Love-ly Ideas for Valentine’s Day That Require Zero Money


Ah, February 14th. Valentine’s Day. A lot of people link Valentine’s Day to relationships and roses delivered with heart shaped- chocolates. Although Valentine’s Day IS considered “the day of love” it also can signify a special relationship between friends or family. For those who don’t have significant others for Valentine’s Day, don’t hate the day. There’s still plenty of ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day and enjoy every second of it!


1) Volunteer at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen– Valentine’s Day is all about spreading the love, right? So, this means that you can spread the love in any way possible, not restricted only to couples sending Valentine’s Day cards and flowers to one another. There are so many opportunities in your community (possibly even close to campus) where you can volunteer to put a smile on someone’s face. The best part about volunteering is that you can help people in need and feel great while you’re doing it. Time spent volunteering is time well spent. With a bright smile on your face and an attitude eager to share the love, there’s no way you’ll have a boring Valentine’s Day! And – you’ll meet some amazing people with awesome stories to tell while you’re at it. You can even link up with other students who are wanting to help the same way you are and who knows, you may just meet someone special!

2) Gather a group of your friends on campus for the epic “Free Hugs” showdown – I’m sure you’ve seen it on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and more, but this is something that people love! While you’re sitting there dreading Valentine’s Day and everything Cupid related just because you don’t have a significant other, there are plenty of other people feeling the same way! Instead of moping, gather your friends, all wear something pink or red, and get right in the middle of campus with signs that say, “Free Hugs”. To make it even more interesting, document the whole process and interview people on their thoughts on Valentine’s Day and love. This will be something fun for you and your friends to do while at the same time making people feel better and meeting new friends. On a campus full of hundreds of students, there’s bound to be tons walking around who could use a little bit of love – go ahead, spread it!

3) That’s what friends are for – Just because you may not have a significant other on Valentine’s Day (or are away from them) doesn’t mean you don’t have friends who don’t love you just as much! For Valentine’s Day, all meet up in one dorm room or common hall and stream love movies from your laptops! There are plenty of sites that stream older movies, and if you have a Hulu or Netflix account, you may be able to find some really great ones! All wear pjs and nibble on popcorn, or have a pot luck dish night with things you already have in your residence halls! Staying in and being cozy with people who love and support you are great ways to make Valentine’s Day unforgettable. Snap a few shots with your smartphones and put lovey-dovey filters on them and draw silly mustaches to upload to Instagram. The point isn’t that you didn’t go on a super special date for Valentine’s Day, it’s that you made a super fun night with your friends staying comfortable and had a great time doing it.

Of course, don’t forget to phone/skype mom and dad and let them know how much you miss and love them. They’ll love to hear from you and will appreciate the gesture! The list of things you can do on Valentine’s Day goes on and on – donate clothes to a local shelter, help plant new flowers around your campus, have a Skype date with your significant other at a different campus, etc.

Have any other great ideas of how to spend Valentine’s Day on a tight budget? Share them with us!

Valentine’s Day Care Package Giveaway!


Valentine’s Day is almost here! Have you picked out the perfect gift for your loved one? Maybe it’s chocolates, roses, a teddy bear, or maybe an awesome package stuffed with all of your lucky recipient’s favorite things all nestled under one box! If you haven’t picked out that special gift yet and are lost on what to get, here’s your special chance to win just the thing to set their heart on fire. What could it be, you ask? A FREE Valentine’s Day Care Package, of course!

That’s right, we’re hooking you guys up with TEN free care packages! That means for ten winners, one deliciously sweet care package is up for grabs. Here’s the skinny:


1) What care packages are going to be offered for the contest?

A) We’re giving away TEN free “Be Mine” Care Packages. Each day, fans will have a chance to answer trivia to get a chance at winning one of these adorable heart adorned packages!

2) What’s in the “Be Mine” Care Package?

A) A rich, delicious Brownie (2.75 oz.), Crunchy Cheetos, 3 Pack Chew-Ets Peanut Chews, Chocolate Chip Granola Bar, Chips Ahoy Cookies, and of course, a Valentine’s Day Chocolate Sampler. This package also includes a box of Valentine’s Day must haves: Conversation Hearts, Nacho Cheese Doritos, Fruity Cheerios Cereal On-The-Go, Hershey’s Miniatures, Jolly Rancher Stick, Laffy Taffy, Milk Chocolate MnM’s, Microwave Popcorn, Smarties, Vinyl Valentine’s Day Bee and a Thank You Card to complete. The added surprise? A 12ÔÇØ Inflatable Red and White Beach Ball for those in between study breaks! With a packaged deal as sweet as this, there’s no way your student won’t feel the love from home!

