Black and White + A Splash of Color


They may be at opposite ends of the light spectrum, but there is no doubt that, when bold blacks and whites are brought together, they are a force to be reckoned with. Recently, the fashion world has revitalized this timeless color duo by using them as a backdrop to bring other more vibrant colors to life. Black and white with a pop of color is a modern trend that is both simplistic and edgy. Unlike more subdued tints of gray or brown, these pigments have the ability to awaken normally passive hues like pastels or cooler colors like blue or green.

For your dorm, consider having the major pieces, like your bed comforter, dressers, and chairs to be black and white. Ununiformed prints like this zebra comforter or rug will be particularly engaging to the eyes and add a contemporary edge to the environment. Plus, everyone knows the masterful impact black-and-white photography has on viewers; browse our many college wall canvases to find topnotch shots of New York City, sandy beaches and more.

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Colorful accent pieces will really pop when contrasted against the neutral tones, so make sure the decor details you’re emphasizing are purposeful and attractive. For inspiration, check out our college room decor supplies and college frames. Be mindful that the eye will naturally be drawn to these colorful bursts of life, so make sure items like the trash can or laundry caddy aren’t the items that will stand out.

While you are not restricted to utilizing a single bright hue, limit yourself to no more than three or four pops of color in order to maintain a clean, chic aesthetic.


Spring into Ombre, Geometric Patterns and Florals


Now that the long, grueling winter months are almost behind us, it is time to start looking forward to all that spring has to offer. Of course, the first step in preparing for a new season is to make sure your wardrobe and room decor are both ready for the transition. Welcome the rise in temperature with upbeat colors and, more importantly, vibrant patterns. This spring, dynamic motifs are set to take center stage with floral, geometric shapes, decorative, and polka dots experiencing a surge in popularity. OCM has all the staples you need to make sure your room is reflective of these spring trends.


Credit: Forever 21

Image Cred: Forever 21

You would be hard-pressed to find a print that speaks more to the essence of spring than a floral design. Choose anywhere from whimsical watercolor flowers to intricate embroidered arrangements for a dauntless, bloomy look. Floral is the quintessential pattern for creating the airy, carefree aura that spring is all about. A tiny, flowery print runs the risk of being overly cutesy, regardless of whether it is featured on a dress or a comforter. Feature asymmetrical designs or more subdued tones like purple, blue and green; much like this Vincent Van Gogh Poster.  Another way you can tastefully insert a floral touch to a room or outfit is with accent pieces. A floral necklace or skirt will add a feminine touch to a mature outfit, and a decorative pillow like this will make a dorm room pop without overwhelming the eye.

Geometric Shapes

Khloe Kardashian Nail Tips!

Khloe Kardashian Nails

In the past year, many trends were brought back to life, yet re-invented with a modern twist. One trend in particular was 90’s minimalistic, represented through structured mono-colored and black and white styles. In spring 2014, the minimalistic trend will undergo a slight re-vamp with sharp geometric shapes.

To incorporate geometric shapes into your attire, seek out pieces with bold color palettes. Zigzags, overlapping boxes, triangles . . . there are seemingly infinite choices for you to choose from. This bold pattern is not for the faint of heart so, if you are unsure that you’re ready to wear a dress or blazer that says “look at me”. You can use this trend to spice up monochromatic ensembles with jewelry, clutches and manicure.

How can you achieve this geometric look for your room? Try using only 2-3 colors throughout the entire outfit or dorm room to create a color-blocking effect. From there you can chose where you want to incorporate your geometric shapes. Embrace nontraditional angles! Many of our dorm room seating options offer crisp lines and contemporary color contrasts for a youthfully dynamic aesthetic.

Abstract Art

Remember when you were in preschool and, instead of painting with a brush you used your fingers instead? Turns out, you were on to something! Whether it is with splattered fabric, hand painted garments or designs that look like they were crafted with a crayon or spray can, the runways are heating up with stylish forms of self-expression. The fashion world loves motifs that evoke a sense of Picasso or Pollock, and so is OCM! This fun, energetic look captures what it is to truly be a young adult nowadays, so give your room whimsicalness with one our many abstract art posters.

Polka Dot


Nasty Gal Polka Dot Pants

A polka dot print has the ability to lighten any mood, and is the perfect symbolization of springtime joyfulness. Playful and energetic, the circles can be laid out in a uniform pattern to pay homage to the looks of previous generations. For a fresher aesthetic, make the polka dots unevenly distributed for an appearance that suggests both sweet and sassy.

You can add a little pop of the print in a wall decal, or make it the center of attention with dorm room bedding. Either way, a polka dot pattern incorporated into your dorm will help you channel the joyfulness that spring creates.


Try a gradient effect in your hair like Lauren Conrad - Her Ombre locks are a must-do for Spring!

Photo Cred: The Trend Diaries

The gradient print has made a rather large splash in the fashion scene as of late, even being imitated in the beauty realm with the ever-popular Ombre hairstyle. The gradient print is perfect for the time of year; spanning from dark to light, it playfully can represent the dramatic rebirth nature goes through during this particular time of the year. Try this look in blue ombre shower curtains, curtains or doormats to create a cool, casual environment.

After surviving a long winter, getting ready for the splendor of spring can be thrilling! The best way to welcome this new season is by transforming your room to include the season’s trendiest patterns.You can get all the hottest spring styles here at OCM!