Gift Giving On Campus – Under $10!



With the end of fall semester comes the holiday season. When doing your holiday shopping, don’t forget to add your new college friends to the list! Getting gifts for the people you’ve met and became friends with at school is a kind gesture to show you appreciate their friendship. Since you’ve only known each other for a short while (and you’re all broke college students) you’re not expected to spend an arm and a leg on gifts for them. If you want to get your friends something nice at a low price, take a look at this list of thoughtful holiday gifts under $10 that you can buy or do it yourself.

Spa-In-A-JarSpa in a Jar
For your friend who deserves to pamper herself, give her the gift of a spa in a jar. You can easily create this with just a few items. Start with a mason jar and fill it with soothing supplies. Fuzzy socks, nail polishes, small bottles of lotions, chocolates, etc! You can even decorate the jar to jazz it up a bit. Alternatively, you could help your friend’s experience in the dorm spa (ahem, “bathrooms”) by purchasing an essential shower caddie!





Candy Sleighs 

sleighs-done Another fun DIY gift, candy sleighs are easy to make and fun to receive. You can create all kinds of concoctions with this gift. Start off with two candy canes and a wide candy bar (Kit Kats work great.) Then stack layers of treats on top and secure them with a ribbon and a bow. You can add things like packs of tissues, hand sanitizers, more candy, and $5 gift cards to their favorite coffee place.



Decorative Coffee Mug
$_35 Got a friend who’s into photography? They’ll absolutely love this camera lens coffee mug! For less than $10 you can get this 12oz mug that looks just like a photographer’s lens. They can look cute while toting coffee from class to class! Everyone is going to want to know where they got that mug. Alternatively, you can fill it with candy for a tasty surprise!




Framed Memories

best_friends_photo_frame__86452_zoom A great keepsake gift to give your friends is a framed photo of you guys. This gift is easy to put together, very low in cost, and overflowing with sentimental goodness. You can never go wrong with gifting frames, they are classic and everyone loves the way they can dress up a dorm room! Consider a frame with a sweet quote or saying on it to make it extra special.




Warm Winter Wishesglobb
For your friend who’s always texting, consider gifting a pair of texting gloves. Their specially designed thumb and fingertip areas allow you to text while keeping your gloves on. Add some warmth to this cozy gift by adding some packs of hot cocoa and wrapping it all together with a ribbon. If you want to help keep your friend warm while she’s hanging out in the dorm room, considering buying her one of these colorful college blankets from OCM. Your friend will appreciate these winter essentials.




Funny Slippers

slipper For your friend who is always making you laugh, give them something their sense of humor will love. Funny novelty slippers are both cozy and comical. Your friend will use them all the time and always think of you when she wears them. You can find all types of slipper designs online for less than $10.




cookeiSweet Holiday Treats

If you want to get someone the perfect gift, but can’t quite put your finger on what to get them, you can’t go wrong with sweets! Bake your friend their favorite cookies or get them a box of delicious chocolates and you have a yummy gift they’ll love. Wrap it in colorful paper and tie with a bow. Everyone loves cookies, you can’t go wrong with this option!



These are just a few examples of gifts you can give this holiday season! What have you given to friends in the past? Let us know in the comments below!


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The Holiday Season is Upon us! Need the Perfect Gift?


It’s about that time to start checking all those very special elves off your list. December marks the beginning of a fun and festive month filled with great food, loving family & friends and a whole lot of presents! If you’re anything like me, you start planning your gift-lists two months in advance. But let’s face it, sometimes those last minute gifts are a necessity when you don’t know what to buy. With thousands of technological gadgets, sports team memorabilia, house furnishing desires and more, it can sometimes be hard to pick just the right thing. This year, we’re introducing our very first ‘Holiday Gift Guide’ to help you get everything you need all in one place. From thousands of wall art, canvases and decals to choose from to holiday decorations, pro-sports gear and more, we’re stocking up the market to make your holiday gifting a breeze! Here’s a sneak peek of what you can find at our home.

1) Wall Art GALORE: We’re not kidding when we say you’ll spend hours trying to pick which posters, canvases and wall decals you want. We even have larger-than-human size wall decals of your loved one’s favorite sports players. And, with our posters running from just $8.00 and up, you don’t have to pick just one! Big Bang Theory, Godfather, Family Guy, Old School, Twilight, Game of Thrones and more – we’ve got the entire selection, right here.



