10 Halloween Costumes You Can Make In Your Dorm Room


Making your own costume is a must when you’re on budget. But when you’re a college student living in a tiny dorm room with limited crafting resources, making your own Halloween costume can be tricky. We picked out our top ten creative ideas for college-approved costumes to help you pick out your winning look.

     1.Crazy Cat Lady

Bedhead, mixed matched clothes, stuffed cats pinned to your clothes or carried in a purse. That’s all you need to pull off this nightmare costume!

     2. Candy Crush

There are so many food-related DIY ideas out there. Our favorites are a gumball machine (red skirt or pants and taped fuzzy, colored balls to a white t-shirt), pineapple (yellow dress with green, leafy headdress), and can of soda (dress or single colored outfit with your flavor printed across your chest and a tin colored paper plate hat as the cap). So easy and sweet!

     3. Stickfigure

White shirt and pants and black electrical tape lining the body make an instant stick figure. Add string, battery powered lights and you’re the glow-in-the-dark version! Another twist is to be the women’s or men’s bathroom man or woman using cardboard cutouts.

     4. LEGO Piece

A large Amazon box and glued on containers painted in one color makes the perfect lego you can wear around all night. The trick is finding a box big enough!

     5. Fortune Teller

If you’re into the boho look, you can basically take anything in your wardrobe (crazy colored skirt or pants, bright colored top, knit sweater, and oversized headband) and go with it. Bring a crystal ball (glowing bouncy ball works) to tell fortunes all night.

     6. Game Piece

If you have a suit, you can be the Monopoly man with his monocle and fake money. You can DIY a Guess Who piece with a cardboard frame and some inspiration from the real characters. Add Operations cute body parts to nude colored clothing (and don’t forget the red undies). Or, consider buying the Twister mat and DIY-ing a simple dress for the night.

     7. Work of Art

If you’re great with makeup and a fan of fine art, combine your skills and recreate your favorite painting. Some popular choices include the Girl with the Pearl Earring, a Lichtenstein character, or even a Greek statue.

     8. Emoji Characters

A yellow outfit and some cut out facial expressions makes a quick and easy emoji. You can also be the more expressive emojis out there like the boy running or the girl crossing her arms.

     9. Brand Labels

Starbucks lovers can become a cup of whatever they order with a white or brown outfit and the Starbucks logo wrapped around their waist (giant green straw optional). Flannel loving guys with a beard (or a fake one if you have the patience to draw or glue one on) make great Brawny paper towel men. If you’ve got a yellow raincoat and an umbrella, you can become the Morton Salt girl in seconds! Get creative with your pantry items.

     10. Protesting Halloween

Maybe you’re not in the spirit or Halloween isn’t your thing. That’s okay too. Instead of playing along, make the message loud and clear by dressing in another holiday’s outfit instead. Wear an ugly Christmas sweater or a Santa costume. Bring out the Easter bunny baskets and ears. Go all Uncle Sam. It’ll have everyone talking!

Dorm Hall Decorating Ideas: Halloween Edition


Halloween Dorm Decorating

To quote one of our favorite movies, “This is Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!” Can you tell we’re thrilled it’s finally here? And it’s not just because we love the extra candy and the DIY costume ideas floating around our newsfeeds. We’re also excited to get decorating! From dorm building hallways, shared common spaces, and personal bedrooms, these dorm hall decorating ideas are the perfect mixture of funky and spooky.


The Scary Hands Door

One of our worst nightmares is that movie scene where a hand pops out of nowhere and grabs us from behind. You can give your dorm room door this terrifying treatment by attaching painted hands to your dorm door using removable hooks or tack. Find them at the dollar store, give them a gray or green tint and paint the nails black. If they can hold weight, place apples, candy, spiders, or other creepy and fun things in their hands.


Sassy Pumpkins

You can’t leave a real carved pumpkin sitting outside your dorm door (unless your roommates are totally cool with bugs or rotting vegetables), but you can make your custom pumpkin look. Purchase plastic pumpkins from craft stores and spray paint them white or black. Then, use stick-on letters to write funny or sarcastic phrases. Spray paint again and then peel the letters off for an awesome pumpkin that’s totally you.