3) How do we enter to win a package?

A) Each day, starting 2/7/2013, fans will have the chance to answer a Valentine’s Day trivia quiz to be entered into “Cupid’s Care Package Giveaway”. Once the entrant enters the quiz and fills out their form, their entry is submitted into the pool of contestants. Don’t worry if you don’t do so well the first time around, you can come back each day until the cut off date of 2/11/2013 to enter! The winner will be selected at random from a pool of eligible entries. The winners will then be announced via Facebook and Twitter on February 12, 2013, after they’ve been contacted by our team of Valentine’s Day staff.

4) How many packages can I win if I enter every day?

A) Because we want to spread the love as much as possible this Valentine’s Day, we are only allowing one prize per fan. Entering everyday raises your chances of winning one of the “Be Mine” Care Packages.

5) Can I win the package for my son/daughter/nephew/cousin and have it shipped to their campus as a surprise?

A) You betcha!

6) What are your other social media channels?

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Good luck!

Need a Sweet Way to Share the Love this Valentine’s Day?


January 14 has now passed us, leaving less than a month for us to be swarmed with Cupid appliques, heart shaped boxes of chocolates, and carnations as far as the eye can see. You know what that means, Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day can either be a dreaded day for those who are anti-romance, or exciting for those who like to cover their significant other’s car with 100 post it notes of what they think makes them so special (definitely too much, in case you were wondering). Whichever the case, Valentine’s Day also means that either you, or your significant other are looking for sweet and thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts to put a smile on each other’s faces. The problem? Valentine’s Day is so specific to every relationship, and a box of chocolates no longer does the trick. If you’re looking for a sweet gift to send your special Valentine on campus this year (or anywhere!), we’ve got a brand new assortment of Valentine’s Day Care Packages your better half will be SURE to love. And, let’s face it: Those home-made Pinterest inspired gift baskets are adorable, but they take lots of time and resources to complete for someone with a busy schedule. Interested? Here’s a few!

1) “Be Mine”- Loaded with irresistible goodies, this package is a perfect way to ask that special someone to ‘be yours’. Jam packed with heartwarming goodies and sweet treats, this package is sure to please any one lucky enough to receive it! Delight your student on campus with a rich, delicious Brownie (2.75 oz.), Crunchy Cheetos, 3 Pack Chew-Ets Peanut Chews, Chocolate Chip Granola Bar, Chips Ahoy Cookies, and of course, a Valentine’s Day Chocolate Sampler. This package also includes a box of Valentine’s Day must haves: Conversation Hearts, Nacho Cheese Doritos, Fruity Cheerios Cereal On-The-Go, Hershey’s Miniatures, Jolly Rancher Stick, Laffy Taffy, Milk Chocolate MnM’s, Microwave Popcorn, Smarties, Vinyl Valentine’s Day Bee and a Thank You Card to complete. The added surprise? A 12″ Inflatable Red and White Beach Ball for those in between study breaks! With a packaged deal as sweet as this, there’s no way your student won’t feel the love from home!

2) “Straight Through The Heart Chocolate Tower” -What could possibly be a better Valentine’s Day surprise for your loving student on campus than a box of delicious chocolate treats they can enjoy to their heart’s content? An entire tower of delicious chocolate treats sent straight from the heart, of course! This “Straight Through The Heart Chocolate Tower” is a sure-fire way to light the flame of love under your sweet Valentine. This succulent gift basket is a perfect way to send sweets to your sweets on campus that even Cupid himself couldn’t refuse! This gift includes 8 oz. Chocolate Covered Nuts, 12 Assorted Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares, 8 oz. White Chocolate Covered Pretzels, 8 oz. Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels and 3 pc. Heart Shaped Gift Box filled with a tasty tower of delectable treats. Your student will be so infatuated with this gift they won’t want to share with their roommate!

