“On Wednesdays We Wear Pink”… Ten years later


 When I was thirteen years old, one of the most influential movies that my eyes would ever witness was released. Mean Girls taught me about life- what it means to have genuine friends, how to face bullying, and how to find my true self in a world full of plastics. Now, ten years later, I began to think of its importance in my generation. Yes, it’s full of amazingly relatable quotes (see: “She doesn’t even go here,” “You go Glen Coco”) but in the end, it’s a movie about being true to yourself when it feels like it’s discouraged to be genuine. It also teaches us not to pass judgment on one another. We’re all just trying to find our own spirit animals and figure out which way to go in this world. That’s why there’s no reason to judge someone for doing the same thing we should all be doing- forming our character and being the best person we can be. Cady’s innocence can remind us all that while we are malleable in nature, a true test of character comes when you’re able to break free from the norm and trust your own ability to be who you really are. Let’s not forget that Cady’s struggles of growing into her own skin in a new environment are applicable to daily life. So whether you’re nervous for your freshman year of college, unsure about joining a new organization on campus, or even hesitant to go for that job interview you landed- always remember to be yourself and to be kind to one another. Otherwise, karma could get you and you might get hit by a bus. Totally not fetch.

P.S. Mean Girls is now on Netflix- GROOL.