Must-Have Greek Gear for the Fall Season


Greek Gear

Rush season is over, and your houses are set. Now it’s time to settle into Greek life by enjoying the absolute best perk of sorority and fraternity membership: the unity! Whether you’re a Big Sister or a total House Newb, you’ll want to show your Greek pride with these eight must-have Greek gear items.


Sophisticated Dresswear

Heading out for an interview or an important networking event can be nerve-wracking, but having your best brothers and sisters near and dear to you can make it all easier. Select a button-down oxford, blouse, or polo with your letters. Then, pick out a coordinating blazer or jacket that really pops, and you’ll be all set to dominate!


DIY Mugs

If you’re looking for a surprise for your Little Sister or are just in the crafting mood, why not create your own fall gear by creating a mug with your letters! It’s simple, and all you’ll need is a porcelain mug, oil-based sharpies, and your logo or design. Trace onto the mug with the sharpies and then place the mug in the oven at 30 minutes at 350°F. Voilà!


Screen Printed Glasses

Tailgating or spending time out on the lawn doesn’t mean you can go without your colors. We’re totally digging on themed sunglasses, such as these aviators, with your letters printed on them. For ladies, there are tons of retro shade options to fit your style and color choices.


Custom Scarves

‘Tis the season to bundle up in style, so we have our eyes on these awesome sorority and fraternity knit scarfs with sewn-on letters from GreekU! They make awesome holiday gifts as well, so be sure to add them to your wishlist!

And don’t worry, fellas: if scarves aren’t your thing, you can wear your cold weather gear with a custom fraternity hat from online shops such as One Greek Store. It’s all about the cozy knits and the chunky fabrics for this fall.


Branded Rings

Up your accessories game with stackable sterling silver rings with sorority printed. It’s subtle but still high fashion enough that you can wear it just about anytime, anywhere. You can take it one step further and include your family tree by getting three custom rings — for your big sister, your little sister, and you!


Throw-Back T-Shirts

There’s nothing cuter and more in right now than t-shirts and long sleeves that are a bit retro. Take 90’s inspired boomboxes with “Loud and Proud” written all over it or retro skate tops perfect for events out with the girls.


Boots, Shoes, Flipflops, and More!

Okay, so you’re focused on your top, but what about way down to the bottom? Don’t neglect your feet by investing in a rad pair of these sorority Brooklyn Boots with monogrammed letters. Not for you? Go laid back with customizable Converse sneakers by using your sorority or fraternities colors as inspiration.


Zippered Patch Hoodies

With the temperatures dropping, we are certainly living in our favorite sweatshirts and hoodies. Guys who represent are going to need this black, zip-up hoodie with a patch. It’s perfect to wear around campus on chilly mornings or out for late night meetings.


Help! My Parents Don’t Want Me to Rush


Making the decision to rush a sorority is not one to take lightly. You will likely need the support (emotionally and financially) from your parents. If your parents don’t agree with your decision to join, you may be facing an even bigger obstacle. However, there are a few easy steps you can take to get your parents on your side and excited for your rush.


1.   Figure Out Their Fears

If your parents don’t want you to join a sorority, it’s most likely because they have a misunderstanding of what it is like to be a sister or brother. That’s why it’s important to get to the bottom of why they dislike the plan. Knowing their personal reasons why will help you get through the next steps.

2.   Give Them the Details

Sororities and fraternities won’t just let you in without disclosing their expectations and requirements. For some, you may have to maintain a certain GPA. Others require that you pay a certain fee or live in a house. Before you bust out with, “Hey mom, I’m rushing!” make sure you are prepared with all the information you can get your hands on. If you can erase their fears by demonstrating that the sorority provides a study group and tutors or that the house allow you to live on campus instead of in a home, you’re more likely to get them on your side.

3.   Introduce Them to an Alumni

Alumni play a very important role in the rushing process. Usually, former sisters and brothers attend recruitment and rush events as a way to show off their success after college. If you have an organization you really love, don’t be afraid to ask them to help you out by having them send your parents an email or to even call them.

4.   Promise to be Upfront

Unfortunately, news stories about pledges going through initiation hazing have many parents on edge about their own children rushing. In many cases, the parents of the victims had no idea what was going on because their children didn’t tell them they were even pledging. Guarantee them that you know how to protect yourself in case you get into a bad situation, and be open to their personal opinions on the situation. Promise to check in every week or more and to email them if you have an important event or party with the details.

5.   Make an Activity Schedule

If your parents are focused on your maintaining your grades once you pledge, you’ll need to show them you can handle the extra load. Create a sample calendar with all of your classes, study times, tutoring sessions, sororityy meetings, and volunteer requirements. Then, go through each item and explain how they can fit in well together. After all, the point of rushing a sorority or fraternity is to not only make friends, but to enhance your college experience. By showing your parents how the organization will work for you, you can assuage their fears and get them on your side.