2) The All New FAN ZONE! Sports Lovers, UNITE: From leather recliners, director’s chairs, wall pennants, to garden gnomes and beyond, we’ve got a large selection of items in all your favorite teams. From NFL to NHL, MLB and more!

1230525__dteg7e4nxklwfrbqpujczixrnrm3) Holiday Decorations You Can Really STICK to: Decorating for the holidays is always fun and exciting. You get the tree, decorate it with ornaments and hang the lights. The holiday plate-ware makes it’s appearance for the first time in the season, and the mistletoe comes out. Now you can spruce up your festive decorations with holiday decor at the market. Our large holiday themed wall decals make a statement and are hassle-free to remove!



Want to see more? Check out our Gift Guide and make all your seasons bright!

Happy New Year! Head Back to Campus Refreshed


From everyone here at OCM, we’d like to wish you a very warm and happy 2013! We hope you thoroughly enjoyed your holidays and had a blast ringing in the new year. After a long year of college applications, acceptance letters and moving into your very first dorm, there’s a lot to be proud of yourself for! You’ve come along way and accomplished what you set out to do. You may have found a new sense of independence or motivation from moving away from home and meeting new people in new surroundings. You’ve learned what it feels like to be on your own and take your responsibilities by the horns. This is a great step that will help you grow as a person and as a student. You have taken the largest leap in bettering your future!

Your first break home for the holidays can feel too good to be true. Your mom washes your 9 bags of laundry you’ve had piling up in your dorm, there’s always a fresh, warm meal on the table, and gas money is never too far out of reach. Most of your friends also come home (if they didn’t travel) and you quickly slip back into a familiar routine. This is a great time to relax and rejuvenate so you can head back to school with a fresh mind. But for some, this vacation home leaves them feeling a new sense of homesickness they thought they had finally gotten over. The first thing to coping with homesickness is to remember that home is always there. You may be living on campus for an extended period of time, but your family is always a phone call away. Over time you’ll learn to make your dorm a second home where you study hard and motivate yourself until your next trip home. Instead of looking at the end of your holiday break as a dreadful moment in time, try to look at it as if you’re getting a fresh start for a new semester. You’ve already put ‘x’ amount of classes behind you, now on to the next!

Use your time at home wisely: catch up with friends you haven’t talked to in a while, visit family members and spend time telling them all about your life on campus, get all of your doctor’s and dentist appointments up to date, relax, learn to cook, whatever you need to give yourself a bright and fresh start. The holiday vacation is a time to finally get around to all those things you may not have had adequate time for before. Getting all of these things off your mind and checked off your list will lighten your mental load and leave you feeling refreshed and new for your new classes. When you get back to campus, try reorganizing your space or cleaning any clutter you accumulated during your study sessions. Don’t throw away important papers and documents but instead find a stylish and functional way to organize them. Spend a little extra time cleaning out your desk, backpack and anything else that’s been shoved under the bed or in the deep spaces of your dorm closet. Take advantage of some stylish dorm accessories to organize your space such as letter trays, pencil holders, notebooks and more. An organized mind is a happy mind, and you’ll feel ready to start the new semester with a clean and organized space!

New Look and Feel For a New Year


The year has almost come to an end. After this Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and Hanukkah, New Years Eve and beyond, we’ve successfully made it through to 2013! It’s hard to believe that 2012 has flew right by us. With the New Year comes new resolutions and, a new you. So, what are we doing to show you a new us? We’re excited to show you our new website with new gifts and goods for everyone in the family! If you don’t have the link handy, head on over to and let me guide you through all of our new and exciting features. If you’re a chocoholic, keep your taste buds calm- there’s sweet treats you won’t be able to refuse.

1) The first new thing you’ll notice is a brand new home page. Notice anything interesting? That’s right! We’ve got Teddy Bears shipped from the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory itself, stitched to completion with warmth and love. We’ve got a bear for every occasion, keeping our selection stocked with the perfect variety of cuddle buddies for everyone in the family. Need to send a little good luck or inspiration? We’ve got the cutest Good Luck Wishes Fairy Bear that comes with wishing stones in a magic carrying bag. Need to send some one a reminder that they’re EXTRA loved? We’ve got the perfect bear- a huge Hunk’a Love Bear made big enough for the perfect bear hug. Whatever the case may be, we’ve got the selection for your bear-y special recipient. Shop Bears!