3) “I Heart U” -Show your special student on campus that you’re thinking of them in a BIG way with our biggest, most popular care package picked out just for them for Valentine’s Day. Stocked to the top with eats and treats that are both healthy and delicious, this package gives one lucky Valentine an endless supply of their favorite munchies to nibble on. Send your student your love with this “I ‘Heart’ You” Care package packed with sweet treats to make their heart beat a little faster. This package Includes a 12” Inflatable Red and White Beach Ball, Rich Brownie (2.75 oz.), Animal Crackers, Dark and Milk Chocolate Bug Bites, Crunchy Cheetos, Chew-ets Peanut Chews (3), Chocolate Chip Chewy Granola Bar, Chips Ahoy Cookies, Signature Valentine’s Day Heart Sampler, Conversation Hearts, Nacho Cheese Doritos, Cherry (1) and Grape (1) Fruit Leather, Fruit Gems, Fruity Cheerios Cereal On-The-Go, Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips, Hershey’s Miniatures, Jolly Rancher Stick, Karr’s Apple, Nut & Yogurt Mix, Laffy Taffy, Milk Chocolate MnMs, Coconut Macaroons, Microwave Popcorn, Musselman’s Applesauce Oatmeal Cookies, Pirate’s Booty, Planter’s Salted Peanuts, Pop Tarts, Rold Gold Tiny Twists (2.0 oz.) and More! The sweet surprise? A Valentine’s Day Novelty Heart Relax Ball!

With Care Packages as love-ly as these, your Valentine will be sure to feel the love straight from your heart! The best part? You’ll send a thoughtful and sentimental gift filled with all of their favorite snacks and treats. Browse the full selection here!

5 Holiday Treats to Bring to Gatherings!


As Christmas is just a few days away, we know you’re preparing for some festive parties full of friends and family. As a college student, we also understand that you may not exactly be the best chef. (Let’s face it: Your microwave chili-mac and cheese is the bee’s knees but it doesn’t exactly warrant a 5 star rating at Red Lobster). If you have a few gatherings lined up but nothing to bring, don’t you worry your little carrot nose. We’ve found 5 of the cutest trays and dishes to bring along for the fun. Your friends and family will love your creativity and appreciate the gesture (don’t worry, we won’t tell where you got your recipes). If you’re interested in 5 easy and delicious holiday treats you can bring to gatherings or even to meet your roomie’s family for the first time, read on!

1) Frosty The Snow Man on a Stick/Stirrers- These are adorable to bring along to a party and are easy and inexpensive to make. Both kids and parents alike can appreciate and enjoy Ol Frosty on a stick: Use them as hot cocoa stirrers or simply give them to the kids to take a bite. Either way, they’ll be a hit! Making them is simple! All you need is a few wooden kabob sticks, a jumbo bag of large marshmallows, some chocolate sprinkles, gummy candy and junior mints! This brilliant recipe idea came from this cute website of ideas. Click through to find out step by step instructions!

Snowman Stirrers

2) Eggnogg Cupcakes- I know plenty of people who love the hearty taste of Eggnogg for the holidays. Pair that with a deliciously sweet cupcake and you’ve got yourself an explosion of deliciousness that everyone will enjoy! Most college students know how to at least make a pan of cookies or cupcakes, so this recipe should be easy-peasy! Experiment with the ingredients to get the taste just how you like it. You can always experiment and change it up to cinnamon cupcakes, too! We’re sure these delicious baby cakes will be a sellout at whatever gathering you go to, just make sure you store them carefully for the ride to the party! (and save yourself one, too!) Interested in baking these guys? Head here for directions!

Eggnog Cupcakes! | Party Cupcake Ideas - actuall recipe is on

3) Christmas Popcorn- Who doesn’t love popcorn? Caramel, cheese, extra butter, salted – the list goes on. The best part about popcorn is that it’s perfect for every occasion- including holidays. We stumbled upon this adorable recipe for Christmas Popcorn that looks good enough to eat. AND the best part? It’s extremely simple to make and serve. There’s a no- bake period either, so you can make it last minute for a fresh treat to bring to a party. All you need for this treat is a bag of popcorn kernels, some festive sprinkles (pick your favorite shapes or colors), some nestle melting chocolate chips, and some iodized sea salt. Also make sure you have a popcorn popper handy! If you want to just use normal microwave popcorn, this works too – as long as it’s flavor free and not coated in butter! Once your kernels are popped, melt your chocolate and pour it over your popped kernels and coat generously in sprinkles. Make sure you let it cool and dry before trying to eat it! If you want get really creative, mix in some MnMs and pretzels to the mix for a sweet and salty surprise! More detailed instructions can be found here.

