Tips for Rocking Bright Lipstick


While it might sound silly, when I wear bright lipstick I can feel my confidence level rise. Let’s face it- it really does take some gumption to rock a bold color, especially when the color is on your face. If you’re hesitant to wear a new color, take some tips from my do’s and don’ts that I’ve learned along my lipstick journey! After all, you don’t want to end up looking like a clown when you’re trying to look like a diva.

Purple Lipstick:

When wearing purple lipstick, you need to keep your own skin tone in mind. If you’re fair like me, a true purple can make you look like Elvira- a look that should be reserved for Halloween. However, purple shades that have hints of pink and red in them look great during Fall and Winter. My favorite purple lipsticks from the drugstore range from Revlon’s Berry Haute, a muted berry color, to L’oreal’s Violet Chiffon which borders on neon purple, if there is such a thing. Keep your eyes simple so that the colors aren’t competing and you’ll be set!

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Bright Pink Lipstick:

My favorite lipstick to wear is Maybelline’s Pink Pop, a candy Barbie pink that almost glows. While I wish I could wear it every day, I know that it clashes with half of my wardrobe. Realizing that clothing can make or break your makeup choices is important- I typically pick out my outfit before choosing what makeup to wear for the day because when I don’t, it can be terrifying.

Pink lipsticks have a wide range, and the difference between cool and warm tones go a long way. Go to a makeup counter if you’re unsure what undertone your skin is, and then choose your lipstick accordingly. Wearing the wrong undertone lipstick not only can make you look sick, but can make your teeth look far from white!

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When in doubt, Google it out:

Most drugstore lipsticks are “dupes” or cheaper options based upon high end versions. If you want to try on a shade that you haven’t tried before, the worst thing you could do is buying from the drugstore and praying that all goes well. Like going to the makeup counter to see what your undertone is, go back to that counter and have a professional try out shades on you. If your wallet isn’t ready for a lipstick purchase upwards of 20 dollars, google the name of the high end shade with the word “Dupe” next to it. I guarantee that you’ll be able to find a shade similar, if not an exact match for a fraction of the cost! Just check out some of these dupes from Pinterest below! WHAT A STEAL!

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