2) The next thing you’ll notice (and it’s almost impossible not to) is a delicious selection of rich, decadent, deliciously photographed brownies. We’ve got brownie sprites, morsels, and mouthwatering full sized brownies for every occasion. Buy them for yourself or ship them to a loved one- no one’s judging… but be prepared, there won’t be a crumb left on your plate! Chocoholics, unite! Regardless of your taste, we’ve got the perfect supply to make for one happy tummy. So prepare your palette and dive into a world of rich brownies. You’ll be amazed to find flavors of Caramel, Chocolate Chip, Raspberry Swirl, Walnut, Cream Cheese, Original and more. The best part? We’ve got COOKIES too! Have the best of both worlds- buy a variety box with your favorite type of brownies and cookies mixed in for a sweet treat SURE to please. Shop Brownies & Cookies!

3) Cakes! Okay, so we already spoiled this sweet surprise a few blog posts ago but this deal is even better. Now, you can shop cakes (plus other items) and add them all to your cart on itself! Gone are the days of switching between websites to buy the things you want. Here’s the gift of simplicity- in a sweet, frosting enriched, decadent variety of cakes. Boston Cream, Classic Carrot, Vanilla Bean, Triple Chocolate Brownie- we’ve got all of the cakes to make your heart sing. Pick and gift for the perfect birthday or holiday surprise to your student on campus. You can trust us to have it delivered right on time, every time. Just make sure you send a few extra forks, there’s no way your student will be able to keep this cake from the hordes! Shop Cakes!

4) Remember how we said we had something for EVERYONE on your list this year? Check off neighbors, clients, colleagues and friends too. We’ve got a brand new assortment of holiday gourmet gift baskets with contents for every crowd. Not in to Smarties and Cheez-Its? No worries, these baskets are filled to the handle with gourmet cheeses, coffees, teas and more to leave a bold impression on your recipient. They’ll love how thoughtful you were to gift them such a delicious gift. And, if you want to send a little something for the kids in the family as well, we’ve got a basket just for them packed with fun games and yummy treats they’ll be sure to love. If you’d like a basket for yourself, these are really something to gather over- perfect for party hosting! If you’re into snacks and sweets, you might want to check these out. Shop Gourmet Gift Baskets!

5) Care Packages GALORE! Sometimes, all a student needs is a little reminder from home to know they’re loved. A little motivation goes a long way, and we understand the importance of fun and hard work to balance out a healthy student. That’s why we’ve come up with the perfect assortment of care packages for on-campus shipping for EVERY occasion! Final Exams? Sick? Birthday? Special Diet? Need Some Encouragement? Just Because? Whatever the case may be, we have fun and unique care packages to hit every spot. Parents love sifting through the assortment to find the special one for their student, and students love having them delivered as a sweet surprise on campus. Our goal? To bring a little bit of home to campus. Choose between numerous categories such as Get Well, Birthday, Final Exams, Study Boosts, Easter, Mardi Gras, Halloween and much, much more! Shop Care Packages!

6) You may not be a marching banana- but you’ll sure LOVE these pajamas! (Too old of a reference?) One of the most exciting additions to share- Pajamagrams for everyone in the family. Something about being in a residence hall during the cold winter months just sends a chill down my spine. If you are (or have) a student who loves to be cuddly and cozy in their down time, this is the perfect section for you to explore. But note, these aren’t just ANY pajamas. We’ve sought out the softest, most comfortable (and stylish) pajama sets that will last for years to come. This section features our pajama star- the Hoodie Footie! Made in a variety of fabrics including a super soft micro-fleece these Hoodie Footies are the perfect solution to a chilly night. Available in pink and blue, grey Varsity or a variety of cuddly animals, these Hoodie Footies are a family favorite! And- they’re available for boys too, with zip of feet to keep tootsies at just the right temperature. Not into a full pj-suit? We’ve got boyfriend style pajamas and classic plaids to impress even the snooziest of snugglers. Shop Pajamas!

If all of these new additions are too much excitement for one post, don’t forget we also have all of our famous dormwares to gift this holiday season! Wall canvas, posters, electronics and more- we’re expanding our stock to give you just what you need to make your dorm room feel just like home! And, with our new gifting assortments, we’re helping parents and students bridge the gap between home and campus.