Christmas Popcorn

4) Gluten Free Holiday Reindeer Treats- This is a perfect choice to bring to any holiday gathering. Gluten free products are a big hit this year, with many people realizing they may have food allergies or for dietary reasons. You can’t go wrong with bringing a treat no one has to second guess, and it might be fun for you to make something you’ve never tried before! And, how can you resist making these adorable little reindeer faces? You can decorate them however you’d like which gives you creative leeway for how you want them to look. For these reindeer sticks you’re going to need some gluten free rice crisps cereal, melting chocolate, some pretzels, and some other sweet treats to decorate your sticks! If you’re interested in the full recipe, this website has the full deets! (You can make this in your dorm if you have a microwave!)

5) Peppermint Pretzel Rings- Treats don’t get any simpler to make than these adorable and festive pretzel rings. The best part about them is that they are fairly easy to make and make a large quantity at one time! You can split them up into different baggies for a goody-bag type treat or lay them in a bowl for a snag and grab feast! These would make for great roomie gifts or little goody bags for professors! For these treats you’ll need pretzel rings, unwrapped festive Hershey Kisses and green/red or blue/white nestle chocolate chips. Baking couldn’t be faster- place a parchment paper over a baking sheet and lay out your pretzel rings. Place a Hershey Kiss and nestle chocolate chip in the center of each and bake at 200 for 4 minutes. Let them cool and treats are finished! If you want more detailed instructions, check them out here!


Wherever you go for the holidays, you’ll be sure to have the most decadent and festive treats arriving with you. Remember that you don’t need to spend a lot of money or spend hours baking and cooking just to prepare delicious treats for your guests or parties. These 5 easy to make and inexpensive treat options are perfect examples of easy and yummy treats everyone will love!

Halloween Dorm Decorating


That’s right, Halloween is next week! If you haven’t already picked out your costume and need a few ideas, check out this blog we wrote a few weeks back with some fun and inexpensive ideas! Now that you’ve thought about decorating yourself, have you thought about making that dorm room a bit more festive? Halloween is all about the cheesy and the gory, so there’s really no limit on how decked out you want to go! If you want to know a few cute and budget friendly dorm room decorating tips for Halloween, here’s a few you might like!

Orange Tinsel- Tinsel is one of those things that you can use for any party, in almost any color. It’s great for Halloween themed decorating because you can buy it in both light and dark colors (Black, Purple, Silver, Gold, etc) and is relatively inexpensive. You can buy a strip of Tinsel from your local dollar or party store and hang it around the borders of your walls, or underneath your desk. The best part is that Tinsel is super easy to clean up and stores great for re-use!

Light up Pumpkin- No Halloween decor can possibly be complete without a proper pumpkin! But, since we understand that living in a dorm can cause conflict with carving out pumpkin guts and lighting real candles to place inside, we’ve found some super adorable light up Halloween figures you can buy instead! Most of these plug into the wall so you don’t have to worry about buying batteries. And, although there’s no yummy pumpkin seeds hiding inside that you can cook and eat, these light up figures can’t go bad so you can keep them for years to come!

(Check out that evil grin! This one’s from CVS!)

Halloween Tablecloth- Whether you’re decorating your wall and want something large and wide to use as a backdrop or covering up those dorm-desks with something festive for the season, Halloween (or any holiday) tablecloths can be found anywhere from the dollar store, to your local grocery store and are usually dirt cheap! You can find some in adorable patterns or some that wish you a spooky Halloween! Either way, these will shield your college desk from food and any extra glitter that may fly while you’re decorating your Halloween costume and can be reused over and over again!

Safe (and clean) Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Dorm Life


Halloween. One of my favorite times of year. The humid and hot heat from the summer has finally faded away, and the boots, leg warmers and fuzzy gloves start to make their appearance. Apple cinnamon fills the air and the yummiest of all recipes are concocted in fall inspired kitchens everywhere. The middle of October creeps around and Halloween party invitations start being distributed. If you’re like me, you’ve had your costume planned out months in advance, and already know what location you’re going to settle into for the night. You get excited about little trick or treaters stopping by your house way before they ever show up, with the vast amounts of bagged candy you bought in preparation.

Besides your costume, there’s one other part of Halloween decorating that completes the night. A pumpkin, or as some like to call it, a Jack O Lantern. You may have noticed that a pumpkin with a candle inside is a fire hazard, which is why your parents probably had them outside on your front step every year instead of in your actual house. You may also notice that candles and fire in your dorm are against regulations therefor prohibiting you from having your own candle. If this makes you sad, don’t get upset, get creative! Just because you can’t use a candle doesn’t mean you can’t use an LED light or other means of decorating your pumpkin. If you’re living in a residence hall and want to spruce up your pumpkin, here’s a few pointers that may get you back in the Halloween spirit.

