along with #2, you’re not buying your friends, because they’re not even guaranteed. What you’re buying is cute tees, a new house, yummy meals, social functions, and an incredible amount of philanthropy opportunities. You’ll just find that you make friends along the way.

If you have any doubts, give it a try. You might just be surprised.

Sorority Recruitment Tips



Preparing for sorority recruitment can be a stressful and nerve-racking process, but actual recruitment doesn’t have to be! Recruitment can be a fun and exciting time if you don’t let your negative emotions take over. Here are a few sorority recruitment tips to help get you through your experience and make the most of rush…

Wear something you feel comfortable and confident in It’s noticeable when a girl is fidgeting with the hem of her dress or wobbling in her heels. If you feel good, it will show! Don’t feel pressured to wear something that you normally wouldn’t just to impress.

Realize you’re not the only one who is nervous Some girls that you meet will radiate confidence, but most girls are nervous on the inside, because it is just as important to them that you like their house as it is to you that they want you in it.

Take detailed notes Your leaders will likely advise you of this before you start, but boy did I ignore their advice. Depending on the number of houses at your school, it can be hard to remember every conversation you have at every house. Writing down funbrunette, silly will not help you remember your conversation three days later as much as you thought it would. In order to make your final decision easier, take this tip seriously! Details, details, details.

Be cheery and excited even if that’s not how you feel There’s no doubt about it. The days are long, and by the last house you visit, you are going to be tired of talking. Unfortunately, sometimes your favorites are last, and that means that you still want to show your game face.

Be unique and take initiative Girls ask potential new members the same questions, so make yourself stand out! Don’t be afraid to give a detailed answer or share a story. Talk for a few minutes and be yourself. She’ll be happy not to have to force the conversation with you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions either! It is a welcomed break.

Stay optimistic Houses that you like may drop you. It happens ALL THE TIME – more often than you would even think. But on that note…

Your first instincts may be wrong The house that you think you are in love with, may not be what you’re making it out to be in your mind. If you give other houses a chance, you may come to realize that your first instincts were wrong. The sorority you thought you loved and that dropped you wasn’t actually the best fit for you.

At the end of the day, just breathe and be yourself. This process can lead to great things and a whole lot of memories. You want it to be an amazing experience! Have more questions about sorority recruitment/ college life? Tweet me @aliinbloom, and I’ll answer them next time!