Ghost String Lights

Lighting is essential for the right Halloween theme. If your lights allow, add a bit of a fun twist by using lightweight, white fabric to tie around the top of the light for the head and let the rest hang down for the body. Add eyes with permanent markers and you’ve got ghost string lights that are totally adorable!


Harry Potter Candles

Speaking of lighting, if you’re a big fan of the Harry Potter series, you may be like us and totally jealous of Hogwart’s floating candles. But you don’t need magic to pull this Halloween decoration off. What you do need are tons of electronic candles and toilet rolls decorated to look like candles (with the e-lights turned on inside). String clear fishing wire or twine through the roll and make small punches into the side and hang from your dorm hall ceiling. Add witches hats, brooms, bats, and wands if you want less of a Harry Potter look.


The Custom Silhouette

Shadows in the dark can be just as terrifying as what’s making them. But with the lights on in your shared hallway, you need to add a bit of creative fright. Have your roommates or dorm mates model for their own silhouette. Have them pose in capes or costumes while you trace around their body. Then, paint black and stick to the walls outside their doors. It’s a simple DIY that gets everyone involved and shows off their Halloween spirit.


Framed Haunted Relatives

Picture frames are essential for all dorm rooms, so why not get them into the Halloween action? Purchase ornate frames from vintage shops or crafting stores and spray paint them black. Add fake dust or cobwebs, and then add in creepy vintage photos. Our suggestion: Google “Vintage Halloween Pictures” for some absolutely crazy and real old-timey Halloween costumes that will keep your guests talking long after their visit is through.

The Best Halloween Care Packages


Halloween Care Packages

Halloween is here, and most college students are excited for one of the most fun nights of the year. But even though they’re long past the age to go trick or treating, that doesn’t mean you can’t provide them with a little fun this holiday! With a little help from OCM’s awesome line of themed care packages, you can treat your college student to a bit of ghoulish delight! Here are just a few of our top picks.

Signature Halloween Cupcakes

Cupcakes are totally in this season, which means your favorite student will love receiving a collection of Halloween cupcakes in their mail. Four jumbo-sized cupcakes means they can even share with a roommate or friend, and the flavors are packed with fall fun. They’ll love the Pumpkin Spiced Jack O’Lantern, Candy Corn, Spider Chocolate, and Cobweb Confetti!

Power Workout Potion

If your student’s ideal costume is 80’s workout leotards or a muscle man suit, they’re probably less concerned about sweets and more focused on getting their reps in. With the Power Workout Potion package, you’ll keep them on the right track by fueling their run or lifting session. Complete with Gel Shots, Clif Bars, and Yogi Tea, there’s something for every top or aspiring athlete in or out of their costume.

Power Workout Potion

Scare Package

One of our three more traditional care gifts, the Scare Package is perfect for a surprise that won’t shock the budget. Full of favorite treats from their trick or treating days, your college student will enjoy digging into bite-sized chocolate bars, M&Ms, Oreos, and more! Topped off with a spooky Pez dispenser and candy corn, they’ll be hyped up for the holiday! Want more or less, check out the Trick or Treater and the Ghoulish Goodies for even more options.

Scare Package

Haunted House Halloween Gift Tower

Looking to cast a spell on your student? The perfect package to impress is hands down the Haunted House Halloween Gift Tower. Decorated like their favorite haunted house, the boxes are filled to the brim with enough candy to last them until the holidays. The bottom layer is additionally packed with colorful candy and caramel popcorn for an extra treat they’ll really love.

Hobgoblin Healthy Blend

If your college student more terrified of gaining the freshman 15 or is focused on fitting into their favorite costume, the Hobgoblin Healthy Blend is the perfect selection. We’ve cut out the candy and honed in on the good stuff — granolas, fruit leathers, fall favorite soups, corn chips, raw apple chips, tea, and more! For a gluten free option, you can select the Gluten Free Halloween, and vegans will enjoy the Vanishing Vegan.

Hobgoblin Healthy Care Package

Love From Home Plan

You don’t have to stop at just gifting for Halloween! Care packages make every holiday special by providing your student with a little love and care straight from home. The Love From Home Plan is just one of several options that ensures your college student receives packages year round. The Love From Home features the Trick or Treater, the Valentine Surprise, the Out of the Blue Package, the Fall Finals Support Package, the Shamrock Surprise, the Easter Care Package, and the Energy Pack.

