Radiant Orchid – Color of 2014



It’s 2014, also known as the year of Radiant Orchid!  Or at least it is according to Pantone which has recently revealed this purple-pink color as their color for 2014.  Never heard of Pantone color of the year?  Well Pantone Inc., which is considered the “authority on color” has been selecting one lucky color every year that soon tends to appear everywhere from fashion, to household items, to even automobiles.  From celebrities on the red carpet and models on the runway, to paint swatches in your local hardware store, this color is everywhere.  You know the mint and emerald green that has been seen everywhere this past year? Well that is thanks to Pantones Color of the Year 2013, Emerald.

How does the color make the cut?

So how does one decide what color everyone will be wearing or what color will be the most popular decorative pillow color for this year?  A super-secret meeting in Europe of course!  No really, that is how they decide.  First they interview top designers, and professionals in every type of industry.  Then based on their feedback Pantone meets in a capital in Europe that changes every year and pick the color.  They decide this an entire year in advance so even though they’ve introduce Radiant Orchid recently, they’re already deciding what you will be wearing next year.

Color swatches

Get your hands on Radiant Orchid!

There are plenty of ways to start sporting this color.  Beginning in 2012 Sephora has been creating Sephora Pantone Universe Collection starting in 2012 with the Tangerine Tango color.  The makeup line makes this color wearable for eyes, to nails and everywhere in between and it’s the perfect accessory to any look especially in the coming summer months.  This color also can be used to add that perfect pop of color to any wall or sofa.  Adding it to any room will give the room an inviting and embracing appeal and the perfect girlish touch.  If you want to add some flare to your morning brew, Keurig has now added this color coffee maker to their lineup.

Keep your eyes peeled through the coming months and you’ll see just how prevalent this color will be!


Need some ideas how to dress up your room with Radiant Orchid for 2014?  Here are some perfect decorative pillows and wall art that feature this color!

Radiant Orchid Peacock Pillow         Radiant Orchid Floral Wall Art       Radiant Orchid Owl Pillow

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Black and White + A Splash of Color


They may be at opposite ends of the light spectrum, but there is no doubt that, when bold blacks and whites are brought together, they are a force to be reckoned with. Recently, the fashion world has revitalized this timeless color duo by using them as a backdrop to bring other more vibrant colors to life. Black and white with a pop of color is a modern trend that is both simplistic and edgy. Unlike more subdued tints of gray or brown, these pigments have the ability to awaken normally passive hues like pastels or cooler colors like blue or green.

For your dorm, consider having the major pieces, like your bed comforter, dressers, and chairs to be black and white. Ununiformed prints like this zebra comforter or rug will be particularly engaging to the eyes and add a contemporary edge to the environment. Plus, everyone knows the masterful impact black-and-white photography has on viewers; browse our many college wall canvases to find topnotch shots of New York City, sandy beaches and more.

This image belongs to OCM.com

Colorful accent pieces will really pop when contrasted against the neutral tones, so make sure the decor details you’re emphasizing are purposeful and attractive. For inspiration, check out our college room decor supplies and college frames. Be mindful that the eye will naturally be drawn to these colorful bursts of life, so make sure items like the trash can or laundry caddy aren’t the items that will stand out.

While you are not restricted to utilizing a single bright hue, limit yourself to no more than three or four pops of color in order to maintain a clean, chic aesthetic.


Summer Before College Series 24: D.I.Y. # 6


Happy July, bloggers!

Can you believe that another month has passed? The summer is flying by! Have you started your shopping yet? Have you finished? No worries! You still have a month and a half left until school starts! While you are waiting, I have decided to give you a new D.I.Y. to try out.

This D.I.Y. is perfect for any room. No matter how small or how large your room is you could always use a bedside lamp to either put on your desk or on your bedside table. This craft will help you to jazz up that ordinary lamp into one that represents your personality and matches your room! It is easy-to-do and takes little to no time at all. As with the rest of the D.I.Y. crafts, this crafted lamp would make a beautiful gift for any friend or family member.