5 Adorable DIY Holiday Gifts to Spread Some Cheer This Year!


As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the holidays are slowly creeping upon us! First is the famous ‘Day of Thanks’ also known as, “eat-as-much-as-I-can-without-exploding-or-falling-asleep day”, then there’s Hanukkah, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years and beyond! For college students, this is already a stressful time with studying for final exams and traveling to and fro for the holidays. The last thing you want to be worrying about is how much money you have to spend on gifts for your friends, family, new friends at school, etc. If you still want to spread a little holiday cheer but want to adhere to a small budget, fear not. Here’s 5 DIY crafts/gifts you can make with love that your recipients will be SURE to enjoy!

1) Holiday Inspired Bath Salts (No, not the kind that transform you into a zombie)- Layers of red and white swirled, baby blue and white, or your favorite scents of mint, lavender, chamomile- galore! Add that perfect holiday touch by arranging them nicely in a small mason jar. Take a piece of holiday patterned fabric and stretch it across the top of the jar and place the lid over. Make sure you leave enough of the extra fabric to spill over the sides to add a complimentary touch! A cute accessory could be a sweet and sugary treat such as a flavored candy cane or rocky sugar stick. If you’d like to try this idea out yourself, here’s an excellent tutorial with adorable pictures! Make sure to add a personalized gift tag!



2) Baked Goods- I don’t care how grinchy you are- there isn’t one person I know who doesn’t love fresh baked goods for the holidays (or any time, actually). The best part about this gift is that there’s so many options at such low costs! Fresh baked cookies, pies, rolls, or banana breads are all delicious ways to sweeten up your loved ones in a personal way! Decorate a holiday assortment with icing and sprinkles and make a night out of it with your friend or roomie! Just try not to eat all of them while decorating! Popular season favorites are Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, Banana Bread, Pumpkin Bread, Sugar Cookies (Coming right up, Santa!), Brownies and more! Bag a few up individually with pretty clear wrapping and tie them off at the top with a ribbon. Add a personalized message and deliver! This is a great way to deliver gifts to many people at once (coworkers, classmates, etc) without having to spend lots of money on individual gifts! If you are group gifting- make sure you tell each recipient what is in each cookie, brownie, or sweets bag. Some people may have food allergies!

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies with M&Ms - extra thick, extra soft, no mixer required!

3) Hand Scrub- This is one of those gifts no one ever thinks to go out and buy themselves, but LOVE to receive! I’ve gotten home-made hand scrubs a few times for the Holidays and have been utterly displeased each time they ran out. For this gift, you can head to your closest Whole Foods and buy your favorite scents. Mix and match as you please and make a variety of gifts that all smell equally as wonderful! These gifts are perfect for the cold winter months because they’re a great way to exfoliate the skin and make it soft and smooth! If you’re interested in making your own home-made hand scrubs, here’s 16 ways you can do so!

Corrie’s Brown Sugar Body Scrub


4) Layered Mixes in a Jar- I think these are such a creative and innovative way to send gifting love for the holiday season. You can use this idea over and over for wedding party gifts, baby shower gifts, co-worker presents and more! This idea is similar to the bath salts in the sense that you’ll need a mason jar and some cute, festive fabric! You can really get creative with this gifting idea because you can layer mixes of cookie mix, hot cocoa, coffee, and more! For the hot cocoa mix, all you need to do is layer sugar, cocoa powder, powdered milk, and salt in a mason jar so that they are presented neat and tidy. Then, you can add mint candies or colored marshmallows to top! Close the mason jar with a printed fabric and seal with a ribbon and personalized note. These are gifts that are adorable and serve a purpose! (And they’re inexpensive, too!) Directions here!

diy hot chocolate wedding favors

5) Candles, Candles and More Candles!- Candles are a timeless gift that can be gifted for any occasion. My favorite candles are always the one that smell like the sweet comforts of Fall and are coated generously in sparkles. Candles are a great gift because they can be stored and kept as decoration, placed around the home for a sweet aroma, or used to signify an important event or occasion. The best part? Decorating candles is super easy, and fun! You can pick up some of your favorite scented candles from Marshalls or Tj Maxx and Mod Podge them to your heart’s content. Roll them in sparkles, beads, shimmer dust- anything that makes a mystical winter effect! If you need some inspiration, check out this link!

Whatever gift you decide to make, make sure you craft in a little extra love! Your recipients will love the fact you spent time making them a personal gift that they can keep and enjoy. They always say it’s “the thought that counts” so save your money and make these awesome gifts to warm up any Scrooge’s home!