5 Transitions into Fall Fun


Fall Activites

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (Christmas aside)!! The leaves are starting to change, the air has a slight crispness to it, and the faint aromas of apples and cinnamon seem to hang in the air. That’s right…Fall is here! And there are so many different ways to celebrate.

1.) Go apple picking!

Wizard of Oz

Image via Giphy

Grab a few girlfriends and go apple picking!

2.) Bundle up!


Image via Giphy

Seriously, it can go from nice 75° one day to a breezy 60° the next.

3.) Visit a local farmer’s market!


Image via Giphy

This is the best way to support local organic farmers, and makes for a fun outing with your friends or family!

4.) Make some seasonal goodies!

Pie Animated

Image via Giphy

Make all the pies and fall-themed goodies imaginable. Yum.

5.) Stay in with a fall movie!

charlie brown pumpkin

Image via Giphy

If it’s too chilly to head outside, why not bundle up on a couch and watch a fall classic?


What is your favorite time of year?

What are some ways that you are looking forward to celebrating fall?


9 Cool Ideas for a College Guy’s Halloween Costume


College Guys Halloween Costume

With just about a month left to get your Halloween plans in order, it’s time to think about what you’ll wear for a costume. From scary to funny puns, these 9 cool ideas for the college guy’s Halloween costume ideas are sure to get everyone talking.

1. Twister Board

The easiest costumes are often the best. Take a white shirt and pants and either draw or stick on round circles in Twister board colors (red, green, blue, and yellow). Borrow or make a spinner and call out commands throughout the night to get everyone playing along.

2. Stick Figure

White t-shirts are certainly best friends of DIY and last-minute, low-effort costumes. For the stick figure, you’ll use a white shirt, white pants, and a white face mask and draw the classic wiggly, childish lines of a badly drawn stick figure.

3. Superhero In Progress

We all own at least one or two superhero shirts, but just wearing those for Halloween is lame. Instead, spice it up by dressing as a superhero in transition. Think Clark Kent changing into his Superman attire with suit unbuttoned showing a hint of his superman outfit, tie (stuck with pins) flying in the wind, cape sticking out the back, and nerd glasses still on face. You can pull this off with just about any superhero from Batman to Hulk.

4. Headless Horseman

If you’re ready to impress, the Headless Horseman is how to do it. You’ll need a large cardboard box or two to create the shoulders, chest, and to cut out the neck. Then, cover it in oversized clothes that you can slip out of easily and mark where your eyes are so you can cut out later. Then, take a large jar or clear tub and place a large softball inside with a picture of your head wrapped around it for added effect.

5. Mario or Luigi

All you need are red or green shirts, overalls, white gloves, and a killer (if needed, fake) mustache to recreate your favorite video game character. Just don’t forget the cap with the logos! Thrift for a cheap version you won’t mind writing or sewing on decals.

6. Wacky Tourist

Pick up an old school camera from the attic and a fanny pack from a less stylish friend or family member for the wacky or lost tourist look. Dress in your favorite Bahama shirt, add a dorky hat and sunglasses, and carry around a map or guidebooks for your town to make this cheap Halloween costume really work.

7. Tetris Piece

Group costumes in college are the best, especially if you can get a group in on it. Our favorite twist is to recreate a Tetris board with each person as a classic piece. You’ll just need packing boxes glued together and then painted in red, green, or blue. Throughout the night, you can play an epic game if you get enough people participating.

8. Toy Army Man

Got green paint? You’re set. Cover yourself and your clothing (add a bike helmet in place of an army version) in army green paint and then pose in-place like the favorite GI toy. You can add the foot plate using cardboard, but it won’t be easy getting around throughout the night!

9. Piece of Art

Speaking of paint — if you’re an artist, you can make yourself up to look like one of the classics. Take Van Gogh’s self-portrait. Wear a blue jacket, yellow straw hat, and paint yourself to mimic the colors. It may take a long time to really get this look down, but it looks awesome with a backless gold frame.

8 Ideas for Staying in on Halloween


Being a college student during Halloween is not the same as celebrating in high school. With no opportunities to go trick-or-treating and parties cutting into your important study schedule, you may have to or even want to stay in this holiday. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Whether you invite your friends over for a little bash or spend the evening on your own, you can have a great Halloween with these fun ideas.


