3 Reasons to Follow Your Dream School’s Social Media



Prospective students near and far — as one of the students helping to run my college’s social media, this is my open letter to you about the crucial importance and significance of following your dream school’s social media accounts!

In an age when social media are taking over not only our leisure time and businesses, but also the way colleges market themselves, social media has proved itself an invaluable tool for prospective students. Here’s why.


1.) There’s only so much the website can tell you.

The official school website will be a great tool in informing you about the hard facts- classes, majors, extra-curricular activities and programs, sports, etc. However, the school’s Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, blogs etc. will provide an inside look into student life on campus that no other platform can.

2.) Tours and Open Houses only last so long.

Tours and Open Houses are invaluable experiences that I highly recommend every prospective student take part in at least once or twice. You get to experience campus and make connections with other prospective and current students, which is amazing. However, this interaction only lasts so long and eventually comes to an end. Social media, on the other hand, will provide you with anywhere from weekly to daily accounts of student life- from social to academic to extra-curricular to athletic aspects.

3.) Contact with current students is direct and immediate from off-campus.

While many campus tour guides may hand out contact information or business cards, as may a professor you spoke with at an academic fair, social media provides another tool for quick, easy, direct interaction with current students from off-campus.


Happy networking!

How do you find ways to interact with your dream school?

5 Ways to Kill the Instagram Game This Fall


Instagram in Fall

With the change of seasons, social media introduces an opportunity for new themes, aesthetics, and inspirations — especially on Instagram! Whether you’re going on a hayride, visiting a haunted house, or just lounging on campus with a mug of hot cider in hand, autumn offers ample opportunities for great photos. Make sure you’re keeping up this fall season with these key tips.

1.) Cool down your filters!


All those bright, colorful filters were great for summer. Now it’s time to change things up for fall with some cooler-toned, more mellow filters.

2.) Utilize cute fall-wear!


If you just happen to be wearing your boyfriend-fit flannel and perfectly worn boots, it might not be a bad day to snap a cute fall themed pic.

3.) Photograph your favorite fall treats!


Breaking out your baking skills with some apple pies, pumpkin spice cookies or any other fall-esque goodies? Add a fall flair- like this crust adventure I went on over the summer, or maybe a decorative mini pumpkin off to the side- and snap that fall-icious pic!

4.) Play with foliage!


Here, I am quite literally playing with foliage. It’s the most beautiful time of the year, and the most easily photographed for a perfect Insta!

5.) Document your favorite fall activities!


Going apple picking? Planning a stroll through the pumpkin patch or local corn maze? Bring your camera and get ‘gramming!

What have been some of your favorite ways to get creative on Instagram this fall?


10 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow in College


Instagrams to Follow in College
Here at OCM, we are having a love affair with all things Instagram. We really enjoy following top Instagram users who are full of life goals. Here are 10 Instagram accounts you absolutely need to follow while you’re in college to give you inspiration, motivation, and an extra bit of following fun.

1. @Yogagirl

One part inspiration and motivation for life, and one part yoga and healthy lifestyles — with a dash of travel and style — Yogagirl’s Instagram account has been making us jealous for years now. Her easy-breezy beach living mixed with her calm personality is something we strive for.

2. @TheGoodQuote

You probably know the standard inspirational quotes, but there’s something about @TheGoodQuotes’ modern take that will get you motivated. Their account provides something for everyone — so much so that you’ll want to keep these quotes close.

3. @HumansofNY

By now, you’ve probably heard of Humans of New York, but in case you’re new, here’s the story: a local New Yorker travels the city interviewing regular people you’d normally just pass right by. From travelers to street performers, homeless people to politicians, this Instagram account is far more than just pictures.

4. @Sacrasm_only

For those who love a particular brand of dry, irreverent humor, eCards (known as Sarcasm_only) is for you. Passive, biting, and altogether hilarious, you’ll be sharing these little nuggets of quotes to all your friends. And if anything, they’ll get you through a particularly rough day of classes.

5. @Expertvagabond

Do you dream of traveling the world or have a heart for all things wanderlust? Then you’ll probably fall in love with Matthew Karsten’s travel photography through his account, Expertvagabond. Full of beautifully shot photos from places around the world you can only dream of visiting yourself, it will motivate you to chase your travel goals.

6. @Anna_Dello_Russo

If you’re into hashtags, you probably already know there’s an endless supply of #OOTD looks to base your closet on. But if you’re not following Vogue Japan’s fashion editor Anna Dello Russo, you’re missing out on the latest and greatest in street style from across the world. It’s edgy, modern, and totally fun.

7. @IspyDIY

We are huge fans of DIY we can do in our dorms, and that’s why we are followers of Jenni Radosevich’s crafty and highly styled account and blog, ISpyDIY. Full of tons of inspiration you can incorporate in your room from desk organizing to watercolor mugs, you’ll want to come back for more and more.

8. @Ivfitness

If you need a quick workout but no time to get to the gym or are new to exercising but are not sure where to start, former track and field star Idalis Velazquez has the solutions for you. Posting short workout videos full of routines and tips, you’ll get your daily dose of sweat without having to guess at what to do.

9. @OCMDotCom

Okay, we are a bit biased over here at OCM, but our Instagram is an awesome place to keep up with what’s new and hot in all things dorm living. With awesome shots of room styles and little, hidden decor gems, we’re happy to share our favorite finds for our followers.

10. Your (Future) College

Many colleges are a little bit late to getting to the Instagram game, but following their feeds are well worth it. If you’re a current student, you’ll keep up with what’s going on around campus (and may spy yourself in a shot or two). If you’re a future student, you can get a good look at what college life is like at your dream school with beautiful shots of trees, older buildings, and students being students.

Tips & Tricks: the Winter Instagram Lull


I’ll be the first to admit that I take a little hit in the Insta-inspiration (Insta-spiration??) department when the winter months roll around. No more are those awesome summer sunsets, cute beach outfits, sun-soaked selfies, or constant scenic documentation of (the much more frequent) outdoor adventures. Nope. Now it’s cold and dreary. You’re holed up inside, or worse, you’re outside with all that used-to-be summer cuteness smothered in layers. So what’s there to ‘gram?!


Thankfully, there are options to keep those creative juices flowing on Instagram through these trying times. Take note below!!

Take advantage of your snowy locations!

Scenic shots aren’t just for beach days. Out for a day on the slopes? Taking a stroll through a winter wonderland? Get ‘gramming!!

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.04.09 AM

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.05.09 AM

Get creative in the kitchen!

I’ve been really into cooking and baking lately, and of course, I’ve been even more into eating lately. Take advantage of all those goodies, homemade or at your favorite restaurant, with a winning pic.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.13.49 AM

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.21.34 AM copy

Get indoorsy!

There’s plenty of indoor scenery to be taken advantage of. Keep your eyes open for the beauty in everything (whether or not there’s actually a fire in the fireplace).

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.35.08 AM copy

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.38.08 AM

Well there you have it- there’s no need to limit your photo-ops through the winter hiatus.

Good luck; I can’t wait to see those posts!!