Emma Z – The Little Black Dress



My name is Emma Z and I write a blog called Behind The Leopard Glasses. I blog about fashion, food, travel, and life. Today I am bringing you a post about Spicing up your Little Black Dress (LBD)!

A LBD is a simple piece that can do magic in your wardrobe. I wanted to bring three simple additions to your little black dress that will take your look to the next level!

Look 1: Add a scarf, leopard touches, and fun stockings!

Emma Z. from Behindtheleopardglasses.com

Emma Z. from Behindtheleopardglasses.com

What I Wore: glasses-Jean LaFont, dress- Forever 21, scarf & stockings- DSW, heels- Christian Siriano for Payless

Look 2: Add a denim jacket & loafers for a casual look


What I Wore: glasses- Jean LaFont, dress- Forever 21, necklace- local Pharmacy, jacket- vintage Levis, stockings- Target, loafers- Sam & Libby for Target

Look 3: Add leather for a rocker look!


What I Wore: glasses –ย BonLook, dress- Forever 21, necklace- Cake for Breakfast, leather jacket- Members Only via ModCloth, heels- Kate Young for Target

Bottom line,

throw on a statement necklace

& some fun accessories


& when wearing your LBD don’t forget a fun lip stick,


Thanks for reading =)

stay tuned for my next installment!



A Look into this Blogger’s Life


Hi, readers!

My name is Joanna and I am looking forward to being a regular blogger for OCM! I first learned of OCM when I attended the National College and University Residence Hall’s — more commonly known by it’s acronym, NACURH — national conference at the University of Pittsburgh in June. I always knew of the things OCM provided to my campus, but I never knew that OCM was behind it all. Since I enjoyed what they had to offer at NACURH, I liked them on Facebook to keep up-to-date on all things OCM. When I saw the posting to become a blogger about pretty much all things related to on-campus life, I jumped for the opportunity!

I know I have a mini bio that introduces me, but I liked to give you all a deeper look into my life — not to list off my resume, but to give you a glimpse into the various topics I will blog about.

If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s my obsession with TV shows. Now I’m not a TV junkie; there just isn’t enough time in a day to actually sit down and turn on my little TV in my room. With the help of Netflix, however, I have become attached to a select few of wonderful shows: Scrubs, Parks and Recreation, and The Office. I’ve tried to watch other shows, but these three are the ones that have stuck by my side. For Scrubs and The Office, I got into them because I had always seen random episodes on TV and realized that I needed to understand the story lines to get what was going on. (I’m really big into looking at the bigger picture of a show than just watching it for entertainment. Of course, I laugh my butt off all the time watching these shows!) I started to watch Parks and Recreation because I was told by many of my friends that I would enjoy it, and they certainly were right about that!

Another thing you should know about me is that I am a Resident Assistant and love my job! I love getting to know new people — on my staff, throughout the rest of Residence life, and my residents. I’m in my second year as a RA and I’ve learned so much about myself by holding this position. Yes, I have had some difficult times as a RA, but the positive aspects of the position are definitely worth it all! It’s because of my job as a RA that I want to go into Student Affairs.

In addition to being a RA, I love getting involved with a variety of organizations on campus; sometimes I’m overwhelmed by the amount that I have on my plate, but the people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve had make it worth it, most of the time. I get to write for my school newspaper, be apart of a sorority of people I wouldn’t have met otherwise, and do tons of service and recognition with NRHH. (I will have a post soon about being involved with these things.) All in all, I wouldn’t be who I am today without these organizations.

Well, I think that’s a good amount of things to know about me for now. You’ll definitely get to know more about me through my future posts, but this is a good basis for what a good amount of my blogging will include.

Talk to y’all later!

–Joanna ๐Ÿ™‚