1.   Watch a Movie Marathon

What better time than to break out your favorite horror movie? Go for classics like Night of the Living Dead or Godzilla. But if terrors aren’t your thing, there are kooky, fun Halloween movies that are crowd pleasers like the beloved Hocus Pocus or It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

2.   Cook a Fall Feast

Candy is for kids. Full meals are for adults with great taste palettes. Stick with seasonal foods such as a pumpkin ravioli, potpies, or apple crisps. Add in a cider if the night is cool enough. You can also go for a fun twist by cooking up spooky recipes like dirt cake, coffin shaped sandwiches, or Frankenstein burritos.

3.   Make a Spooky Dance Party

Who needs loud, expensive clubs to get the party started? You can make a dance party in your own dorm room with a speaker, low lights, and a great Halloween mix. You can play “Monster Mash,” and great dancing tunes like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell,” Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London,” or Bette Midler’s cover of “I Put a Spell on You.”

4.   Throw a Themed Costume Contest

Costumes are a must, that’s for sure. But lately, creativity has really sunk with most going to a store and buying a costume in a box. Instead, challenge your friends to come up with a homemade costume using items that they have in their own dorms.

5.   Play Halloween Games

You’re never too old to bob for apples or to blindfold a friend and have them guess a gooey, scary concoction! Even the Ouija board can be a great way to bring some fun to an evening at home.

6.   DIY Time

It may be too late to carve a pumpkin, but it isn’t too late to DIY a mask or cape. You can also make Halloween themed nail art or give yourself a facemask using grotesque-looking items like green clay or avocado.

7.   Binge on Candy

The best part of Halloween is, without a doubt, pigging out on candy! But just because you’re not a trick-or-treater doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it! Grab a bag of candy and chow down.

8.   Read Creepy Ghost Stories

Ghost stories or other haunted tales are still one of the best ways to get a fright in. Pick up classics by Stephen King or browse the internet for real ghost stories. You may just spend the entire Halloween night curled up in bed with a book and a flashlight!

Will you be staying in this Halloween? How do you plan on celebrating?

10 Halloween Night Safety Tips to Follow


Is Halloween your favorite night? We bet you’re not alone! Tons of college student’s look forward to the spook-tacular end of October where they can dress up. There are tons of parties and get-togethers in dorm rooms or clubs, so you don’t necessarily have to go trick-or-treating to have a blast. But whether you’re chowing down on candy, showing off your costume, or walking around outside be sure you are safe and secure by sticking to these 10 Halloween night tips.


1.   Travel in Groups

If you’re going out at night, bring a buddy or travel in a group. If you leave a party early, wait until someone you know or trust is ready to leave with you so you don’t have to go it alone.

2.   Let Someone Know Where You Are

Before you head out, let your roommate or friend know where you are with a note, text, or email. Give them details such as the name of the host, the friends you are with, or the restaurants you plan on visiting. If anything should happen, this will keep them in the know.

3.   Check Your Goodies Out

Even as an adult, you should be particular about your candy and drinks. Don’t drink something you didn’t order, and never eat candy that has been unwrapped. If you have food allergies, carry an epinephrine pen or other medication just in case.

4.   Use Campus Security Escorts

Campus security officers are always on duty, and you should use them if traveling late at night on Halloween. Don’t be afraid to call for an escort or ride back to you car, no matter the circumstance. They are happy to help keep you safe!

5.   Lock Up Your Valuables

Having friends or new people over? Stash away your favorite necklace or put your goods in a lock box under your bed. While you hate to think anything would happen, that’s usually the time it does.


6.   Avoid Dangerous Costumes

You’ve got a great costume, but can you walk in those heels? Can you see through the mask? Does your accessories look or could be labeled as a weapon? Before you go out, wear it around a bit to see if it causes any red flags.

7.   Stay in a Public Area

Don’t take the shortcut a friend told you on Halloween. Stick to familiar walking paths, well-lit streets, or friend’s dorm rooms. It may be tempting, but it’s better to be overly safe than to risk it.

