The Only Jewelry Pieces a Collegiate Gal Needs


As college students, we’re living in a period of our lives where we learn to minimize our possessions. Whether you’re in a dorm, apartment, or renting a room in a house, you’ve probably encountered the alarming prospect of deciding what you’ll be moving into your new domain.

Now, I’m a pack-rat by nature, and I discovered the hard way just how little of the things I brought were actually necessary. This time around, I’m cutting down my possessions by half and will be living much more minimally and happily!

One of the items I overpacked was my jewelry collection. I like accessorizing outfits and having options, but over the semester, I realized I was consistently reaching for only a few pieces. The rest sat in piles, hanging from their cute, Target designed jewelry holders, neglected.

Today I’m sharing the only jewelry pieces you’ll be needing as a college student to stay stylish.

1. Layerable Necklaces


Thin, metal strands of either gold or silver (or both if you’re bold!) are easy to throw on top of each other and make you appear stylish with little effort. When paired with a free-flowing dress or top, you’ll have an easy-breezy vibe to you without even trying.

2. A Statement Necklace


Invest in a bold statement necklace if you find one! You could be wearing the simplest t-shirt and jeans combo but look like a million bucks when you throw on a bold necklace.

3. A Bold Watch


Who likes constantly having their phone in their hand? I’m trying to break that habit and be more present in my surroundings, but a girl’s still gotta know what time it is while out and about! I present to you the solution – a watch. Try wearing a watch that matches your style (there are so many options out there – gold, chunky, thin, wood, etc.) and you’ll end up wearing it every single day.

4. Stud Earrings


While bold, dangly earrings are pretty and fun to play with, I find that my go-to for an everyday outfit was wearing my tiny, gold, triangle shaped earrings. Simple yet cute, they pair with a lot of my other jewelry and were a tiny perk to any outfit.

While you can certainly experiment with many other jewelry options (stacked bangles, rings, etc.), I find these can be a bit tedious and wearisome throughout a long day of classes. Stick to basics, wear what you want, and remember to have fun with it!

Do you wear any of these jewelry pieces? What are your go-to’s? Let us know!

Eye on Brights


With the weather warming up after a long and tortuous winter, the first thing that comes to my mind is adding color back into my recently dreary and drab wardrobe. We’ve all been there- the frumpy sweaters, wearing the same boots every day, living in leggings because they’re warm and require minimum effort…but then BAM! Spring is finally here and we’re ready for color! We’re ready for warmth! We’re ready for anything that doesn’t involve tucking our heads down in our scarves to avoid the wrath of winter!

Now if it isn’t necessarily warm where you’re living, color is a great way to incorporate your excitement for the season into your wardrobe. Whether you’re going to class, getting ready for a night out, or even going to work- color is an easy way to look put together even on the days when you might not have it all together. Choosing something other than a neutral and rocking it creates the illusion that you tried really hard to look as good as you do.


Take this neon teal vest for example. Why do I love it? Firstly, it’s an easy piece to throw on over anything you already own. Jeans and a neutral top? Done. Basic maxi dress? Instantly adds some character. Also, this vest is a great way to add a little extra warmth that is sometimes needed during the spring.


Who doesn’t love a flowy top? It covers what needs to be covered and still looks great! Bright coral is always on trend for the warmer months, and this top incorporates a little bit of the military trend that’s big for this season. Either over leggings or tucked into a skirt, this shirt is sure to cover all of your fashion needs.


But what if you’re not in the market for any more clothes? If your closet in your Residence Hall is bursting at the seams and your roommate is sick of it, try some statement jewelry! I found this neon necklace on GROUPON of all places, and it screams glamour and fun all it one piece! This can look great with a chambray shirt you probably already have in that extra full closet, or dressed up with your staple LBD (little black dress).

If your wardrobe is not the only thing in dire need of brightening, check out our great décor items! They’re guaranteed till graduation and to also make your spirits brighten up with the warmer weather!



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