1) Get a fake pumpkin- I know this may not be as exciting as the real-deal full of pumpkin seeds that you can bake and eat, but it’s still just as pretty. If you buy a plastic pumpkin you can choose to purchase one that already has a decoration on it or a face carved out. The cool thing about these is that there’s more than likely already a light inside, and all you need to light it up is to plug it in. This also gives you a pumpkin that isn’t fun to smash, leaving you no mess, and no bugs.

2) Get a small pumpkin and paint it- Carving a pumpkin in your dorm room can get extremely messy. Sure you can use the little pumpkin carving knives to carve out your design, but what are you going to do with all of the pumpkin guts and seeds? You’re going to end up with garbage bags full of goo that will attract bugs, and mice. Instead, get a small pumpkin and paint it with acrylic paints. You can paint a face on it to replicate a Jack O Lantern or paint it with your favorite design! Stencil your name and your roomie’s name onto the pumpkin and accompany your names with a common decoration theme in your room. If you both have Damask comforters, stencil a Victorian Damask design on your pumpkin to match your room. You can even cover your pumpkin in glitter spray if you have an outside area to ventilate the spray and not make a mess.

3) Use stickers or glue on fabric- This may feel like a 5th grade project, but even more fun. You can give your pumpkin gigantic felt eyebrows and a mean grin or you can glue some nerdy glasses on and make him a genius. Whatever you want to do, your pumpkin will be easy to “peel and stick” just like a Mister Potato Head. If you design your pumpkin and realize you want to go a different direction with your pumpkin you can always just peel off the felt pieces and glue on some new ones.

4) Sharpies! – Sharpies are good for almost anything. You can decorate your favorite sneakers, doodle on your notebook and in this case, even decorate your pumpkin. This method probably gives you the freest reign as far as hand-drawn design goes. You can buy the pack of 24+ sharpies and have a ton of colors to choose from. Just make sure that whatever design you’re going to do you stick with, because once that sharpies on, it’s not coming off.

If all else fails and you really want that carved pumpkin, you can always carve your pumpkin outside and immediately throw away the guts somewhere outdoors. Make sure you clean up as much of the extra interior of your pumpkin as possible, and squeeze some lemon or lime juice on the inside to slow down the aging process. Then go to your local CVS or grocery store and buy an LED light (usually charged by 2 AA batteries) and place that inside your pumpkin. Your pumpkin will last for a few days, and your light should last as long as you have batteries.

Just don’t forget to throw your pumpkin away as soon as it starts going foul. Rotten pumpkins smell and look awful and attract the ickiest of bugs and vermin. So enjoy your spooky pumpkin for your Halloween festivities, take some pictures and then throw it out. There’s always next year to decorate all over again!

No Plans for Labor Day Weekend?


It’s Wednesday. Labor Day weekend starts in just THREE days and you don’t have any plans. If you tried to plan something cool but just couldn’t wing it, don’t get depressed about being the only one left in town. Going on vacation for Labor Day weekend is great, but not everyone can make it happen with their new colleges starting, work schedules, etc. This isn’t any reason to not get excited for the weekend! If you’re not sure WHY Labor Day weekend is so significant, see our last post on the history and importance of the day. Once you’ve got that under wraps, start thinking about local things you can do to make your weekend a bit more enjoyable.

Home– If you’re close to home, visit with family and spend some quality time together before you’re away at school for good. This is like still being away at school, but not long enough to the point where you direly miss your parents and have 19 loads of laundry. Still though, it’s nice to get a taste of home one last time before you’re on your own with loads of responsibilities.

Campus– If you’re staying on campus for the weekend, take this time as an opportunity to meet and bond with new people! Your roommate is going to be a significant part of your new life away at school, so do some things together to help you bond! Go shopping for last minute dorm decor, do some arts and crafts in your room, go out to eat, even play some video games. Living with a roommate means that you all pretty much need to get along if you want to make living bearable, so get a head start now. You never know, you might end up making a new best friend!

Home– Go to a friend or family’s house for a barbecue! Labor Day weekend is all about grillin’ and chillin’. You’ve got racks of ribs, hamburgers and hot dogs just begging to be grilled! Don’t feel bad about indulging in a few extra cookies and snacks here and there, once you’re away at school you’ll miss the free, homemade food! If you can, try to see if you can bring leftovers back to school with you to stock your mini fridge. Your roommate will be thrilled! Or, take your roommate home with you if you’ve already hit it off great and let her/him meet your family! It’ll be cool for them to see where you come from and get more comfortable with you. I’m not saying ship the two of you on a plane to Omaha, but if you’re both relatively close to home (driving distance) it could be a cool start to a new friendship!