8.   Carry Cash

Like most people, you probably rely on a debit or credit card to pay for everything. However, on Halloween, bring along some emergency cash — enough for gas, a cab, and/or a phone call home.

9.   Be Cautious With Strangers

If you’re at a party with people you don’t know (or don’t know well), be sure to be cognizant of your surroundings. Making new friends is great, but don’t leave with them or get stuck alone. Exchange numbers and meet up on another day.

10.  Know When to Say Goodnight

Only you can know your limits. Set yourself a curfew and stick with it. Staying safe on Halloween is far more important than sticking around for an hour extra.


How do you plan on celebrating Halloween while staying safe? Let us know!

8 Different & Fresh Costume Ideas for College Students


Halloween is the time to let your creative style shine! But costumes from the stores can be so dated or unoriginal. If you’re stuck on what costumes you can make on a budget or wow your party guests with, these suggestions are the perfect alternatives to what you can buy in the store.


1.   Your Professor

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If you have a professor with a unique sense of style or personality (as well as a really good sense of humor), take the time to make an outfit that will impress other students while giving you a chance to let loose after class.

2.   Piece of Art

Do you imagine yourself good looking enough to hang in a museum? Why not make yourself the art! Grab a costume that resembles your favorite art piece (such as overalls for American Gothic). Then, add an oversized frame to carry around through the evening.

3.   Black and White Movie

Vintage lovers will totally flip for a black and white noir themed costume. Grab only black and white clothing along with black, white, and gray face paint and temporary hair coloring. Paint your skin to resemble the grays and whites of someone on television and dye your hair black. You can even go for particular characters like Lucy from I Love Lucy or the couple from The Honeymooners.

4.   Sushi Platter

Group costumes are a blast. But if you don’t have much money or time to waste, go with food-inspired outfits like sushi! Each pick out your favorite piece of sushi. Then wear a white shirt and pants. Use dollar store pillows with paint to create the salmon, shrimp, or more and then wrap a black tie to hold it in place. Instant sushi!

5.   Sweet Treats

Like sushi, candy can also be a quick costume idea. Blow up colored balloons and use a large, transparent bag to hold them in for a packet of jelly beans. Print out the Starbucks logo to tape to a white shirt and add a white hat and a green tube to be transformed into a latte. Use fabric swatches in orange, yellow, and white along with a white party hat to make a candy corn costume.

6.   Piñata

If time isn’t pressing, you can make yourself into a real life piñata complete with candy! Get a thrift store dress that you won’t mind ruining. Then, use colorful paper to make rows of frayed material. Use fabric glue to stick the rows of paper onto the dress. Then, add a pointed party hat to seal the deal. Carry around a stick and hand out candy if you want to be a real crowd-pleaser.

7.   Favorite Brand

Get your inspiration from things in your dorm room! Wear pink bunny ears and all pink outfit along with a drum to become the Energizer Bunny. Find a yellow coat and shoes along with a white umbrella to look like the Morton Salt girl. Don a tux, a curly mustache, and a monocle to become Mr. Moneybags from the Monopoly game.  Wear a large brown dress and a yellow hat to portray Mrs. Butterworth.

8.   Stick Figure

Modern lovers of simplicity will love creating their own stick figure costume! Using a white t-shirt, pants, and gloves, draw the lines of stick figure onto your clothing using a fabric marker. For your face, use black lipstick or liner to make the famous, poorly drawn circle face. Your friends will love your creativity!

10 Alternatives to Halloween Candy


Trick or ….? If you’re gearing up for a Halloween party or even passing out goodies to kids in costumes, it’s great to remember that not everyone is into candy. With food allergies and diets in mind, candy won’t please everyone you are hosting. Instead of filling up their bags with sugar and chocolates, check out these inexpensive alternatives to Halloween candy even college kids will dig!


1.   Healthy Snacks

Popcorn, granola bars, clementines in the shape of pumpkins — if food is the way you are going, you don’t have to rely on those messy, unhealthy snacks in a wrapper!

2.   Stickers and Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a great little gift for college students who love to be nostalgic for their younger years. Alternatively, stickers are an excellent idea for decorating laptops, backpacks, or even just to wear during a party. Pick out spooky ghosts, ghouls, or DIY your own custom washable tattoos.