The materials that you will need:

  1. A lampshade (from a light that you plan to use at college). The lampshade can be any color. Perhaps you could choose the main color in your room to add to the overall feel. The lampshade will be the canvas for the entire project. Make sure to use an older or cheaper lampshade in case you mess up.
  2. Hot glue gun. This material will allow you to attach various pieces onto your lampshade. I would definitely recommend using this type of glue because it dries into a clear color. This is great for any mistakes that you may make.
  3. Decoration pieces. Like the pillow craft back in my D.I.Y. #4 post, this could be pretty much anything. You could use 3-D scrapbook stick-ons, rope, charms, tassels, etc. You could also create extra-long friendship-style bracelets to wrap around the bottom of the lampshade. The possibilities are endless, so be creative!
  4. Pen. This material is optional. It is great if you want to plan out where your materials will go on your lampshade beforehand.

You are ready to begin!

  1. Before doing anything, heat up your hot glue gun.
  2. Next, use your pen to draw small dots on the lampshade where you would like your pieces to go. Again, this step is optional.
  3. Take your hot glue gun and place a small amount of glue onto your first piece. Then, gently place the piece onto the lampshade and hold until the piece is firmly attached to the canvas. Repeat the process until you have your desired look!
  4. Allow the lampshade to dry for 4-6 hours before placing it back onto the lamp stand.

In no time at all, you will have another creative piece to put into your dorm room! Do not forget that these lampshades make a perfect gift as well!

I hope that you enjoyed the sixth installment of the D.I.Y. mini-series!

Do you have any D.I.Y. crafts that you would like to share? We would love to hear them! Tweet them at us!

Wait, This Is MY Room?


College is an exciting experience that opens your mind and views to a lot of different things. You have a chance to start fresh and be whoever you want to be. In some cases, students go off to college and come back with new mindsets, style, etc. This isn’t a bad thing, it just means that you’ve experienced more in your life and have lived on your own away from home.

You may have met new friends that changed your way of thinking or your personality. You also may have gotten into a new style of clothing or dyed your hair. This is all normal and part of finding out who you are and who you want to be while away at school.

When you come back home to live for the summer, you may walk in to your old room with an eery feeling. Was this really you who painted the walls pepto-bismol pink and pasted the ponies all over it? What’s up with that old pillowcase and de-fuzzed fleece throw? It may be time for a tune-up to match the new you. If you feel like a stranger in your own room, that may be because what you like has changed – even if it’s just temporarily.

If you want to make your room more ‘you’ when you come home to live for the summer, here’s a few ways to spruce up your space to make it more up to date.

1) Move your furniture around – If you’re on a budget and don’t feel like buying new items for your room, moving your furniture around is a great alternate choice. Maybe the stuff you have in your room is already great, you just need a little change. Try moving your bed to an opposite wall (ask someone for help – don’t hurt yourself!) and move your TV to a different location. Maybe add a few updated pictures to your frames – a fresh you needs a fresh start!

2) Arts & Crafts = Win – No matter how old I get, I will always have at least one hand-painted and generously sprinkled sparkle frame in my room somewhere. Sure, buying stuff for your room is convenient and great, but there’s nothing like a personalized, homemade touch to brighten up your home! I used the square mountable shelves found at Target and placed them on my wall, leveled off. I then went to Michael’s (you can go to any craft store) and picked up two very basic, unfinished photo frames. I just used my favorite wood-durable paints and painted them bright colors. Then, I topped them off with sparkly sticker letters and other items to match what the photo was about. They may be a little cheesy- but I wouldn’t trade them in for anything. They make great gifts, too!

3) Re-purposing-There’s 10,000.5 tutorials on Pinterest now a days with excellent ideas on how to use old, broken items and turn them into functional and amazing decor. If you’re trying to create an edgy yet modern approach, head to your nearest thrift store or garage sale and find an old vintage mirror. Cover the glass with plastic and tape off the edges with painter’s tape. Then you can either give the mirror’s outer edges a rustic, worn appeal with sand paper and stain, or spray paint the entire outside with neon spray paint! For a nifty headboard, try taking some old shutters (you can find these at any junk-yard, just be careful when searching) and sanding them down. Paint a few coats of stain on them and let them dry. Then you can hang them up either vertically or horizontally behind your bed as a rustic and modern headboard. Old lamps, stained dressers, etc – the list goes on! And they’re fun to do, too. Just make sure that you’re in a well ventilated area so you can get some fresh air.

Have any other ideas on how to spruce up an old room? Share your budget friendly tips!

Image from here. Check out her awesome rustic headboard tutorial!