How to Turn Your Dorm Room into a Cozy and Healthy Environment


Dorm rooms are not exactly the epitomes of health, tidiness, and cleanliness. In fact, those that cause the envy of the whole floor are few and far between. This is quite surprising considering that with a bit of effort, as well as an investment of time and money, it is possible to make the dorm room look much more inviting and comfortable. Thus, it is time to take action and get into the art of personalizing, decorating, cleaning and reorganizing your student home.

Setting the stage

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The first thing you should do is face clutter, the bane of organized and stress-free living. The best way to go about this is to employ smart storage solutions. Instead of a clunky wardrobe (not such a great space saver, is it?), opt for floating shelves. Apart from buying them, you can make your own DIY shelves by using books, nails and ropes. Likewise, try to repurpose mundane household objects such as plastic crates and shoe boxes for extra storage space.

Next, personalize the space with items that hold meaning and evoke fond memories. Bring color, texture, and life to your small interior world. Photo collages are a nice and simple solution for sprucing up blank walls or sides of furniture and filling the room with positive emotions. Similarly, you can use DIY canvas wall art, hanging accessories, index card quotes, picture frame wall decals, and other creative décor pieces.

Just do not go overboard because visual clutter is not what you need in your immediate surroundings. Instead, make every décor piece count and inject warmth and coziness with soft and fuzzy materials. Mix throw pillows, blankets, and other textures to pull off an instant change of atmosphere. Your living environment has a profound impact on your psyche and body, and my guess is that you want to live in an abode that makes you feel good and invigorated.

In a new light

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Pay special attention to lighting, as it infuses the space with both character and functionality. Ideally, you should have multiple lighting sources, not just an overhead one. Think outside the box: in case you simply can’t afford a chandelier, why not create one yourself with a hula hoop and string lights? Aside from artificial fittings, try to maximize natural blessings, the sunlight and fresh air (and finally get rid of those thick curtains).

Furthermore, invite more natural presence inside by placing houseplants wherever you can. They act as natural air purifiers that also double as soothing décor pieces. Their addition is paramount because the indoor air pollution tends to be much worse than the one outside. For some extra flair, make DIY hanging tube vases for flowers and if you want to indulge your other senses, consider essential oil diffusers.

Interior wardens of health

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To further promote good health, avoid cleaning and household products that contain toxic chemicals, lead, and pesticides. Get the dust under control to deal with tiny menaces that exist in it, such as bacteria. Ditch wall-to-wall carpets in favor of wood, cork and tile flooring, and 
utilize outdoor mats to keep dirt, debris, and grime at bay. Also, filter tap water to avoid contaminants and pollutants.

Finally, remember that your habits have a crucial role to play. They can either impede your efforts or aid you in combating mess, pollution, toxins, and clutter. Indeed, what good does the new flooring so if you vacuum only once in a blue moon? Along the similar lines, the mold is not going anywhere unless you declare an ongoing war on humidity. So, roll up your sleeves and commit to creating daily habits that promote wholesome and tidy living in the long term.

Design your dream space

Living in a dorm does not have to feel inferior to living at home. There are various reasons to embrace a proactive approach, most notably promoting your health and well-being. So, bring order to your home away from home without enlisting the services of your parents or breaking the bank. Get your creative juices flowing and use pops of color, personal items, DIY creations, plants and other tools. Witness the stunning transformation of your interior space and make a positive change in your life.

Transform Your Dorm Room into a Home


Going to college is a huge adventure on its own. You’re separated from your family and you’re being thrown into a whole new world with hundreds of new people. Now, some people find it really hard to leave their home and have a new life for a few years. If you are one of those people, you can actually do something about this sadness, and that something is adjusting your dorm room to fit you a little bit better. And even though you’re going to leave it eventually, you have to make it “bearable”. Here is how to do this.

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Personalize it

You will spend up to 3-4 years there, that means it should look a little cozier than a hospital room, right?



There’s nothing like photos of your beloved ones that bring character and the feeling of home into any space. You can purchase an acrylic desk topper and put all of your photos underneath that layer. Next time you look down at your desk, you will definitely smile, plus, it will be one-of-a-kind desk for sure.


No, they are not just for the preppy folks! If you have monogrammed pillowcases, notebooks, toiletry bags etc. in your dorm room, it will make the whole space feel more like it’s yours. It’s just that they add a special dose of familiarity, even in a brand new room.


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Yes, you’re an adult now. But come on, you definitely still keep that favorite Barbie doll, or that teddy bear you slept with somewhere in your home. If you haven’t brought your toys with you, contact your mom to send them to you, or pick them up when you go home for holidays, and place them on a shelf or wherever you held them when you were home. You won’t regret it.

Add some fun to it

If you really want to revive your dorm room, make sure that you throw in as many colors as possible. Even though you may be a minimalistic type, you have to go wild sometimes, right? I’m talking neon pillow cases, fire red blankets, ridiculous prints etc. Have fun while you’re young.

Refresh your space


The air in dorm rooms can be pretty smelly and stuffy, in other words – nothing like home. This is why you should invest in a commercial air purifier which will eliminate the dust, bacteria, smell of mold and smoke as well. Also, consider putting in some potted plants, or a plant terrarium in your dorm room as well.

Point out your creativity

If you have a hidden artist in you, bring them out and do some DIY projects.

Washi tape your posters

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If you are a fan of posters, there’s nothing cooler than framing them with washi tape. Just tape it around the outlines of your posters.

Masking Tape Deco

This colored paper tape is a perfect and also a cheap way to give some life to your dorm room. It’s also great because it’s easy to remove, so when you get bored of it, you can make something else. Get as many colors as you can and release your inner Picasso!

And let there be light!


You can use Christmas lights to make custom marquee signs, or some shapes – whatever you want.

Make it fluffy

It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl – fluffy things give the sense of comfort, which is exactly how home feels like.



Usually, the floors in dorm rooms are cold and really gross. The best way to fix this is definitely a rug. Not only it will make your room look much nicer, but it will also be a great soft place for your feet.


They add color, as well as warmth to your bed and there’s definitely no better feeling than jumping into an ocean of pillows after a long and hard day of lectures and studying.

Fuzzy blankets

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Another great addition to your bed are definitely fuzzy blankets, a bunch of them. They’re nice to look at and feel great when you snuggle up in them – since they can keep you warm like nothing else.

That would be it. How do you like these ideas? Are you going to use them? Let me know in the comments.

P.S. Have fun decorating!



Theme Your Room, Series 1: Great Gatsby


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