Campus– The great thing about college campuses is that they serve as their own little worlds away from society. If you want to grab dinner or take a nap, you can do both things without ever leaving the campus. You can meet friends for a game of Ping-Pong or walk across campus to have a Call of Duty match with the guys in 8A. Another great thing about this is all the clubs and activities you can find that your school offers. Take the weekend to walk around and browse each and every one. You may find something that really interests you that you can join and participate in.

Home– Is there anything you forgot at home when you moved all of your stuff into campus? Now’s the perfect time to remember and grab it without your hands (and car) being stuffed to capacity with belongings. You’ve also most likely already decorated your room and moved in now, so any extra decorations or essentials that you need you can scoop up and bring back with you. While you’re at home, try to meet up with your other friends that came home from college from other universities. You may have already said your goodbyes for the semester, but now you get one last chance to hang out before you’re away for a longer period of time.

Campus– If you’re staying on campus, your classes have most likely already been started and you’re brain gears have started grinding about the new friends you met, professors, whether or not the campus food is edible (or if it’s even real food), and your new schedule. It wouldn’t be a bad idea just to take this weekend to soak in your surroundings and get comfortable. Sleep in your new bed, stay up as late as you want, learn to cook in your microwave. Get started on any homework you may have so you can save yourself a little downtime later in the semester. Grab a friend and a towel and have a picnic out on the campus courtyard or read a good book. There’s so many things you can do on campus if you just look for them. If you’re one of the lucky ones who went away to school near a beach, take a day or two and catch some rays! Summer’s coming to an end and it’s the perfect time to soak up any extra relaxation you can get!

Why Labor Day is More than Just an Extended Weekend


Summer Patriotic Wreath: Red, White & Blue Olympics, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day

Labor Day, also known as the “end of summer”, was marked as a Federal Holiday in 1894 with thirty states officially celebrating with parades, speeches and festivals. To many people today, Labor Day is just another day off and a long weekend. It’s important for us to know WHY we have that extra day off and to celebrate our history and how Labor Day came to be. For those who are unaware, Labor Day was signed into law six days after the end of the Pullman Strike, a conflict between labor unions and railroads that occurred in the United States in 1894. Labor Day is celebrated not only because it gives us a day off from work or other responsibilities, but was historically used to present “the strength and esprit de corps” of the trade and labor organizations (Green, 2007). A festival, parade or celebration would then be held for all workers and their families for a “day of rest”.

While most people are finishing up their summer vacations at the beach or finding one last get-away to escape to, new college students are packing up and making home in their new residence halls. If you’re moving onto a new campus, you’re probably excited, scared, nervous and apprehensive. It’s important to remember that college is something that is going to change your life forever and allow you to grow as a person. If you’re scared, don’t worry! It may take some adapting at first, but once you find your groove you’ll get in the swing of things in no time. Your friends and family are only a call (or Skype chat!) away, and you can call them whenever you need a little taste of home.

Be sure to talk and meet as many people as possible on move-in day, and get interested in your surroundings. Take a look at local groups and clubs and start meeting people and grabbing a bite at the cafeteria. This will be one of the best Labor Day weekends you’ve ever had because it’ll be the first time you have complete independence in a new place. It’s almost like taking a 4-year vacation with a side of responsibility. These four years will allow you to learn a lot about yourselves, from how responsible you can be to learning how to manage your time efficiently. You’re going to learn how to budget your money and take care of yourself when you’re sick, get along with people you may not know (roomie), and how to cook and provide meals for yourself. These are all valuable assets that you’ll need later in life, so soak them in and take every experience as a learning opportunity.

Labor Day is a symbolic celebration of education, spirit and parties. This is a perfect time to head to college as you’re entering a new experience and celebrating your independence and journey on the road to getting your degree. Soak it in, adapt to your surroundings, and embrace your new friends and roommates. Don’t forget that Labor Day also marks the last day that it’s acceptable to wear white, so get it all out of your system now and get ready for the start of the NFL football season!


Green, James (2007). Death In the Haymarket: A Story of Chicago, the First Labor Movement and the Bombing that Divided Gilded Age America. Anchor. ISBN 1-4000-3322-5.