3.   Glow Sticks

Having a midnight bash to celebrate? Outfit everyone’s goodie bag with enough glowing accessories to be seen. Try funky glasses, rainbow-colored necklaces, or even crowns.

4.   Spooky Costume Jewelry

As a kid, you probably leapt for joy (or spooks) over spider rings or necklaces in the shape of snakes. Now your guests can rock costumes with throwback Halloween accessories perfect for the occasion.

5.   DIY Masks and Capes

Why do all the work when you can have your trick-or-treaters walk away with their own, custom masks or capes! Set up a station with blank masks or material for capes, markers, feathers, glitter, and fabric paint. They’ll love getting creative and walking away with a free costume!

6.   Slime and Play-Doh

Miniature tubes of play-doh are a perfect take-away. Grab some in the holiday colors of orange, black, or even red. Add in some tiny cookie cutters in the shapes of ghosts or skeleton heads.

7.   Stick-On Mustaches

Mustaches are totally in with university students. Having a mustache mystery party complete with a make your own stick-on-mustache table is a fabulous way of getting everyone in on the theme. Buy a pack of cheap costume mustaches and set out some scissors, combs, and wax. You’d be amazed at how you can style yours!

8.   Party Poppers

Having a big party or bash? Celebrating the bewitching hour with a bang? Add in a party popper full of Halloween confetti.

9.   Black Makeup

Girl’s Nights for Halloween should be all about the gothic makeup. Black eyeshadow, black lipstick, black nail polish, and more! You’ll feel like a bad girl with the look to match.

10.  Mini-Pumpkins

Tiny pumpkins are a great decor item for a college student’s dorm. Whether you buy them off the farm or the plastic variety, they are great to hand out without weighing down treat bags.


Dorm Hallway Decor Ideas for Halloween


Counting down the days to Halloween night can be agonizing. With so many parties, costume opportunities, and awesome food ideas, the anticipation is probably building. When you were living at your parents house, there was plenty of space to decorate and get spooky! However, living in a small space like a residence hall dorm usually means sacrificing on decorating for holidays. Don’t worry, take these ideas and work with your roommates (and neighbors!) to decorate your dorm hallway for Halloween, you’ll get in the spooky spirit!


1.   The Pumpkin Patch

Want to be tame without missing out on the spirit? Host a pumpkin-carving contest for anyone interested. Then, have dorm room residents vote on their favorites displayed along the hallway. You can take it a step up and turn this into a fundraiser! Residence can deposit money in their favorite pumpkin. This not only benefits an organization in need, it also displays the creative energy of you and your neighbors!

While keeping real pumpkins in your dorm can get stinky and messy fast, you can still create an awesome Jack O’Lantern display with plastic pumpkins. Paint them instead of carving, this way you can still host your fundraising!

2.   The Bat Cave

Bats are a staple of Halloween décor. Take advantage of your hallway and turn it into a deep, dark cavern where the bats will fly out of! Cover your hallway in brown, gray, or black paper first to give it that dark cave feel. Then, trace black bats onto thick card paper. Using clear wire or light colored string, hang at different lengths from your hallway ceiling. Add sticky spider webs and fake spiders throughout the display for added effect.

3.   The Crime Scene

You don’t have to get bloody or gruesome to pull off a crime scene theme. Instead, find the infamous caution tape at party stores and cover dorm doors in it. Then, trace your friend’s body with white scotch tape onto the floor. Add footprints, police lights, or cones for a more authentic feel.

4.   The Skeleton Party

Plastic skeletons are great buys for the holidays. Take apart the skeletons and create a scene where the body parts are sticking or hanging out of the walls. Alternatively, position them so they appear to be dancing, sharing drinks, or putting on makeup. Add clothing, wigs, or costumes for a cheeky, fun feel. Whether you’re going for frights or fun, this idea will be sure to please the entire hallway!

5.   The Spook Factor

There are a lot of little things you can do if you are not a huge fan of specific things to make a creepy space out of the hallway. For example, rip black trash bags and hang from doorways and ceilings. Add ghosts and ghouls made from cheesecloth or sheets from the walls. Make a prison scene with bars and spooks inside. You can also add humor by making funny headstones to cover the hallway and floor. The grave’s the limit with Halloween hallway decorating ideas!